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  1. Heathermomster

    SAT Accomodations

    We sought and received accommodations through ACT. Dealing with the College Board was a nuisance. I was placed on hold for 45min twice simply to request the accommodations paperwork. BTW, DS is currently attending university with scholarship and receiving all available accommodations, and they came without difficulty,
  2. Heathermomster

    Best item you bought and ♥♥♥ lately?

    What color did you purchase?
  3. Heathermomster

    Dog TED Talk

    My family just adopted another Chiweenie last week and he is 12 weeks old. While looking online and reading about dogs and emotion, I came across an interesting TED Talk and wanted to share... Enjoy!
  4. DS used a 360 Academic Planner and timers. We used regular curriculum and accommodated, worked with a CBT for about 15 months, and took Sklar’s EF class. At the uni, DS currently keeps up with classes electronically.
  5. I'm assuming that synthetic phonics would be equivalent to Spalding/SWR/AAS/LOE?
  6. Heathermomster

    kids of antivaxxers grow up

    My DD was born with a congenital birth defect and required major life-saving surgery when she was 8 weeks old. After 6 days in the hospital, we took her home and by 10 am the following morning, she was back at the ped’s office receiving her 8-week vacs. I don’t why people at my church insist on bringing their sick kids to the nursery. We have an isolated seating area where anyone can sit and view the service. Ordinary, kind-hearted people think nothing of exposing their sick children to the general population, and since they don’t live with the fallout, it’s out of sight, out of mind. It’s willful ignorance. My DD is 11yo and takes about twice as long to recover from every illness that she happens to pick up. Late April of last year, DD and DH volunteered for a babysitting fundraiser. I thought, “She’s 10, how bad could it be?” Within 24 hours, she picked up the trots. Apparently, a couple of kids arrived at the event with the trots, and one of the mothers is an MD. I've just digressed... I guess I'm not surprised when parents fail to get their otherwise healthy children vaccinated.
  7. Books and people that led me to paradigms in teaching and thinking: Overcoming Dyslexia by Shaywitz How the Brain Learns Mathematics by Sousa Bird’s Overcoming Difficulty with Number The Dyslexic Advantage by the Eides Singapore Math James Tanton at (dude is a mathematics rock star) Dr. Charles Haynes from the Landmark School (he gave a talk about writing) SWB’s Well-Trained Mind Multiple participants over at the Learning Challenges Board I learned to trust direct, multisensory instruction. I have no qualms with absolutely ripping a curriculum apart and teaching in a way that works. I love the WTM History notebook. We use concrete manipulatives and draw pictures/ bar models for math. I accommodate handwriting and love mutisensory instruction using all modalities. I gave myself permisiion to use audiobooks and teach in a way that suits my kids. Mainly, I’m not fearful anymore.
  8. Heathermomster

    Best item you bought and ♥♥♥ lately? Black Dooney & Bourke Florentine purse...Love it!
  9. Heathermomster

    Cymbalta/Teens - Experiences ?

    I don’t know about teens, but my Mom used it for pain management. After 10 or so years, she decided to stop taking it and the next 12 months were horrible. She described brain zaps, memory loss, constipation, suicidal thoughts, and headache. During the process, she said strange and hurtful things that we didn’t understand until we started investigating and learned about Cymbalta’s withdrawal symptoms. Getting off the drug was pure misery for my mom and the family.
  10. Heathermomster

    ADD med Alternatives?

    Heavy exercise and a minimum of 5 minutes mindfulness breathing daily.
  11. Heathermomster

    Sewing 101

    The following link has instructs that might be good as a precursor to the machine:
  12. Heathermomster

    Biofeedback or Executive Functioning Coaching for ADHD?

    An awesome EF thread is pinned to the General Board. My DS used a CBT for about 15 months and attended classes with Marydee Sklar. Some of the details are mentioned in the thread. Eta: due to health concerns, my son cannot take stimulant medications and started working with the CBT at the end of 10 th grade. We worked with one CBT, but he wasn’t what DS needed. We eventually used an amazing CBT that didn’t accept our insurance, so we paid out of pocket. The costs were worth it.
  13. Heathermomster

    6th Grade 2019-2020!

    Math - Singapore 6 Spelling - Apples & Pears D History - HO 2 Ancients Language - Holt Warriner’s Intro to Grammar, Usage, Mechanics, and Sentences Composition - Classical Quills 2 Science - integrated science Violin w/orchestra Bible - Starr Meade Literature - Teaching the Classics and various books
  14. Heathermomster

    Comforting someone

    I ask the question, “How can I be a blessing to you?” and then I do my best to provide.
  15. How is your child's verbal comprehension? He will need to use accommodations. Look for TEDTalks and materials written by Ben Foss. I don't agree with some of his opinions: however, Foss is profoundly dyslexic and graduated from law school and I **think** has another masters degree. Foss is a huge dyslexia advocate. From about 6th grade on, my DS was accommodated and used audiobooks with Immersion Technology for reading using LearningAlly also had several of his textbooks. He typed all of his work (except math) and started keeping a WTM History notebook when he came home full-time in the 7th grade. Yes, he wrote essays and a spectacular research paper. DS took outside courses and turned in projects on PowerPoint. He used mindmapping software for outlining and notetaking. I'm currently teaching my DD the same skills. I cut back on assignments so that they were achievable. We watched documentaries, visited museums, and listened to ancient music.
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