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  1. That part I wouldn’t go along with. They’re your memories too. I don’t think they should ask that of you. pray for them. Love them. Hugs.
  2. The cases will go up as things open up, the weather cools, and people are inside more. But I think more is known about covid now- what meds and supplements work, what to look out for, new treatments are coming out, vaccines will be out ... so I think it’ll be different this time around if people are smart about it. also, many businesses and schools are able to switch to virtual if they see a need. I’d rather see more local/individual control ongoing as hot spots pop up.
  3. My three are mostly fine. They’re glad to be back at their high school and that keeps them busy. Sports and activities are still happening. DD is getting tired of the mask and other restrictions (I think mainly homecoming dance being cancelled). They’re pretty adaptable though.
  4. Wish I had you for an aunt! We were new to the area and after the first month, I was on my own with them. Dh worked 10 out of 12 days. And it was winter. 😂
  5. One of my friends is trying to declutter like me. So sometimes I’ve seen something that would be a perfect gift, but I know she really doesn’t want more stuff. So I take a photo and text her a message with it. 😂
  6. My triplets were 7 weeks early. I loved our camera monitor; I could check on them and listen to make sure they were moving and breathing, without disturbing them. congratulations to you and your niece!
  7. There seems to be two different types of antibodies that are created- one disappears and one stays. But I’m not sure that science has figured out all the roles.
  8. matrips


    I think you can send a nice card, and not go in this situation.
  9. I’m sorry to hear about all those sick :( How many of you were taking the protocol supplements before and/or after being sick? Trying to see how effective, if at all, they might be. Vitamin D, C, magnesium, Quercetin, zinc, and NAC. Those are part of our daily regimens.
  10. Dd tried on homecoming dresses at the mall. My two ds don’t care to shop, so I order pants and shirts online and then return whatever doesn’t fit. All shopped in person for shoes to try them on.
  11. What about just doing a temporary hair color? Clairol Natural Instincts? I can’t remember if that’s the name but it washes out within 6 weeks; it is NOT permanent hair color. It costs about $8 and will take about 30 minutes.
  12. For me, it’s my crocs. The original big ugly ones. But oh, they save my back and legs!
  13. No gift is needed, but it would be nice. A simple gift and a thoughtful card would be appropriate imo.
  14. I realized the quote the second I posted it 🤦‍♀️ I tried to get it deleted before anyone noticed, but you were quick :)
  15. We use Dobie pads and haven’t had an issue with stink. We have a small suction cup stainless steel rack/holder for it that attaches to the wall of the sink, so it can drip dry in the sink and have air flow. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Scotch-Brite-Dobie-All-Purpose-Cleaning-Pad-3-Pack-MMM7232F/205609740
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