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  1. Checking back in: I’m about 32 hours post Pfizer first dose and still feeling good. Sore arm, but only similar to what I feel with a flu shot. DS18 has felt slightly dizzy and nauseous today, with a little more fatigue than usual, but has welcomed the opportunity to sit on the couch and watch movies for most of the day.
  2. DS and I got our first Pfizer shot this morning. I am feeling a very slightly sore arm, but similar to what I feel when getting a flu shot. So far, so good.
  3. My best friend’s daughter is on a team that made it to the NCAA playoffs, and we have been following this closely and hearing about it first-hand. It’s absolutely ridiculous!
  4. I’m so excited about this - I have to share: my state announced today vaccines will open to everyone 18+ next week, and one county opened their appointment scheduling at 7 pm tonight. DH, DS17 and I were all on our computers at 6:55, and we got an appointment for next week! We thought for sure the website would crash, but by some miracle, I was able to get through and snag 3 spots. We will drive nearly an hour to get there, but so happy to do that. And the best thing is that it’s the day after my son’s birthday so he will officially be old enough.
  5. My state is opening to everyone who wants one on April 1. The governor ordered this after the legislature basically made a law that the mask mandate will end April 10. I’m hoping to get one ASAP, but I think it’s going to be tough to find an appointment for the first little bit.
  6. Almost 50 here and agree on feeling stronger in situations that would have wilted me. Also, your attorneys are lucky to have you - way to protect them!
  7. I’m in a food rut and need some suggestions. Ideally, I’m looking for something I can pull straight from the fridge or just needs a microwave - I work full-time and can’t cook anything at work. Also, no lettuce or other greens - salads are not my thing.
  8. It looks like there are other adults on the street around the corner watching the interaction. Hopefully they told her to calm down already and get over it.
  9. Wow - thank you so much! This is so incredibly helpful!
  10. Thanks so much to everyone who replied and investigated. My son will be in the Dallas area from the beginning of April until August, so I’m hoping he will be able to get the vaccine at some point while there.
  11. My son has a job in Texas for the summer that is in-person. His vaccine tier in my state won’t open before he leaves, but I assume he will be eligible in Texas at some point while he is there. My question is: do you have to show Texas residency to get a vaccine? He isn’t changing residency for a 4-month job, but I don’t want to have to bring him home to get a vaccine. Thanks!
  12. My son’s helmet was similar to this: https://www.foxracing.com/speedframe-mips-helmet/26712.html?dwvar_26712_color=555&dwvar_26712_size=S&cgid=mtb-mens-helmets#start=3 He was crossing a street in a crosswalk with flashing lights when a car going 45 mph blew through and hit him. My son flew up and smashed into the windshield and then was thrown 70 feet. He was knocked unconscious and rushed to the nearest trauma center, but in a total miracle, he did not have any broken bones or internal injuries. Just a bad concussion and lots of wicked road rash, cuts, and bruises. H
  13. My son was wearing a Fox mountain bike helmet last year when he got hit by a car. It is not an exaggeration to say that helmet saved his life, so I am partial to Fox.
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