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  1. Question about the current season (I haven’t started it yet): last season there was one episode that definitely earned its MA rating. Anything like that this season I need to be aware of?
  2. Just curious - what makes the iPad better than say, the Galaxy Tab, for example? I’m looking at both, but the iPad is definitely more expensive. Thanks for your help on this!
  3. I am probably the last person in America who has never owned a tablet but I’m thinking I might have use for one now. I am desperately trying to lose 20 pounds in 2020 and would like to get a tablet and some wireless earbuds to stream some fitness apps I have been using while my family watches tv. My phone is a little small to see what I need to be doing! I would probably also use it to watch tv shows and stream movies from my home WiFi. Also maybe use it to watch movies when traveling on a road trip. So I don’t need anything powerful as far as a computer replacement or gaming. I currently have an iPhone, but will probably switch to a Samsung in the next 2 years. I checked both the Apple App Store and the Google Play store, and they both have the apps I use. Low price is great, but I want something decent that will last a while, without overbuying for what I need. Thanks for your suggestions! ETA: not sure why that one paragraph is bigger than the rest!
  4. It’s a long story, but DS20 and I are going to Portland, OR for a long weekend in a few weeks. What area do you suggest we stay in that are safe and close to the touristy things? DS has stuff he needs to take care of, so I will be mostly on my own during the day - looking at spending time at Powell’s, the Japanese garden, etc. I’m looking at hotels in the downtown / waterfront area - yea or nay? Thanks!
  5. We have the dancing man who stands on the corner of a busy intersection daily when there’s nice weather, who totally rocks out and waves to passing cars. His outfits change daily and are always head to toe the same color - so maybe all purple one day, neon orange the next, followed by lime green, etc. He’s basically a local celebrity in my community and everyone loves him. He never fails to make me smile whenever I see him.
  6. Sending my prayers and love to you, your grandson, and all of your family!
  7. Record-breaking lows - it will be 18-ish degrees for trick-or-treating. Brrrr!
  8. Thank you for posting this. I have dealt with winter depression for most of my life. I have looked into getting a happy light in January/February for years but never actually got one. Due to some personal relationship issues, I am predicting this year is going to be particularly rough, so I’m going to order one tonight.
  9. I admit I have never been much of a tea drinker, so it looks like a trip to the tea aisle is in store this weekend, along with some experimenting. Thanks everyone!
  10. We buy fundraiser stuff from the neighbor kids who are selling stuff for their school sports /activities. So cookie dough, oranges, potatoes, etc. I’d honestly just rather give them cash but for some reason the local school doesn’t work that way.
  11. One way I have historically kept warm at night is to have a big mug of steaming hot chocolate to warm my body and hands before going to bed. I am really trying to cut calories and more importantly, sugar, and need a hot drink replacement. The obvious answers of coffee or tea are out due to religious reasons. Herbal teas are fine, but nothing with actual tea leaves or a lot of caffeine. Bonus points for something that tastes good and not like flavored water. Thanks!
  12. You’ve had a ton of good advice, but I’m just going to add on one issue: don’t call a mediator - continue pursuing an attorney. I used to work as a mediator years ago when my kids were little, and this is not he route you need right now. A mediator basically serves as a neutral third-party who facilitates a conversation between you and your husband. He tells the mediator what he wants, you tell them what you want, and the mediator tries to help both sides come to a consensus. A mediator does not advocate for either side, just asks questions and facilitates communication. You need an advocate, someone who will have your best interests at heart, and will act as another layer between yourself and your husbands unreasonableness. A mediator is not going to be that person for you. Youre doing great Heart - trust your gut and stay connected to who you are and what you know is right in your core. Edited to add: you may very well get to the point where you will go through mediation to divide things and make custody decisions, but again, you need someone to advocate for you during that.
  13. Whew, I started reading your interaction, thinking that it was going to end with some other customer or person doing or saying something rude. I’m so glad I was wrong and that it was entirely positive!
  14. I have a Concept2 Model D rowing machine. I saved up for it for nearly a year, as it is quite expensive. But, it is considered the gold standard of rowing machines, and used in gyms and schools all over. My right knee decided I am no longer a runner, and I haven’t had any issues with the rowing machine. I use it a lot and absolutely love it. There is definitely a learning curve to having the proper form, but there are tons of YouTube videos and online forums with people very willing to help. If you have proper form, there is very little negative impact to your joints.
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