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  1. I agree that it is worth the drive if it’s at all possible. I so hope your friend’s daughter ends up at a college she loves. This dang pandemic is tough in so many ways.
  2. That really stinks. I’m so very sorry to hear that. College admissions does seem to be based largely on black magic sometimes.
  3. He did not. He was lucky enough to have already taken both the SAT and a couple of subject tests in the fall of his junior year, and did well enough that they sufficed. I will say that we sent in copious homeschool course descriptions and reading lists, and he has worked two computer science internships, has tons of volunteer hours, and has taken and made As in courses from other four-year universities. Additionally, Cornell allowed five letters of recommendation and a professional resume. I felt that the process allowed for us to present a very broad picture of who he is as a student. All
  4. Congrats to everyone! This college application game is a brutal one. I am so very thankful that I have been able to come to The Hive for support. Thanks to all of you who have posted great advice over the years. I couldn’t have homeschooled for the long haul without it. My boy got into Cornell!!! We are over the moon!
  5. I have hesitated to post an answer because I see that you are asking about your youngest. Therefore, you probably have more experience than I with this game. I am the parent of an only, but he is a senior this year, so I have walked through most of this journey. I see that your child is 13. Am I correct in assuming that he is in eighth grade? You say that he tests well in other subjects, but is just struggling with biology, right? Two things: 1) He is 13!! I am a big believer in students learning that test grades don’t wiggle. I, personally, don’t give make-up points, etc. I al
  6. Good morning! Babies, puppies, slumber parties, and new cars...this thread really is a magical place. I live in a world where my fourteen-year-old geriatric beagle gets me up every morning at 2:00 am to go outside to pee! Is it wrong that I skip the majority of Monday holidays because I can’t figure out how to make the rhythm of my five day a week classes fit into four?! We just keep plowing through... Happy Mondaying, all!
  7. Good thought, but no A/C on the upstairs level...thanks for the idea, though! I will totally look into fleece masks!! Husband is still alive so far, but I could definitely use the prayers🤣
  8. Good morning! I now have two holes in the front room ceiling, and three-fourths of my laundry room wall has been removed. Still no idea where the leak is coming from...We thought we had located it in June, and had all the original ceiling patches repaired, only to have it start dripping through the ceiling this week. In other news, my husband decided to ‘fix’ something with our gas fireplace this morning, in spite of my pleas to leave it alone...home repair is NOT one of his many talents. I’m now spending the day with a contractor and a gas fireplace repairman. At least I won’
  9. I suspected I was alone in this particular crazy😜 ! And I just saw another mention of a puppy! So fun! Fall is wonderful, isn’t it?! I’m off to deal with the plumber. Thanks for the welcomes. Have a great day, all!
  10. This thread makes me want a puppy! Am I the only one who now has to iron a mask every morning?? It’s getting more and more surreal...Or is that just my crazy at play? Dang things get so wadded up in the wash...
  11. Thanks! I can also add some pretzels and peanuts to the breakfast offerings. I MIGHT have just eaten all of the peanut butter chips and M&Ms out of a bag of trail mix. Breakfast of Champions! I have a plumber coming this morning for round three of trying to figure out what is dripping through the ceiling in my entryway. I shall then travel into plague country to get my flu shot. Good day planned. I truly deserved the breakfast M&Ms. Happy day to all!
  12. May I join y’all? I could really use a happy place, and you always seem to be having such fun! I’ll bring the sugar and milk for the coffee. I also have IV bags for those of us who prefer our coffee delivered more efficiently.
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