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  1. Frances

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    I’m sure there are many reasons for different outcomes. My main point is that just because someone decides they want to be a teen mom (or really a parent at any point), it doesn’t mean they are ready to be one, no matter how much support or help they get. And it is the innocent child who will ultimately bear the brunt of the consequences. Stacking the deck in your child’s favor before they are even conceived seems prudent, especially in places where support and help is lacking.
  2. Frances

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    I’m very familiar with Catholic Charities, as I was raised Catholic and was quite involved as a volunteer. As someone with several extended family members who are or were priests and nuns, I’m also quite familiar with both the many good works of the church and of its shortcomings.
  3. Frances

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    But at least in the US, we have chosen not to provide for children whose parents cannot, at least not in any comprehensive way. I wish we would, and I would gladly pay for it. But I certainly don’t expect to see it my lifetime. So then I think it is the responsibility of churches who oppose birth control to step in and fill the gap, at least for their fellow believers. And while having children is a fundamental human activity, it is also a great responsibility and should not be taken lightly. Since here in the US we don’t have a Demark style support system, the consequences of having a child before your are in a position to provide (and I don’t just mean financially, but also in terms of relationship stability, lack of chaos and dysfunction, maturity, etc.) can be pretty severe for the children.
  4. Frances

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    My next door neighbor works in just such a program as the lead counselor. But at least according to her, the outcomes are very mixed despite extensive support through age 21 and the opportunity to gain an associates degree at no cost with day care provided.
  5. Frances

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    I think sometimes people are consciously making choices and sometimes life is just happening. Given the very large percentage of unplanned pregnancies in this country, we know that people are not always planning to have children. I’m all for giving people choices and support, but given the realities of support available in the US, children may have to live with the very harsh consequences of some of their parents’ choices.
  6. Frances

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    I think they are intertwined. Certainly economic success has been linked to marriage stability and having children after marriage. But economic stress is definitely a factor in the failure of many marriages. But the more children that are then left to be supported, often by a single mom, the more likely that economic stability will not be attained. And if education or training was not completed due to early parenting, then the more difficult it is to acquire that later. And while I would never ever encourage anyone to have an abortion for any reason, I think wanting to live in a world where all children and families are supported is very different than the actual world we live in, at least in the US. Hence why I’m a very strong advocate of education and birth control access while working for a better social support system, rather than the tattered and torn safety net we currently have.
  7. Frances

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    I don’t think there is anything wrong about educating people about birth control options and the consequences of having children before marrying and establishing a self supporting lifestyle. Certainly I don’t condone limiting support to anyone who has multiple children or shaming anyone into not having children. But the research is pretty clear on the factors that influence whether or not children will be raised in poverty, and unfortunately in the US, we have only a tattered and torn social safety net. So the consequences for all involved can be pretty heartbreaking. As for those who have religious objections to birth control, there is often plenty enough money among fellow believers to provide for such families in need. Some denominations just do a much better job than others at putting their money where their beliefs are.
  8. Frances

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    That’s very interesting. I know that in the US, people moving away to other states has decreased dramatically over the last couple of decades, although it’s still quite common for rural youth to move to more urban areas. At least in my state, there is a big push to try and strengthen the opportunities in rural areas that were deeply affected by the drastic decrease in logging. And the successful programs seem to involve partnerships among many different groups. Someone mentioned internet access earlier in the thread, and that is also a big focus in rural areas.
  9. Frances

    How much should I pay?

    Generally speaking, I think you will pay far more for any tree work if you hire a company that specializes in tree work rather than an individual or company who does a variety of jobs. At least in our area, tree companies have very high minimum. While I would hire them for a major job, when my husband doesn’t want to do it, we use people that do other work such as gutter and roof cleaning for tree trimming.
  10. Frances

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    Since I don’t live in Australia, I’m curious what you mean by class based restrictions on reproductive choice, community, and home.
  11. Frances

    How much should I pay?

    Who is providing the tools, fuel, etc.? If you are, I would say around $20 per hour. If they are, probably closer to $25+. I’m assuming this is a bonded and insured professional. My numbers would be lower otherwise.
  12. Frances

    TA experiences? (updated in OP)

    Great update! I hope she really enjoys the experience.
  13. Frances

    The stress of poverty - poverty as a disease

    A series of articles in The Boston Globe that followed valedictorians after high school shows that despite excelling in school, many still have a hard time realizing their goals after graduation. It made me think of this thread.
  14. Frances

    The after lunch slump

    I walk to work.
  15. And then many of the same international students continue to cheat at college and the schools ignore it because they are also big money makers for American universities.
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