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  1. We seem to have a lot in common. I don't care for their handwriting either. I taught Oldest D'Nealian and plan on doing the same for the youngers, too. This is the first year I've forgone a reading curriculum and just selected a bunch of books that line up with our history curriculum and it's been Oldest's favorite.
  2. Thanks for the recipe, Slachie! You're very creative in the kitchen! Pre-allergies, we used to have a cat (gray tabby) until she passed of old age. Got her as a wild kitten. She was entertaining and a true blessing. She was the best pet ever for Oldest when he was a baby. We were concerned how she would react when we brought him home from the hospital, but she thought she was his mommy and became his best friend. We had a harness for her and used to walk her the same as others walk their dog. She had her routine and scratched specific trees on her rounds. She liked catching live critters
  3. Dishes done, laundry folded, floors swept, schoolwork half done so we're on a snack break playing tangrams while Newbie takes his late morning nap. Contemplating next year's curriculum since Oldest threw a monkey wrench in my plans and read ALL The. Books for reading and keeps jumping ahead and reading extra lessons in history. So much for it lasting 2 school years. 🙄
  4. Oldest wants one. Of the dog variety. I'm mean because I said no to both due to allergies. I compromised, though. We now have fish.
  5. Thank you! I was hoping you'd see this thread and respond. I have 2nd grade English and spelling already and was really trying to figure out first grade stuff so I can start buying backwards in curriculum. I used CLE with my oldest and switched in third grade. I really liked CLE's learning to read program but not their language arts and there doesn't seem to be a good way to separate them. Wouldn't be a big deal if they used the same phonetic symbols as R&S, but of course they don't. May I ask what you use for reading beyond grade 1? I like the concept of the BNRS, but not their nonresista
  6. What other curriculums use the same phonics symbols as R&S? I plan to use R&S english starting in 2nd grade, but not sure if I want to use the BNRS series for learning to read with my littles. Or does R&S phonics stand alone? I used CLE's learn to read with Oldest and liked it but their phonics symbols are different.
  7. I'm tempted to do this. Or maybe just order them to read myself since they are explained in terms that make so much more sense to me. It may just give me alternate ways (when needed) of explaining things to my children as we encounter them.
  8. Wow, I had no idea anything like this even existed! Guess my age is showing ,😂
  9. I saw this thread and just had to go look. It looks amazing! I especially like the picture book tie-in. I wonder if the math facts that stick series will be needed alongside or if this curriculum will utilize some of the same things and stand alone? Guess we'll see when she releases upper elementary.
  10. Thanks for posting this. I was looking at this series last year when trying to decide what to switch to for DS (because the spiral curriculum we were using was NOT working) and I couldn't remember why I decided against it. I liked some of the explanations in the samples I looked at because it explained some things the way I would explain them and actually did when introducing fractions (thinking of 3/4 as 3 of the 4). We ended up going backwards an entire year in a mastery program to give extra time to really get the math facts down and review the rest. Best decision ever. It really boosted hi
  11. Same here. We add games for extra practice, manipulatives, and a couple of good math apps to break up the monotony of flashcards and speed drills. We are also in the 4th grade book (we switched last year in the middle of grade 3) and are required to standardize test. R&S math starts out a bit slower/behind in the younger years due to the difference in scope and sequence but catches up I think around 5th grade if I remember correctly. R&S was nice enough to inform me so I wouldn't be caught off guard. Yes, math was his weaker area in testing, but only in concepts he hadn't been taught y
  12. I debated this for DS last summer since he LOVED CLE 2nd grade science. I showed him samples along with samples of 3-4 other science programs and believe it or not he picked R&S science and still won't budge after 3 years! He likes that he learns about more than one area of science and has experiments and activities that can be done but don't have to be. It's a little harder to separate that out in CLE since they tell you to "stop and do this" right in the middle of a lesson. There is usually a short list of activities and experiments to choose from after the lesson in R&S as a way of
  13. Not sure how you feel about Notgrass, but they just came out with a highschool Geography course.
  14. CLE is advanced and pretty fast moving once you hit fourth grade. Even though DS started CLE from the very beginning (grade 1), grade 4 was a disaster. I think it was more the spiral approach though, not the program itself. DS just never felt confident in CLE because it kept moving on and also phasing out concepts before he had them mastered. We switched to Rod and Staff since it is a mastery program that gives plenty of practice (if needed) and review. We went backwards an entire year to give him a solid arithmetic foundation to base all future math on and it's been a much better fit for him.
  15. Depends on your definition of buried. 😂 We have plows, salt, snowblowers, and shovels, though. Nothing new here.
  16. Morning all. Sorry I'm so sporadic these days. Life is very busy here and I sometimes just don't have the patience or time required to load this thread. It's not the site login or any other thread on here, just this one. So sometimes I have the time and patience and other times I don't. Working on my 2nd cup of coffee while laundry is doing it's thing in the washer and dryer, one ear listening to Oldest read his history lesson aloud while I'm sitting with Middle and half watching Curious George and nursing Newbie.... All this while simultaneously trying to ITT. Yes, I used ITT as a verb.
  17. I stop by to visit and it appears no one else is here. 3hrs?!
  18. Renai! How are you? Haven't seen Dancer in a loooong time. How is she and Baby Dancer doing?
  19. I was thinking the same thing when you said 8lbs because all mine were 8lbs and change. 😂
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