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  1. Just an idea- would it be possible to meet up with relatives at the halfway point so you don’t have to do all the driving? The day is still shot, but you’d have company and less driving to do.
  2. Thanks. I saw them on amazon, but no one had mentioned having one.
  3. Is the marriage really the issue? Or is she at a total loss with the kids moved on? Her life turned upside down and she isn’t needed or busy like before. But her dh still has his job and is gone all day. She sounds like she needs a purpose in life. Like she’s resentful at being left behind with nothing to do. If he retired and they had plans and did life together, would she still feel that way?
  4. Yeah, it’s that bad. So much for 7 years of teaching handwriting, including cursive 🙄. His other two same age siblings- handwriting is fine.
  5. Different poster here. Can you give me some specific examples of what it helped with and how? I have her program. My target child was unfortunately very resistant to it but I still keep thinking about revisiting it... Handwriting is his big issue. He’s in high school now and even when he takes his time, it looks like he scrawled it in a hurry. It’s terrible. He used to be decent when we did hwot all the time. I can’t imagine him doing an SAT essay.
  6. How big can the pieces be going in there? I’m assuming I can’t stick a whole onion or potato in; would I halve it? Quarter it? Is it hard or easy to pull?
  7. it’s okay to give the same thing again, especially if it’s a consumable. I, for one, would look forward to a gift of baked good and coffee each year. I like traditions 🙂 Chocolate. Wine. Ornament. Plant. Crossword puzzle book. Selection of unique flavored sodas or sparkling waters.
  8. I’m chopping up a bunch of onions and potatoes right now with a knife. As always. Isn’t there something better out there? A little machine that will chop and dice but not turn things to mush? I could ask for it for Christmas:). What about dicing tomatoes? Or is that pushing it?’ I have an old basic blender with a little food processor attachment. It works for grinding chicken for chicken salad, but is pretty hard on anything else. I have a mandolin slicer/grater that slices things well, but grated items are mush.
  9. lol! I thought you were suggesting cleaning instead of a date 😂. Eh, I wouldn’t worry what a sitter thinks. There’s a difference between messy and gross. People can handle messy. Don’t let cleaning take the joy out of a date. Maybe set a timer twice a day for 5-10minutes and do a quick run through of cl I wonder if he actually has a paper budget to go by. He may want to do things and say yes to please people, but then gets worried that he really doesn’t have the money or that’s there too much debt, and then back out. And then feel bad so he tries to make up for it. He may be overwhelmed or stressed too. if he has time off over the holiday, maybe the two of you can sit down and hash out a budget together and at least discuss money issues/priorities. See what your income is and what your regular bills are- gas, utilities, household supplies, insurance...look at your CC and bills to make sure you find them all. I do our budget; my dh has zero interest in money limitations 😂. But he’s good about it. But that took years. He originally was resentful/peeved that he was working hard and couldn’t spend money on what he wanted. He didn’t really see the big picture, and he didn’t want to pour over bills and accounts. So it’s been a work in progress over our marriage. I have multiple accounts set up that money goes into each month for future spending needs- car repair/new car, new roof, vacation, birthday/Christmas presents, etc. Then I have an account to pull out of instead of trying to pay for it with the current paycheck or sticking it on a cc. He also has to do gifts at work which I find annoying, but I’ve added that to the budget and put away money each month for those retirements, holidays etc. I’m less annoyed knowing it’s budgeted for. I don’t like surprise expenses.
  10. Duplo blocks with the duplo animals and trains (the duplos with the wheels) were my kids favorite!
  11. I love potlucks and trying homemade foods. We avoid all the store bought stuff with the list of 50 chemical sounding ingredients. My kids can’t eat most of that. I’ll take the homemade stuff made with real food. Index cards with ingredients are great.
  12. I hope you said yes to the date. He’s making an effort to follow on the marriage counseling suggestion. If you reject his effort, no matter what you think of his priorities, he may be less inclined next time to make the effort. And cleaning the house is not a date. Go out. Communication is so much better away from the house and all the stuff anyway.
  13. Weekly may start at 36 weeks in a regular pregnancy, but not in a high risk pregnancy. Many high risk pregnancies are not expexted to go 40 weeks full term, so everything gets bumped up. I wouldn’t be overly nervous about the weekly part; it is fairly normal procedure. I had so many ultrasounds; it was nuts. But also each appointment was reassuring as well. I didn’t have to be second guessing myself at home as to what was happening to the babies. Granted, I didn’t have other kids at the time though, so I understand how it is a hassle to even get to the doctor in your situation. Praying for a good outcome for you and your little guy.
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