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  1. I did enough hard things. I did hard things this morning and spent the rest of the morning dead in the bed. I woke up with laundry on top of me and no idea of how it got there. But all the bees were saved from the flood. I still want to have bees again, but not until I get my energy back. Sigh. And even then, I'm thinking about going with top-bar hives and not Langstroth. Since waking up, all I've done is flip laundry, take the boy to town for some garden soil, wrangle a four-foot blacksnake out of the chicken house (only allowed in there at night to prey on mice--eggs are only an occasional treat food, and not daily afternoon snack!) and drink water. I can't seem to drink enough water today. So tired.
  2. Morning. No school today. We had bees to evacuate ahead of a flood and between last night and this morning, everyone is tired. So resting today, and maybe get a feeding station set up later today or tomorrow. Been tough for bees this year. Too much rain.
  3. Morning. Last night and today have been wild, but settling down now. The river is rising and the bees at the farm were in danger of flooding. So I now have thousands of evacuees at my house, all in their own houses, and they are not happy about it. Hope they find the flowers soon. I am exhausted. Nap this afternoon. Boys were a huge help. Young backs and young muscles. Could not have done it without them.
  4. In other unrelated news, I have decided that boaters who blast music out on the water while roaring past on speedboats are just rude.😡
  5. I have been referred to an oncologist, but don't have an appointment yet. They are supposed to call me to set that up.
  6. Morning. I'm trying to get all the doctor stuff out of the way before nine. So far--not having so much success with that, but hey, it's the trying that counts! Short school day for the boys and they would like to boat and fish in the afternoon. I'm on board for that. Going to take my chair and my character work and spend an afternoon in my fantasy world where a magical spring could fix me probably. 🤣
  7. Good morning. I've got to get on the phone with doctor(s) this morning, and I'd rather sit on a thumbtack. I'm so tired of non-answers that I'm about out of energy to go hunting for answers, but I'll rally after some tea and get at it. Other than that, I plan to paint, write, and then go to the lake. I'm going to need a quiet afternoon to settle down and be less grumpy for the remainder of the week. In other news, I'm still waiting on any news on the submission front, and I have two short stories out that haven't been rejected yet. I'm set to finish the first draft of the third book in a new series of fantasy books, and plan to write the fourth book in June as a challenge to myself. I want to actually have written a whole series and be ready for the first book to go out on submission by November. On top of that, I'm writing a spin-off of my first series, and beginning work on a standalone book that I hope to write in November. So...staying busy.
  8. I am currently in a state of despair. I really, really, really want a GF donut. I have no GF donut. I am very, very sad.
  9. Morning. I went to bed at eight. As in was asleep when DH had to move the laundry off the bed to go to sleep. I woke up now. I'm still tired. Whatever I do in the way of housework today is going to be very limited.
  10. Morning! I was so tired yesterday that I went to be before eight. Slept well, but I'm still tired. I may see about a resting day today. Mostly writing and not much else. Boys have school. I'm going to debate what I can do without crashing by the evening.
  11. Morning! Boys have school work. We are winding down for the summer schedule. Science should finish this week, I think? Mostly it's going to be math, Latin, reading, and writing this summer. That's all I really want to hit. We'll raid documentaries as interest permits. For me, I called the doctor this morning to report another swelling, and left a message. I'm getting rather tired of this. But I have writing and painting to keep me busy, and some cooking to do later today.
  12. It's a morning. Gah. The boy's pumpkin seeds sprouted. This particular variety has a staring role in The Pumpkin Monster Apocalypse. Henceforth, the variety will be known as Murder Patch Pumpkins.
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