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  1. That’s not what I’m reading, more like predictions of a post war boom with a surging economy. There is concern about inflation though and how that and increasing interest rates could affect the housing market is what I’m wondering.
  2. Because interest rates are going to rise or due to something else? Savings are up significantly since many of the normal avenues for spending are shut down at least partially and there are still serious housing shortages in many parts of the country, including mine.
  3. No message since with moderator edits the post no longer made sense and several people made the same points and mentioned the same things in later posts.
  4. I’ve never lived anywhere with a choice, I honestly didn’t know that even existed in the US until all of the news articles about TX. My city is served by three different power companies, but it’s totally dependent on where you live, not which company you choose.
  5. And also zero about whether statistically political affiliation is correlated to vaccine uptake.
  6. Neither is trust built by repeatedly telling people not to trust the experts, straight up lying repeatedly, and feeding people a steady diet of propaganda and misinformation with some occasional conspiracy theories thrown in for good measure. I think perhaps you are focusing on the wrong data and facts. Excess deaths is really the key here.
  7. And I’m exactly the opposite. We recently lost power for five days and I slept better than ever. During the winter, we keep it at about 68 during the day and I would prefer that the furnace never run at night. But my husband would prefer it much warmer for sleeping and he truly suffered during the power outage. We compromise on around 60 at night so that the heat rarely kicks on and he uses an electric blanket. I honestly can’t recall right now what setting we use for AC during the summer, as we’ve only had it for a couple of years. I know we set it lower at night than during the day beca
  8. I think that will only work if all or most long term care facilities in an area do it. Already, most such facilities have incredibly high turnover among staff. So if only a few are requiring vaccines, then workers who don’t want to comply or face consequences for non-compliance will just move on to a different job. I think it’s far easier to require vaccines when you are a sought after employer who has lots of people who want to work for you. I don’t think most long term care facilities are in that position. At the hospital here, when employees don’t get the flu vaccine, they are require
  9. This is very similar to what my husband, a HCW, sees at the same type of facility. For a ray of hope, my mom lives in a hard hit place in the Midwest in a senior apartment in a complex that also has assisted living, a nursing home, memory care, etc. They had 98% of staff and residents across all facilities get the first dose of the vaccine last month. I don’t know if it makes any difference, but relative to its size, the city has a very high number of people employed by healthcare systems and colleges. It is both an education and a healthcare hub for people from surrounding rural are
  10. So you don’t believe people can grow and change and do better? We should just let people continue to risk the health and lives of others and prolong economic damage in order to avoid conflict? That’s the Christian thing to do? I for one am certainly glad throughout the history of our country that many chose to work to change things for the better rather than leaving things unsaid in order to avoid being divisive.
  11. I wish we had gotten snow. Instead, we got tons of freezing rain. The power is out, likely for at least another day, and lots of trees have been lost. We were fortunate that at least nothing came down on our house. Our generator has been helpful for keeping phones charged, our refrigerator cold, sump pump going, and some quick cooking. But I’m ready for lights and heat.
  12. This is similar to what we did when my mom, who has numerous different health issues, developed some new ones last fall and had to have several surgeries. And of course everything was complicated by covid. She kept getting sent to different doctors and being told different things and we were all very frustrated and concerned that they weren’t seeing the whole picture. I guess I finally said the magic words because her health system assigned her a free nurse care coordinator which has been wonderful for all of us. She accompanies her to all appointments (or attends by phone when covid rules don
  13. I’m so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time.
  14. I’ve seen these types of sites before and at least for my neighborhood, they are terrible. I can’t imagine a more walkable neighborhood, yet we never rate higher than a five on any of them. Even pre-pandemic, I regularly went months without driving a car and just walked everywhere.
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