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  1. Exactly. And I think their misinformation played into how this was handled here originally. I mean all of China and only 3000 deaths?. That didn’t seem to warrant shutting our entire country down. I think once folks saw the numbers in Italy though...
  2. I think the supposition is that many of those 21 million accounts may be dead. They said Chinese aren’t allowed to cancel their own accounts and most months the numbers grow.
  3. Wow! That’s a lot of cancelled accounts 😳.
  4. How did 39 million n95 masks just get ‘found’ after Barr threatened to find and prosecute hoarders.? And they’re only selling them at a 700% markup. 🙄 but the medical teams will have them at least.
  5. Or waiting for WHO to think it serious enough to declare a pandemic. They didn’t do that until March 11.
  6. Are they employees or independent contractors? I thought they work when they want?
  7. I’m wondering if it’s because families are now home. Before, families used tp at work or school or out and about. It shared the demand. Now it’s the home supply everyday.
  8. I don’t know. The people that are out of work may be the best ones to weigh in. My dh is still being paid; if we get a check I just want to find a way to donate it to someone that needs it more. in a city, putting money and essentials into food banks would be an alternative. But not everyone lives in an area that would be served well by that. I’d love to see more people like that young (19yo) millionaire basketball player step up-he offered to pay the salaries of the workers at the arena. How many other athletes and Hollywood folks and more could help like this! Our private sector could really step up -instead of tearfully saying how many you've had to let go, maybe offer to still pay a group of people. I hate that people look to the government to fix everything all the time. Not every business or person can do this, but those that can, should.
  9. I went in for milk eggs and bread today and came out with a huge cartful of groceries. People may have thought I was panicking. It was actually more that I realized that with school out, I’d have three teenagers home all day, and they eat a lot 😳. For some reason they eat way more when they’re home, than when they eat before school or pack for lunch.
  10. I never planned to color my hair. Ever. My mom never did and it always looked really nice. And I hated the thought of chemicals in my head. However, she was a redhead and I am a brunette. The colors looked nice on her. It was really really noticeable on me, and not in a nice way. However, I still held out. I started having white/grey grow in when I was in my forties, with toddler children. I saw another mom who embraced the grey at church one day and she had little kids with her. To me, in my opinion, she looked like a grandmother because of the hair (she wasn’t; she was likely my age).. It just made her look so old. Sorry!!! I’m not meaning to offend, but trying to answer PeterPans question. I didn’t want to look old. I had young children. I felt young. I wanted my look to match the way I felt. If I was 70 or 80 before turning grey, then maybe I would’t have cared. I am now in my fifties with teenagers and still coloring. i did start with Clairol Naturals that washed out in 6 weeks. Did that for several years. Now I just use permanent. But unfortunately my hair grows fast and the white reappears quickly. i am glad I color it. I just wish I didn’t have grey hair without it.
  11. Googling slide on shoe brings up styles that would work for you on dsw. i love my crocs for around the house
  12. This kind of basic style?
  13. I know! I’m just checking back in and seeing all these deletes. Have mercy on the slow pokes 🙂
  14. What cough medicine works the best in your experience? I need to buy some. Thanks
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