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  1. Really??!! Oh wow! I didn’t think that we wouldn’t be able to stop. I might need Depends 😳. I’ll check on the restrictions thanks
  2. Another great idea of a place to stop!
  3. Let’s hope so! Thanks. I do have wipes, gloves, sanitizer, microban spray etc. just want to be so careful not to pick something up and bring it with us.
  4. I hope the visit went well and he has good memories. Thanks. Yes, it’s important for him and the kids. And who knows when there will be a ‘good’ time. I like the grocery store too. Thanks
  5. Great idea. I was wondering how to keep that clean in bathrooms. More concerned about my three teens. Neatness isn’t their thing. So I want to have a system down for all of us.
  6. That’s a great idea thanks. We were trying to think of places to stop.
  7. It is cheaper, but we also felt it was safer than being in airports on each end, and the flight itself. eta- there are 5 of us
  8. Please give ideas on how to keep us safe. And not pick up coronavirus. No comments about the travel itself. This might be MILs last year with or without us visiting. DH is set on it and I need to support him. We are taking the auto train from Florida to Virginia and then driving nonstop to MA to visit 91yo MIL. We have stayed home and not been out and about since March. It’s just the trip that worries me. We have the lower level on the train- so it’s not a walk-through area and it’s a limited number of seats there. We’ll bring our own food/drinks. A friend gave us N95 masks to wear. But what about the bathroom? On the train and along the highway. What are the safest places to stop? What kind of spraying/cleaning/precautions? Any other tips? I know we can’t hold it that long!
  9. Looks like there was an auditing problem found this past year? florida has a huge online learning system called FLVS. The program he cut was something else.
  10. I’m so sorry!! I automatically click the quote button to reply and didn’t even notice. I fixed it.
  11. Me please!!!! I have stocked up on D, C, zinc, NAC, and quercetin due to these threads. Have spent a small fortune 😂. But I’m not really that sure what to do with it all. Last night I had sore throat and today a headache and temp of 99. I was at Walmart last week to buy hand sanitizer and Penney’s to return mail order items. That’s it. Most everyone was wearing a mask. Otherwise we’ve been home since March. No grocery stores or Home Depot’s or parks or anything. I am taking extra C, my regular zinc magnesium and D3, and took one quercetin today. What else? How much? If folks talk about supplements, can you specify how much to use, what type, and when? That would be super helpful!!! Thanks
  12. matrips


    I wouldn’t fly if I didn’t have to. I read American Airlines said they would be filling every seat, while Southwest still commits to an empty middle seat I believe. Just know what you’re getting into, as well as understanding any risk you may bring to your relatives.
  13. Do you remember which thread had that graph? I’d love to check it out. Thanks.
  14. We have plans to visit my 91yo MIL in July. I’m not thrilled about the timing, but if we don’t go, we might not see her alive again. We need to pass through quarantine states and I think she is in one too. We are packing groceries, books, and whatever we need to just stay at her house and not go out. We’ve been home since March and don’t go out so that we don’t bring her anything. At least as sure as we can be.
  15. But the media has been blaming the recent spikes in other states to reopenings which happened May 1 and had no issues during the month before the protests. The spikes occurred 2-3 weeks after the protests. Based on that logic, NY shouldn’t see spikes for 6 weeks then.
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