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  1. I thought I'd update this thread for future reference: Thanks to some of the above posts, I was struck with the brilliant idea to pick 2-3 topics and compare them side by side in Foerster, Dolciani, Jacobs, and Jurgensen. I am surprised to realize that multiple editions of the same textbook vary in how topics are presented and explained. I never would've known, had it not been for OpenLibrary and Archive. We chose Foerster Algebra 1 & 2 classic editions and Jurgensen Geometry 2000 edition. I will likely also buy Jacobs older editions for myself because I find them fascinating and maybe one of my younger children will prefer them to Foresters in the future.
  2. I think I got a decent deal. I paid $264 for 3 student texts and 2 teacher editions.
  3. The Foerster Algebra texts just went out of print and jury's out on if/when another publisher will be picking them up, so I panic purchased. That's a thing, right? I also bought Jurgensen Geometry.
  4. I bought more. I'm done now. Only 1 more teacher edition to go, but it will have to wait until I find one in my price range.
  5. Kitten should be named Homey. Because everyone else thought he was so homely that you just had to bring him homey. I don't think he's ugly at all, btw. I think he's adorable.
  6. You're outsourcing math already? How did I miss this? Or are you just outsourcing for highschool?
  7. In all fairness, I've researched highschool math texts for years so I know exactly which textbooks (right down to the exact editions) I want. I don't want to pay an even more inflated price 2-3 years down the road for textbooks in worse condition. I also plan to use these for three children. Oldest will just happen to use them first. I am not going outside of my annual curriculum budget because any year that I have room left in my budget, I buy for future schoolyears. I do this with the hope of keeping the same annual budget even as my younger children begin school and Oldest begins highschool. I purchase mostly non-consumables for the same reason.
  8. Um, I just bought a 'like new' teachers manual on eBay that matches one of the textbooks I'm waiting on from Abebooks. I wasn't actually planning on buying TMs, but at the price I got it for, I couldn't resist. I might need an intervention. Who else buys all the highschool math texts before their oldest has finished 7th grade? Me!
  9. The seller (Campbell Bookstore) has a high rating at least.
  10. I've had that experience with a workbook before and haven't ordered any previously owned workbook since. I'm not worried about the used textbook I ordered from Amazon because I know their return process and have no problem using it if needed. My concern is the 2 textbooks I ordered through Abebooks because I've never bought books through them before and don't know what to expect. I'm praying that all three textbooks arrive in the condition described or better.
  11. I bought textbooks on Abebooks early yesterday and got an email showing my order was received. The email from Abebooks also states I should get an email from the seller confirming the order. That hasn't happened yet. Does anyone know how long this typically takes? I also ordered a used textbook from Amazon directly after I placed the Abebooks order and my Amazon order has already been shipped! I get anxious about ordering used books of any kind simply because everyone's version of "very good condition" is different, but these textbooks are out of print so buying new is not an option.
  12. No. I am not telling my kids or they will run around mispronouncing banana ala Minion style for the rest of the day.
  13. I've spent way too much time researching highschool math this week. I am so so so grateful for the archive. I've managed to compare two editions each of two separate geometry texts and the differences in how a single topic is taught is very helpful in making a final decision.
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