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  1. So it’s a long story, but essentially, two weeks ago my youngest son was on his bike and was hit by a car traveling 40 mph. It is a complete miracle that he is not more seriously injured, but our biggest issue right now is dealing with his severe road rash that he has all up and down the left side of his face and body. We were told to treat it like 2nd degree burns because it is so deep. We have been really diligent about keeping him slathered in bacitracin and keeping things covered with non-adhesive pads and wrapped in gauze. He is healing nicely and is now at the point where he has stopped oozing (sorry TMI), and the underlayers of skin are starting to come back. We are concerned about scarring, particularly on his face, and wondering about what products you may recommend to help prevent that. I have been hesitant to try anything different than what they did at the hospital until the obvious raw skin has healed a bit. Thanks for any suggestions!
  2. My family loves these beans. I make a big pot every few weeks and my boys eat bowls of them with rice I keep on hand, too.
  3. The Eddie Bauer jeans would be the social kiss of death at my kid’s high school. This is an area that is generally religiously conservative, for the record. Sorry!
  4. This is a topic I am unfortunately well-informed on. My oldest DS had PAO surgeries on his hips when he was 16 and 17. It was a brutal year of surgeries, crutches, physical therapy etc. for recovery. He was a high-school swimmer at the time and missed his entire junior year of swimming But the good news is that he recovered remarkably well, and has had had very few issues in the mean time. In the year after his second surgery, he skied all winter, swam at the state meet, ran a 6-minute mile. His walk is completely normal, he has zero pain (except a little twinge when the weather is changing), and you would never know he had hip surgery unless you see the 6-inch scars on both hips. There is a very short list of surgeons I would trust to do a PAO on my family member, so do your research there. Also, there is an amazingly supportive Facebook group that is super helpful. Feel free to PM me with any questions- I’m happy to support you and your DD through this! (I’m at work today and will be at at event tonight, but I’ll check my PMs tomorrow morning!)
  5. Or, what are you picking up for us on your way home?
  6. Yayayayay! This is an excellent report! I am so happy that the judge could see his true character and how he really is. Praying things continue to go well in the next several weeks!
  7. Yeah, it’s time to dump your realtor and walk away from these buyers. Hopefully you can rest and breathe on your flight home tonight and then in the morning, write a calm and matter-of-fact email to your realtor and cc it to her broker. List the issues you have as statements, then a list of how the realtor hasn’t responded to your needs, and close with a statement telling them that because of the forgoing reasons, you are terminating your contract with their agency to find a realtor who is professional, able to respond to your needs, and will communicate with you in a timely manner. Hold firm - a $20k fix days before closing is ridiculous. Unless you are truly desperate (which it doesn’t sound like you are), that’s a hard no.
  8. I am so sorry to hear this! We have moved several times and these things are SO incredibly stressful - you have my total sympathy! Sounds like you and DH may need to evaluate the risks/benefits of walking from these people and starting over with a new realtor! When interviewing a new one, ask for referrals for former clients and call them to see how responsive / helpful they are. Fingers crossed for you!
  9. Prayers for you and your dc
  10. Utah State University has automatic scholarships depending on your stats. It’s a good school with some really great specialty programs.
  11. You are so brave. You have built an amazing life on your own and clearly have the strength and ability to not merely endure through it but triumph in your life. Remember that when you go testify - you are strong and brave and worthy of every happiness life has to offer! Hugs - you’ve got this!
  12. There’s a lot of really good information here so I won’t repeat it. I would add to look into Summer Seminars. Each academy offers a week-long glimpse of life at that particular academy, to preview the academic, military, physical, career and leadership options of that particular academy and branch of the military. Applications open in December or January of your Junior year, depending on the academy. My son went to all three Summer Seminars last year, which really solidified his desire to attend a service academy. He reports to the Air Force Academy for I-Day on June 27.
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