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  1. Morning. Baby kitten is still with us and doing a little better. I'm pretty well sleep-deprived, but trying to sleep when she sleeps between feedings. I don't know how I used to do this all the time, and all I can say is that I'm glad I only have possibly two weeks of gas, burping, and colicky baby vs six to nine months of it. Supposing she makes it, but she's got a tenacious drive to hang on to everything, and is already purring and trying to crawl out of her box. So, maybe? We'll see.
  2. Morning. Still alive. Kitten is still alive and gaining weight. Still medically fragile. Today's goals: This week is survival mode. House: chores only School: none (boy am I glad I scheduled this week off) Cooking: leftovers today. Will make a stew and biscuits tomorrow. Writing: 3000 words over projects, but I'll be happy if I only hit my NaNo projects this week. Beta reading. Extra: call the dryer guy again. Mandatory: afternoon nap
  3. I have a scheduled week off from school, and boy, am I going to need it. I am working a ton this week, and picked up a bottle baby kitten this weekend that's still pretty fragile. So most of my days are going to be do what I can and sleep between baby feedings. Today's goal: Get the groceries put away and hamburger patties made. Get someone else to cook the hamburger patties Kitten care Get some drafting done on NaNo projects Sleep sometime
  4. Morning. I'm up early with a sickly neonate kitten. It's that time of year.
  5. Morning! Woke up with a headache. Weather must be shifting again. Today's work: House: chores Cooking: chicken and rice, broccoli School: usual Writing: 4000 words, Beta reads, sub stuff Art: continue sketches, painting Extra: find out if the guy is coming to fix my dryer at some point
  6. Bananas! Where did that come from? I have no bananas also, but I could have banana bread if I wanted, and now I want. Other than that, status quo. Writing my fingers off, stressing some days, going on for others.
  7. Morning! So far I haven't heard complaints from my offspring, and the one is up cooking his breakfast. I was pretty sore and sickly for about 48 hours after mine. But sure beats the alternative! Today's goals: House: chores School: usual (ready to bend that if needed) Cooking: chicken and dumplings, rustic bread, broccoli Writing: 4000 words over WIP, 1 chapter to revise, Beta reading, prepare sub packages today and tomorrow Art: sketching and painting a character scene today Extra: trying not to have much extra today!
  8. I'm up. Awake? Not yet. That takes time. Big day with a lot of writing in it, but some cooking, too. I was shocked I got on this morning at all. Must be the hour--I can generally do more online before eight.
  9. Morning. Spent a nice Tuesday at the lake. Much needed and enjoyed. Today's goals: House: chores, kitchen sweeping and mopping. Cooking: pizza night School: usual Writing: 3000 to 4000 words over WIP, finish a chapter revision, Beta reading, prep a few sub packages to send this weekend. Art: sketching--possibly some painting, but it's very humid and the drying rate could be unpredictable. Still waiting on some art supplies to get here. Extra: COVID jab for the boys this afternoon.
  10. Morning. Taking advantage of a quiet internet period to catch up on some things. It's about to rain today, my dryer is still broken, and they say we might get some severe weather today, but...my kids get their first COVID vaccination today!
  11. Morning! It didn't quite get the jump on me today. I had the window open last night and was listening for it. Today's goals: House: chores, bedroom, bathroom cleaning, repot some succulents if I can find the pots, order my darned seeds! School: usual Cooking: grilling a pork loin this evening, steamed cauliflower, cranberry sauce, potato wedges, deviled eggs Writing: morning pages, 4000 over WIP, one chapter revision, Beta reading, personal reading Art: sketching, slap some paint on it! I might! That's about it, but that sounds like plenty.
  12. Morning. It is morning again. I wasn't quite ready for it when it arrived. Still in my pajamas. Today's goals: House: chores, put up groceries Cooking: chili, lemon pound cake, family thing this afternoon School: none--schedules done yesterday Writing: 3000-4000 words on projects, Beta reading, personal reading Art: sketching
  13. Morning. Busy Friday here. Today's goals: House: chores, get the dryer working? I hope? Cooking: none School: none Writing: 1000 words each over 4 WIP, revision this afternoon. Contest prep, maybe. Extra: work this afternoon.
  14. Morning. Bright, sunny, and cold. We had frost last night. Boo. Today's goals: House: chores Cooking: baking a ham, cheesecake today School: usual Writing: Opening day of Camp NaNoWriMo. Hoping for a solid 4,000 word day over 4 projects (got two to finish, 2 to start), revisions to another story (finished revisions to another project yesterday afternoon), prepare query/pages for contests, critiques, personal reading. Art: sketching. Waiting on some art supplies still. Extra: year end review, order seeds, phone calls
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