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  1. I'm not sure if I should say thanks or not...based on how much money I just spent. Now (kidwise, anyway) I only have 2 left to shop for!
  2. I have never, ever given this much thought. I just...read. Whenever, wherever. Usually for us, that means on the couch. The kids squeeze in however they can. Sometimes it means a kid is sitting on the back of the couch. Sometimes the toddler is standing. Currently, our youngest isn't even a month (yet), and somehow we still RA. I've been doing a lot from the love seat in our bedroom, as that is where I do a lot of nursing. Yes, we've squeezed all 5 kids (NB in my lap, everybody else squashed in or on the arms) on the love seat. Often one will decide it's too squished after a while and move to
  3. Well, all of ours (minus the NB) help DH with working on our tractors, backhoes, and vehicles. So that's a 10 yo, 8 yo, 7 yo, and almost 4 yo. Frankly, the 10 yo probably (almost certainly) knows more about vehicles/vehicle maintenance than I do. Obviously DH gives them age appropriate jobs (so the 4 yo gets a tiny tool and something he can't possibly harm to "work on" as he observes). So yes, I'd vote safe.
  4. Well, I have some that I use at that time of the month sometimes. As for capacity, it depends on the materials it is made from and how many layers you have. Some have a waterproof backing; others do not. I prefer my 4 layer (I think? I got this one at a craft fair long ago) flannel one. That's it. Just layers of flannel. I also definitely prefer ones with wings with snaps to help them stay in place. I have absolutely no understanding of why these would be super gross (or, at least, any more gross than a disposable pad or tampon). That is a viewpoint that I have never, ever understood, d
  5. OP...I can think of only once when I have abandoned a cart. As a general rule...it's never okay. Nobody wants to return to their car and find it damaged by a rogue shopping cart that someone couldn't be bothered to put away. And I say that as someone who had 3 kids in 3 years. So yes, even for someone with littles, I believe they need to return their cart. As for freesia's question, you don't bring them with you to return the cart. You take them to the car, load merchandise and kids into car, and dash to return the cart by yourself. It's way, way safer (imo) to leave them in the car than to
  6. Well, we are about to put a car seat for our newborn in our van. This baby officially fills up the van. Currently, it seats 7. We could replace the 2 captain's chairs in the middle with a bench seat, but that would make getting in back very difficult. As it happens, this is our last child. Is the size of the van a factor? Certainly, although not the most important one. It's actually way down the list, behind things like age and finances and just generally feeling like our family is complete. Also, this fifth pregnancy was by far my most difficult physically. At the end of the others, I was
  7. My first thoughts were: Daisy Maisy Cookie Dandelion (okay...that comes from my kids) Ivy
  8. Well, our littlest is just over a week old. My mom is here helping out. But she takes this pandemic seriously and started SIP again weeks before he was born to be really careful. I don't know when my sister's family will meet baby. They both work and the kids are in school. So even though they take what precautions they can...it's just more risk than I want right now. DH's side of the family is even less likely to meet baby. They take only required precautions (i.e. masking in public places due to a mandate here now). But they are totally fine with indoor gatherings, groups, etc...even duri
  9. Well, our area does not have any gated communities. But DH (volunteer FF) says that lots of businesses give them a key to a box outside the business. Theoretically, the keys to the business should be inside. So, he'd suspect that if there was no manned gate, something like that would happen. Or that the sirens should trigger the gate as in the OP (kind of like how they have a system that turns all traffic lights to green). Barring that, he says "we've got tools. We'll get into anything."
  10. I feel your pain, OP. We have a 10 yo, 8 yo, just turned 7 yo, almost 4 yo, and a newborn. The 10 and 8 yos read just fine. The newly 7 yo is *almost* reading independently. (We are halfway-ish through the intermediate level of Progressive Phonics.) Those 3 all started reading lessons not long after turning 4. Well, the 3 yo will be 4 soon. And...I am just not feeling it. Why did I start so early with the others? I mean, the 7 yo has now been doing reading lessons for 3 years and is just taking off. Why didn't I just wait until 5 or 6 and I'd bet he'd be in the same place? The 3 yo wil
  11. I guess I am confused about why the neighbor's cutting down trees and building outbuildings has any bearing on this situation. I mean, I get that you don't like that now he can view your property. But I am assuming (which I probably shouldn't do), that these things are being done on his property. So that's really out of your control and you just need to make peace with that. I agree with some other posters that I'd start with a conversation with the neighbor first. I mean, at least give the neighbor a chance to improve things before escalating the situation. Or at least, I'd want to, becaus
  12. A quick update on me...I exercised yesterday! Anyone who thinks a fast and furious labor isn't exercise can just scroll to the next post! Me: DH, you're in charge of dinner. DH (half an hour later, checking on me): Should I call the midwife? Me: Sure, tell her I am making progress. (I wasn't sure this was the real thing.) (One Hour later) DH: It's time for the midwife to come, right? Me: Sure, but at this rate it could still be a while. (Half an hour later) Me: Oh, DH! Our baby! He's fabulous! He's already captured the hearts of his 4 siblings. So my important jobs for to
  13. First, I am both Catholic and from the Midwest. When DH and I married, my parents basically said a version of "this is how much we can contribute. You can use it how you want, but anything more is up to you." Also, fwiw, the amount (for various reasons) was not the same as the amount as they were able to help my older sister. I fully intend to take the same route with out children. I mean, some might want a small, super fancy wedding, while others want a ceremony with lots of guests but a reception in the backyard. Also, are you sure his family will be able (allowed) to travel? When a c
  14. I should note I am not a baker nor a chef. However, I do enjoy eating cupcakes, so that gives me credibility, right? So I'd bake them today because I wouldn't want to be rushed tomorrow. However, if I didn't have 4 kids 10 and under with another due pretty much any day, I might make them tomorrow morning. Probably not, because me being me, I'd still feel rushed. I'd use paper liners. I might wait to frost until tomorrow though. I wouldn't refrigerate if I frosted tomorrow, though I might if I frosted today. Also, make extra so you have leftovers. Thanks for a cupcake thread! P.S
  15. I can say pretty definitely that I (that is, at least me and our children) will not be seeing DH's side of the family for either. They fall in the "CV19 is a hoax, way overblown, only wear masks if absolutely required, no distancing" category of people. No thanks to that, especially as we will have a little baby. My family social distances, avoids unnecessary errands, avoids indoor gatherings, etc...And I still don't think I will want to gather in person this fall/winter. A season of zoom holidays could be fun, right?
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