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  1. My son seems to go through alarm clocks. They just stop working properly. Has anyone bought one in the past 1-2 years that is still working? Old ones seem to last longer than the newer ones which is why I’m asking about ones purchased in the past year or two that are still working well. Make and model, or link would be great! Thanks
  2. Pictionary and charades can be social distanced
  3. What do you find as the biggest benefit to rowing as an exercise?
  4. I redid our closets several years ago with these. What a difference! Love how neat it makes it all look. We had such an assortment of department store hangers and tube hangers. I got rid of all them.
  5. Found the name- it’s called a Pit Mitt. now I have to buy a second one! https://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/charcoal-companion-pit-mitt-reg-bbq-glove-in-black/5028216
  6. I have one grilling glove and it is my favorite. I use it for the grill and the oven. I like having the finger style. It’s like a black knit glove with silicon on the palm. Easy to grip things with. I don’t even know where I got it; I think it came with some grilling items. I also have a pair of much cuter silicone mitts from BBBY. But I don’t like them as much. More slippery. The end of one mitt has a hole that formed (silicone tearing?).
  7. Yes! A king size bed is such a huge difference from a queen. It’s like having your own bed. And you truly have your own space, without feeling like you’re bumping into dh. When we stay in hotels, I am reminded all over again how much I love our king 🙂. We actually went and tested mattresses together (it was advice given to us). We laid on the mattresses in the store, pretending to sleep, roll over etc to see if we could feel the other persons movement or if it would make us sink in the middle or something. I know you’re not supposed to keep a mattress this long, but it’s been 20 years and
  8. I wore my progressives at home, and waited a few days to drive with them. When you’re sitting at the computer, slowly raise and lower your head to see if there is better clarity. They may have made that section too high or too low. Find it, and then you can tell them. You should be able to find, by slowly raising/lowering your head while looking at something, which position you need to hold your head for the most clarity in reading and at the pc. give it a few days. If trouble continues, it could be the lenses are off. I had to have a pair of mine remade once.
  9. Something very similar happened several years ago with a little girl from church. It was after she was sick (just cold/flu type stuff), and she couldn't walk for months. But she did recover and is fine now.
  10. What exercises were wrecking your joints? I'm trying to get a home workout plan together, but don't want to inadvertently hurt myself. Thanks.
  11. I would recommend getting your heart looked at. There are common issues with the heart after covid. I think ibuprofen even for a couple months would be fine. What about taking NAC?
  12. She’s up and cooking 🙄 She’s not worse. Tired and still not feeling great, but not near as bad as she was. And yes, I’ve told her to go rest. Her dh is different than mine 🤷‍♀️
  13. Well, her 02 was 91 this morning. So better than yesterday, but still not great. Fingers numb. Pressure behind eyes. But doctor says bloodwork shows no covid. Thinks it is a bad strain of flu. And the fluid around the heart is causing most of the 02 issues? She’ll get the swab version of the covid test back in 2 days. But they really don’t think it’s covid. I did tell her about proning, and she says doc also told her to sleep on her stomach. she did have a flu shot a month or so ago too. Pretty much all the hospitals are good around us. And I don’t think they’re anywher
  14. Her husband called the hospital when it hit 85; he’s keeping an eye on her and he read an article I sent her about low oxygen levels and feeling ‘fine’. She would not choose to go on her own I know. We have tons of hospitals and ERs around us, so yes she could.
  15. I don’t know. How would they know about the periocardis thing otherwise? I hope they weren’t assuming! I’ll ask
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