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  1. So beautiful in every way. Congratulations!
  2. Yes, I’m definitely much more emotional about it this year. I have been feeling a lot of the same anxiety that I was 20 years ago, that feeling of life will never be the same again.
  3. Happy Birthday! Because it’s the WTM board, it has to be CUPCAKES! 🧁😊
  4. I’m pretty sure my vacuum finally died today. It’s been acting funny for weeks, and now it has a strange sound and no suction at all. I took it all apart and cleaned everything, but no help. So I think it’s time to get a new one (this one is 9+ years old anyway). For reference, we have mostly hardwood floors with some area rugs, one room with with carpet, a dog that sheds a small animal worth of fur every week, and one family member with long hair. Thanks in advance!
  5. I’m so sorry! I’m sure that is so frustrating and infuriating. Hoping she can get the care she needs quickly and that all of you can stay Covid-free.
  6. Praying for everyone in this storm’s path.
  7. Target Threshold 100% cotton all the way.
  8. I know you’re not leaving forever, but I just want you to know how much I admire you. The things you have been through have given me so much strength to get through my own hard things. You have handled your situation with such grace and strength - thank you for your example!
  9. Wow - no way! I had 4 kids in 5 years and a DH who worked 90+ hours a week. No family nearby and only friends with whom I would occasionally trade with (8 kids under 6 between us, so it was hard to trade). Grocery shopping was once a week early on Saturday mornings while DH was home with the kids, and self-care meant I was lucky to shower and get ready in the 30 minutes that Barney or whatever show could hold their attention. I always felt like they were my kids so it was my responsibility to deal with. What did they think life would be like with two so close together? Maybe you could invite them for Sunday dinner once a month or every other week to stay connected with the grandkids. Just long enough to have some time together, but not so much that you are jeopardizing your own health. I’m so sorry you are in this difficult situation, but you are definitely not the unreasonable one here!
  10. I’m reading these answers with interest. My DS has similar symptoms - sore throat, swollen glands in his neck, huge tonsils, fever of 102, and extreme fatigue. He is fully vaccinated and had negative PCR and antigen tests, but tested positive for Mono. If we can get the sore throat under control, I feel like the rest is manageable. I hope you and your family feel better soon!
  11. With things ramping up, I’m looking into getting a few of these: one for DS18 moving into suite-style dorms with 7 roommates in about a month, and one for me - recently returned back to the office and now have to share a 10x14-ish space with a new hire. What brands and styles do you have and like? How effective are these against COVID? (We’re all fully vaxxed at my house, just getting a little nervous and want to be proactive if things continue on the current trajectory). Thanks!
  12. I wish I could see everyone’s post count like I could before. It helps me decide whether to click on a posted link, (won’t do it if the person has few posts), and how “wise” people are in the ways of the Hive.
  13. Gotcha - still horribly wrong. So glad you are meeting with the parties involved and starting to get some answers. Sending strength and support to you and your little guy.
  14. Just thinking out loud here, but wondering why an elementary school would even HAVE a pair of handcuffs on hand that they could pull out to use on an 11-year-old?!!!
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