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  1. Thank you. Maybe I will box everything up and wait until the spring. I have so much that I just want it gone, but I also have so much invested in it. Which FB groups do you like? Or do you cross-post? I appreciate the info about insurance and packing. Do you price shipping accurately or add in a handling cost? Priority sounds the easiest to me; no weighing involved. But is it too expensive for most people? just a tip back - I appreciated when sellers put the books inside plastic bags in the boxes. I had a postman leave a box in a puddle one time. ?
  2. Hi, On the old boards years ago, the classifieds were awesome for buying and selling. Then it faded. How is it now? Is it active and worth the time? My kids are now going into high school and I have tons of Singapore, AAS, history books and so much more to sell. Getting organized and figuring out best places to list it. Advice welcome! especially with packing and shipping or listing.
  3. one of mine would be the one to curl up and read it. LOL. the other two kids, probably not. :)
  4. He must not teach on M/W. the kids have a coop on Tuesdays which let out T/Th classes. We should touch base as the year goes on to see how it's going with our kids ?
  5. I'm signing my kids up for GC at WHA, and EW2 at WTM. Does it seem like they are in a virtual classroom? Do they see everybody? Or what? Thanks!
  6. What is an online 'live' class like? My kids have done self-paced classes, but never a live one. Do they see the other kids? the teacher? How do they interact? Is there any special equipment or software that makes it a better experience? My kids have headphones. The computer has a camera/mic, but I know you can purchase ones as well. Thank you! We signed them up with Ranya Bailey for GC1.
  7. Just found out our coop teacher cancelled her classes, including the WWS 2 my kids planned to take. So I’m scrambling to find a good course. Suggestions? Anyone take WTM Academy Expository Writing 2? What teachers do you like/dislike?
  8. I am looking at the Great Conversations 1 course for my kids. Ranya Bailey and Joel Verano are the two choices for teachers. Has anyone done this course or had these teachers? Thanks.
  9. bumping. anyone?? There are two teachers Joel Verano and Ranya Bailey.
  10. Hi, who has done these classes? Through Wilson Hill? Recommended teachers for GC 1? Many feedback and reviews? Other sources for something similar? and if anyone can tell me how to search on these new forums, then I’d appreciate it! I have not adapted well to the forum change and can’t find stuff as easily.
  11. I found bridesmaids dresses (needed 6) for my wedding years ago at Macy’s. I’m not sure I was tied to a color though. I think I was flexible and just looking for something nice. Macy’s was also able to ship sizes from some of their other stores; that was a help. And coupons could be used :).
  12. I used your method to get in. Posting this to see if my user name or email appears :) and yay! User name! Thank you for the workaround.
  13. Has he ever been seen by an OT? Or had his reflexes checked? I had always assumed my kids were fine physically and was shocked when I saw how they responded to the OTs retained reflexes test. One was easily fixed (for lack of a better word) and many inattentive type issues and the distractedness and anger have greatly diminished as his body and brain are working better together now. The other one is getting there. It’s been an interesting journey, and has explained so much. I enjoy sitting in on the Therapy and as he/his body reacts, she explains what is going on.
  14. Grandmom, Grandma, granny, mum-mum
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