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  1. Well, Catholics would say the ultimate intimacy is receiving Christ, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Eucharist. And Mass is the way we have to do that. It is not a time for socializing. I mean, not that people couldn't, if there is a gathering space outside the church. But generally, at Catholic parishes I have been too, people enter and quickly make their way into the church to prepare themselves/pray beforehand. Now, after the Mass is a different story. Every parish has a different vibe. Some parishes have basically no socializing afterwards, with all/most heading home immediately. The socializing/helping others comes out in Bible studies, fish fries, etc...Other parishes have active coffee times afterwards. Yes, I'd say most Catholic parishes have clear lines in this sense. Very little socializing happens before Mass, as you wouldn't want to disturb anyone preparing for Mass, and you yourself (general you) would want to be preparing for the most intimate experience (the Eucharist). Anyway, until this thread I had no idea some churches used nametags. It would seem very out of place at a Catholic Mass, ime. Well, sometimes ushers have nametags that identify they as ushers.
  2. If I am understanding correctly, you have absolutely no proof that someone took it versus the store making a mistake. I...cannot imagine confronting someone about this and accusing them of stealing in such a case. I know that if someone did that to me, it would definitely...cast a shadow over any relationship we have. Therefore, gently, I think you just need to let this go.
  3. Once our kids are out of high chairs, we don't contain them at the table. And they've all been done with the high chair by 2ish. Yes, sometimes they run off. Sometimes they graze as they dash around like mad. Generally, they have all stayed in the kitchen area though, as that's where the action is. So it makes it easy to keep an eye on them. I cannot fathom wanting to contain an unwilling 3 yo at the table. It just sounds like a disaster in the making. No one would enjoy the meal, so what's the point? But as for helpful suggestions, do you have a belt? As in, a belt for pants. Try that, putting the buckle in the back. And good luck if this is something you continue to choose to do. I hope you find a path to calmer mealtimes.
  4. We always use whatever my MW recommends. (We can purchase it as part of our birth kit.) Generally, we are good about the first doses...and then our compliance drops off. So far ours have been exclusively BF. If you need, I can look up what brand she currently recommends. (Our youngest is now 3, so it certainly might have changed!)
  5. My heart dropped reading this...and I have been a public school 4th grade teacher! First, the "what to do" and "what not to do" examples should be given before a project is done (and in fact, may have been). Also, my examples for those would have come from previous years and/or things I made up just for that situation. If there is going to be class editing, I'd have pulled the samples back out and then asked students to check for specific things in their own work. I just don't think most 4th graders are mature enough to do peer editing of projects well. I hope you do address this with the teacher and IEP team.
  6. I'd totally send along a homemade muffin mix (that is, dry ingredients for some of our favorite muffins). They can have fun making them together and then have snack for a couple days. Also, even though it's winter and cold, they'd be taking along all their winter gear. My mom's house is...small, really small and not well laid out. And her tolerance for noise/chaos is very different from what is allowed in our house (IOW, she can't handle any. There is NO running in the house, no jumping, worked with my quiet, compliant sisters and I growing up, but our kids are not like that.) So getting outside daily would be pretty much non-negotiable or everyone would go crazy.
  7. If anyone in our family is sick, we try to hunker down as much as possible. I mean, DH would still go to work if he's not sick. Or one of us might need to run to the grocery store. But pretty much everything else gets put off if possible. Frankly, I don't know if I would trust them after this. I would certainly be asking a lot of questions before any possible get-togethers.
  8. Well, my brain followed the same path yours did. The other way isn't bad, necessarily, just more overdone.
  9. Okay, now I need to know it's pattern. But I have a feeling this would drive me batty too.
  10. I am glad I read responses before responding. Please don't waste either on banana muffins. Signed, Someone who thinks bananas smell terrible and therefore has never eaten one (or anything banana flavored)
  11. Oh, I will fully admit that I use TPT stuff in the class I teach at our church.'s not the lesson itself, you know. I go there to look for a craft or activity to reinforce the lesson for the week. The concept of teachers using it as curriculum is just sad to me, as to me it's obvious that it's not designed for that. I wouldn't be surprised if 80% of teachers use it. But I'd hope that the majority aren't using TPT resources as their full curriculum for reason others have stated.
  12. We will be thinking of all of you during church this morning and will light a candle for Grant.
  13. Yes, typically you'll notice the fridge getting too warm before noticing the freezer getting warmer, because the cooling coil is in the freezer, and the fridge depends on airflow from the freezer to keep cool. When the coil ices up it blocks the airflow so the fridge warms up, but the freezer still keeps cold by conduction because there's a very cold block of ice in the back of it. If you don't see frost in the back of the freezer section, near the vents, then it's probably not iced up, but you could still check by unplugging and warming it up (might not be easy if it's in a garage). Usually there will be enough water to overflow the pan under the fridge and run out on the floor, or pull the pan out and check when it stops dripping. Defrost problems are 90% of refrigerator not cooling problems.
  14. Does anybody in the family like to tinker? If it's cooling, just not enough, then it's either low on coolant (probably r134a which is easy to get, but not easy to charge for an average kid), or it's not defrosting. If it's not defrosting, there are several possibilities of what's failed, like the heater, defrost thermostat, or usually the defrost control board. Or you can manually defrost it and keep using it, or convert the whole thing to a refrigerator only so it doesn't need to defrost. If it needs to be defrosted, then the back of the freezer compartment will usually be frosted up, unplug it and leave it open with a fan blowing into the freezer until it stops dripping, then if it cools normally, it just needed to be defrosted, and might need it again every month.
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