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  1. Did he want to homeschool or was he happy at school?
  2. Stuffy nose try a warm mist humidifier.
  3. For my only dc and upcoming 1st grader we do a co-op that meets once, every other week, September-May. I do wish it met more often. We do it with her because she is super social and needs to be around others. Its also good for her to learn from other adults. Her classes mix 1st-3rd grade kids, so it's not just same age group. They also have P.E so she gets to play with others in a playground setting, when weather permits. She does have park day several days a week so there's that too, for play. We live a city, in apartments so no yard.
  4. Lawrence here and we are okay. Thank God! Many friends and family were in its path but are safe. Praying for our friends in Linwood which was hard hit. Finally got my daughter to sleep about 20 minutes ago. She was worried about her friends in Linwood and about another tornado coming. She packed up some of her precious things and has them ready just in case. I'm tired but to wound up to sleep.
  5. Is she asking you to stop or does she want to continue? My DD wanted to learn early but then she had enough and wanted to stop for awhile. We would put it away for a few months then she would want to do it again. This went on for awhile. My kid would sometimes switch words or miss one because she was distracted or bored. She 6.5 and still does (mostly because she is distracted by the pictures). Fluency comes in time and with practice.
  6. Thank you, Knitgrl! I will look into it.
  7. Lord willing we will be doing the following. Phonics/reading/spelling- Explode the code online, Noah Webster Reading and Spelling and all the library books she can read. Read Alouds- from the library, TBD. Math- Beast Academy 2A if it goes well we will continue with (B-D). She will be doing this with Daddy. Writing- will continue with cursive but change to Logic of English cursive program instead of Abeka. Science- lot of science kits from Young Scientists website. Read books, watch videos and fields trips to explore. History & Geography- 50 states plus capitals, map reading, the presidents and learning more about our city, state and our country. Maybe SOTW or Mystery of History.? Bible- Daily Devotional, Bible stories, memory verses, What's in the Bible with Buck Denver DVDs and other moral centered DVDs and storybooks. PE- bike riding, play at the park, roller skating, swimming and other outside play (when weather permits). Recreational Center activities, indoor pool and an indoor activities place. (For times when it's too cold or stormy). Homeschool Co-Op I would like get her into music lessons and art lessons. Daddy has gotten her intro to drawing books and is helping where he can there but I think she would enjoy more.
  8. Good Morning All, Welcome back SJ! So far she has done phonics. Need to do Bible story, devotional, memory verse, writing page, math, her read and Mommy reads. Storytime with crafts this morning at library and pick up some books for her. Play at the park. Pick up Dad from work. Game night at home.
  9. Minimal school today. Just reading and a writing page. Cleaning place again. Exterminators coming today. Park later Went to after Easter sale and she got several puzzles cheap. So she will be working on puzzles today too.
  10. Happy Easter Critter! Church Time with family and friends.
  11. On Friday she did Bible story, devotional, What's in the Bible dvd, writing page and we read books on animal/insects life cycles. She watched science shows and did art. No storytime today. Lunch with Dad Grocery/Walmart shopping. Cleaning house Today (Saturday) no school She is watching science shows and What's in the Bible because she likes it. Will be dyeing eggs. Continue cleaning Laundry mat Lunch with Dad Back to Walmart for a nice shirt for Daddy. Park? Macaroni art projects
  12. Thank God! She did awesome, Dad said. She does have a couple of minor cavities in the very back, uppers ones. They have 3 appointments for each one unless she does well and they do it all at once. I was Easter shopping during appointment since Dad is back to work for 5 days starting tomorrow. Only time I would be alone.
  13. Bible story, memory verse, devotional and a science mystery done. Homeschool Co-Op this morning. She has a dental appointment. For those who pray, can you pray for her not to be anxious during and that she handles the exam well. Also that if she has a cavity that it could be handled with minimal stress and discomfort to her. Possibly the park. Art and science with Dad if they are up to it.
  14. No typing required. It was drag and drop. I know she knows more than she let's on but she isnt proficient in phonics. The test said she was. I know there are ones we haven't worked on yet and others that she has trouble remembering. It doesnt make sense.
  15. Has anyone used it? I just noticed it today and was really surprised at the response. I'm not sure I can trust though? Thoughts?
  16. Daddy doing OT today. She did some school this morning. Currently at storytime. The park. The rest of school. Spring cleaning. Get Daddy. Science and art with Daddy. Maybe game night.
  17. She did some work this morning and finished the rest when Daddy was at the dentist. She played at the park for awhile. Ran some errands. Library #1 Lunch at home. Dad is going to take her out in the woods to teach her how to build a shelter and learn about the environment around her. She loves the outside. She needs to learn what is safe to eat/touch and what is not. Its all part of her science and nature study. He will be taking her fishing soon and she is excited. Library #2 Family game night
  18. Good Morning All, Regular school work today but on the road. DH morning dental appointment. Library to print some paperwork. Suppose to be near 80 today, so outside time for the kid.
  19. Try the McGuffey Primer. At first its easy and short then gets longer and harder the further you go.
  20. Lego club didn't happen. Storytime on Tuesday didn't happen. Today dropped DH off at work. Grocery shopping Bible story, devotional, calendar, weather and handwriting page done. Currently at storytime. It's a bird theme today with craft. Lots of kids. There is also a booksale at the library today. So we will be looking there. Time at the park. Lunch with Daddy Still to do phonics and her read to me. She has been listening to audiobooks this morning.
  21. This morning DD did calendar, weather, devotions, Bible story, phonics and she read to me. Daddy is home and will be doing science, art and handwriting. We are working with her on telling time today. Laundry mat Chores and spring cleaning. Bible study tonight.
  22. Dropped DH at work. DD wanted to draw and write a note to Great Grandma early this morning. Spent time painting her ceramics and herself. So off to the bath for her. Breakfast, phonics (ETC online demo) and then Alphablocks (phonics) cartoon. We need to do devotions, memory verse, Bible story and writing practice. Storytime with crafts this morning at the library. Play with other kids after. The park for playtime. Beautiful outside today. She listened to an audiobook early this morning and requested another. We will finish second one on way to library. She is bummed that Daddy is working on their day but I said she can have their day tomorrow.
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