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  1. We used the OT and NT survey by Starr Meade and well as the resources from Ligonier Ministries. Some of the Ligonier classes are free; however, we wound up purchasing a yearly subscription. DS read the Sovereignty of God by Sproul, used a Reformation Study Bible, and kept a Manners and Customs of the Bible nearby. Packer's Knowing God would be excellent.
  2. Well, my neighbor had a golf cart and they must have been related in some way to a family living near the front of the subdivision because for a time, 2-3 girls were constantly driving between the houses. One day, the kids and I were headed out in our car. About 100 yards in front of us, the driver of the golf cart was acting foolish by jerking the wheel and swerving back and forth. One of the occupants fell off the back. The driver never noticed her friend fall off and cruised off leaving her occupant wounded and bleeding in the street. DS and I stopped to help her. We placed her in our car and drove her home. The girl was crying and in bad shape. Son walked her to her front door...Anyhoo...We didn’t notice many golf cart rides after that. The girls looked to be about 14-15 years old. Maybe, call the police and discover whether it’s legal. We don’t have an hoa.
  3. A friend of mine used it with her DD, so I’ll need to ask her how she purchased it. I do know that she bought the entire program. corrective reading and comprehension&page=1&sortby=relevance&order=desc&bu=seg
  4. I’d like to say that we had our act together 8+ years ago, but that would be untrue. DS initially used LA with text books because he was sitting in a classroom and required to answer questions for history and science. Immersion tech with Amazon Kindle and Voice Dream technology was developed after DS was already using audio with text books. I don’t know whether using text with audio was lower stress. We were simply doing the best with what we had. Ultimately, I suggest you play around and do what is best for your situation.
  5. We built up to immersion reading. In 5th grade, DS was listening to LA and holding an actual book and reading along with the audio. After that step and around 7th, DS used to enable the TTS function for his kindle ebooks with his Kindle Touch. The VoiceDream app usage started in high school when I applied for the free Bookshare account and quit paying $120 a year for Learning Ally subscription.
  6. You may want to look at the SRA Corrective Reading Comprehension materials for inferences, nuances, sentence structure, and overall comprehension.
  7. My son didn't use his academic planner either, so I'm seizing it for next year with DD. However, I also found 2 red solo cups filled with folded 3x5 cards in them. The cards were dated and contained assignments with checked boxes beside them, so he's using some sort of system. It's driving me batty.
  8. You should probably speak to the uni’s DSS office. My son will be applying for those waivers soon. He receives academic scholarship, and the uni admitted him with ACT scores and a completed high school transcript. DS submitted his np report and was told to make the request through his selected college’s dept head. We were told it would not be a problem with the appropriate testing documentation.
  9. I don't know why you'd be angry for the boys. What was the goal? This is a perfect example of why schools are failing if during teacher training you were working on read alouds (and I'm assuming the goal was fluency) with a group of older dyslexics/non-readers. It is very unpleasant for unremediated non-readers to read aloud in a group. Were you trained using Slingerland? Did these students have access to audio books and devices while in the classroom? These boys would have been better served by working one on one with an OG trained reading specialist and having free access to audio books.
  10. My local dyslexia school used to have their new students complete a brain study/poster board type project so that they could understand plasticity and how the brain works. Students presented the info to their parents. I learned this while interviewing the school for possible placement. Anyhoo... Knowledge of brain plasticity, synaptic pruning, and the brain’s ability to form new neural networks with multi-sensory teaching is helpful information, and I used that knowledge to assure DS constantly that he could and would learn. My son was not always motivated, but then most children lack motivation at one time or another. Lack of motivation is perfectly normal. I used rewards for efforts and told DS on a regular basis that dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia all SUCK. Yes, I used that word. I affirmed that learning for DS was difficult....I just don’t see the point in tip toeing around that fact, and I emphasized that irregardless of how either of us felt, work would need to be done to overcome his issues. Remediation for reading ended by 7th grade. Honestly, DS considers dyslexia to be a non-issue. We never discuss it except for when he spells in front of peers on a white board. He’s funny and upfront about poor spelling. My DS has always known his SLDs and only learned of the specific numbers about 13 months ago when he was tested for uni accommodations. That was also the first time he sat with a tester to review scores. He advocates for himself well and has never complained once about not knowing his numbers. DS is not motivated by numbers at all except for keeping his gpa high enough to not lose scholarship. Overall, I think using numbers as a motivation tool is a very bad idea. If students are provided their numbers, they need to understand brain plasticity and be affirmed when learning gets especially hard.
  11. DS took the following to uni: 6 cup Brita water pitcher that fit inside the mini fridge, velvet clothing hangers, shoe rack, bedding, smallish laundry basket and laundry bag, toilet paper, laundry pods, paper towels, bleach wipes, Ikea cart (stored dry foods, plastic cups, and disposable plates/eating utensils), storage box containing office supplies, 2 surge protectors, gel mattress pad, metal over-the-door hanger, laptop, printer, $15 stick vac (this sucker was actually used), BHG 4-cubbied bookcase (he used it for organizing text books and class binders), tool kit (which he stored in his truck), painters tape, 3 towels/wash cloths/hand towels, and personal care items. Bathroom was en suite. Next year, DS will need cheap shower shoes.
  12. Ugh, no...Current level with an early elementary student who is diagnosed dyslexic is of no importance when they are receiving systematic and explicit multi sensory reading instruction with a committed teacher. They catch up. I accommodated with audIo books and scribed/taught typing until son's "eye reading" caught up and exceeded his grade level. Son could always comprehend when he heard story and information.
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