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  1. I think it must be. Even with lots of places to eat out where I live, most people I know regularly cook. And almost every young adult I know is a foodie and an excellent cook. And most are also into healthy eating, so not much baking going on. That’s the biggest difference I see compared to when I was growing up. Most people don’t do much baking because they limit sweets. And that’s easier to do that if they aren’t around and are just occasionally purchased as a single serving.
  2. I’m not sure about few people cooking anymore. Most of the young adults I know are major foodies and cook healthy food from scratch very regularly. But most of them also don’t attend church, so they likely aren’t going to many potlucks or cooking for and serving large groups.
  3. When we used to attend a church with a Wednesday night service, they had families sign up to take turns providing the entire meal. I liked that because I only had to think about it once or twice per year (no services during the summer). That was far preferable to taking something for a potluck every week. And many of us were already used to occasionally providing an entire dinner for a large group due to the program for homeless families our church was involved with.
  4. And my husband has double coverage on everything for about $35 more per month. A family plan would cost significantly more at his place of employment, but the benefits and other out of pocket costs would be very similar.
  5. While I completely agree with most of what you are saying. I also think there are plenty of people like me who are fortunate to have amazing insurance for which we pay very little (less than $50 per month for family health, dental, and vision coverage with a family deductible of $750 per yr), but would be more than happy to pay more in taxes for some sort of universal healthcare so that everyone could have the healthcare security we have, even if it means I get less while paying more. Not everyone has to personally experience the problem themselves in order to want something better for others.
  6. Vision insurance is the one that seems like a real scam to me. I get it basically for free so we use it. But the pricing and discounts seem so convoluted. And you’re actually incentivized to get new glasses every single year. Plus, even though my husband and I have coverage with the same insurance company, many eyeglass places can’t seem to deal with double coverage. So the time I spend getting reimbursed for double coverage is often much greater than the financial benefit. But, I know I’m very fortunate to have almost free health, vision, and dental insurance with very low deductibles and copays, so I really shouldn’t complain.
  7. I don’t think there will ever be a universal school-based program introduced by the government. People are far to into local control for their schools to ever go for such a thing. Plus there would never be the money there. As it is, for example, Headstart only serves a fraction of eligible children.
  8. Interesting. When our son was born, my husband was in grad school, so we only paid for insurance to cover me for the pregnancy and birth. Our pediatrician just advised us to go the county health department for shots at cost. They would also sometimes give us drug samples for free because they knew we didn’t have insurance. But the price charged for things was no different, as we found out later when my husband’s grad school started offering low cost family insurance. Perhaps they didn’t charge differently because they had lots of student patients like us who qualified for free government insurance but didn’t use it.
  9. I always worked at least part time and often full time while homeschooling, and a mix of at home and at the office. Generally, I rarely tried to get any school done during the elementary years while I was working, unless it was independent reading or maybe some math problems. But lots of reading and discussing together and doing at least some math together were pretty integral to our day, so it wasn’t really possible to combine that with working. So I would work early in the morning, late at night, and when he was at activities. How early are they getting up? My son usually slept until about 8:30. So by the time he got up and got dressed, fed himself, and was ready for the day, I already had a good chunk of my work done. Is there a reason why you are trying to have them do school at the same time as you are working and not just doing most of it with them afterwards, since you finish so early in the day? How many hours total do they spend on school each day?
  10. Usually, whether or not she will continue to get his company pension depends on decisions they made at the time of retirement. Often, individuals can choose to take a lower monthly amount that will continue to go to their spouse after their death or a higher amount that will stop at their death. If there are no records anywhere of this election, I would suggest having your mom contact the company once you have his social security number. While my mom handled the majority of their finances, both the funeral director and their local bank were very helpful in answering lots of the logistical financial questions for us after my dad passed. Note that this is in a very small town, so the same level of trust and help might not exist elsewhere. I’m sorry you have all of this added stress during this difficult time. You are in my thoughts.
  11. I think in order for this to apply, though, there has to be an out-group. So I can see it more where a person’s particular religion or denomination is in the minority or is one of several very distinct religious groups or is somehow discriminated against. Perhaps that’s why I never thought this way about Christians growing up, virtually everyone I knew was some type of Christian. Being raised Catholic, I certainly didn’t trust Catholics more than anyone else.
  12. I guess I didn’t get that vibe, but I did find it very interesting that Nora, who he flirted with and called to share sexual exploits with, said that as far as she knew, he remained a virgin and didn’t actually go as far as intercourse. As if that even matters when he’s being such a disgusting, manipulative creep and bragging about it to another woman. It seems like he must have picked up some twisted beliefs about women and sex somewhere along the way.
  13. It was definitely something I knew about before this latest tragedy. Both from news stories when Romney was running for president and from Mormon autobiographies and documentaries. But I’ve been fascinated by the religion ever since we had lots of Mormon friends and acquaintances when my husband was in grad school.
  14. I think it depends on the news sources people frequent. Does Australia have the extremely wide variety that the US does?
  15. They actually mention a town about twenty minutes from where I grew up, yet I’ve never heard of this before. I’ll have to ask relatives about it. I know one of the local bars in my hometown regularly holds raffles, although I think they keep the proceeds (not sure about that though). Guns and cash are the main prizes.
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