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  1. Mep Reception, Miquon, picture books, discussion My kids jump right into grade 2 math in K no problem. If there's a gap, address it then.
  2. Thank you everyone! I'd like to eventually write a fiction picture book about homeschooled children as well, but I haven't thought of the right angle yet that would go over well in the broader market too. I think current experiences with distance learning might open up interest in something like that.
  3. Just curious if anybody in the writing community happens to be here too. I just got offered a publishing contract for my first book! It's a picture book about establishing physical boundaries with family. So excited to be a "real" writer, assuming the contract and publication goes through with no hiccups.
  4. I would use Publisher for that. There are a variety of templates to choose from.
  5. Its older but she might like the Everworld series. Especially if she does end up liking anything by Rick Riordan.
  6. I sometimes can't sit because of physical issues so my three will sit on the top bunk and I'll stand and read to them. A couch would work too if you sat on a chair across from them. You can also print an icon on a piece of paper for them to stay in their spot on the floor, then the fight could be who gets to sit on what icon instead of who gets to lean all over mom.
  7. Yeah, he's done some of that stuff. After reading this thread I think I've been misremembering what an algebra text would cover and I'm realizing DS is likely ready for a full algebra program. I think I'm still going to pull parts from Singapore 6 though just to check for possible gaps beforehand. Honestly, I like that I can be so hands off with math for him now because I have two younger kids learning foundational stuff.
  8. This is the problem we're having with HOE. The equations are so basic and its becoming busywork too. Upper Elementary Challenge Math and some lessons in BA5 are still an appropriate challenge at least. However, doing the easier algebra with HOE does allow for learning how to write calculations down in an organized way and the student can gain practice with self-checking answers.
  9. Thank you for the update! So, if I'm understanding right, you pay for a monthly subscription and have access to all courses, and now you can assign a whole course at once? So the student can log in and it will be obvious what assignment they are suppose to do? Are the assignments then graded or passed and the next assignment is automatically loaded? Could you tell me what the monthly subscription fee is? I think their website is malfunctioning right now and I can't see the pricing plans. Thanks so much! I'm glad it's working out for you now.
  10. I don't think its too much. My kids run two math sessions most days. Usually one is drill/review and the program I use varies. Right now my 8yo is doing BA5 for main and Hands On Equations for review. My 5yo is doing Miquon Blue for main and either BA2 or LoF Dogs for review.
  11. Yes that's exactly what I am looking for. Thank you.
  12. I know many ALs work ahead several years in one or many subjects. In your experience, was/is your AL firmly in the logic stage in terms of mental/emotional development (related to schoolwork) or is it more like they do a higher level content but more in a grammar stage way? For example, I see many people say their kids do higher reading comprehension activites but perhaps orally instead of written. Or higher maths but perhaps short of proofs. Or...? My oldest is almost 9yo and I'm seeing a change in him in how he approaches some of his schoolwork. It seems more like what I've read ab
  13. Since we're SIP and no longer doing co-ops and stuff I decided to have my kids practice public speaking with their charter school supervising teacher during their monthly Zoom meetings. Kids are almost 9 and almost 6. So far they've done oral book reports and poetry recitation. This month we're working on poster board presentations about fundamental human needs. Other ideas: How-to presentation but on what? When I was in school we did how to make a sandwich but that seemed silly to me at the time. My five year old loves to draw so maybe a how to draw one of his favorite characters.
  14. Is there something in particular she's interested in? I would look for possible certificate programs through universities (there are online ones), apprenticeship programs, and internships (many are remote right now) as a way to investigate what she may want to pursue, if you can find something appropriate for her age.
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