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  1. Thanks for responding everyone.
  2. Thank you for responding, barnwife. I was up very early this morning and my mind was just stuck on these questions. I am the type who ask why for things. Used to drive my family crazy.
  3. We mask up to prevent ourselves from getting covid or spreading it if we're asymptomatic, right? If we already had it and the health department / doctors said your no longer contagious. Do you still wear a mask? If so, why?
  4. Don Potter has a good phonics one. Blend Phonics is free to download and print.
  5. I start mid September. Give her holiday's off. She doesn't get weeks off at a time in winter just like Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas Eve and Day. When she is older maybe. We keep going with days off for birthdays or whenever mood strikes till end of May. Then summer school for June/July. Which is 2 subjects a day. She gets 6 maybe 8 weeks for summer.
  6. We ended our 5/6 day school at the end of May. I planned to do 3 days a week for June/July. After the first week of that my daughter said she wanted to go back to 5 days a week but less work per day. I said fine so now its 2 subjects a day 5 days a week. It's working well. I plan to have her off for 6 weeks starting August 1. Only thing she would be doing is reading and using a thankfulness journal to write in. Will see how that goes. She is the sort of kid who needs that mental stimulation.
  7. My DD hated Phonics Pathways. She kept telling me to get rid of the book. My friend used PP with all three of her kids no problem. Mine was different. She was the same as your daughter she liked to sound out s-a-t. She didn't consider the two letter blends as words and refused to do it. She told me she wanted to read "real words". The funny thing is she gets it. She just knew how to do it. I used blend phonics with her and a hodge podge of other things, for awhile. She is reading very well now. We are ending 1st grade soon and she is reading "Little House on the Prairie " series.
  8. My DD7 is in 1st grade. We go from mid September thru end of May for regular school. June and July are 3 days a week with lighter course load. Then she is off for 6 weeks before the new year starts. Since she is young, an only child and in need of mental stimulation we don't do a regular summer off.
  9. My DD7 is super social and very physically active and an only child. We live in an apartment. No yard. We take walks and try to find empty areas she can run and frolic. She misses people so much. I miss feeling safe. I am high risk due to being older and having asthma and High blood pressure.
  10. Hey All, She has been doing school all this time I just haven't been posting it. FLL 1 arrived today and she did 3 lessons. Beast Academy 2 Math Puzzles. She finished reading Little House in the Big Woods yesterday. Tonight she reads to me Little House on the Prairie 1 chapter. Her new Map, Charts and Graphs workbook. Penmanship was her poem she was to remember. She buddy read chapter 12 of the book of Mark from the Bible with Dad. Memory work- books of the Bible and Bible verse. Watched 2 episodes from the Mr. Phil Show about the book of Ephesia
  11. DH had a bday last week. He had to work. We made his favorite cake and ordered dinner from his favorite restaurant.
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