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  1. Dang - I’m so sorry. Sounds like once you get that dealt with, you need to put yourself in time out and tell your kids that they are not allowed to talk to you, ask you for anything, or bother you for several hours at least!
  2. Well, just over two weeks after falling hard on the ice, I finally felt ok about getting back on the rowing machine tonight. Between a very bruised tailbone, sore back, and tender wrist, it just wasn’t happening until now. I intended to start slow and just do maybe 20 minutes, but I was feeling good, so I pushed it to 30. Then the show I was watching had a major plot twist and got super interesting so I kept going and eventually ended up going for an hour. My pace was incredibly slow, but it felt so good to be back that I just kept going. I seriously hope I don’t regret that decision tomorrow!
  3. Swoon! She is beautiful and has a beautiful name. Congratulations!!!
  4. I’m so sorry to hear this. Sending all my love.
  5. My boys like the Speedo Speed Sockets, which are more expensive, but seem to fit their face shape better. I’ve told them I will only buy them once, so they are much more careful about not losing them. My local swim store has all the goggles they sell available to try before buying. The trick to find the right fit is to push them up on your face over your eyes (without the strap on) and if they stay put, those are the ones you want. If they fall off, it’s not the right fit.
  6. My rowing is going to be on hold for at least a week, I think. I slipped on a patch of ice this morning and definitely bruised, possibly broke my tailbone. I’m keeping an eye on an area of my wrist, too, that is very swollen and purple right now - may have to go get that checked in the next day or two. I feel like this is how exercise seems to go for me - I get on a really good roll and then something happens where I need to stop. It will be good motivation for me to really watch my calories, though.
  7. I’m jealous that you have on the water options. I was a swimmer when I was growing up and being on or under water is my most peaceful place. I imagine it’s a completely different feeling than the erg. I’m always happy to talk rowing with you. I don’t know anyone irl who rows.
  8. I have a Concept 2 Model D, rowing here at age 48. 😊 I have no desire to ever race - I just love the feeling I have when I’ve really pushed myself, and I love the increased strength and stamina I get from rowing regularly. It’s also really peaceful to me to just zone out and go hard. I have a lot of stressful things going on in my life, and rowing is kind of my refuge for affirmation that I am capable and can do hard things.
  9. Just the erg. I live in a very landlocked state with cold winters and no good local options for on the water rowing in good weather. But I settle in with a good show on my iPad and crank it out. I’m super slow (2:35-ish/500 m), but I have good stamina and most of my rows are in the 5000-7500 m range (about the length of a tv show!)
  10. I don’t post in these threads regularly, but I am working at it, and the accountability is good for me. So having said that, I hit my goal of rowing 100,000 meters in January, and am down a total of 5 pounds since Christmas. Yay!
  11. Oh gosh - I’m so glad you are all safe, but so sorry you had to evacuate. I’m sure that was (and is) extremely stressful. I’m praying that your home will be spared, and that you and your family will be able to feel peace and comfort as you navigate the coming hours and days. We’re all here for you and sending our love.
  12. I have a freakish sense of direction and can get anywhere if I’ve been there before. Even if it was only once, in a different city, and I was a teenager the last time I was there. My husband is constantly trying to get me to follow Google Maps and I never need it. I can also smell a lot of unusual things, like temperatures to know if something is hot or cold.
  13. I have a tendency toward anxiety about the news overall - what websites or news sources do y’all recommend that gives straightforward, realistic, non-sensational information about this? I’m feeling a little fatigued with the regular news and Impeachment! Kobe! Climate Change! etc. (all important things, I just can’t take any more stress now)
  14. I don’t know all of the background (and don’t need to - not my business to know), but I just wanted to tell you what a good mom you are, Rosie. You’re helping her see that what has been her world thus far doesn’t have to be the way it will be for the rest of her life. There are good people who are kind and helpful and supportive of who she is and who she wants to be. She can draw on her inner core and overcome the crap and be stronger because of it. We’re all cheering for her and for you!
  15. Praying for you that it goes well and you can be calm and confident.
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