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  1. I agree. And I would add to that the proliferation of media sources, especially more biased ones. It’s no longer the case that the majority of people are watching the same nightly news cast. Now, if they choose to, people can totally live in a bubble of news and social media that conforms to their pre-existing beliefs.
  2. I see Oregon State is number one here which doesn’t surprise me. They’ve been doing online for quite awhile and have both a regular BS and a post-bac BS in computer science. I know several grads of their regular, not online CS program, and they all had their pick of jobs with very high pay after graduation. I know only one person who was disappointed in the program, as he had been doing CS work for pay since middle school. He dropped out after the first quarter when he landed a six figure job.
  3. I agree. I loved teaching reading, too. But I certainly wasn’t starting at four and doing it for three years with each child. I can certainly understand dreading that for the fourth time. I waited until six and within a very short time my son was reading and comprehending at a very advanced level. Waiting a year or two and a language rich environment filled with lots of talking, reading aloud, and listening to audio books will make things progress much more quickly later and increase reading comprehension and vocabulary.
  4. You texted the dad and he said the money was hers to spend. It seems like a done deal. I would let it go. Maybe have your daughter write a nice thank you note to her friend.
  5. If you haven’t seen Last Tango in Halifax, the final season is coming to PBS soon. I just rewatched it in preparation. I was very surprised by how much I enjoyed Teenage Bounty Hunters after dismissing it based on the terrible trailer.
  6. I just read a fascinating article about the battle over dyslexia in the U.K. and wondered if something similar goes on in US public schools. I haven’t heard of any private schools here that specialize in dyslexia, but then private schools of any type are just not that common here. https://www.theguardian.com/news/2020/sep/17/battle-over-dyslexia-warwickshire-staffordshire
  7. And it’s not just cheating on applications. It’s the rampant cheating once they get here. But as mentioned above, there’s every incentive to turn a blind eye and rake in the tuition dollars, especially for state schools where they are paying full rates. I think it’s a much bigger problem now because you no longer have just the very top students coming primarily for grad school. You have all levels of students coming to an extremely wide range of universities in the US for undergrad and grad school and many of these schools have become very dependent on the tuition dollars they bring. http
  8. I’m not really sure the reason there are so many Asians in many US grad programs is because they value education more than we do. I think basic population numbers have lots to do with it, also the cost benefits ratio is different for many foreign students compared to Americans. For example, getting a STEM PhD here, except in select areas, is far riskier now in terms of job prospects than it used to be. Many US students have fortunately figured out that for some grad degrees if you can’t get into a top program, it might not be a good investment. Asians with good English language skills have mor
  9. I’m with your mom. Reading aloud or listening to audio books for hours is one of the very best things you can do with kids those ages. It was absolutely the core of our homeschooling in the early years. My son and I both have so many fond memories of that time. And his vocabulary, reading, and writing abilities are still off the charts, much of which I attribute to those early years of reading together for hours. If you want them to diagram sentences, just wait and use Analytical Grammar in middle school. Two years with that program was far better than anything I did in twelve years
  10. We went from hazardous to healthy air in less than 16 hours. Our dog was very excited to go on a real walk tonight. Here’s hoping things stay clear.
  11. Does anyone have a good recipe for tomato basil soup? The cafe at my workplace makes an amazing one. I didn’t think I liked tomato soup until I had it there. Compared to recipes I see online, it seems much chunkier with what I think is at least onions, celery, and tomatoes. I sometimes get a bay leaf in my serving, so I know that is also an ingredient. Given the flavor, it also seems to be cooked for much longer than any recipe I’ve seen online.
  12. There are several different exchange programs for high school students who want to go abroad. He could start researching and applying. Here’s one that several students I know did. https://www.rotary.org/en/our-programs/youth-exchanges
  13. Today the air quality is worse than yesterday, hazardous the entire day. Yesterday at least we went back and forth between unhealthy and hazardous. Things are not currently trending in the right direction.
  14. I heard on the radio today that many places are distributing them for workers to wear, even indoors. And different government and non profit organizations are working together to get them to farm workers. I’ve had just one since the beginning of the pandemic, and wore it today, even in the car, when I had to go out for a mandatory quick trip. I guess I’m assuming at this point that if they are available for sale to the general public, then there must be enough for healthcare workers. But I haven’t actually looked to buy any.
  15. The local hospital here is slammed, as the air quality is exacerbating pre-existing conditions for many. Workers are wearing respirators even inside. I’ve been almost exclusively inside for over a week. I’ve had a few headaches, but nothing else so far. Here’s hoping for clear skies soon. I feel especially bad for those who have to continue to work outside.
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