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  1. Hospital pharmacy jobs can result in some pretty sweet schedules with lots of time off, but it is pretty difficult to get one if you didn’t pursue it from the get go. There’s no issue going the other direction from hospital to retail though. I can understand your concern with a previously reliable person now only communicating through brief texts, even though she is an adult.
  2. Wow, we are in such similar positions it is eerie. We’ve definitely used savings and money market accounts before for emergency funds and short term savings goals, but the current combination of the excess $ amount and very low interest rates is making it harder to stomach. I’m still getting comfortable with spending significantly more, even though we have it. My husband has no issues at all. We did buy a much needed new couch today. 😜
  3. I wasn’t actually wondering what people would do in such a situation. I was just trying to understand the point Pinball was trying to make about what happens when parents who are fine with teens or young adults beyond the age of consent when in a committed relationship having sex and instead of ending up in long term committed relationships, they have serial, casual, sexual encounters. In both cases it seems like the child is going against their parent’s values. I still don’t understand what her point is.
  4. It is very difficult. On the one hand, you always want to have empathy for those who are suffering. But on the other hand, they had the means readily available to prevent it and also help out the whole world in the process and they chose not to. Plus, who knows how many others they sickened? Not to mention all those who can’t get the vaccine or for whom it is known to not be very effective. Ideally they wouldn’t be looking to their governor for health advice on whether or not to get vaccinated. The vast, vast majority of public health professionals and doctors are urging vaccination.
  5. I guess we can agree to disagree that driving an older teen to a date, even if no sex is going to occur because say they are having dinner with family or playing mini-golf with a group of friends and then getting ice cream, is pimping them out and that view of sex and relationships is unhealthy. Or perhaps we are using the term date to mean different things. I consider it a date if a teen goes to have dinner with family at the home of their boyfriend/girlfriend or goes out with a group of friends, not just a one on one outing. Either way, the use of the term pimping is very strange to me in regards to one’s children and their dating life.
  6. I’m trying to understand your point here. What do parents who advocate for no sex before marriage do when they end up with a pregnant unmarried child or even just a teen or young adult having sex before marriage?
  7. They proposed going door to door in rural areas here, but local officials told them it would backfire due to mistrust of the government.
  8. We already know who is sick and dying. It’s not some deep mystery. As the Alabama governor says, it’s common sense. https://www.oregonlive.com/coronavirus/2021/07/its-time-to-start-blaming-the-unvaccinated-folks-says-alabama-gov-after-rise-in-covid-19-cases.html
  9. I agree. I think this is amplified even more when city people move to the country.
  10. We already know what is happening. What future time frame are you waiting for? The vast, vast majority of people now hospitalized for covid and dying here are not vaccinated. No one is hating anyone. They are just fed up with people making selfish decisions often based on misinformation and conspiracy theories that are leading to more and more dangerous variants and more suffering and death. Not to mention the terrible toll on healthcare workers. And of course you are entitled to your opinion. But I’m most definitely going to call you out for the immorality of your choice and the harm you are causing. It’s bad enough that you are not vaccinated, but continuing to spread misinformation and conspiracy theories is even worse. And I’m curious to know what your advanced degrees are in, since I’m married to a medical professional who also has a science PhD. Are you actively working as a scientist, epidemiologist, or healthcare professional? And yeah I know your parents are both doctors, but that doesn’t say anything about your education, training, or experience.
  11. This is exactly what I mean by the strict teaching of no sex before marriage due to religious beliefs potentially leading to unhealthy views on sex and relationships.
  12. My husband had a PhD and had been a professor for many years, was a high school state speech champion, and had tested out of our college speech requirement. He still wasn’t sure his petition to be exempt from the speech requirement would be approved. I have to admit I find the speech requirement silly given the number of people I’ve known who took speech online. He did have to take statistics and economics courses before applying plus anatomy and physiology, despite having been accepted to medical school. I think PharmD programs actually have more prerequisites than MD programs. He did manage to get out of biochemistry despite never taking it, but he had taught it. But they only exempted him one quarter at a time, so there was always the chance he would have to do the next one. The state school here allows people to apply without an undergrad degree, but really only accepts their own without one and they eventually get both degrees. I think several of the healthcare fields have gone to requiring a doctorate for new grads while still grandfathering in older ones.
  13. We sound very similar. If you don’t mind answering, I’m curious what kind of investment fund you use for excess funds? We definitely have more than our target emergency fund amount right now and I need to do something with it.
  14. Wouldn’t your scenario negate her statement of “… in a committed relationship”. In my experience, most kids raised with the example of a committed relationship are not going to engage in numerous, casual serial sexual relationships. Of course there is no guarantee, just as emphasizing no sex before marriage guarantees nothing.
  15. I’m glad to hear your husband has declined her requests to do her driveway. It seems that either she doesn’t have the means to own and manage a house plus acres or she doesn’t want to spend her money to do so. Either way, it’s not your problem. She could choose to sell and move to something more manageable. And I say this as someone who grew up shoveling and mowing for free for long time elderly neighbors and we still help out neighbors here. I see that as quite different than what is going on here.
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