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  1. Tsuga

    Ignore this thread!

    Yep. And it was on the horrible windy freeway with the weird unexpected toll carpool lanes. You know the one. The one that is the reason "avoid highways" exists on map apps. We took the kids where there is no cell reception and less wifi. Side effect: we also had no cell reception or wifi. Other side effect: our kids think we are trying to make them suffer. Oh that is sad. And that type of guy usually doesn't know what to do about it. This year we start before labor day. In August. Yes. It is sad. And I thought I was indulgent. Holy cow. 😞 so glad we are away. Two more days in Idaho. Please come rain.
  2. Tsuga

    Ignore this thread!

    My daughter asked if she could go over to a friend's while I was at work and I said yes. She neglected to mention that her school friend had moved a 45 minute drive away. 5 minutes before pickup which I assumed was blocks away, she finally answered my texts with a map.
  3. Tsuga

    Ignore this thread!

    You're welcome, I have to remind myself every day. 😒
  4. Tsuga

    K-1 reading

    How old is your child?
  5. Tsuga

    Ignore this thread!

    @Jean in Newcastle I don't have a use for sagebrush but one time we were standing in the street in our suburban Pacific Northwest neighborhood, so like 3-4 miles north of you at most, and as we chit-chatted about kids and school... La la la... A tumbleweed just tumbled by. Legit old west style, bouncing along in a very light breeze. We did not see where it went. It disappeared into nowhere like it came from, perhaps behind a tree. Have never seen one up here before nor since. #sagebrushisnottumbleweedbutstill
  6. Tsuga

    Ignore this thread!

    Oh my gosh, can never ketchup to this. Anyway. Work is good but why are men so bad at empathy in general? Just so bad at applying their brains to the questions of, "does this sound remotely believable?" and "am I doing this for them or for me?" Why? It seems like even if you could not be a natural you could apply basic logic and experience to questions and get a better answer than, "This is fine, I'll do what is easiest and that is the best choice."
  7. Tsuga

    Any recommendations for thinning hair?

    Yeah, may as well check iron when you're getting labs done. Anemia and thyroid issues have a lot of similar symptoms including hair loss.
  8. Tsuga

    I’m bracing myself

    Sorry, I think it sounded accusatory... I didn't mean it that way. It sounds like for them individual stops and thus preferences are within the norm. For us, on the one hand, it is highly systematized and well organized. But individuals never get stops. Late is frequent due to traffic and just, kids, but unnanounced changes are not. On the other hand that is because they abhor change, period. I am glad it's getting better for your son.
  9. The predictions about climate change have all come true, in fact have been worse than predicted, since the 1970s. I have total freedom to act on my principles as long as those principles aren't "shoot someone in the face". You should come to the West. It's awesome.
  10. They already do in most countries. It didn't bother Americans or the EU much... Yet. Oh sure they got the USSR but that just meant we won, capitalism and freedom won, right? But now they have enough to overcome us. Awesome, hope all that "foreign policy does not affect me why don't they take care of their own" doesn't come back to roost. No really. I hope if doesn't. I would rather not make the entire earth into a banana republic. The corporations that England, Germany, France, Japan and the US built are indeed more powerful and therefore mostly own the resources of, many countries. But this isn't the Mother Jones so let's all pretend this could not possibly go wrong for us personally.
  11. Yeah, I have a lot of beliefs that I realize future generations may not hold. Abortion is one I haven't added here because I can definitely see a possibility of coming to a definitive biological and philosophical milestone about women's bodies versus fetuses' rights and future generations thinking "well you all were wrong" and it going either way. The water situation--only rich people who want more land are in any way denying this. It's insane. Yes there is more silicon, yes there is more water. We have calculated the supply however and the consequences and time is running out.
  12. Did not read the thread. Frats are not only white but tend to be segregated because they center around social class. My limited experience is that service-oriented and religious fraternities tend to be more diverse, but that might be geographic because here the church seems to be way less white than society in general.
  13. Tsuga

    I’m bracing myself

    I'm really appreciating living in a state in which people would flip the ever living life out if a bus was scheduled to pick up a kid and did not. Just. What. No. The district, not the school, manages all busses, with a contractor usually. On the other hand... They don't move stops for anyone. I can see how the system could fall apart pretty quickly if you started to give individual level preferences and tried to implement that at the school level. Heartlikealion, it sounds like it is going better. Keep encouraging him. See if your husband can go in and sort the lunch number thing out. That seems important. And yes schook is always easy as they feel out the kids' abilities. The penny exercise seems like the teacher is putting some thought into it. That's great.
  14. Tsuga

    Ignore this thread!

    We want a new meal plan delivery service but I like our Blue Apron driver. I think I am PMS because I am getting teary to think of losing him. What if the other service doesn't have such a good driver? He always smiles and says "you're welcome!" when I say thank you and writes a thank you for the Christmas card.
  15. Amen. It is literally the only thing my daughter remembers from first grade. The read aloud and the librarian. She started at grade level (letters), ended at grade level, no pressure from the school. Now she is way ahead. Also, OP, there is a book, Homeschooling year by year, that is recommended in one version of WTM. Highly recommend it for sanity checks like this.
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