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  1. I like Handwriting Without Tears but we usually finish that quickly so I'm lookong for other workbooks that practice letter and number formation for an entire year. Thanks!
  2. These are fantastic! Thank you!
  3. I'm looking for a laid-back Spanish curriculum to start next year with a 7 and 5 year old. I am wanting the sessions to be short and fun. Any suggestions on what to try? Thanks!
  4. My son just finished AAR Level 1. We loved the readers that came with the curriculum. I am looking for suggestions for summer readers. I have the Bob Books but am looking for something a little longer and more engaging and appropriate for K/1st grade. Thanks!
  5. I'm starting to plan for 1st grade next year using The Well Trained Mind and SOTW Activity Guide as a guide. I noticed that the WTM book recommends starting out with The Odyssey by Geraldine McCaughrean and Black Ships Before Troy by Rosemary Sutcliff. But in the SOTW Activity Guide, these books aren't suggested as literature recommendations until somewhere around week 19. So my question is, do you plan your year so that your literature and history books go together? Should I wait until we study Greek Myths to start The Odyssey? Or not worry too much about matching up literature with history.
  6. I'm planning for first grade next year and was looking for suggestions for literature, mainly for which versions of The Odyssey and The Iliad were appropriate for that age. Also, any favorite books or audio books on the ancients you can suggest? THANK YOU!
  7. I am using Sonlight Core A, All About Reading, and RightStart for my 6 year old. We have loved AAR and RS. I feel like the Sonlight books have been a mixed bag. We've loved the Winnie the Pooh stories and The Boxcar Children and many others, but as the year moves on we are finding more and more books that we don't like (including me). To name a few ... Adventures in Waffles, The Good News Must Go Out, Out of Darkness, and a couple more. After a couple of chapters, both my son and I are just not captivated and so lately we've been moving on to something else. So my question is this: does this seem like Sonlight might not be a good fit for us? The last thing I want to do is buy a new core for next year and not like half the books. It just seems like the books are maybe not as adventurous or action-packed as we are used to. But I've heard from so many people that Sonlight has the best books. So maybe it's just us and we should push forward. Any suggestions are appreciated!
  8. Thank you so much!
  9. Can someone explain how these two texts, SOTW and CHOW, compare? And is around 1st grade the ideal age to start both? THANK YOU!
  10. MomN


    I am looking through a library copy of The Ordinary Parent's Guide To Teaching Reading. I like the straight forward approach but I anticipate my 5 yr old getting bored. Is AAR much more fun? Is it necessary to go through all levels of AAR? What is suggested after OPGTTR? I can shell out the money if AAR is engaging and a solid program that gives me peace of mind. Would love any thoughts on the topic.
  11. MomN

    Sonlight LA for K

    Love the article! Thank you!
  12. I'm wondering if anyone has had a positive experience using Sonlight LA for Kindergarten. I am planning on using Writing With Ease/First Language Lessons in 1st grade but am unsure if I should have a LA component to my kindergarten curriculum. I will be using AAR for phonics, HWT for handwriting, and I was even thinking of throwing in some Get Set For The Code workbooks (because I feel like each HWT book is too short to cover an entire year). Does Sonlight LA offer anything unique or is it much the same in terms of a mixture of phonics and handwriting?
  13. Can you give me an idea of how these two programs compare - CLE vs First Language Lessons/The Complete Writer? Also, is it best to wait til first grade for these? What are your thoughts on phonic programs? Thank you!!!
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