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  1. With things ramping up, I’m looking into getting a few of these: one for DS18 moving into suite-style dorms with 7 roommates in about a month, and one for me - recently returned back to the office and now have to share a 10x14-ish space with a new hire. What brands and styles do you have and like? How effective are these against COVID? (We’re all fully vaxxed at my house, just getting a little nervous and want to be proactive if things continue on the current trajectory). Thanks!
  2. I wish I could see everyone’s post count like I could before. It helps me decide whether to click on a posted link, (won’t do it if the person has few posts), and how “wise” people are in the ways of the Hive.
  3. Gotcha - still horribly wrong. So glad you are meeting with the parties involved and starting to get some answers. Sending strength and support to you and your little guy.
  4. Just thinking out loud here, but wondering why an elementary school would even HAVE a pair of handcuffs on hand that they could pull out to use on an 11-year-old?!!!
  5. My family growing up “hashed it out,” but in more of a vigorous discussion kind of way, instead of a yelling kind of way. There was no passive-aggressive drama, and everyone meant what they said and knew where everyone else stood. DH is more of a silent treatment kind of guy and a “guess what I really mean by that” kind of guy. It’s hard to go from one to the other. I’ve tried to teach my kids to be more straightforward in working out their conflicts.
  6. This is my absolute favorite: https://www.kiwiandcarrot.com/lemon-orzo-pasta-salad/
  7. My vote is that you should totally go for it. I spent an entire 7 days alone at the beach a few months ago - we had planned a family vacation, but about a week before we were supposed to leave, everyone else had stuff come up and they couldn’t go. I had already taken time off work and really needed a break, so I ended up going alone. It was so glorious and absolutely life-changing. I spent my days walking along the beachside boardwalk, reading, journaling, staring out at the horizon with my toes buried in the sand, contemplating, and like others said, figuring out who I am. I ate take-out for every meal, which was still less expensive than if the family came and we went out a few times. I’ve had a lot going on in my life for the last several years, and I came back feeling renewed and recharged, and better prepared to face the future ahead of me. Like I said, it was absolutely life-changing for me, and I would highly recommend it!
  8. Anything by Sam Kean, but especially The Disappearing Spoon.
  9. So so happy for you - congratulations!
  10. My son uses a toothpick to hook them on. It has been tricky.
  11. Wow - not wrong at all! Completely rude, completely not acceptable. Especially the part where they’re expecting you to pay for them.
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