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  1. This is the recipe we used. I thought it was very good. We heated up Naan bread as our pita. https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/ground-beef-gyros/
  2. We made a version of Greek gyros with ground beef - shaped into rectangular patties and cooked on grill. Easy and didn’t heat up kitchen.
  3. You would think that would be part of the product information, but I haven’t found handle length mentioned. Or overall height when extended.
  4. Thank you for that! I added it to my cart. We’ll give it a try and see what they think.
  5. Always learning something new from you all. 🙂. And just had a great laugh reading the gummy bear reviews! I never would have guessed!
  6. My dd bought him a crossword puzzle book (same brand and series we like). He’s always doing ones he find in the papers and we’ll be on a laid back vacation this summer (visiting relatives), so lots of downtime.
  7. Anyone have one? How tall are the handles and is a comfortable height for teenage males? I don’t want them to have to be bent over to roll it, so I want a good stable one with a long enough handle. This would be if I can convince them to use it for high school next year (just diagnosed with scoliosis). So willing to get a decent one. Any suggestions on features to look for that make it easier for classroom/campus use? Most of the campus has one story buildings, no steps. only one building has stairs but that one also has an elevator. Brands/models or links welcome! 🙂. Thanks.
  8. I’m hoping they could refer to a PT so the PT could show them how to strengthen and help their back, and what not to do that could make it worse.
  9. Interesting, I’ll add that to my notes to ask about. Thanks
  10. Good idea. I’m going to bring that up to the boys. It’s not a cool look perhaps, but maybe they’ll put their back first. yes, those braces look mighty uncomfortable.
  11. I think it had to be a contributing factor no matter what they said. It would be nice if they all agreed and maybe even pointed it out as part of physicals, especially entering puberty. my dd hasn’t had her annual appointment yet, so I’m wondering about her now too.
  12. Thats really helpful. Thanks. I will ask if they have this. our PCP said they don’t refer to an orthopedic for mild cases. I think she said under 30%. My thought is I’d rather see the orthopedic early and avoid getting to that point. I’m hoping they’ll refer to a PT if I ask.
  13. Thanks. I will run through those with them tomorrow. So far, nothing on there stuck out, but I’ll check the ones were able to anyway.
  14. Thanks for that note. I will ask the orthopedic if he would refer them to a PT that could teach them useful exercises for this.
  15. No he’s not hyper mobile. He and his identical twin both have their left shoulder higher than their right currently. It wasn’t always like that, so I asked the ped if their book bag this past year (their first full year at a school) could have contributed. They said no. But a heavy book bag all year slung over that shoulder, during the year they finally started growing- they grew about 4” which is a lot for them. 🤷‍♀️ But I appreciate you mentioning eds. It’s always good to think out loud and consider things. We have several friends that have it and one has a really bad case of it.
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