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  1. And if you wanted a pop of color, coral in some small accent might work well. Edited to say I saw someone else also suggested coral. It’s one of my favorite colors of all time, so I’m always looking for a reason to use it. 😛
  2. I’ve successfully done keto more than once and it fairly quickly takes me to my goal weight. However, I sleep terribly on keto, so I find it very hard to maintain the lifestyle. Since I’m not overweight, just not lean when not on it, I always eventually give up due to the sleep problem. Has anyone else had this issue and found a solution? I don’t know if it matters, but I never used any tracker, I just carefully read labels and ate mostly unprocessed low carb food.
  3. Most people no longer itemize because of the large standard deduction, so at least it’s a way to get something for charitable contributions.
  4. I’m so sorry for everything your family is going through. You are in my thoughts.
  5. We only do stockings. Some favorites include national newspaper gift subscriptions, socks, disposable feet and hand warmers, hot sauce and other favorite specialty condiments, favorite candies, balls (tennis for the dog and others depending on preferred sport), sports gloves (varies depending in sport of choice), nice face, foot, or hand lotion, small specialty sports equipment, special pens and/or ink, lip balm, thin gloves for everyday winter wear, books, small tools, batteries, restaurant gift cards, and favorite snack items. Scotch tape and fruit are family traditions. Our stockings are fa
  6. Almost five weeks. Last week he thought he was over it.
  7. My mom had her surgery today. It went as expected,but they ended up admitting her to the hospital due to weakness and taking a long time to come around afterwards. No one is allowed in to see her. My brother is experiencing symptoms again and is very weak. He’s someone who spends lots of time lifting weights and doing cardio, so still being so fatigued and weak is very concerning to him. He’s no longer being monitored by his medical home, but plans to call his doctor tomorrow.
  8. Frances


    While I deeply respect your faith Mercy, I know that throughout history some people following their faith and conscience have done horrific things. So I do think it is advisable for people to also at least listen to others they respect who might have a different take on things and contemplate other perspectives.
  9. I’m so sorry for the loss of your husband. You and your family are in my thoughts.
  10. I’m grateful for my family and how almost everyone has come together to support my mom during her recent health crises. I’m especially grateful for my niece who came home from Japan for at least the rest of the year to care for my mom. I’m grateful for the jobs my husband and I have. I’m grateful for the wonders of nature and living in such a beautiful place. And like Mercy, I’m grateful for my washing machine (and dishwasher). They are two inventions which never cease to bring happiness and thankfulness.
  11. I hope your father recovers quickly and completely and that your mother is doing well. Your family is in my thoughts.
  12. I would be surprised if your husband’s hospital did not have a basic covid protocol that is adjusted on an as needed basis based on individual patient’s pre-existing conditions and symptoms, stats, etc. I’m not sure if they would publicly share the information if some random person called, but for a whole variety of reasons, not the least of which is that they need a plan in place if rationing of certain drugs or treatments is needed at some point, I would be very surprised if it did not exist. The advice I’ve heard almost since the beginning is to call your primary care doctor’s office a
  13. The irony of being a champion of local control except when you disagree with what they decide. The amount of hypocrisy exposed in government officials, churches, and individuals during 2020 is truly mind boggling. It’s surprising we haven’t added huge explosions due to unprecedented levels of built up cognitive dissonance to the list of disasters this year in the US.
  14. I don’t have a smart phone, so texts come to my iPad. I only take it out of the house when we travel and when I’m home, I can go hours without looking at it and I have sound notifications turned off. So unless I’m actually actively on it like right now, you would rarely get a timely reply from me. I probably see most messages within 12-24 hours of being sent and respond then. I honestly don’t understand the desire or need to be constantly available and connected. I figure if it’s an actual emergency, they will call.
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