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  1. They could also hit Duluth and the Twin Cities areas if they want a combo of nature/city. Although it will likely be warm and humid with lots of mosquitoes, MN does have lots of beautiful areas to explore that will likely not be as busy as major tourists attractions elsewhere. Too bad Canada isn’t open yet because that would be ideal for finding less crowded spots.
  2. Sadly, add my state to the list. https://www.oregonlive.com/politics/2020/11/oregon-among-5-states-at-high-risk-for-militia-activity-around-the-elections.html And also potentially significant silent supporters. https://www.oregoncapitalinsider.com/news/white-extremist-views-rising-in-oregon-despite-majority-opposition-poll-finds/article_4a0c2f04-ca19-11eb-9d59-e33b1bdfc7f2.html
  3. I have a niece who did on the job training for phlebotomy. The hospital she works at is now paying part of her tuition while she’s going to nursing school. Medical jobs can also be good because they usually come with good benefits and lots of options for different shifts.
  4. What I’m trying to understand is whether or not such things would even be allowed in states with the bans?
  5. Do you mean people on this thread or legislators instituting the bans? While it seems that many on this thread would be fine if it were done the right away, is that even possible in states with the bans? And given comments in some of the linked articles, it does seem that many in power do just want it to all go away.
  6. While I agree with you that if not handled correctly it could be indoctrination, that also seems to be the intent of the R legislator in one of the earlier linked articles. He couldn’t even come up with one concrete example of problematic curriculum he wanted banned, but he did want all students to learn that the US is the greatest country on earth.
  7. The wheel of privilege that has been referenced many times in this thread explicitly includes class.
  8. Simply because they were received doesn’t mean they could be used. My state has all mail in voting (although there are options for in person) with manual signature verification. Our last Secretary of State, who unfortunately died in office, was a very conservative Republican. He strongly defended the integrity of the system. A recent twenty year review of the system found very, very little fraud. No system is going to be perfect, but this comes pretty darn close for access and integrity. https://www.wweek.com/news/2020/10/19/new-legislative-fiscal-office-review-of-oregon-vote-by-mail-vote
  9. But didn’t the attack on CRT and wanting to ban it start in the federal government during the last administration? It’s now become a rallying cry for conservatives in state legislatures. If it had organically started with parents at the local school level, I can see your point. But that’s not the reality.
  10. It wasn’t my choice. I was fortunate that my parents chose it. But it’s also my understanding now that there is often more stress related to money on many marriages which is often a leading contributor to divorce. So back when I was growing up, it was much more possible for a man with only a high school education to get a good enough job to support a family. Today, many families struggle to get by on two incomes and the likelihood of a man with only a high school education being able to support a family is much lower. So now that education is more important than ever, who is most affected by t
  11. To me, some of the quotes in the articles sound like they could come from extremes on either sides with just different terms inserted. The one about “reminding the next generation that America is the greatest place on earth” was especially striking to me. And the fact that he couldn’t even provide any actual examples of the problematic school curricula his amendment was trying to address is pretty telling.
  12. I tend to see it as a mix personally. Yes, we made tons of sacrifices to be able to homeschool and to get the level of education and income we have today, including moving far away from families and living in poverty for many years. But we were privileged/fortunate to grow up in intact families that highly valued education and to attend very good public schools. While neither of our families had much money, they did own their own homes and live in very, very safe communities. Neither of us ever really experienced any childhood trauma or had to overcome barriers/obstacles that many face like me
  13. Even though more and more things are handled by computers, people still often meet and interact face to face when renting, looking at houses to buy, completing mortgage applications, etc. For instance, my son and his partner (mixed race couple) have done all three of these things in person this year. Originally, all of this was done face to face and the checkboxes were added later to help identify potential discrimination and work toward eliminating it. Does anyone know if gender and race are even required or just asked for? I very rarely complete race questions. The only time I perso
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