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  1. I’ve seen it a lot over the years. However—we only have one Christian school locally and now it’s 5th-12th grade only(and expensive; however all the teachers are credentialed). Most of the kids in these situations wind up going to public school and failing miserably. It’s always a bad situation and reflects poorly on homeschooling.
  2. DH has a side contracting business. He is booked until July 2022, and that’s pretty common among the contractors he knows. It’s crazy right now(good for us though lol).
  3. I have several queer LEO friends who honestly claim that the LGBTQ activists do not stand for them and who do not want to take part in Pride activities this year. this makes me sad, as these are wonderful people who should be proud of who they are—all facets of it.
  4. Oh! I don’t mean that we are fighting or that there is bad blood between us. There isn’t. I try to point out the scientific fallacies and then just listen. Our relationship isn’t fractured even if this is driving me nuts. I find that some of her generation(I don’t want to generalize) and my grandmother’s generation(she is 88) do tend to believe what the newscasters and YouTube “professionals” without critically thinking about it. But maybe back when they were growing up there wasn’t the misinformation and agendas to sort through, I don’t really know. She is definitely not feeling ri
  5. Since having half her thyroid removed last year she hasn’t been well at all, but her blood work looks okay so the doctors tell her it’s anxiety(no hx of anxiety at all) or being in her 60s. Right now she probably isn’t going to listen to any doctors. Now that everyone has mentioned it, I think it probably is YouTube videos.
  6. The oddest part is that she’s not really anti vaccine. She very strongly encouraged my grandmother to get it when my grandma was on the fence(another cousin was telling her it would kill her...) and she volunteered to get my kids from school so I could be first in line for the vax in December. She just believes the crazy things she’s hearing. I don’t get it. We were homeschooled and she was always so passionate about teaching us scientific literacy and critical thinking. She had thyroid cancer last year and just hasn’t recovered well at all, and is sitting around watching TV for the fi
  7. (Don’t quote please) My mother, a highly educated woman with a BSN, is driving me nuts. She isn’t a Covid denier in that she knows it’s real; she just doesn’t believe it’s that serious. Part of this, I’m sure, is that she doesn’t know anyone who had a serious case. I know two people in their late 40s who died, though granted, both were morbidly obese with uncontrolled diabetes. Still, they’d be alive and unhealthy now instead of dead if it wasn’t for covid. One left an 8 year old daughter; the other’s 24 year old son committed suicide shortly after his dad’s death. My dad is much
  8. I’d also ask for a stress test just to be on the safe side. If he feels something weird is about to happen, that could also be cardiac. I’ve had some patients who just had that weird feeling.
  9. My husband just sent me this picture as an example of how he’d like to decorate the new house. I said no.
  10. He knew it was going to happen. That concerns me for both neuro and even cardiac related. An EEG will see any strange activity going on in the brain even if it’s not full seizure level.
  11. I’d honestly want to rule out seizure activity. Seizures present in many different ways and it’s concerning that he both vomited and had an aura. Most people who pass out don’t vomit.
  12. https://www.governor.ny.gov/sites/default/files/atoms/files/Child_Care_Daycamps_Detailed_Guidelines.pdf All the way down under overnight camps, section 2. Processes part A Screening and Testing. The camp my kids are going to go to is now doing rapid testing when the kids arrive at camp, which makes a million times more sense to me.
  13. NYS literally changed the guidance twice since I posted yesterday. Now it’s no masks and a rapid test is okay. I’m probably worrying unnecessarily, because by July they’ll have changed the guidance fourteen more times.
  14. Second time. The first was just when my youngest was diagnosed with multiple delays and I needed to be home to manage his myriad of therapies. I had a nanny set up this time, but she took a better paying job and the backup plan of summer rec at the school fell through too. We thought we’d planned for all contingencies lol. Fortunately, if the bank lawyers ever do their job, we are soon to close on a house in an area with fantastic and affordable child care options. I honestly think I’ve been completely spoiled working one day and two nights a week for ten years making three time
  15. It would honestly just be the last straw when it comes to the job. I had three childcare plans in place just in case and all three have fallen through. Camp is only two weeks out of the summer; I still have 7 other weeks to figure out. $14/hour is okay until it’s going to cost me $16/hour to pay for childcare.
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