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  1. Same - I’ve tried several and they really don’t help. But if I take 800 mg. Motrin and drink at least 16 oz. Coke at the very first sign, I can usually stave them off. But I only have about a 30 minute window to do that before it will develop into full aura, nausea, and headache. Oddly, my first sign is usually a tingling nose lol.
  2. This perfectly describes me when having a migraine. I’m sorry you two are dealing with this and hope she is feeling better. Resting in a dark and silent room, (even if it means an eye mask and noise canceling earbuds) for a few hours usually helps mine go away.
  3. @Corraleno thank you for your response. She has a part-time job that she started about 6 months ago for “fun” money, but is actually socking cash away for this very reason. I will share your other thoughts with her on a burner phone and also volunteer to be the person to hold onto whatever she needs to keep separate. Thanks to everyone who responded - I really appreciate it!
  4. I agree completely, which is why I tried to specify physical abuse. There is definitely emotional and financial abuse going on. I’m trying my best to support her and be there for her - I appreciate your suggestions!
  5. One of my dearest girlfriends is probably going to file for divorce in 2021. There is no cheating involved or physical abuse, but he is borderline NPD and she is just done. While she knows it’s the right thing to do, she is worried about how to tell him and their children, and everything she will have to go through to get from here to a year from now. Any books, websites, forums, etc. you could recommend to help her? I have told her to start gathering important documents, account #s, and money, as well as thinking about financial issues like where she can afford to live, etc. Thanks
  6. I’m so happy for you! And I agree, you kind of get in a trance when rowing - it is both calming and invigorating at the same time.
  7. My state opened appointments for ages 70+ today and I was able to get an appointment for my 86-year-old mom. It’s not until early Feb, but I’m feeling really happy and grateful we got her a slot - they were only putting up slots they could guarantee they would have inventory for.
  8. I have a “blankie” that I sleep with. It’s just the right size to scrunch up in the shape that I need it. I’ve had it for 17 years and even take it on vacation.
  9. “That’s not something I really talk about. But tell me about you - how is your family doing?” If you say the second sentence fast enough after the first, without a pause, it gets the message across and changes the subject. Sorry you had to deal with this on an otherwise peaceful and joyful occasion.
  10. Just popping in to check in: This week I met my goal of rowing 1 million meters in 2020. Due to indulging on treats over the holiday, I don’t think I’m going to meet my goal of 20 pounds in 2020, but I am very close. I am down 17 since June, and have been able to change my habits regarding food and regular exercise. I’m going to just keep going - try to row at least 100,000 meters per month, and be sensible with my eating. I have learned over the years that attempting a restrictive diet has the opposite effect on me and makes me want to eat the thing I shouldn’t, and I end up gaining weight. N
  11. I try to row every day, usually for about 30-40 minutes. The biggest game changers for my rowing regularly were purchasing an iPad, the Concept2 tablet holder, and wireless earbuds. I have rowed my way through many seasons of all kinds of shows now, and tell myself I can only watch them when I’m on the rowing machine. It makes the time go quickly, and I get to watch all the girly shows that all the men in my house don’t want to watch with me.
  12. I have a Concept 2 Model D rowing machine and I absolutely love it. The Concept 2 is made in the United States (Vermont) and widely considered the “gold standard” of rowing machines - it’s what you will find in gyms, schools, etc. I’ve had mine for 5 years, and used it sporadically at first, but pretty religiously in recent years, and never had any maintenance or problems with it. This week i hit my goal of rowing over 1 million meters in 2020.
  13. DH’s gift to me this year is a pair of SmartWool ski socks. Which is an awesome gift, because they are super nice socks. Except he has given me the exact same gift for the last 8 years, so now I am the proud owner of 9 pairs of SmartWool ski socks. I have told him for years now that I have plenty of ski socks, but apparently, you can never have too many. Lol!
  14. Sending you all my love and prayers. I’m sure your family is grateful for the opportunity to help in whatever way they can - it’s so hard to feel helpless when people you love are having such a hard time.
  15. I mix Bon Ami with enough water to make a little paste, then scrub with a paper towel or soft cloth. It takes it off with a little effort.
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