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  1. I just tell them what I want them to work on for the day and they mostly manage their own time. Exceptions are when I'm involved the whole time like read alouds.
  2. We're doing both. I have MM units for topics that are commonly difficult or that students don't often get enough practice. I usually use these spread out for constant reinforcement, sometimes straight through a unit if I notice my student is lagging in a certain area. In K/1 my kids orally do Singapore 1-3 textbook only with me. Then my oldest did/does BA with occasional MM reinforcement (and other things but those cover the basics). He's about to finish BA and I decided to have him do just the workbooks for Singapore 6 since he's in third grade. I'll go over the textbook orally then
  3. Yes. My kids and I are strongly visual learners and thinkers. My middle son, who is really good and detailed at drawing, is a natural speller and I think the two are related. My older son, who is good at building and translating/rotating objects, will often spell from the back. He sometimes drops syllables or letters in the middle though. Now my youngest son is three and is just beginning to read and spell. He puts letters one after the other from front to back. They are often the right letters but usually he puts consonants first then vowels. Maybe he'll end up being more of a phonetic s
  4. Haha. Blast from the past. Well three years later and I now know my kid is just resistant to change, not just in regards to spelling or dictionaries.
  5. Well the ancient Greeks weren't Christian. We are atheists. We study all the major world religions, their role in society from an anthropological perspective, and observe those traditions that we connect with (mainly the less dogmatic ones). I don't see any reason not to study religion.
  6. You could look at the Writing Lessons to Meet the Common Core workbook series. These are basically writing prompts with step by step outlines for assisting students to meet the objective of the writing.
  7. Thank you. I'll look into it. Turns out this year is his first state testing so we're actually practicing with his supervising teacher with an online program through his school. The questions are likely vastly different than cognitive tests but it's still good practice for basic test taking skills.
  8. My third grader is a somewhat reluctant writer. He hates with a fiery passion things like opinion writing and book reports. He'll tolerate informative writing. But he'll also write pages and pages of creative writing. In first grade I made sure to do some oral narration and copywork, and we used Memoria Press Simply Classical Writing which is designed for Special Needs but I found it worked for a reluctant writer too. My current Ker (but older, turning six this month) is not as much a reluctant writer, just a normal reluctant to anything Mom says kid. He's been doing well with Evan More S
  9. The BF book is not too young for that age range. You can add in output pretty easily as well if you wanted more.
  10. We do all of those all the time. It just depends on the day and what the kids and I happen to be doing at any given time.
  11. We definitely don't follow the grammar stage=memorization thing in that way. I think part of it is actually...me. I think sometimes he acts put out because its mooom quizzing him, again, ugh. Then I overhear him discussing things with his supervising teacher, or talking to online teachers, or lecturing his younger brother and suddenly he's outputting at a much higher level on his own. So we must be doing alright, but I do still want to educate myself more on teaching subjects at that middle school level. I just like to be well-informed before doing things when possible. I think I first s
  12. Mep Reception, Miquon, picture books, discussion My kids jump right into grade 2 math in K no problem. If there's a gap, address it then.
  13. Thank you everyone! I'd like to eventually write a fiction picture book about homeschooled children as well, but I haven't thought of the right angle yet that would go over well in the broader market too. I think current experiences with distance learning might open up interest in something like that.
  14. Just curious if anybody in the writing community happens to be here too. I just got offered a publishing contract for my first book! It's a picture book about establishing physical boundaries with family. So excited to be a "real" writer, assuming the contract and publication goes through with no hiccups.
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