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  1. My husband did an amazing job on the front and sides of his hair with an electric clippers and scissors. it’s actually the best haircut he’s had in a long time, as long as you don’t look at the back. I cleaned up the back a bit for him, but was too scared to cut very much.
  2. Nope, no need to poke holes in the foil. I usually fold over the edges and bring them up a bit to catch any juices.
  3. That’s why I think it’s important to find sources you trust and support them financially and one of the reasons I use only print media. There is quite a bit of good information out there about the biases of particular sources and which are the most neutral or center. Given how much media has changed over the years with most now on-line, tons of competition, decreasing revenue, more “opinion” news, more fringe and extreme sites, etc., I I think the only way to effect change is to financially and with views/clicks support those doing a good job. Those making money off of more biased reporting have no incentive to change as long as the money is pouring in.
  4. It must vary considerably by location. Although I live in a large city, we don’t have local TV, so I rely on local newspapers online. All the things you mention I would know about in advance, during, and after from reading these papers. Also, all of our city council and school board meetings are broadcast live on public access TV and can be accessed afterwards and agendas are available online before the meetings. Ditto for all state legislative meetings. We also have neighborhood associations that hold monthly meetings and feature city councilors, mayor, police representatives, etc. giving updates on topics of interest and anyone can request a spot on the agenda. Each of these associations also has volunteers that follow different areas of interest (e.g. parks, historic preservation, land use, etc.) and provide regular updates via meetings, email, and newsletters. Recently I was so impressed by a new small, start-up online only newspaper’s coverage of an issue with which we were very involved that I immediately subscribed and have been encouraging others to do the same. I found their coverage of every meeting we attended to be spot on and they also had articles giving me history, related issues, etc, and telling about upcoming events and meetings.
  5. Like you, I too have always limited my media consumption. Only print and primarily sources I support financially and trust. I actually heard a clip of Michelle Obama speaking on Netflix recently and was taken back because I realized I had never heard her voice before. If people walk away, both in terms of clicks/views and financial support of media (and their advertisers) they don’t trust, then that seems far more effective than making sweeping negative generalizations about most media while implying there are only a few, but usually unnamed, trustworthy sources. And forgive me if I don’t think constantly shouting “fake news”, as is the trend these days, is some sort of rigorous, honest critique. I’m not saying that’s what you do, but it has become the norm, and I think that everything that goes along with it is a grave threat to freedom of the press and democracy. Relentlessly attacking critical media coverage is one of the first tactic corrupt leaders throughout history in other countries have used to try and convince the population that only they can be trusted as they begin to take control and limit freedoms and dissent. I mean personally, I wish talk radio would end, as I think it’s a scourge that has spread like cancer across our country and contributed immensely to the partisan divide. But I certainly believe it has a right to exist. But I also most definitely won’t be supporting it financially or by listening or by supporting its advertisers.
  6. While I’m generally no defender of antifa in Portland because I think it would be far more effective if they just let the far right white supremacy groups march in obscurity, are they really generally going to downtown Portland and harassing people for no reason? I thought most of the time they showed up to wrangle with far right extremists, often from out of state?
  7. So how do you go from an observation about your local print sites to a generalization about most US media? I’m just south of you in OR and every one of my regular local and national print sites has included such stories. I know nothing about ones I don’t read, watch, or listen to, either locally or nationally.
  8. How do you know most US media has been ignoring such stories? Do you comprehensively read, watch, and listen to most US media every day? I don’t mean to pick on you personally, but I’m really tired of sweeping generalizations about the media. I only read news. Every single one of my regular sources has included these types of stories since the protests started.
  9. I’d love a link to the chicken Souvlaki recipe, both above are for the paprika things (which I already bookmarked, it looks 😋).
  10. We do lots of salmon by placing it in aluminum foil that has a bit of olive oil spray. I like it best with olive oil and Cajun seasoning. I often make fresh tzaziki to go with it. Recently we made some amazing Greek chicken kabobs using chicken breasts and one of our long time favorites is marinated fish for fish tacos, also cooked on aluminum foil. Boneless skinless thighs with salt, pepper, and garlic seasoning is a staple.
  11. Every week I put cojita on our curbside pickup grocery order and I’ve yet to get it. Parmesan has been hit and miss, but our other regulars have generally been available.
  12. It completely baffles me how people don’t see right through the constant and unrelenting attacks on the media and journalists and instead buy wholeheartedly into without seeing it as the profound threat to democracy that it is.
  13. And combine that with automatic voter registration when you get or renew a driver’s license as we also do in Oregon, and you can see an example of a state doing everything possible to allow people to exercise their right to vote.
  14. So much this. And personally I find the constant unrelenting attacks on the media and all of the insinuation of voter fraud to be frightening threats to our democracy. We used to be world leaders and examples for freedom of the press and trust in elections. Now these are just two more areas where we are moving away from democracy and closer to countries run by authoritarian leaders.
  15. Oregon is a leader in vote by mail. Our last Secretary of State, a very conservative Republican who unfortunately died while in office, often vouched for the security of vote by mail. Signatures are verified by workers (my husband and I have each had to submit new signature cards once before our ballot was counted because our envelope signature didn’t match those on file) and then machine read. We have drop boxes or you can mail them postage free.
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