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  1. Morning! A day off yesterday was nice. It was hot--too hot--but nice. We even got rain at dinner, which was extra nice, as all the sunshine was really depressing. Today's goals: House: chores, decluttering (stepping this up, because I want to finish this room and move to the kitchen/dining/laundry room for August) Cooking: BBQ brisket, possibly something for dessert, but haven't decided what that will be yet, if anything. Gardens: watering, always watering School: planning today Writing: continue reading a first draft that I need to finish, but must read through to where I stopped in early July. That's it. Taking it easy on my creative self this week and next. Extra: town errands later, prepping for next week's oppressive heat
  2. Postponing my actual nirthday celebration until October, per my usual. However, we did enjoy the lake. It was hot rather than haunted, but the boys caught fish and boated, and I pretty much sat in my chair and didn't think about anything, which was much needed brain down-time. It's supposed to be baking hot next week. I'm headed out to look at the freezer space and see if we can't devote more of it to frozen water bottles and so forth for the chickens. We probably will hit our first 100s next week, which is actually very late for us, so I'm not complaining. But with the degree of humidity here, it's going to feel like a sauna all week, and no one will be able to cool off outside. One of those dangerous heat things for sure.
  3. Morning. I'm off to the lake later. It's going to be hot. The lake I'm going to isn't haunted by anything but memories and stories.
  4. Morning. It's going to be a hot one, I think. Today's goals: House: chores, decluttering tasks School: planning today for one hour or so. Gardens: watering. Maybe an errand for fungal spray for the watermelons. Cooking: taco meat and so forth. I might make flan for something cool and sweet, and I need to bake banana bread. Writing: drafting, work on two queries for two different projects, finish my Beta read and type up my thoughts, and set up my August revision plan. Looks like two projects, both smallish, so maybe a 120,000 word month, not counting any drafting I do (but I may not do a whole lot in August). Extra: errands in town.
  5. Morning. I am still caffeinating. Haven't decided on what the day will involve today, but probably some planning of that sort needs to happen. After I deal with the kitten pawing food out of her bowl and throwing it all over the floor!
  6. So far the kitten has: Got her toe caught under the leg of my chair and torn a toenail out Bailed off my desk because I dropped a pen and I barely kept her from falling Knocked over a mirror in the closet on top of herself Attempted to knock over the orchids on herself (second time for this stunt) I'm close to shutting her up in her pen for her own protection today. Sigh.
  7. Afternoon! I've spent much of the morning cleaning and trying to keep the kitten from killing herself. She's in an extra destructive mode today. Goals: House: chores, decluttering (almost done) School: register for homeschool (didn't get to it yesterday) Cooking: pizza night Garden: watering, containers (done) Writing: work on a submission thing, drafting, writers' meeting, Beta read (did the Beta read today) Extra: stuff in town later
  8. Morning. We are done with the rain, so it's sunny and hot again. Today's goals: House: chores, decluttering School: register for next year homeschool (the last one) Gardens: watering Cooking: chicken fried steaks, broccoli, potatoes. I may bake banana bread because I need to. Writing: hoo boy. Lots to do today. I have three novels with work to do today: two with revision of submission materials, one with reading and preparing for revisions, and one for drafting. Extra: I have errands in town today.
  9. Morning! I don't get to scratch Lonesome Dove from my list. I figure I owe it at least a few chapters since it came up in one of my books. Sigh. Other than that, I have an absolutely wild week ahead with tons of stuff to read, tons of stuff to submit, and homeschool planning. The turtles are seniors. How the heck did that happen?
  10. So it's okay if I spoof it and call it Loathesome Dove? 😄
  11. Morning. I didn't ketchup because mustard. But it sounds like it has been interesting: steroids, narcotics, wasp stings, and Lake Tahoe, oh, my! We got some rain this weekend. It was much needed, but everything is steaming and hot now. Still, better than dry and hot.
  12. Morning! This is a planned week off school for us. I need to do a lot of decluttering and cleaning, but also reading, catching up on some drafting, and so forth. Also, I have one day planned for lake time, and there might be two. Today's goals: House: chores, decluttering in the master bedroom continues, one shelf and drawer at a time. Hope to be in cabinets later this week. Cooking: pizza night, refrigerator needs cleaning, and I may go ahead and work out the decluttering plan for that area of the house (August's work) School: none, but I need to do some planning later this week Gardens: got some rain, but I need to water containers and peppers today. Writing: planning some fall drafting to go along with the revision plans, drafting in one book, reading the full draft of something else I need to send off tomorrow, and Beta reading. Art: class today. I think I'm going to do some sketches and possibly paint another scene from one of my books
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