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  1. First, OP, you can totally do this. As this poster said, what you start off studying may not be your final choice...and that's okay. I hope you find something that works for you. As for @AbcdeDooDah, congrats re: what I bolded! I hope you are celebrating however your heart wishes (a long nap, a big bowl of ice cream, a weekend alone, whatever you want and can manage)!
  2. OP, I hope some of the strategies work out. One thing I would not do is tell her it's painless, or even that most people think it's painless. If she has a difficult experience that could make future shots even harder. (FWIW, I had both experiences. My 1st shot was painless. Had I not been watching, I wouldn't have known I had gotten a shot. But the second shot? Hands down the most painful shot I've ever experienced. It was worse than all the other shots I've had in my life combined...want to jump out of my chair and scream bloody murder bad. Thankfully, shots are short.) I hope you are able
  3. I am way to sleep deprived to answer the OP well. I am RC, so I will just nod along to what @Murphy101 has been posting. Now, for a slight thread deviation, congrats to your kids @Murphy101!
  4. DD's bday is the day before one of DH's bdays. One of DH's birthdays? Yes. You see, for a not small amount of his childhood, he/his family thought his birthday was a certain date. Then, his parents needed his birth certificate for something. And lo and behold, his birthday is actually the day before what they thought. So I don't feel bad at all when I mix up our 5 kids birthdays.
  5. OP, if she is still having external issues, and there is a place to make this happen, even better than just letting the area "breathe" at night would be exposing it to light. If there is a place she can lay with legs spread (even using her hands to expose as much of the external parts as possible) in the sun for just a few minutes (you definitely don't want to add sunburn to the issues), it will help more quickly. Again, if anyone tries this, even 2 minutes is good. Yes, it's awkward, but it definitely provides relief.
  6. I...I...would do this. As long as I don't have to pick up the floor first, I would gladly vacuum for other people. I have long since accepted that other people are weird and don't think vacuuming is fun and relaxing. I will never understand that point of view. Sadly, the drive probably precludes me doing this.
  7. A new vacuum! (That really, truly is the way to my heart. And DH will never be able to take advantage of that.) Picture me swooning over here. I hope you at least like Chinese food. I wish you beautiful weather and a day that's completely uneventful!
  8. Blah...I hope things start turning around soon. Do you at least get a new vacuum out of this? Please just tell me yes. Vacuumming is my favorite chore. I can not overstate how much I love it. Back in my college dorm days, I'd check out the vacuum from the front desk, and go around asking to vacuum other rooms. That's how much I love it. Sadly, for this anyway, we live in an all tile house. So a measly stick vac works well. And, while it's okay, it's just not the same as a "real" vac. So please just tell me you get a new vacuum and I will live vicariously through you. Or perhaps you hate it,
  9. Welp, next time we're having one of those days around here, I have a new game plan. Pack everyone in car. Run to store for ice cream. Drive to nearby park or lake. Eat all of the ice cream. I think a "no leftovers" rule would be appropriate. Then let the kids run it off. If possible, I'd do the ice cream thing by myself, but that's tougher if DH is working. OP, I hope things are much better by now.
  10. Oh, celebrating Confirmation on Pentecost is extra special, given that it's the sacrament of the Holy Spirit! Congrats to her!
  11. Also, think through what you want the very end to look like. That is, do you want to be there at the moment of death, if possible? When we realized we were down to maybe a week with my dad, my sister took one last trip there. I also wanted to see him one more time, but needed to take the kids with me due to DH's work schedule/lack of that much childcare for 4 kids. My sister was amazed/concerned that I'd think about making that trip with kids. "What if he passes while you are there? What if they are in the room?" I, OTOH, was shocked that she thought I wouldn't make one last trip. I just
  12. Losing a parent is so hard...I am sorry you are going through this. It's been almost 3 years since we lost my dad to pancreatic cancer. Others have given lots of good advice/thoughts. I want to address the part about your kids. We had 4 kids under 8 when my dad passed. He battled for almost 2 years. We never hid the fact that he was sick from them. We used kid appropriate language. ("Grandpa went to the doctor because he wasn't feeling well. Grandpa's sickness is called pancreatic cancer. Our hearts hurt because there really aren't good treatments for it.") We answered any questions they as
  13. Someone I am generally in agreement RE: CV19 stuff and I had a discussion in which we came to very different decisions. So, of course, I am curious what the greater population would do...enter the Hive! J. received the firsst dose of the Moderna vax. J. felt crummy for about 1 day and definitely had Covid arm. As the appt. for the 2nd dose approached, the muscle still felt off and the injection site still was itchy, though not constantly. So, knowing that the reaction to the 2nd dose is often stronger, WWYD? Also, would this affect your decision about vaxxing your children under 12 when
  14. @Syllieann I am sorry you are dealing with that. FWIW, we just went to Mass as a family since this began (I went last weekend to a special Confirmation Mass) this weekend. We did so because we wanted to baptize our baby and have DD make her First Holy Communion while the godparents were visiting. While church was full, every other pew was still roped off. Also, the rate of masking was higher than I hoped for. Our bishop strongly encourages masking in places without orders now. I don't think we will go again in person for a bit longer though. It just feels like a sacrifice that I can
  15. @Terabith Thanks for the photo! Does this mean you weren't arrested while taking it? I am sort of disappointed that the flowers are so ordinary looking, though perhaps the yellow is itself some sort of message from one side to the other. I would also like to note that pretending not to be a Russian spy is exactly what a Russian spy would do, so if the shoe fits...
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