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  1. Morning! I'm trying to decide whether the boys get the day off tomorrow or if we just do school. It's 80% shot of thunderstorms, and there's not likely to be anything to do other than clean house or watch movies. Today's tasks: House: cat boxes, dishes, laundry School: schedules Cooking: fried chicken strips, blueberry cobbler Writing: 2000 words in my draft, Beta reading, personal reading, finish up with cabin data
  2. Ugh. Don't remind me summer is coming. I'm already contemplating taking the dog clippers to my head. Morning. Camp Writing finished up last night. I was up past eleven getting stuff put in spreadsheets so I just have to check this morning before reporting that I'm all done. It's supposed to rain all week here. Lots of thunder and rain.
  3. Morning! Boys have the day off and I'm working. Today's goals are accomplishing some writing at lunch and getting through a full day with my mask and not getting frustrated when my glasses fog up.
  4. Morning. Nothing new here, but I'm smoking a brisket and thinking seriously about a blueberry cobbler to go with that for tonight's dinner. I smell like hickory smoke.
  5. Morning! Yesterday was spent mostly without electricity. So today I need to do things. Goals: House: laundry, dishes, cat boxes. School: usual Cooking: smoked brisket, probably a blueberry cobbler Writing: 2000 words in my draft, Beta reading, personal reading Extra: CE on bees this afternoon.
  6. Morning! Very sunny here again today. House: laundry, cat boxes, dishes School: usual Cooking: leftovers, prep for smoking a brisket tomorrow Writing: 2000 words in draft, Beta reading, personal reading, process query feedback and play with my letter some more, work on pitches for June. Not too much doing today.
  7. Whitehawk, you could have my sunshine, but I need it to dry out the swamp in the yard. Morning. Lots scheduled this week and next after today. June...I have to get to June....
  8. I'm really craving a quiet walk to Eden Falls up around the Buffalo River, but that trail is heavily traveled, and it's kind of impossible to social distance on narrow little rock ledges. But hopefully we can go up to the river for a quiet day sometime.
  9. I have a small blanket (not weighted) on my side of the bed. It's usually halfway in the floor by morning because DH is a cover thief and takes most of the larger blanket. So I don't know if it would work?
  10. Morning! It's a sunny one. I expect the grass will be ten feet tall by the weekend. Today's goals: House: cat boxes, dishes, laundry, bed, bath, linens School: regular. I think we are going to finish up this particular math unit and then take our summer break (three weeks off) Cooking: grilling hamburgers Writing: 2000 words in my draft, Beta reading, start working on CP notes for a friend (she's done with mine which makes me feel guilty I don't have hers done yet, but I needed to think first), keep up with cabin stuff, start sketches on two covers (one's for me, one for my son), personal reading.
  11. Morning. I checked in to see if there was baby, but apparently, it's a stubborn little tater tot. More writing for me today and some housekeeping. Sad as it is, I think it's time for the down blanket to go in winter storage. Let the restless sleeping begin. A weighted blanket for a large bed is not in my budget. Other than that, not much happening here. We wrap up our writing cabin thing this week, which should be fun, and then it's on to June, quiet time, and seeing if I can't send out more queries without breaking into hives.
  12. Just an aside, but I so badly wanted to be the boy in My Side of the Mountain. Not the girl in the sequel, though.
  13. Morning, Accountables! Closing in on the end of May. We school during the summer (it's always so hot here, why not?) but still, I'm looking forward to about three weeks off just to take a good break. We just took one week off, but that was sort of unplanned. But I'm thinking second week of June to fourth of July or something like that. Today's goals: House: cat boxes, laundry, dishes, maybe plant a few more tomatoes and peppers School: schedules, and plan out that break as to what I want to add for summer term if anything. Probably do want to add more reading and writing. Cooking: chicken and rice, broccoli, lemon cake Writing: 2,000 words in my draft, keep up with my writing cabin, get the data entered into our cabin spreadsheet, Beta reading and notes for one person, second pass read for the second and notes. Reading: Finishing one book today. I really needed to work on my stack, but there were books available with Libby that I wanted to read. So here we are again with probably four books getting read at the same time. I've read more this last six months than the previous six months, but it's not because I had nothing to do!
  14. Morning. I live. I have writing planned for today and some cooking because the refrigerator is pretty bare of leftovers. Hoping we can get what we need this week. If not, will make do with what we get. I have decided that June is going to be relaxing if it kills me. This month has been way too hectic.
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