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  1. Morning! Late in posting, but I was reading. Today's goals: House: laundry, dishes, cat boxes, kitchen (yeah, I still need to sweep and mop there) School: usual Cooking: none Writing: revise three chapters, 1000 words in another story, personal reading, reward reading.
  2. Morning. Kind of in flux this morning while I wait to find out whether we have art or not. The freezing potential seems to have passed us by, birds are singing, and there's sunshine, but my art teacher wasn't sure. So we'll see. Today's tasks: House: laundry, dishes, cat boxes, kitchen School: light day, art (maybe) Cooking: roast, potatoes, gravy, blueberry muffins Writing: Three chapters to revise, 1000 words of drafting in another story, send out a short story, personal reading, reward reading
  3. Morning. I don't know if we have art today. My teacher was nervous about rain and freezing rain, but it's sunny this morning, with everything moved through last night, and no freezing precip at all. Until I know, I'll just be over here, working on my book. LOL.
  4. Revising for the day is done. I always hate getting done early. Makes me think I probably should have scheduled more. But if I do too much, I'll start cutting too hard, and that's a danger I want to avoid. Well, I guess I get to start dinner early. Pizza crusts are in the oven. And I guess I can write extra in my fun story that I'm drafting to keep myself from taking my writing too seriously. I also could research a place for this latest rejected short story.
  5. I quit reading realistic schedule things some years ago. I'm working full-time writing, the boys are being educated, and so far I still have most of my hair. That's mostly winning. Although I really do need to take everyone down to the traffic place today and get our driver's permit stuff ready, and then I'll need to take some of my writing time off to teach driving. My hair will probably start thinning then.
  6. Morning. Bright and sunny today. I suspect there will be grumbling, but it's too cold for the lake or fishing. Today's tasks: House: laundry, cat boxes, dishes, kitchen School: the usual Cooking: pizza Writing: Revise three chapters, 1000 words in a short story, read (UGH!--I really don't like this book so far and there is so much of it!), then a reward reading of a book I like (my sequel to the current MS), send out a short story again (was rejected this morning).
  7. Got a busy day of revision to do. More cutting. I'll be glad when that's done and I can go back and check all the places that were cut to make sure no major information was cut, and to make sure everything flows properly. This is one of the more onerous bits of writing that I don't like, mostly because it's usually not improving the story, just making it shorter. The difficulty is trying not to harm or irreversibly damage something to chisel off the excess wordage, and that's just a finicky business!
  8. Morning. I call it mudding, too. I typically refer to filling holes as spackle, but when I'm doing seams in sheetrock or a large defect, I call it mudding.
  9. I ated all the rice pudding. It was delicious. Keeping up well with my revisions. I'm not entirely happy with all the cuts, but they aren't irritating me quite as badly as I'd feared.
  10. Morning. About to descend into the depths of the revision forest. Hopefully I won't catch poison ivy or be bitten by a snake. Other than that, same old thing here!
  11. Morning! Today's tasks: House: laundry, dishes, cat boxes School: help boys as needed. Starting their geometry today and the set up is a little different than what they are used to. So far, no issues. Cooking: put up some hamburger patties for later grilling, baked potatoes, rice pudding. Writing: Revise 3 chapters, 1000 words in short story, personal reading, writers meeting.
  12. Morning! Today's goals: House: laundry, dishes, cat boxes, bed, bath Cooking: We have a lot of leftovers, but I have ground beef to cook or freeze. Haven't decided what to do with it just yet. School: off today, I still need to put together schedules because I didn't get to that yesterday Writing: Revise three chapters, 1000 words in my draft, post to blog, personal and reward reading!
  13. I have one boy who desperately wants to go to Key West just so he can fish in the ocean for the first time. Sadly, not in the vacation cards for us anytime soon. More revisions scheduled for today. I want to get through 21 chapters this week. I'm also planning out my strategy for a new story drafting in March/April with concurrent revisions of two other novels. Going to take some planning and thinking, but I can do it.
  14. Dinner is on the grill. But I have to cook some tomorrow, too. The boys have off tomorrow, and I think they want to go to the lake if the weather is good. So I guess I'll be editing at a picnic table tomorrow.
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