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  1. I don't know. This is my first year having them, and it could go horribly. I do have a cool, sunny room. That's where they will spend the winter.
  2. Morning. I'm settling in for a nice day writing, but do have a potential errand out of the house this afternoon. Weather is supposed to be cooler, and I'll need to pull in the lemon trees probably.
  3. Morning! Keeping it light today. House: chores, bedroom, bath School: usual Cooking: banana bread, stroganoff Writing: 2000 words in my story, Beta reading. Art: painting project, maybe work on setting up an art space for my working projects. They are kind of everywhere right now. Put together an art order (getting low on paper, and I have some watercolors I need to purchase. Maybe a paintbrush or two.)
  4. Morning. It's supposed to be very cool and fall-like this week. Looking forward to it.
  5. Morning. We are expecting much cooler weather this week. Can hardly wait! Today's goals: House: chores, maybe sweep the house Cooking: none, leftovers School: schedules Writing: 2000 words in manuscript, Beta reading, personal reading Art: painting today
  6. I need to buy paint. Serves me right for painting all the things this month. Also, I'm not really unhappy that I need to buy paint. Because...I love paint.
  7. We had breakfast for dinner. It was good. Work tomorrow. Here's a pretty piece that I need to paint next week. Very seasonal!
  8. In supper-land, I think we are having breakfast. I know I have biscuits to bake anyway.
  9. Morning! I've actually slept better this week than I have most of the summer. It's so nice when the day length begins to shorten for me. Everything is better. The cool weather helps too, but it really seems to be the photoperiod that makes the most difference in dealing with the reverse SAD. Today's goals: House: chores, sweeping Cooking: breakfast for dinner School: usual Writing: 2000 words, Beta reading Art: last sketch for September. Look at the ones I want to do for October, and start sketches on two Christmas things I want to paint for cards.
  10. Morning! I have a feeling the next few months will be very stormy in every sea. I'd actually thought about going on a total social media break for October, but it's probably best I don't. I like to stay aware of things, even if I don't say a lot. So I think I'll keep up my habit of sketching and painting every day. Picked out two lovely reference photos to sketch and paint for Christmas paintings/cards. Also, I need to paint all my sketches of flowers from September and decide which ones need frames. I have character sketches to do and paint as well.
  11. In terms of rooms in houses, I find it very nice for the boys to have their own rooms now. They like having space to be away from each other, and given the fact that we are all incredibly introverted, it's nice to have places to be with each other, but also alone.
  12. I'm making chicken soup. The house smells delicious because the stock is cooking right now.
  13. Morning. Barely. Been reading this morning. Also getting stuff ready to cook. Art lesson this afternoon. Also some writing.
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