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  1. I am having a fairly extensive shoulder surgery at the end of April on my dominant arm. Of course it coincides with the last few weeks of my graduate program, but I hope to work ahead before surgery. It is hard now because typing really aggravates the shoulder pain, but I haven’t found a good talk to text Word based program. Any suggestions for how best to prepare? This is a rotator cuff repair, labrum repair, bicep tendon anchoring, and some bone and tissue shaving. I have EDS, which always means extended recovery times. DH has had two similar surgeries, but he wasn’t in scho
  2. Where are you all finding your LTC insurance? I’ve googled but half it it looked scammy. We’re set to have around a million, maybe a little more, at retirement age; but I am highly likely to need assisted living at some point and would rather not drain our savings then.
  3. I live in upstate New York and in the late 90s the local high school had a smoking quad(it might have been unofficial, but that’s what it was and the adults overlooked it). That was on my parents’ list of reasons why I was homeschooled lol.
  4. I’ve been dealing with this. It makes sense. It is annoying but really difficult. Both eating and smelling, because everything tastes bad as well.
  5. Yes, I’ve seen children who looked just like those pictures. In real life. Sometimes in my arms. Two died in car accidents where they either were not buckled and being held on someone’s lap, or the mom was high on drugs and wrecked the car while speeding. One was beaten to death by a parent. One by her mother’s drug dealer. I’ve seen murdered, assaulted, and abused children. Way too many. None were trafficked by strangers in a cult or certain political stripe. I don’t believe any of that is photoshop. It’s too real and too true to what I’ve seen. But it’s easy enough for
  6. They’ve saved my life. I was suicidal this winter. Prozac has helped me enormously, though I still have days I’m deeply struggling with suicidal ideation. also, My 10 year old ASD child is on Abilify. That’s not an antidepressant but it is a mood stabilizer. We started it when he was 8, after much concern and wavering about medicating my young child with psych meds. The difference in him is amazing.
  7. No, the doctors try to be specific whenever possible on the death certificate. They just usually tell the families “natural causes” don’t trigger autopsies. Since Covid there have been plenty of families asking if we are autopsying everyone to see if they have Covid. Obviously no because that would be incredibly expensive(the county pays for the autopsy, which is done at a hospital an hour away so they also pay for the body transport). And since all decedents are getting Covid swabbed, an autopsy for that is unnecessary. so families are often being told the catch phrase of “it wa
  8. I work super part time for the county medical examiner’s office. “Natural death” is anything from medical reasons. Homicide, suicide, and accidental deaths are all automatically autopsied. If the ER doc, hospitalist or patient’s primary doctor will sign the death certificate and it doesn’t trigger an ME investigation, then nothing further ever happens. aside from unnatural deaths, my state requires the ME for any at home unexpected deaths without hospice, deaths of a patient who has been in the hospital less than 24 hours, and the death of a patient who has recently fallen(such as s
  9. This is actually something I want to pursue doing lol.
  10. Our numbers are less than 1% and I am vaccinated, so I am renewing my gym membership. It’s invaluable for my mental health, and that’s very important to me right now.
  11. Two of them never did have children, but this is truly the reason why. They all believe that it is much, much, much more dangerous than it used to be. Ive been a paramedic for 13 years. I’ve seen children die in car accidents, drownings, an accidental shooting, and beaten to death at the hands of their parents. So after seeing these things first hand, I can honestly say that stranger abduction is not even on my radar.
  12. I had the police called on us last fall because my three kids(10, 8 and 5) were playing “unsupervised” on the sidewalk with the neighbor kids(ages 7 and 5). They were running back and forth between our houses and both me and the other mom were keeping an eye on them out our windows. It was ridiculous. This is a dead end street with minimal traffic and our kids ride bikes and play on the sidewalks all summer long, but it drives the older ladies on my street(late 60s-early 80s) absolutely nuts that we allow it.
  13. Two. We have two Goldens. That was my argument; what’s a third when we have two dogs who poop A LOT??
  14. I tried this. he asked if my 300 friends were going to help me train the puppy and clean up after it. I asked my daughter and my 2 year old golden retriever and they both said they wanted a puppy though.
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