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  1. She did calendar, weather and Bible story with me before Dad got up. It's Daddy/Daughter Day! They had breakfast together then off to storytime at the library. I don't know what else Daddy has in mind. Usually she wants to do science with him or/and art. Maybe the park?
  2. She did calendar, weather, Bible story, devotional and math. I did some read alouds literature, history, music and visual arts. Read Hanzel and Gretel than had her listen to some of the opera. She made cardboard swords with Daddy. Currently watching a nature show curled up with Daddy.
  3. She is a hoot. Super social. We went to pick up lunch and as I was ordering she sat next to a college age girl and just started a conversation and had her playing this folded paper finger question game. I walked over and the girl commented on her being super friendly. She never met a stranger.
  4. 3 hrs at the grocery store. She was helping/working with her friends there plus me shopping. Storytime at library plus playing with kids before and after. They have crafts as well. Lunch with Daddy Park time, it really nice out. Walmart Read alouds and her read to me.
  5. This is our first year HS. She is finishing up Kindy. I will be doing year round with her. Her school doesn't take long so we do it in the morning then park and pool in afternoon. We will be doing nature walks, zoo, other field trips, family bike rides, trips to the lake, summer reading program, Vacation Bible School àlong with phonics, reading and cursive writing practice, math and whatever else she fancies like science experiments. Outside as much as possible, is the goal.
  6. HS Co-Op today. She had a unit study (on vegetables), flex class (today was musical instruments) and then P.E. Bible stories, devotional, calendar and weather. Have her read to us. Several episodes of Reading Rainbow. On Co-Op days we don't do the core subjects. It would be to much for her.
  7. 60-100 math problems for homework over and above the math they already did at school? That is a lot! My DD6 will be going into 1st grade in the fall and there is no way I would allow that. One of the reasons we HS is because they push too much too soon here. If my kid wanted to do that much math and she was pushing for it fine but mine isn't so no. If the workload is too much maybe she should come home. If she is willing to learn to handle the work then keep her in school since she loves it there. What is she willing and able to do?
  8. She had a Bible story, a devotional, memory verse, some phonogram review along with nature videos. Daddy/Daughter time today. Daddy is taking her out for lunch then the park. She will read to Dad and he will do "Bedtime Blessing" with her tonight. Church class tonight. Tomorrow is HS Co-Op. We are leading the P.E. classes. She LOVES her co-op group.
  9. We have read daily to DD6 since she was a baby. When my voice wore out or we were in the car then we would use audiobooks. She is now reading Syd Hoff and some Dr. Seuss on her own at bedtime. 8:30 bedtime but can read as long as she wants. She picks from her collection. As long as the books are appropriate she can choose what she wants. I personally cringe when she asked for Captain Underpants (Daddy would cuddle her and they would laugh and giggle together). She also loves Uncle Wiggly, Mr Poppers Penguins, My Father's Dragon and other classics plus fairytales. So an occasional silly book I can take. She asked me why I don't read my own books. I spend a lot of time during the day reading to her that I don't have the interest.
  10. She did phonics and I read to her. She will read herself to sleep tonight. Tomorrow is early morning doctors appointment then storytime. We also will drop off books at a different library after that. Still recovering from the flu and the respiratory crud that came with it or because of it.
  11. DH back at work. He isn't 100% but he has to go. He still has bodyaches and fatigue but that's it. Pray for him. DD first day she is playing (no whining over everything either). Pushing water since (on her own) she not drinking enough. She feels the need to pee but wasn't. She is doing so much better now. No school until Monday. I want her to rest. I finally slept last night. Praise the Lord! My asthma is acting up and I've got laryngitis again but I can work with that.
  12. Thank you all for responding. We all came down with the flu and we are currently miserable.
  13. She is currently in Kindergarten and doing Horizon Math K. She finds it easy and is done with a lesson in minutes. I rarely have to teach a concept she just gets it. She says she likes it easy and doesn't want harder work. Refuses doing more then 1 lesson a day. She would rather play so I haven't pushed it since she is young. We do math a couple times a week. I checked Horizon Math 1st grade and she knows about 60% of it. Not sure if I should just teach her the other 40% then get her 2nd grade or just let her go her way and move slow. If she was older I wouldn't feel torn about it but I don't want to miss any foundational thing that might mess her up later. Am I over thinking it?
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