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  1. You could try silica which helps hair, skin, and nails. It promotes your own production of collagen. My favorite brand of vitamins is Solgar. I also take milk thistle which is good for your skin and many other things, but I take it to help my liver.
  2. That’s great! I actually have a steamer for clothing, but I’m sure the iron would do a fine job because it really puts out a lot of steam. I keep my iron in my sewing room for quilting. 😊
  3. You’re welcome! I have a Rowenta wit the water tank on the base and love it. I did notice that once in a while, maybe every 4-6 weeks, I need to unscrew the calcium deposit thing on the side of the tank and wipe it off and re-insert it or else it could leave a mark on my fabric while ironing. As long as I remember to do that, I have no problems with it. It’s my favorite iron.
  4. I found the information on page six of this manual.
  5. I hope to make use of the large stash of fabric I have and make as many quilts as possible. I already have a tote full of finished quilt tops that need quilting and binding, too.
  6. I need to dedicate more time to prayer also. I have a few thoughts about where to find time. If 5am is not gonna work then you could try for part of your bedtime routine. Start getting ready 30 minutes earlier and encourage all the littles to prepare for bed earlier and spend time alone (wind down time) in their rooms doing a quiet activity like reading a book before bed. After Christmas break is a good time to start a new routine. You can have alone time after lunch where everyone must stay in their rooms for a certain amount of time. Having time to themselves is supposed to help childre
  7. As I started reading your post, I also was wondering if you might have fatty liver. Dr. Berg has lots of videos explaining what the liver does and the physiology behind fatty liver. His videos are always short and informative. Here’s one explaining the function of the liver and some of the probable symptoms of NAFLD. Here’s another that might explain the rash. (Fasting?) https://youtu.be/cKLmorBIOVE And one more, but there are even more than this if you do a search for him and the liver. https://youtu.be/vZRWkboolT4 Hope you get some answers and start feeling well
  8. My kids have their own switches, but we have a family account on the Nintendo site. I buy a game once digitally, and they all have access to it on their own device. I have seen switches turn up on Facebook marketplace for $100 every now and then.
  9. I have used MUS geometry and pre-calculus in the past. They were easy to use, open and go. I wished I had used something else for pre-calculus. DS was scheduled to take calculus in college his first semester and since he had his schedule in hand decided to get a head start in class since the first two weeks would be a quick review of pre-calculus. He said he felt like he was learning it for the first time. I wish I had checked out the High School Pre-calculus listings in the pinned posts above and I would have known better. Someone posted that the MUS Pre-calculus was just their trigonometry c
  10. You might want to take a look at Learn Math Fast You could use volume 3 which is their pre-algebra book to get her up to speed and then give CLE another try. Volume 3 is about 30 lessons, so it wouldn’t take long to get through it. If you like LMF, then volume 5 is their Algebra 1 book. It is written in simple, easy to follow steps to the student. The lessons are short and to the point and followed by a worksheet. The worksheets can be printed off the website once you have the code from the book, so the book could be considered a non-consumable. There are sample lessons on the website.
  11. If you aren't on any medications than consider intermittent fasting. Dr. Jason Fung wrote a book on it and has many YT videos about the subject.
  12. Interestingly from what my oldest tells me, only a small percentage of cars for sale in the US have manual transmissions these days. I want to say only 8% of all new cars. New car sales in Europe and Japan are 80% manual transmissions. Also, in Europe, your driver's license indicates whether you can drive a manual or automatic, so if you drive auto in Europe, you are not legal to drive a manual.
  13. Ellen McHenry has a wonderful chemistry unit study for those ages that you can download. https://ellenjmchenry.com/product/the-elements-digital-download/
  14. I just searched and got this: Laundry basket with wheels and handle link Is that what you're looking for? You can find others from this page, too.
  15. We tried several algebra programs including LMF, and I like it because it is written to the student, is self-paced, has few lessons with just enough practice, the concepts that are taught are broken down into smaller bites than most other curriculum, and the author is readily available to assist via email or phone. Also, the books are reusable since you can print all the worksheets from the LMF website as many times as you need. I did find that the algebra 2 portion (not sure which volume that was) wasn't enough for us. We got bogged down in the mixture problems finding percent concentrations
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