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  1. Today suppose to be near 70 but rainy. She has done all her school.
  2. Daddy took her to storytime and the park this morning. Lunch School work. Phonics, penmanship cursive, math and reading. Daddy is going to take her out again for some fun. Mommy is cleaning. Today in the mid 60's so it's an outside day. Not many of these left.
  3. I never used Abeka math. I did use Horizon K for my then kinder (last year). I liked Horizon and thought it did a good job. My kid was bored but that was because she is math minded kid and needed harder stuff. I didn't really need the teacher's guide because it was self explanatory.
  4. School started late. I had trouble sleeping. Hope your neck feels better Critter. We are only doing a 4 day Thanksgiving weekend next week. Regular school math, phonics, penmanship and reading.
  5. Feeling somewhat better. Still working out the congestion. DD is better and her Friday school was done.
  6. My first grader, almost 7yrs old does Schoolhouse Rock Grammar videos from YouTube and then we look in a book she is reading and go over it. Formal grammar will happen in a year or two.
  7. School done. Phonics, she read to Dad, math, penmanship, U.S. Presidents and states. Arts and crafts with Dad Chores
  8. Tuesday school was done. For today, she is up and having breakfast watching "Reading Rainbow ". Work today is phonics, math, writing practice and she reads to us. Laundry Clean her room. Church tonight
  9. Road/world schooling sounds fun for awhile. Buy Memoria Press, Sonlight and Logic of English curriculum. Martial arts, circus school, music, art and swimming classes. Possibly private lessons.
  10. Yes to school today. Its early and she just got up. Regular days work phonics, math, penmanship. We also have been learning about the president's of the USA and our states and capitals. She reads to us and we read (if I have a voice) or audiobooks. She hasn't painted her volcano yet. She wasn't interested in painting lately. Yesterday was church, story time at library and since weather was good she played at the park. Today will be below freezing all day. Possibly snow.
  11. My DD6 is part of a co-op. It meets twice a month and a total of 6 hrs a month. We do help with the classes and pay a small amount to help with expenses (like our meeting place). We do it for her. She is very social and loves to be around people. They offer a unit study, flex class and P.E. Last month in unit study she learned about Honeybee's. The mom teaching the class raises them and brought in some for the show and tell portion of the class. This month is about poetry. Flex class last month was crafts and this month it's about Christmas music from around the world. P.E. (weather permitting) the kids play outside on the playground equipment. Inside physical games when weather is bad. Last and this month her Dad is teaching the class. Which she loves. In December will be our Christmas party. No classes that month. I don't use the co op for educational purposes but for social interaction and connecting with other homeschool families. I found a couple of families from our church in this co op that I didn't know homeschooled.
  12. I wasn't feeling well yesterday and only did Phonics with DD. Daddy did math, writing and they are still creating their volcano. Tomorrow we will get the paints she needs and she will paint it tomorrow. Today was homeschool co-op. I will do phonics and she will read to me. Chores
  13. Daddy/daughter day today. Yesterday they supposed to have built a volcano but they had to go to several different stores for the supplies Dad wanted. Today they will make the volcano. I don't know what else they have planned. I will clean the house.
  14. DD6 has done phonics, she read to me, Bible time, writing page and science videos on volcanoes (how to make and watching a real one erupt). Her reading was on volcanoes. She will be doing math and building a paper mache volcano with Dad. She will read more from her volcano book. Audiobook "I survived the eruption of Mt. St. Helen's". A documentary on volcanoes. Cleaning the house.
  15. Daddy at work. Grocery shopping Storytime at library Go buy a gift for cousins party this weekend. Audiobooks, arts/crafts, she reads, science videos and does a writing page. Lite school on Fridays. Maybe the park after lunch with Daddy. Depending on how warm it is. Rest
  16. I'm trying to rest but a Mommy's work is never done. She did school yesterday but she gets Halloween off. She has chores, Bible and has to read to me and that's it. It snowed last night and currently only 35 degrees outside. Trunk or Treat tonight and visit family. I'm actually feeling better though. Thank God! DD doing a lot better. We both have a strong cough still but that's improving as well. Happy Halloween 🙂
  17. DD6 almost 7 will be getting a ukelele.
  18. She has been sick (ear infection and upper respiratory with asthma). So she was only doing lite school these past several days. Today was full school. She needed the brain work. She was getting into mischief. I'm still hacking up a lung but came home from hospital on Friday. She missed me but enjoyed time with just Daddy. Expecting snow tomorrow and Halloween is going to be cold.
  19. Daddy did math and penmanship with her yesterday. I was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. Today she has her co op classes. She gets to dress up in her Halloween costume for it too.
  20. Daddy is sick so Daddy/Daughter school day is postponed tell he is better. I have been sick for about a week and 1/2. Something triggered my asthma and its sucked since. So I am doing school with DD. Did Bible and she is working on phonics. Will do math, spelling and penmanship. She will also spend time reading and working on telling time (analog clock).
  21. Had CP at 6yrs old. A mild case. Never tested for immunity. No shingles vax. In my 50's. I've have known older people who have had the shingles vax and still got shingles. Some more then once.
  22. Bible time, she has read several stories and drew a picture and wrote about the Renaissance Fair. Her and Daddy went to do laundry. Daddy/Daughter time. She also was doing arts/crafts with Dad.
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