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  1. Morning! I survived yesterday and got most everything done. I didn't get that new query and synopsis written, but I don't strictly have to have those right now, so. Today's goals: House: chores School: usual Cooking: leftovers Writing: 4000 words over projects, do that query and synopsis, short story, start reading a story for revisions in late January/February, look at goals/schedule for pacing through those months, personal reading Art: Finish book cover today Exercise: walk two miles
  2. Morning. I took a bunch of masking fluid off a painting with my fingers this morning and that was a really bad move. Unless I planned to rob a bank or something. I think I took my fingerprints off. Remind me not to do that ever again.
  3. Morning! Big day today. House: chores, quick sweep School: usual Cooking: beef stew, blondies Writing: 4000 words, a short story, send a query, write a new query for a new story, draft the synopsis for it, critiques, personal reading Art: work on one project, touch-ups on another Extra: run to town for dog food and pine shavings for chickens.
  4. Let's see if this works. I really like the detail this camera picks up.
  5. Morning. The phone camera is awesome! Therefore, I'll be photographing all my art. Again.
  6. Morning! Today's goals: House: chores, kitchen. Try to get one of the spring-cleaning things done along with general stuff. School: usual Cooking: pizza night Writing: 4000 words, possibly start a short story, personal reading Art: continue projects Exercise: walk 4 miles
  7. Morning. Today is shaping up to be less busy than yesterday, but still busy. Goals: House: chores, continue working on the spring cleaning lists School: usual Cooking: baked potato night Writing: 4000 words, writers' meeting stuff, personal reading Art: continue projects Exercise: walk 4 miles Extra: still have the CE stuff to get done. Didn't get to it yesterday.
  8. Morning! I've been painting and writing, but mostly painting. I am supposed to get a new phone today. Y'all, I haven't been able to take a decent picture of anything since October. If this thing takes great pictures, I'm photographing the baby picture and then putting it in the mail this week!
  9. Afternoon! Today's goals are proceeding at a reasonable pace: House: chores, bed, bath School: usual Writing: 4000 words over two manuscripts, personal reading Art: cover and bookmark art Exercise: walk 4 miles Extra: CE registration stuff
  10. Morning. I'm doing some planning and purchasing a few more books for my Kindle. Mostly school related, but I might purchase a few more for enjoyable reading--like the Discworld books! Other than that, I'm being kind of lazy myself and need to get editing done before art this afternoon. Grocery list has been done and dispatched.
  11. Morning. It's cold. But it's January and that's okay here. Today's goals: House: chores, spring cleaning planning (ugh) School: none, but I need to do a Latin lesson tomorrow and read Beowulf, and possibly start The Calamitous 14th Century again, because I love that book. The boys are starting Henle 3, and I realized I don't know enough about Cicero, so that's on my list of books to find. I'm thinking of picking up a few of his works and reading them for myself. Cooking: none today Writing: Editing, 2000 words on other manuscripts, personal reading Art: continue o
  12. Morning! Busy day here. House: chores, sweep main areas, start kitchen "spring" cleaning School: usual Cooking: breakfast for supper Writing: 5000 words over two novels, editing another, personal reading Art: finish another project. That will be two complete this week, and a third in progress. I need to pick another project for next week as well. It helps to have two to three going at the same time. Exercise: 4 miles today. It has stopped raining for a while. I think.
  13. It's Friedday? Already? Well, I'm pretty crispy, so yeah. Writing and editing today. Henle 3 came in this week, so I get to schedule that for the next few weeks on Saturday. It's tough! Lots of translation, and boy, have I been getting grumps and growls over the translation practice I've had the boys do (Latin to English). Just wait until they have to do it the other way around! All the other new additions to the schedule are going well, though.
  14. Morning! Busy day here. House: chores, clean up kitchen School: usual, schedule Henle 3 for the rest of winter term Cooking: pork loin, broccoli, cheesecake Writing: 5000-7000 words, prep a single page synopsis for a project and edit the first 50 pages, personal reading Art: continue projects Exercise: none--still raining and cold
  15. Morning. Still cold and rainy, so no exercise for me today. Lots of writing up on the schedule today. Also got Henle 3 in yesterday, and as that doesn't come with lesson plans, I think I'll schedule it out myself for a term.
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