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  1. I was almost 17 and my mom was 42 when my youngest sister was born. I adored that baby. Also, having a baby in the house when I was a teenager was phenomenal birth control, because I knew first hand I didn’t want one of those for a long time. 😂🤣
  2. It’s not everywhere yet. It is in Georgia and then will spread to four other states according to the article. Eventually I’m sure they’ll add it, but it’s another roadblock for people in poverty. We got EBT cards from the state for my kids’ missed lunches in school(they attended a school where everyone gets free lunch regardless of income). I was annoyed to find out I couldn’t use them for Aldi’s pickup here in NY.
  3. She seems to believe that there should just be a very skeleton crew of essential workers. For instance, I was selfish to stay working as a paramedic because if we rearranged some things I could be a SAHM right now. Instead I worked, caught Covid and subsequently exposed my children. People should choose to live where there are services such as high speed internet and food delivery. She is not mentally ill or uneducated. She simply believes that it is her choices that have landed her a highly privileged spot in life. Polticially she’s extremely extremely liberal, to the point s
  4. I think it speaks to how vast our country really is. I can’t stereotype anyone. The most ardent Trump supporter I personally know spent five years in state prison on drug and weapons charges. I know people of all classes, except perhaps super wealthy people. I know people who are liberal politically who are dirt poor and upper middle class. I know people who are super conservative who haven’t had income in six weeks due to Covid and are waiting on unemployment and utilizing food pantries, and I know super conservative people who are upper middle class. I know people who think Covid is an
  5. The only local grocery store that delivers is about 40 minutes away from me, but they only deliver within a five mile radius. Instacart and other similar services are not available. it is really difficult for people who arr basically shut ins, like my grandmother. She has to rely on everyone else now to bring her groceries, and that’s hard.
  6. I’m impressed you have free grocery delivery. We don’t have it here, and the coworkers I know who have it available are paying around $8-10 for the convenience. There are only two grocery stores within driving distance of me locally that are offering curbside. One is free, and one was a $3 surcharge.
  7. My employer will offer it, as they do the flu shot, but not require it. I suspect the hospitals at least locally will follow their flu shot guidelines; you can get it or you can mask. I actually see the biggest problem being public buy in. It’s hard enough to get people to come back for their second dose of a shot; and I think there are a lot of people who are hesitant enough that a series of two shots is enough to make them not get it.
  8. I don’t know anyone IRL who can just stay home. Very few jobs in my area are able to be done remotely and the couple of people I know who might have that possibility live rurally without high speed internet access. I only know one parent who chose the 100% virtual school option; everyone else has to work and chose hybrid or does not have access to high speed internet. The 40% of kids in my locaL school district who don’t have access to high speed internet at home are doing their three virtual days a week at friends houses, family members houses, or at one of the local churches that has opened
  9. I probably am but I’m not going to risk it lol. Body aches, fatigue, depression, brain fog. It’s the never ending slog but now I seem to have a good two or three hours every day.
  10. The numbers look bad, but the truth is that most of the people who have had Covid locally are HCW(mostly CNAs in nursing homes), nursing home residents, or prisoners. There is definitely community spread, but it is limited: I do think that the mask mandate helps; people are very compliant. And the bars are mostly closed depending on location. But just this week I’ve had one Christmas party and one baby shower invite. Both are nurses hosting. I expect that kind of gatherings is what is going to push the spread over the next month or so. Many of my colleagues at work and in the ED have no
  11. It was different in March but I’ve seen a lot of change since then. None of the behavior I see is flouting any public health mandates; even the wedding one of my MD friends officiated at was at 50% of the venue capacity and so was allowed(it wouldn’t be now because our cases have spiked). Most restaurants are open; nobody is policing small gatherings. And there are pictures all over my social media, so I can’t imagine anyone is too concerned. I think there is a lot of Covid fatigue.
  12. With those ages and family size, you’ll want a travel trailer with a bunk room. The dinette/sofa flip outs are generally uncomfortable with poor mattresses and really sleep two kids each if they’re small. My 8 and 10 year old are not big kids and can’t share our sofa flip out anymore. Plus you’ll find you have things on them that is all a pain to move come night. https://www.wilkinsrv.com/product/new-2021-coachmen-rv-freedom-express-liberty-edition-320bhdsle-1279031-29 This is similar to the floor plan we have, with three bunk beds in the back and a flip up sofa that was basically just
  13. Had a haircut and my hair colored last week. I got a pedicure today. I’m comfortable with the mandatory masking and sanitizing procedures. We’ve been eating out once or twice a month since things reopened in July. My kids attend church where masking is also mandatory.
  14. https://www.albertahealthservices.ca/assets/info/ppih/if-ppih-covid-19-sag-transmission-in-condo-or-apartment-buildings-rapid-review.pdf This theorizes wastewater as the source of transmission.
  15. Workplace clusters, nursing homes, two weddings that were identified as clusters, and, mostly, small private gatherings such as baby showers, movie/game nights, people just hanging out together. Nursing homes are the biggest ones and also contribute to workplace clusters. One nursing home in the county I work at has an 80% positive rate among residents. That county is also in the NY orange zone. Basically anyplace people are in contact for prolonged periods of time unmasked. The workplace clusters people were shown to be masked, but were in close proximity for hours. (I caught Covid in a w
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