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  1. Apples and Pears level C dictation, lesson 37:  


    Mark threw away his jumper when the cat sprayed on it.


    1. dmmetler


      Apples and Pears (and Dancing Bears FastTrack) definitely have some interesting lines-I assume it’s because they are designed to be used for remediation for older kids. 

  2. I struggled with Demme’s white board management, shortcuts, and lack of appropriate math language. Your DS should not watch the videos if he finds them confusing. BTW, I have rewritten math problems for my kids in a coil bound notebook to provide more space countless times. We have also used a whiteboard.
  3. To get my DS to attend, I had to prioritize and select the most important goal/task to be completed. I then assigned the task with specific criteria that DS must meet along with a reward that DS cared about. Basically, I set up a rewards system based upon clear achievable goals. When he was younger, he could not really handle more than one task at a time. I eventually wrote contracts for tasks that DS agreed to and signed. If he balked or forgot, I pointed to the contract hanging on the fridge. It was amazing to watch DS attend when he realized he could not game, fish, hike, or hang with friends if his tasks were not completed. When son was younger, the rewards were Starbucks, air softing, taco truck, or Chinese takeout because that was what he liked. I eased some tasks. For example, his bed making consists of one duvet. Shake it out across the bed, fluff a pillow, and the bed is made. He started laying clothing out the night before. School bag was packed the night before. He uses a Sonicare toothbrush. Again, I used currency and fair warning. DH was involved 100%. DS cannot take stimulant meds, and our one drug trial was a bust. In high school, we worked with an excellent CBT coach who was amazing. My only regret was not seeking the EF coach and ped PT sooner.
  4. A personal favorite... Partial quotients method...
  5. There was a time when we used the magnetic dry erase board with number fridge magnets and a dry erase marker for math. You may be able to find a dry erase board with a built in grid pattern. DD used to take pics of her spelling on the dry erase board and save to Evernote.
  6. I’m sorry if you already mentioned this. Was he tested by a licensed clinical psychologist, or did you go through the school? The school system does not diagnose. Since you are expecting him to DE, he will require specific testing through a np. Look at the cc/uni’s testing requirements which should be available online.
  7. OP, your son’s numbers are amazing. In the world of accommodations, the official ADHD and anxiety diagnosis should be enough to get isolated, extended test taking time. At least, that was my takeaway during son’s last np testing. I was told by an EF coach that the large spread between processing speed to verbal comprehension is common with individuals diagnosed ADHD. Basically, your son’s numbers seem to affirm the ADHD diagnosis and some sort of motor difficulty. The WISC coding score indicates a motor issue relative to the other numbers. I was also told by an OT that 50% of kids with ADHD have motor issues. Does he struggle with handwriting? I’m an armchair quarterback with no training, so take what I say with a grain of salt. I’m not familiar with public high schools, only my son’s uni. The following link will connect you to a board for patents of public schooled students seeking and using IEP; eta: During the IEP meeting, you can request the tester be present by conference call to explain the numbers and overall report to the school.
  8. eta:
  9. My then 18yo DS was retested one year ago for uni accommodations, and the SLD for reading was affirmed. He scored a 34 on the reading ACT subtest. Listening to him read, one would never suspect dyslexia. I don't know what test the np used, but she determined the dysgraphia and dyslexia were both still present.
  10. I don’t know...The last rigid heddle loom that I warped required 3 glasses of wine and a brick of dark chocolate. In a class, I would expect some help from an instructor but I’m a newbie. Looms test every ounce of my patience, but I’m not swearing in front of strangers over it.
  11. In the innocence of youth, I have seen young women be warned off a guy, and in response, the woman digs in and stays with him. Over time, she either gets wise and leaves or remains with him far too long.
  12. I taught my kids that hitting was only acceptable under three conditions: to prevent choking, to pat each other down if they were on fire, and to knock one another out of the way of a speeding car or train. Otherwise, they needed to come to me or their father to settle disputes. My eldest child has no authority over the younger unless we clearly tell them both, and that has hardly ever happened in 11 years.
  13. During middle and high school, I recall many conversations with DS about free agency and entitlement. These convos typically happened in the car as we were headed to appointments or during school pick-up and drop-off. DS mentioned a 6th-grade friend bragging about making out with a girl at a local theatre. This particular boy seemed to be bragging about his conquests all the time. He was a good looking kid and parents were in the middle of a divorce, so I suppose some of his statements were plausible. I took that opportunity to inform my DS that all of womankind was not placed on this planet to satisfy his or his friend's imbecile sexual urges. Snapchat is a problem because friends can track the movements of each other. In high school, DS asked a girl out and she declined. He later discovered she was with another boy, and son was upset. Again, we had free agency talks, and I explained that the girl lied to save his feelings. She didn't owe him any explanation for her comings or goings, and she was polite to him. I also suggested that watching her movements on Snapchat was the equivalent of stalking. After that convo, he voluntarily went on a digital diet for about 3 weeks. Photos are a major problem associated with Snapchat. My DS developed a crush on a girl from youth group that was two years older than him and had clearly rejected him; however, she still sent photos of herself posing with sultry looks, and he would compliment her. Now I know this girl's parents. We are on friendly terms, and I know where their hearts lie. These are good people, and their DD was clearly being a tease to my son. Once the father realized that my DS had a serious crush on their DD, the dad had a talk with his daughter. For a time, DS thought he was going crazy because she sent mixed signals. Once I understood what was happening, I explained that she was teasing him and that he lacked the maturity to understand that he was being used as an ego boost. Men and women sometimes purposefully make themselves attractive and are flattered when people notice. For some, it's a game, and not always a nice one. She was 18 and he was 16... I have a litmus test with men. I am always suspect of a male that easily uses the word bitch to describe a woman that he has a problem with, whether that problem is legit or otherwise. While serving on active duty in the USN, I met many men who talked like that. I've been around adult men who let the word bitch slip accidentally. I don't like it and that language puts my guard up and makes me highly suspicious. My DH works with men like that who are MIT graduates. My DS has a teenaged friend who uses the word bitch often to refer to women, and DS and I have discussed it repeatedly. The boy's father left the family home and married a much younger woman. Son's friend lived with his mother, and then she remarried a jerk. Based on the experiences my DS has directly witnessed, this friend's mother does not protect her son from her new husband. Personally, I think the kid has a right to be upset with both parents, and I hate that this experience has altered his view wrt our fair sex. Anyhoo..,Incels are unhappy people and nothing will satisfy them until they can be settled within themselves. I see the hate that incels project upon women as transference of their own self-loathing. Lastly, never read 50 Shades, but I love this review.
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