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  1. Whew. I've had quite the day. And it's not over yet, but the rest of the day should be fairly sedate. I've got some errands to run, and possibly one email to send this evening or tomorrow.
  2. Happy Nirthday, Kernal 16! I'm continuing my search for routine. Hoping to get a start on rebuilding that today.
  3. Morning. Boys have a light school day, and tomorrow is my doctor's appointment. I thought I was going to have anesthesia, but it's just a consult, so I don't have to starve to death tonight. Always a good thing. Today's schedule: Chores, writing, character work. Trying to settle back into my usual schedule. It's just hard.
  4. No drama so far! I've been organizing information all morning, but that's done, and eventually I will be at peace about things. Right now I'm still mad, and thinking about duct tape. But the need for the bazooka is over thankfully.
  5. Morning. It's August in terms of weather and life--yep. But I sense a change is on the horizon. Boys are doing school. We are finishing up a little from last week, because I had to take off that one day to go talk with the lawyer and didn't know how long that would take. It took all day, what with phone calls. I'm still doing mop-up from the situation that spawned that necessity. Other than that, I'm going to try to get back to some kind of normal this week and next. This week is hectic, but next week the boys don't have school, and I think I can play some catching up on things like housework, quiet mornings on the porch with my tea and a notebook, and maybe sleep too. Today's schedule: Mop-up, boys doing school, and I have 1000 words to write, 5 pages of character work, a class exercise and module to watch, and laundry to do. I also want to finish a book cover this week, and look for a frame to display all four. Probably need a custom mat for doing that, but I may have a frame here that I can measure and see if it will work.
  6. Morning. Is it too much to hope that I'll have a Monday with no drama in it? Please? I'm hoping really hard.
  7. Morning! Halfway through September. How can it still feel so much like August? Today's schedule: Groceries, prepare school schedules, pick up pumpkins and stuff from the fair (boy got a lot of blue ribbons and one reserve best-of-show), and work on schedules for next week. We have some medical appointments next week, so it will be a short week of work. And the week after that, the boys have off to go on a field trip with grandparents to hunt for geodes.
  8. I'm up. Been mopping up a few fires this weekend related to last week's wildfire. Hopefully, next week will have a few fairly normal days in it. I do have an anesthesia appointment for endoscopy on Wednesday. I've pretty much told DH to take away my phone and my computer for the whole day following anesthesia. I don't always react well coming out of anesthesia, although when I had surgery last time, I did pretty well. Just itchy. I ought to be back on to update things on Thursday though. Because ITT. The boy got so many prizes at the fair. We are going up to collect the gourds, and my painting, and there is supposed to be prize money. He'll have plenty to spend on seeds for next year. Glad to hear surgery went well, Krissi! Lots of rest for recovery. Happy Nirthday, Captain! I am working hard to avoid being the sun in the family.
  9. Evening! I took a day to rest. Yesterday was hard, but I think the trouble of a month and a half is over. On to the next round of trouble. 😂 The boys did school today and did a good job taking care of themselves while I rested. Work tomorrow.
  10. Ahem. I am pleased to return the bazooka to JoJo's Mom. It worked. 🙂
  11. At least write it down in a spot where you can play with it as it develops, Bookie! I have a file where I put those ideas when I get them if they don't just strangle me and push me in the chair to start working on them immediately. I'm looking at you, paranormal fantasy novel....
  12. INTJ--I just come up with a new system whenever we need a break. 🙄 I'm still dealing with my current headache, but you know--I'm sensing that something is going to give soon. I really hope it does.
  13. I liked this post because everything in it is really on target. And because he was lucky enough to be rescued by someone who has done everything right by him.
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