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  1. This is the first I've heard of Fortnite and we are gamers here, but no middle schoolers.
  2. Sarah0000

    Best history supplement ever RR has books for Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance historical figures. The book has two copies of each figure, one in color and one black lined to be colored in.
  3. Moveable paper historical figures. My kids watched a couple documentaries about Narmer and Khufu, assembled the figures, and are now building an ancient Egyptian temple and various buildings out of cardboard and role playing with the figures. Its been three hours and they are still going strong. Ages 4 and 7
  4. Sarah0000

    Probably Changing Math

    If MM is otherwise working can you add the spiral in yourself? We only have a few MM units but DS will do one topic for a couple weeks and rotate through them depending on interest. If you have a printed workbook can you flip through to the beginning of new topics then flip back to go further on the old topics? That's what DS often does (in BA though) and it works well.
  5. That's seems comparable maybe slightly higher than my area for a CC. Have you looked into city or adult education classes? Those are cheaper in my area.
  6. Sarah0000

    Is our day good? Any room for polishing?

    Ha well I was going to say that would be too much structure for my kid who can also be negative and whiny. A lot of times I say pick something for math, writing, etc and show me when your done. If you take all day that's on you and you have less time for your projects. When he can't or won't pick on his own then I'll assign him something but at that point he's agreeable with it.
  7. Sarah0000

    Writing Curriculum

    I'm in a CA charter too and I just purchased the grade 2 book of Writing Lessons to Meet the Common Core. The book is certainly not inspiring in any way and isn't really going to teach writing, but it's a quick and painless way to hit the basic writing structures the charter is looking for. Here's the grade 5 one.
  8. Sarah0000

    What next for typing?

    My kiddo just practices talking to his friends in Minecraft. Does she have any online games she likes to play with friends?
  9. Sarah0000

    Mixing Song School Latin 2 and Prima Latina

    Getting Started With it meant to be used independently by young learners? I looked at the preview and it looked like it would appeal more to older kids and adults or to be done together with an adult. My son hasn't learned to read from a book and write separately on paper yet, although I would like him to learn to somewhat soon.
  10. Sarah0000

    Mixing Song School Latin 2 and Prima Latina

    I'd like to stick with something fairly independent for Latin because we do Spanish together already.
  11. Sarah0000

    List of Topics to Cover? Please Help! I've been using that as a very basic list of topics for American and World History. The review/discussion questions have been useful to see what DS remembers. I've been using Building Foundations of Scientific Foundation as a list with discussions for core science concepts, but it's not exhaustive.
  12. Sarah0000

    Encouraging A Young Writer

    Writing is a subject I struggle to teach. I think what you guys have going now sounds really great. If I had a natural writer like that I would probably be looking into doing author spotlights each month and delving into what authors have said about their particular writing process. Did they have to research new information for their story? Do they have a favorite spot they like to write and think? How many times did they have to submit their first manuscript? Do they find writing easy or hard? I'm reading a book right now (for personal pleasure) with essays on writing by science fiction authors. Its illuminating how they each think so differently about the process, criticisms of their work, what good writing even is. Learning stuff like that might be interesting for a kid who seems to be an eager storyteller.
  13. Sarah0000

    Mixing Song School Latin 2 and Prima Latina

    That's the thing, the stuff most people seem to like about SSL/LFC are the parts he doesn't care for. He hates the songs, CD, and website. He flies through the workbook. He'll tolerate the flashcards but doesn't need them. His favorite parts are the DVD, stories, and any time you draw pictures in the workbook. He does like recitation (Living Memory) however so maybe he would do the chants in LFC. I'm not sure. He writes for workbook prompts fine (but is a reluctant writer when it comes to more open ended stuff). He's decent in grammar so I'm not worried about that part. Perhaps I should print out samples from SSL 2/LFC and PL/LC and see what he says.
  14. Sarah0000

    Mixing Song School Latin 2 and Prima Latina

    No I haven't seen it. I'm not really concerned about length. Is the workbook still largely tracing, matching, and circling? He needs something more than that.
  15. Oh I didn't realize it prompted for a bit of original output at the end of each week. It sounds like I could turn that into a mini composition project, possibly over a few days, rather then trying to squeeze it in each day. Thanks.
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