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  1. Hello All, We don't start DD6 1st grade year till mid September. We do summer school lite right now. This week she is practicing cursive and doing phonics review, she reads to us and we read to her. Her new math book comes this week. She won't start this till September unless she asked to do it early.
  2. How does he feel about it? Does he feel it's too much? Does he have more writing to do in other subjects? I plan on using the 1st grade literature guides and have my dd do the writing. (I've seen the sample of the lessons). If I need to break it up overtime then I will. Writing is frustrating for her but on days she will do the Lit. Guide she will have no other writing that day. Maybe breaking up the writing so it's not all at once might help him.
  3. Only one kid here and she is only 6 so if she feels good enough to play then she can do school work. If she starts to spiraling and melting down we will modify depending on what she can handle. If she is lethargic she goes to doctor and will rest with audiobooks or cuddles and being read too and/or let her watch her science and nature show. If all of us are sick like last winter with the flu none of us did anything. If Mom or Dad is sick she still has school.
  4. Did he want to homeschool or was he happy at school?
  5. Stuffy nose try a warm mist humidifier.
  6. For my only dc and upcoming 1st grader we do a co-op that meets once, every other week, September-May. I do wish it met more often. We do it with her because she is super social and needs to be around others. Its also good for her to learn from other adults. Her classes mix 1st-3rd grade kids, so it's not just same age group. They also have P.E so she gets to play with others in a playground setting, when weather permits. She does have park day several days a week so there's that too, for play. We live a city, in apartments so no yard.
  7. Lawrence here and we are okay. Thank God! Many friends and family were in its path but are safe. Praying for our friends in Linwood which was hard hit. Finally got my daughter to sleep about 20 minutes ago. She was worried about her friends in Linwood and about another tornado coming. She packed up some of her precious things and has them ready just in case. I'm tired but to wound up to sleep.
  8. Is she asking you to stop or does she want to continue? My DD wanted to learn early but then she had enough and wanted to stop for awhile. We would put it away for a few months then she would want to do it again. This went on for awhile. My kid would sometimes switch words or miss one because she was distracted or bored. She 6.5 and still does (mostly because she is distracted by the pictures). Fluency comes in time and with practice.
  9. Thank you, Knitgrl! I will look into it.
  10. Lord willing we will be doing the following. Phonics/reading/spelling- Explode the code online, Noah Webster Reading and Spelling and all the library books she can read. Read Alouds- from the library, TBD. Math- Beast Academy 2A if it goes well we will continue with (B-D). She will be doing this with Daddy. Writing- will continue with cursive but change to Logic of English cursive program instead of Abeka. Science- lot of science kits from Young Scientists website. Read books, watch videos and fields trips to explore. History & Geography- 50 states plus capitals, map reading, the presidents and learning more about our city, state and our country. Maybe SOTW or Mystery of History.? Bible- Daily Devotional, Bible stories, memory verses, What's in the Bible with Buck Denver DVDs and other moral centered DVDs and storybooks. PE- bike riding, play at the park, roller skating, swimming and other outside play (when weather permits). Recreational Center activities, indoor pool and an indoor activities place. (For times when it's too cold or stormy). Homeschool Co-Op I would like get her into music lessons and art lessons. Daddy has gotten her intro to drawing books and is helping where he can there but I think she would enjoy more.
  11. Good Morning All, Welcome back SJ! So far she has done phonics. Need to do Bible story, devotional, memory verse, writing page, math, her read and Mommy reads. Storytime with crafts this morning at library and pick up some books for her. Play at the park. Pick up Dad from work. Game night at home.
  12. Minimal school today. Just reading and a writing page. Cleaning place again. Exterminators coming today. Park later Went to after Easter sale and she got several puzzles cheap. So she will be working on puzzles today too.
  13. Happy Easter Critter! Church Time with family and friends.
  14. On Friday she did Bible story, devotional, What's in the Bible dvd, writing page and we read books on animal/insects life cycles. She watched science shows and did art. No storytime today. Lunch with Dad Grocery/Walmart shopping. Cleaning house Today (Saturday) no school She is watching science shows and What's in the Bible because she likes it. Will be dyeing eggs. Continue cleaning Laundry mat Lunch with Dad Back to Walmart for a nice shirt for Daddy. Park? Macaroni art projects
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