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  1. Thank you! I just found the more accurate information on Hopkins. The ladies and gentlemen on this board rock! I’ve learned that it’s always best to check here first😊. Thanks for the clarification.
  2. Good luck to your daughter, too! It’s a wild ride😊
  3. Good luck to your daughter this Saturday! I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Be sure to have her take a snack. My son’s biggest problem with the six hour ordeal was that they tested through lunch, and he was ravenously hungry!
  4. Thank you ALL so very much for your detailed and kind replies!! It’s good not to feel so alone in this process. I’ve been teaching a class this afternoon, but I’ll share these responses with my son as soon as I can. I think it will help him, also. He did take the initiative to call CMU this afternoon and speak with an admissions officer. Apparently, although the university usually requires applicants to submit all scores, they are not expecting them this year. I do appreciate that colleges do get how unpredictable the SAT had been in the pandemic! The only other college that I know
  5. My son is aiming for some very selective colleges. He took the SAT last fall (his junior year), and earned a great score. However, he is a unrepentant perfectionist, and was determined to take it again and earn a perfect math score. He had only missed one math question the first time he took the test... So, after many cancelled tests, and much confusion, he managed to take the test for a second time. The whole situation was a hot mess. He was at the school for a total of six hours, masked for the entire test (I 100% think this was a good thing, just worry that it messed with his focu
  6. I hope it works for you. I’m really impressed that you were able to find a used combined edition for a good price! Happy reading
  7. My son’s AP US History text last year (class with Pennsylvania Homeschoolers) was America: A Narrative History, by George Brown Tindall and David Emory Shi. I sat down in the backyard swing some time last March and pretty much didn’t move for the rest of the summer because I couldn’t stop reading. It was extremely engaging. Like Spielgovel’s text, it is sprinkled with just a few focus terms and people, and a few discussion questions at the beginning of each chapter. I do also own a copy of American Pageant, and find it readable, but I MUCH prefer Tindall and Shi’s book. In full disclo
  8. Thank you so much for this thread! I’m looking for new podcasts as well because even some of my old Christian standbys have turned political, and I just need a break! The death of Ravi Zacharias left a huge hole. I’m glad the Lord called him out of this tough world right now, but I sorely miss his teaching. I can’t wait to check out some of these suggestions!
  9. I have nothing erudite to add. You have received some great feedback here already. I have been watching homeschool programs and graduates for over ten years now. I have seen every approach in the book. I find it reassuring that I have seen very successful and HAPPY graduates from many different homeschools. I am a huge believer in parent involvement being the magic juice in a successful homeschool (or any type of school) outcome. You’ve got that! Your children will do quite well...
  10. Hadley


    I do thank you for this. Just for clarification, I have participated in neither the the Covid nor the civil unrest threads. I won’t apologize for desiring polite discourse. I’m not sure if you meant that as harshly as it sounded. I don’t want to fight, and I apologize if I am coming across more strongly than you deserve. As I said, I’ll save the fight for my lawn. I just happened to be on as you posted...returning to sunshine now. I hope you are having the same beautiful weather as I have here.
  11. So very sorry that you and your son are still having to deal with AP exams! I do hope all goes smoothly and he has a happy score day experience! It’s been a very tough year.
  12. Hadley


    Thank You!!! That was a fun one!
  13. Hadley


    Thanks for the replies. I do want to emphasize that I’m not upset that the chat board has non-homeschool discussions. I, like many of you, am at the end of that journey! I absolutely value all of the differing viewpoints on this board. What I don’t value, however, is all of the recent political vitriol. So it goes. I spent the afternoon fighting with the sprinkler system. I guess I use up all of my fight with my yard, and don’t want to have to expend the energy here! I appreciate your responses.
  14. Hadley


    I appreciate this very much. I am certainly not without blame, myself. I have learned a ton about viewpoints on the other sides of issues over the years, and I love that! My issue is really with the mud-slinging and name calling. I’d like to think this group is better than that.
  15. Hadley


    I miss this board. I miss the group of moms who hunkered down and focused on the task at hand: educating the next generation. Over the years, as both a lurker and a poster, it’s been a place of escape for me. I don’t have a politician that speaks for me at this point. Yes, I have an allegiance to an ideology, but I don’t believe that a politician will ever be my savior. I can find fault with each and every one of them. They are not super humans sent to save the world. Neither am I evil, or stupid, or crazy if I don’t agree with each and every member of this board. Sometimes I j
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