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  1. These are great! Thank you! I really like The Reading Detective series!
  2. I am looking for a workbook for a student I tutor who is entering Freshman Honors English. I'm not worried about it being "Honors" but I want to work on reading comprehension - short, hard passages and then comprehension questions and/or short answers. Anyone know of a workbook like this? Thanks, Laura
  3. Thank you! These are great.
  4. I am looking for recommendations for must-read books for SOTW 2. I have the activity book and will use those suggestions as well, but I always like to buy a couple of must-reads. What do you suggest? Thanks, Laura
  5. I'm following this post closely. We are in the middle of AAR 4 and want to know where to go next. I'm also curious to know about grade level for AAR 3 and 4.
  6. I wanted to add, the whole goal of this is to not forget stuff over summer break.
  7. We are winding down with school for the year. I like to have the summer off; however, I do want to sprinkle in a little school on a weekly basis. I am trying to figure out a good balance, but I'm not sure what this actually looks like. I'm definitely hoping for less than an hour maybe 3 to 4 days per week. We will do read alouds together, so I have that taken care of. For math, we will slowly go through Kate Snow's multiplication facts book, but Phonics and Handwriting - these are the two areas I'm not exactly sure how to assign over the break. My older son is currently in the middle of
  8. This information is great! Very helpful! Thank you!
  9. Our lawn is full of weeds. We've never used anything on our grass because our kids are always on it. It's something I'm pretty adamant about. But we live by beautifully manicured lawns (they look like soft green blankets!) and my husband is getting antsy about it. Just curious what people use on their lawns, especially anyone who has found something considered safe and organic.
  10. I am an SAT tutor. Here is what I do. There are free SAT practice tests online (google SAT practice test 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ...). I have used the first 8 but I'm sure there are tons more. I print out the reading and writing/grammar sections and then the answers (separate pdf). I take these tests myself first and then correct the answers. After 4 or 5 of these passages, you will get a good feel for what the test questions are like. Practice will build confidence fast. I recommend SAT Prep Black Book (newest edition) if you feel at all uncomfortable with taking the test yourself. This w
  11. Thanks. This is very helpful. I'll probably buy 2 textbooks at a time. They definitely sound like they are worth it.
  12. Are the textbooks worth it? I got a great deal on the workbooks for levels 3-5 and am considering purchasing the textbooks, one at a time. We will be using Singapore next year for my 2nd grade but I want to supplement with other fun stuff like BA. For those who supplement with BA, do you use the textbooks? If so, do you mind sharing your schedule. How do you implement BA into your regular math curriculum? Thanks.
  13. Thank you so much! I had no idea you could do so much with it!
  14. I just bought an iPad and of course my kids just love the games. But I really bought it to use during our homeschool next year. I am looking for suggestions on how to use the iPad productively during school time. What educational apps do you like? Do you use it for audiobooks? Anything besides games and audiobooks that you use it for? Are there parental controls to make sure the child is only playing what you ask them to play? Does anyone use it for online books? My kids are 3, 6, and 7. I have so far tried DreamBox which I like, although I not sure I want to keep paying for it (I
  15. Wendy, I will definitely check out Mr Q. and am printing out your Spanish advice to come back to this. Love the Super 7! Me too!
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