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  1. Dad doing school with her today. Laundry mat didn't happen yesterday so it must be today. Weather today is cold in the 30's. Yesterday was in the 60's.
  2. Regular school day Laundry mat Errands Hopefully if weather is warm enough park time.
  3. Daddy at work. Regular school day. Awaiting a package DD7 Valentine's day present. Then grocery shopping. Lunch with Dad.
  4. At the moment, I'm thinking... Math - BA2C Her Reading - TBD Library books Read Alouds - TBD Classic Literature LA - Maybe FLL 2 and Traditional Spelling 2. History - SOTW 1 or 2. American History. U.S. Presidents and States and Capitals. We are doing some of that now. Just depends where she is at. Science - Science shows, reading and experiments. Writing - Continue with cursive. Bible - Devotional and maybe have her read her Bible chapter herself. We will see how it goes.
  5. School today. Laundry mat Maybe a play date with her cousin.
  6. Yesterday school was done. She also had a dental appointment yesterday morning. Praise the Lord no cavities. Today, most of school is done. Dad is currently doing math with her. She will read to him also.
  7. Hope things settle down soon for you Critter. Daddy doing OT today. School- she has done her Bible time, poems, math mystery story, Elementary/Shorter catechism and she is currently listening to Uncle Wiggley and Mother Goose stories while drawing pictures. Still needs to do her calendar, telling time workbook, her maps and logic workbooks, math, penmanship and she needs to read to me. Maybe even her US Presidents flash cards and her US States and flags books.
  8. If with the "fun stuff " he can do it then it might not be a comprehension issue. I read your OP to my DD7 and asked what she thought. She said, it sounded like he wasn't ready. Sometimes it's hard to pay attention to stuff your not into or don't understand. With my kid I do history of our family, city and state along with learning the states names and capitals. She also has flash cards of the US Presidents. Ancient history is something she isn't ready for yet. But she is starting to ask questions so maybe soon.
  9. My DD7 wanted to learn cursive and wants it fancy. She is of an artistic bent. Being in first grade and it being her first year of it, I require it all the time. Her writing either way is neat and legible, most of the time. Practice, practice. By 6th or 7th grade it will be her choice from that point on. That's how it was for me growing up. Neatness does count though.
  10. She woke up this morning feeling better and is eating better too. Symptoms she had yesterday are gone. She is tired though and gets to veg on the rocker and watch cartoons. Did school today. Bible time, she read to me, math, penmanship, calendar and telling time. No extras today.
  11. DD did school in the morning but seems to be coming down with something. Stomach ache, diarrhea and tonight started throwing up.
  12. Hadn't thought about it yet. Depends where we are at the end of July. At this age things can jump or slide. I will think about it and get back to you.
  13. Daddy/Daughter Day today. Science shows. Currently at storytime with craft at library. New workbooks and card games our being delivered today. Laundromat Not sure what he plans for school today.
  14. School done this morning. Now playing with her cousin at an indoor activity center. She bumped into a lot of her friends here too. Then off to the house for more playtime.
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