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  1. You know, "rules" is probably not the best word to use here (although it certainly does have some). It really just breaks spelling down step-by-step. And it gives plenty of practice for each step. But the FLOSS rule is jumping out at me (mostly because both kids have been helped by it). that is, you double the consonants f, l, and s at the end of one syllable words after a short vowel. Also, it taught when to use "ck" for the /k/ sound at the end of a one syllable word. Our oldest really needs things like that explicitly taught. And then he needs to practice just that skill before combining it
  2. I have a 10 yo who reads just fine for whom spelling is very difficult. I tried a lot of things. Nothing seemed to help him spelling-wise. And then 2 things happened. And he has finally started making progress in spelling. He can now even realize that something he wrote isn't right for some reason (not always, but sometimes). Even better than that is he can sometimes fix those mistakes with no prompting/help from me! So what were those 2 things that happened. One is that baby #5 joined our family and we took a few months off from spelling. I honestly think that his brain just finally mature
  3. We use the audio versions as our world history. Kids are currently 10, 9, 7, 4, and a baby. It is the only audio thing I have ever had success in including in our official schooling. Prior to SOC, we used SOTW vol. 1, which was a complete fail here. For us, SOC is much more interesting and much better written. Add in the fact that we are Catholic, and it just makes sense for us to use SOC. We just listen to as much or as little as we want at any given time. Also, even I enjoy listening. So it can appeal to a wide range. Someday, I will probably invest it a timeline. But I will try an
  4. OMG, thank you for framing this as mentoring. I have a child who is more difficult for me to parent than others. I've thought of this "trying to keep him near me" bit, but know this kid would see it as punishment. But if I frame it as mentoring, I might get his buy-in. OP, you've gotten some good ideas. I hope you are able to find some things that make life easier (for him, and those around him).
  5. We had a poetry breakfast today, with an easy menu of skillet cranberry coffee cake and baked apples. It's such a nice way to start a weekend day. I am hoping to get some cardio in today. We also need to do (a lot of) cleaning. My mom wants to come visit now that she's vaccinated. Our last visitor was her, after DS5 was born 5 months ago. I confess that we didn't have the house in tip-top shape then. The last time we cleaned really, really well for visitors was pre-pandemic. So it's definitely time to get to some cleaning things I have been letting slide (like cleaning under kids beds).
  6. Ooh...baked apples! I haven't made them in forever. And a bonus is that my kids will love them and think they are a fabulous treat. Plus, they can do most of the work themselves. I think I will add them to our poetry breakfast this weekend. Thanks for the idea!
  7. I guess I am off to research foods that are high in potassium. Bananas are firmly on my list of foods that shall not pass my lips. My mom couldn't even get me to eat them as a baby. If she mixed them into something, I'd spit the banana pieces out. If it was something like banana bread...out it'd come. And I still can't stand the smell. (My FOO claims they don't smell. They. Are. Wrong (imo anyway).Bananas have a very strong, very unappetizing smell.) But, there's got to be other foods I can substitute, right?
  8. I am popping in with an update and a question. I am usually getting 4 or 5 official exercise sessions in a week. I'd love to make that 6, but it just doesn't seem to happen during this phase of my life. And I need to make peace with that. My diastatis recti has definitely improved. There is still a slight gap (a little under one finger), and it doesn't go through as many layers of muscle. So I am happy with improvement there. I am also working on tricep strength. While I can feel improvement there, I can't see it yet. But hopefully someday... Now I'm hoping some of you have ideas for pr
  9. They definitely burn the palms from last year to make the ashes. We once had a priest request families to bring them in time for him to burn them during religious ed classes. The kids enjoyed it. I am sure most did not know that's where the ashes come from before that. Also, randomly, my mom says her diocese will be sprinkling ashes (instead of the usual cross on foreheads) this year due to the pandemic. As for what we do for Fat Tuesday...we had pancakes for dinner. We did it solely for tradition; we do not give up dairy nor eggs for Lent.
  10. My feet get cold way before any of the rest of me. And once they are cold, it's game over - I end up cold all over. So my first piece of advice is: don't let your feet get cold in the first place. (Yes, I get that you are past that.) If they do get cold, I do whatever I need to/can do to get them warm. I sit down with a heating pad/rice sock for my feet. I stand near our wood burner (if it's going). I take a hot shower or bath. I exercise/move around as much as needed to get them warm. Once my feet are good and warm, I put my socks and slippers back on. And I make sure to keep moving en
  11. Oh Scarlett, this is a fabulous update! What a relief to know she is okay!
  12. Ditto this. As I skimmed the thread, those posts really stuck out. And they are NAGL. I am glad I don't usually see posts like that here on the Hive. OP, I am sorry some have responded in not nice ways. I will keep her/your family in my prayers. Keep us updated, as you can.
  13. A close to the end-of-the-month check-in here. I am pretty consistently focusing on fixing my DR and arm strength. I also have more baby weight to lose than I'd like. My priority to work on that is choosing healthy foods and paying attention to portion sizes. Overall, I am exercising 4 days a week consistently, sometimes 5. That's down from 6 prebaby #5, but someday I'll get back there. The downside is that exercising used to be my me time. Now, I generally have all 5 kids "exercising" with me. I wouldn't mind so much, except that during this pandemic that was really all my me time.
  14. That's a question for the ages. Also, of course, I see the mistake in my post after you quoted it. I blame chronic sleep deprivation (insomnia plus a baby). I swear I do know when (and when not) to use apostrophes! Also, can I assume you are now on the hunt for accessories for different seasons and holidays?
  15. Only...only 1?! Now on to the really important questions. Which one? And what will it's name be?
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