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  1. I always read threads or participate in discussions about this and really feel like the odd one out! I got my undergraduate degree right after high school, taught a few years and got married at 25, finished grad school and then had a baby at 28. I have always chosen to stay home and homeschool my son, although I have tutored/taught other students through the years. I just really enjoy kids, and I have loved this life. I am fortunate in that we have always been financially set. We have never rolled in money, but we have always had enough to be secure. I know that changes the way I view things. I would most definitely have made different choices in my early dating life. I would love to have been able to have more children and not to have lost my first baby. My life has been far from perfect, but it has been a great ride. I would very much encourage a daughter, if I had one, to follow her heart and stay home with her children if that is what she desired. That time spent with my son couldn’t have been spent any better way, as far as I’m concerned. I do, however, fear that I’m in the minority. I am content to let my degrees collect dust in the upstairs office while I live this life. The only thing I’d do differently in my twenties would be to have more confidence in the decisions I was making, and to trust the Lord that he would take care of the future. I have spent way too much of my life in worry.
  2. Thanks so much for posting this! I think this is the first thing that has led me to laugh out loud in weeks!!
  3. Thank you for updating. Still praying. So very sorry. I’ll pray for wise doctors and nurses.
  4. I might be feeling just a touch of hydrangea envy! That all sounds lovely!
  5. That’s a gorgeous tree! I bet it is a beautiful yard! Its funny you mention this. I’ve actually thought long and hard about this part. I just removed four scraggly boxwoods from under the windows. Yes, they did stay green all winter, but they brought me no joy at all. When the snow fell off our roof, they would squash over on their sides, and over the years, they have grown flattened toward the front. Simply awful! I just decided that everything is ugly in the winter no matter what, unless we have fresh snow. I do, however, have a huge maple tree that is still grand (at least as visual interest) in the winter. It covers most of the front of my house. Hopefully it will distract from the front bed!
  6. Thanks, all! I’m feeling a bit reassured, for sure. I need to double-check the tag on my plants. I just know them by the common name, mophead hydrangeas. I do think those white Annabelle flowers are so classic! I guess if worse comes to worst, I can always move them to my back yard.
  7. This is so reassuring to hear. Thanks for answering!
  8. Help! I’m having dreams in which I am smothered by hydrangeas!! I planted five hydrangea bushes in my front garden. I have three large floor-to-ceiling windows there, and I thought it would be wonderful to look out those windows and see the big, beautiful mophead blooms. I had a beautiful hydrangea bush at my last house that never grew above three or four feet after I cut it to the ground every winter. I chose this particular flower both for the curb appeal and the ease of growing. As I continue with my research about gardening, I am encountering websites that claim the bushes can grow up to ten feet tall! That would block my entire window! Has anyone had any experience with hydrangeas? Please tell me you can alleviate my monster hydrangea nightmares! I’m trying to grow gracefully into an old southern gardening lady, and it turns out that I have quite a lot to learn!
  9. We did grammar every year through 9th grade here, and then switched to SAT prep books in place of grammar. We used everything from Rod and Staff to Grammar for the Well Trained Mind. I, personally, felt the need for more grammar than MP recommends. That said, I think opinions vary greatly on this topic. I also added vocabulary programs because I didn’t feel that the vocabulary in the Forms series was sufficient for what I wanted in my homeschool. The books do a good job of showing how many of our English words are derived from Latin roots, but there was not much in the way of new, to us, vocabulary introduced.
  10. I am so sorry that this has to become part of your life, and especially that your children have to be exposed to this. Any kind of smoking, pot included, absolutely disgusts me. It stinks, and it’s a carcinogen. End of story. And I’ve never understood the desire to smoke anything that would make me lazier than I already am! I so pray that some parts of the country will continue to resist the legalization of this nastiness. Before anyone has a chance to comment, yes, I am aware that I am Sandra Dee. Side note. We had an arborist come to our yard yesterday to get an estimate for some work. He was a very nice young man, but he was DIPPING and spitting it onto my yard! In the time of COVID! Grossed me out, and I’ve been afraid to let my dog into the yard today. I don’t want her walking through it and bringing it inside my house. I guess these things just don’t occur to people??
  11. My heart hurts for these kids and their parents, and for all of you on this board who are going through this nightmare. I wish I had a magic wand that could wave away stress. So frustrating.
  12. Thank you so much for this reassurance. I’ve been at the jot-it-down idea stage for a few months now, but it’s good to know that someone else has made it through to the end of this process and lived to tell the tale! Thanks, too, for the reminder to add in bits of comments from other teachers. Somewhere around here I had started some idea notes for that... I so appreciate the help I have received from this board.
  13. If it’s any consolation, I worked full speed ahead for exactly one afternoon, and then decided that I must stop and spring clean my house. Apparently, I will do anything to avoid writing the counselor letter! I hear you about the lost opportunities this summer for these kids. We have been struggling with that as well. I just keep repeating to myself that these kids are all in the same situation. It stinks so much for them. My husband happens to be an Academy graduate, and we were just talking about what kids could do to show leadership this summer, since that is such a huge part of the Academy application. Has your son looked for ideas to volunteer virtually? Perhaps start a virtual story-time for young kids in shelters? A letter-writing campaign, or collecting gift certificates for local small businesses to help them get back on their feet? I think leadership might just look very different this summer. Best of luck to your son with his dream. It’s a great one to have! My son dreamed of this for years until we learned that he can’t be in the military with a peanut allergy. He then had to find a new dream. We have met so many people during our years as a military family who found so many different opportunities by walking so very many different paths. I encourage your son to go for it, but I do want to encourage him to look for another path into becoming an officer if the academies don’t pan out. The world really still is an oyster...I hope I don’t sound like I’m preaching this to you. I just really have to keep reminding myself! Good luck to your son!
  14. I second Memoria Press Form series. We just finished Fourth Form Latin at my house this year, and it has been wonderful. It is written with a slow and stready pace, very different from the Latin texts which our local school district uses, which are meant to create Latin ‘speakers’. MP Forms are meant to truly teach mastery of Latin grammar and vocabulary, which will lead to an ability to easily read Latin. In our house, this has proven to be true, but it did take us five years to get through the four books. Please note that First Form Latin will feel very slow. You may want to rush the lessons, or do two a day. I don’t recommend that. The Third Form Latin book is a huge jump in difficulty, and you really must have mastered all of the grammar, vocabulary, and memory work before you get there, or it will be a miserable ride ( ask my son!)! Whatever you choose, I hope your daughter loves learning as much as I did!
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