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  1. I had to listen to the end of the Duke game. DH gets so mad when Duke wins, it sounds like he's developing a stomach ulcer from all the groaning and yelling at the television. I just hunker down with my writing and try to ignore the sounds of distress. Writing today. Getting set to hear back from my agent this week about whether we go on sub, or if I get to cut some more.
  2. Yuck, Happy! Nothing like starting Monday with a stomach bug. I'm just starting the day with a pair of whiny students. Having last week off spoiled them. But they'll get back into it. We have Latin, Algebra, Pre-Geometry, Literature, History and Science today. I have writing. I'm trying to get to a place where I can work on revisions and a new WIP at roughly the same pace. Don't know if I'll ever get there, though!
  3. I cooked steak, mashed taters, broccoli, and mushrooms. Baked blueberry muffins for dessert. Now I can't move because stuffed. I need to dispense the algebra books and figure out literature for tomorrow but I am exhausted. It's bedtime somewhere, isn't it?
  4. I just finished editing a short story about magical standardized testing and sent it out to a magazine. It's been the dark ages since I did this, back when Courier was the rage, and you had to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your paper submission. Now, I wait.
  5. Morning! Can I have spring break now? I worked all of mine. Today's work: chores, figuring out what I need to do for the week, and possibly a nap. Writing and editing as always.
  6. Good morning! I survived the week! Accomplishments: Wrote a long synopsis for my sequel Wrote a long synopsis for my next book that isn't a sequel in preparation for a rewrite in April. Didn't die. Other than that I worked, wrote, and slept, and ate somewhere in there. Today I am working on my grocery list, and trying not to chew my nails to much over edits that should be back later this week. ETA: It's Howdy Booyah time, It's Howdy Booyah time... And that's all I know.
  7. Good morning. The boys are off of school this week. I'm trying to get some writing related stuff done, work on a grocery list, and try to cultivate a better temper. I'm just tired, and next week is more intense. I may not be around too much, but will try to check in from time to time to see what everyone is working on!
  8. Morning. I'm still half asleep. I'm dreading next week because of all the travel and early mornings, and I need my caffeine. Going to do some work on a synopsis for a story I have in first draft form. My stomach will be rolling all week. Sigh. How's Juliet this morning? I missed all the dog trouble!
  9. I want pie. But I would have to make said pie, and I'm not in the mood to cook tonight or tomorrow night. There might be ice cream around, though. I could eat that for a dessert. DH went out to get food because I'm a limp noodle who can't be trusted with the stove. I didn't think I was this worn out, but guys, I'm worn out! I am super excited about delving into a new(ish) story, and getting this new synopsis put together for the sequel, and maybe getting a new critique partner, and helping out with a couple of other things, but man, I am just so tired! I'm going to have to do a better job of resting. Not to mention getting some healthful fresh air and sunshine.
  10. I was going to rest this weekend. Nope. I have to put together a synopsis for this story (done, just have to send a few different ones to see which one will be best for the length) and put together a synopsis for the sequel to go with the submission package, and tweak my bio to include the published poems from the end of last year. So much for a weekend off! 🤣
  11. Yay! ITT anniversary! Today, I sent off my novel to my agent for her approval or a stamp of try, try again. I'm half hoping for try, try again, but I really want to hear that I improved in between. That was hard work. It's such an intricate story with a complex plot that it's hard to take it all apart for revision every time. This next story should be easier. Much less complex. It has one plot line and a single subplot at present. For now, I'm just super tired and feel like I need a day in the woods somewhere quiet and peaceful. But I'm not sure if the weather and time will allow that for me. Might just have to tough it out until April.
  12. Welp, revisions are off to the agent. I'm betting I get to do more of them, but for now, I plan to rest up, work on some character profiles, and get some work done around the house. There's some major cleaning to do, and I really should start on in before I dive back into a rewrite of my next story. Lots of stuff to do. Got all my new curricula in yesterday. Will be starting on that week after next. I'm likely to be pretty scarce next week.
  13. I edited. As per regs, I did not die. I'm supposed to talk to a tradionally published writer tomorrow. I'm nervous. Story goes back to agent tomorrow for assessment as to whether I flunked editing or not.
  14. Well, it took me all day, but I did my second pass. Now going to curl up and either die, or hibernate for a few days.
  15. Morning. Editing today. I'm down to one chapter left in the second pass. I'm ahead of schedule, and have time to run six of the longest chapters back through, see if I can cut a little more. But I'm about edited out! Boys have a little school. Finishing up before a break next week.
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