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  1. Ah, Oldest wants a good overview without much violence or gore; not an easy feat in ancients.
  2. Thank you. I just looked up the Medieval Thrifty Guide and these don't appear to be quite what I was hoping for. Very funny but not enough info to satisfy my bookworm. I wasn't aware of the Jr Genius Guides by Ken Jennings but I'll look them up. I saw that, but I think we've beat the American Revolution to death around here. 😂
  3. I see Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, and Medieval.... too bad there isn't an Ancient Egypt!
  4. Oooo, Oldest would probably enjoy this and I've been racking my brain and scouting the internet for some fun reading books to go between our more serious lit books next year that will be read alongside the first half of world history. Thanks for posting.
  5. The only critique my DS has with AtB is that some lessons are long and some are short and he'd like them to be a more consistent length so he has a better idea day to day how long history will take to complete. The new 2020 version is supposed to address this. We originally planned to spread it out over fourth and fifth doing one textbook per year but DS kept reading ahead. Lol. He loves the info on wildlife, landmarks, ect that break up the straight up history. I hope we enjoy FA2Us as much as AtB. I am definitely spreading it over 2 years though to allow time to look further into areas that
  6. I haven't used MM, but have 3.5 years of experience using CLE with my oldest DS. My responses in the thread I'll link below may help you. Sorry, I don't have time to post all the issues I had with CLE but yours sound similar to the ones we had. If I could, I'd find you the threads from a couple years ago when I was pulling my hair out in frustration over CLE math. It works well for so many, just not us.
  7. We're using America the Beautiful this year for 4th and are planning on using From Adam to Us over grades 5 & 6. I'm still researching whether or not we'll read all the literature selections or just some of them with more books added. Oldest is a reader, though. He reads the daily lesson and completes the map assignments. We discuss afterward. Many times he's so excited about what he's reading midlesson that he reads sections aloud to me while I tend to the two littles. I don't make him do the timeline or workbook (he hates to write so I limit most writing to math, english, and spelling) b
  8. I haven't used it because I used CLE reading for my oldest, but I may use R&S reading for my two youngest when they are school age. I have R&S first grade phonics and reading TMs on the way to look at now. R&S and CLE are Anabaptist and thus introduce nonresistance in both their history and reading stories. It starts much earlier in CLE which is why we stopped using their reading and history after third grade. My understanding is that it doesn't show up in R&S until after BNRS, so we'll drop it after 4th.
  9. Thank you! I just went to look this up and in addition to being available as a hardcopy textbook, it's also available to download as a PDF for free! https://www.freetechbooks.com/prealgebra-textbook-second-edition-t1249.html
  10. My understanding from others here on the boards is take R&S through grade 8, then move to Foersters Algebra for 9th. This is from the Milestonebooks website:
  11. I'll upload the first page of a lesson in both the fourth grade R&S and CLE textbooks on reducing fractions to lowest terms. If you'll notice: In CLE, there are only 4 problems to solve using the new concept. In R&S, there are 6 in addition to the ones in the TM. I need this because I sit down and do 1-2 of them with DS, then have him do the rest on his whiteboard with me watching before we move to the next section repeating the same process. When we get to the review section on the second page, I have him work independently on notebook paper on only the problems which I feel he needs
  12. I honestly suspected dysgraphia with DS10 until DH told me he had the same resistance to physical writing until around 6th grade. This is why I only require limited writing and almost exclusively in skills subjects. I honestly didn't think he was capable of where he is now but sure enough, inside of 2 months I could actually read his handwriting! (Teaching him a modified version of D'Nealian helped a ton, too.) He HATES when we have writing assignments so I've learned to reward him by allowing him to type his final drafts. We are mostly tech/computer free so it's a BIG deal to him. As for R&am
  13. Any mention of CLE induces panic and begging from DS10. We used CLE for every single subject for 3.5yrs before switching to mostly R&S. Workbooks were convenient and it appeared to work well on the surface. However, as smart as DS was on paper and the tests, much of the knowledge just wasn't transferring well to real life. Turns out, he had figured out the patterns/ algorithms and just plugged in the info he knew was correct without truly understanding why in both language arts and math. He would memorize his spelling list and not be able to spell the same words a week or two later. He cou
  14. No, there is not enough room to write in the book because the student is showing their work for more complex multiplication and division problems.
  15. Not the curriculum you're looking for, but in answer to your question of curriculum that consistently goes on sale at a specific time of year: R&S has a Spring textbook sale every March/April
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