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  1. Did your vitamin work up include magnesium? That’s always our go-to for sleeping better and relaxing.
  2. Just an idea- when my parents were considering a retirement place, there were quite a few that had respite and/or trial apartments available. Some were even rented for up to several months at a time. Perhaps your parents might be willing to trial one? See what it is like before committing? They were furnished, so it wasn’t like they have to move their stuff. things went downhill too quickly by the time my folks finally got around to it, and they were forced to move in a rush into a place they didn’t get to pick. Not the way to do it. 😞 and I don’t know their finances, but assisted living is expensive. It might be worthwhile to compare that to an aide/employee at their house. My mom is now in an assisted living place, but she can only afford that because my dad passed. hugs. It is tough.
  3. Yep, after staying at home and being with my kids almost 24/7 for 14.8 years, they are off to high school and my days are FREE! It is utterly amazing. I’m baking for them, doing photo albums, organizing the house, spending time with my mom, and having energy at the end of the day to want to chat and hang out instead of hide in my room. 😳. It’s not that I would have traded in my homeschooling years- I loved them. But now I finally know the other side! 😂
  4. Well, I’m one of those moms who put my kids in school this year. When we were homeschooling, I did believe it was the best. Especially for preschool, elementary, and middle school. I was completely enthusiastic and rah rah. But now they’re in high school, and I am completely enthusiastic about that, and fully believe it is the right choice now. So I guess my rah rah has switched, but yet it hasn’t. 😃. A lot of thought and research went into both sides, and both choices were/are right. For me, I feel relieved. I didn’t realize what a weight their education was becoming until high school was decided. I enjoy the quieter days and time to get things done. And they are enjoying having classmates and a competitive environment with many different teachers, many of whom really click and energize the kids instead of them having a tired mom. My kids, especially my boys, are super competitive academically and it was often hard to find peers for them. I’m glad for the extra curricular activities that I don’t have to constantly search out. I’m glad for not listening to whining about doing schoolwork. I love seeing them come home so enthusiastic about their day and telling me all the stories. I love the new things they are trying- one took up saxophone 😳 most of my friends are still homeschool moms, but even those numbers started dwindling on their own before high school. Kids get involved in different activities as they get older and go different directions with schoolwork. It’s not like when they were little and the moms directed everything. We saw some of our homeschool friends less and less over the past year or two. We all had too much to do at the older ages, and we all did things differently. I’m sorry for your loss though. It still stinks.
  5. That’s what I thought. But it seems from googling that is not the case anymore. More to do with the sealer being damaged than the granite itself it seems. Not all sealers as good as they used to be maybe? I like the new granite and figure I’ll play it safe with trivets. It just got confusing reading about the different trivets.
  6. what kind do you have? Silicone/wood/metal... We just got new granite in our kitchen and I’m trying to be careful. However, there are so many choices- and then I picked out one with a pattern and afterwards read, in one article only, to use solid ones to avoid a pattern appearing on the granite. So please tell me what you love! And help me not ruin my new countertops 🙂
  7. They sent a new vent cover. The old one was burnt and got jagged edges. No problems since. It is high capacity compared to many, but I can’t do my king comforter in it. My kids comforters are fine- twins and doubles. I have a top loader speed queen washer. From what I read, many energy star appliances get their ratings due to water efficiency and such, not for cleaning. The manufacturer just needs to have the washer use the required water and time for a cycle. Doesn’t matter if it cleans. So energy efficient often turns out not to be in real everyday life.
  8. I know this was an old thread, but I read it before fridge shopping this year. After hearing so many complaints and bad reviews of so many fridges, we decided to buy American made and inexpensive. If it does need repairs, folks will know how to work on them. (That seems to be a main complaint with Samsung and LG). And the money we saved can be used for repairs. We went with a GE French door fridge from the Sears Outlet. No ice/water in door. Good condition with only a minor blemish. Time will tell.
  9. We bought my moms lift chair at a medical supply type store near her. They gave us info on insurance, but I think we just ended up paying for it. It was around $600-$700. The store delivered it and set it up and warrantied it for a year or two. They had a catalog with a few models and I tried a few out. We got one that also reclined back all the way (instead of a wall-hugger type) because they said a lot of older folks end up sleeping in their chairs so much. That was true! Hers has an attached remote so it is easy for her to use.
  10. Would it be possible to add a little rail along the shelves to help keep stuff on? Or even just on two sides and attach to the wall at each end? Because the u shape looks nice.
  11. Everyone else sounds much more knowledgeable. This is my small piece- if part of it could be due to carpal tunnel, I’d recommend a wrist splint. I had numb fingers, hands and arms for years every night when I slept. Drove me nuts. Then the first night I used a wrist splint, no numbness! It kept the nerves/bones etc all in place during the night. Got mine at cvs or Walgreens, under $20. So maybe have her try that while you’re waiting for the neurological testing and MS testing. Maybe it can provide a little relief in the meantime. I hope they figure it out for her.
  12. Remembering this post if I ever start wishing for an open pool vs ours in a screened in lanai 😂. I would have never thought about the critters!
  13. That’s a very pretty set as it is. Can’t wait to see the remake!
  14. I’ll second the Noom app. It tracks steps and you can add extra exercise etc, but the main thing are all the psyche and food lessons. It really tries to teach about food, eating, triggers, substitutions...and has you set goals and answer questions along the way. It also has a message board and a coach and folks that have just signed on support each other and share ideas. You track calories by logging what you eat. It tells you how many you can eat a day and how many are left. It also has a green/yellow/red thing that categorizes the food you eat. You can easily tell whether you are getting more of your calories from healthier foods or caloric dense foods. It doesn’t really feel like a diet; you still choose what you want to eat and it leads you into making changes.
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