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  1. I’m sorry. That sounds hard. Maybe her doctor would consider anti-anxiety meds for her? Will she visit your dad and do an overnight visit with him? And then she goes back home?maybe she’d discover that she enjoys the meals or the social atmosphere. my mom preferred male aids to do her bathing 😳. She said they were gentler and less hurried (not in a weird way, but not making her feel like a nuisance kind of thing)
  2. Thank you for this topic. I have three teens, and I can tell I really need to be aware of the changing dynamics as they become adults. It seems I spent 24/7 with them for so many years, and doing for them and with them that mothering them is just second nature. It’ll be a big adjustment I can tell to move from mothering them, to being a mother with a mostly zipped up mouth 😬 I feel I’ve adjusted well so far as they’ve aged, but the complete independence will be very different. So again, I appreciate reading this topic and responses and experiences.
  3. I love my Columbia capris! Great travel pants. Well, I bought them for travel but I wear them everyday. Lightweight, pockets, comfy. ‘Columbia women’s anytime outdoor capris’. Can find on Amazon.
  4. We’ve been going to both all along. Ortho- just the kids go in and temp check at door. Parents wait in car. Dentist- again, patients only inside. They wear masks and plastic shields. They’ve had no incidents of covid.
  5. When people say location location, they generally mean be in a good area, not next to a dump or highway or fire station, or airport, just to have a big house or a house with the features they want. And I think you’re already being careful of that.
  6. 🤦‍♀️ Didn’t see your map post. Only reason I mentioned cocoa west was it looked like a nice 5 or 6 bedroom home at a decent price was in that area when I tried the Zillow thing. Must have been one of those by the dump or highway! No wonder it seemed too good. are you working with a realtor? They often know of homes before they are listed, and some folks buy them that way.
  7. If you use the map function on Zillow along with your house criteria, and then move it around, you may find more areas. Cocoa West?
  8. I’d move away from Orlando and closer to the coast. Better allergies, more house for the money, less traffic, same distance probably to sister but closer to parents. (If I read the directions correctly)
  9. I’m a fix-it personality too- an engineer. And my best friend had a medically fragile child. So when she tells me stuff, I first go off to google for her and give her info. And then I step back and go 🤦‍♀️, and say I’m so sorry. Fortunately she appreciates my practical side of research, but she also appreciates just knowing I’m keeping them in our thoughts and prayers, or lighting a candle for him. When one of mine is sick, she checks in regularly, first thing each morning. So I’ve learned to check in regularly as well. After a death, the hardest thing is to see life going on as
  10. We’re just doing chicken with gravy, mashed potatoes , stuffing, cranberry sauce and Brussels sprouts. Kids had a hand in the menu 🙂
  11. I just tried it for area I know that would be noisy- bmx park, airport, train, stadium etc. it didn’t pick any of that up. from what I could see, their noise levels were based upon street traffic.
  12. For noise- you can check for airplane lines of flights, trains, and police shooting ranges, bmx parks, stadiums and places with music/lights/fireworks. Folks in neighborhoods near us are often surprised at how the sound travels, even though they didn’t think they were very close. We live over 2 miles from a bmx park and can still hear the loudspeakers and music at times.
  13. We went to the local mall and walked around at various times to get a feel for who lived and worked there. And to the local parks. Those work off of a gut feel sometimes. We drove around noticing the restaurants and Home Depots and various businesses. Again at various times of time and in the evening, once we thought we liked a particular area. We insisted on a neighborhood with sidewalks because our kids were still younger, and because I like sidewalks 🙂
  14. Your first paragraph is super helpful, thank you. So if I’m interested in quotes from any of those companies listed, I go to them or their agent directly. A broker would not be able to quote them for me, but brokers work with dozens of smaller/lesser known companies that I might not even know about. I’ll be busy with phone calls next week
  15. Different experience but we went from an island with a stovetop to a plain island (no stove tops, sinks etc). Oh my, how I love it!!! The space to spread out and cook and chop and platter. My sink and dishwasher are to my back. It’s perfect. 10 years ago I had a sink in our island. I liked the fact that I could look out to the playroom, but the sink was disruptive and in the way. I could have walked around to the other side of the island, but then I’d be too far from the stove.
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