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  1. DH insisted our house have all tile, because he knew (from his own experience and being a landlord) that carpet is always dirty. Even once shampooed...there is a lot of dirt/stuff left behind. IOW, it's not you/your family, it's just the nature of carpet. It magically attracts dirt and refuses to really come clean. Think of all the exercise you got!
  2. Agreeing that basil pesto is far less work to buy because I'd need such large quantities, but I do make garlic scape pesto every year. (We grow...a lot...of garlic.) Sadly (or not, because more for me?) I am the only one in this household who likes it. I like to make pizza with it. Otherwise, I just put either kind on pasta. Ditto to being delicious with tomatoes. Tomato season is coming up here, so I will be eating a not small amount of pesto in the near future.
  3. I am also currently pregnant (about 30 weeks), and being pregnant during a pandemic is stressful enough without added complications/worry/stress, so I will definitely be lifting you, baby, and YH up in prayer. (Also, naming other humans is hard. I fear this kid will be known as #5 forever.)
  4. Good for her! Although I am fairly certain similar devices (maybe not with texting, but with alarms or something) have been invented before. If I recall correctly, they never became mass produced due to liability. After all, can you imagine the lawsuits that would happen (here in the US anyway) if such a device failed and a tragedy occurred? I am not sure how to get around that in our culture here in the US.
  5. One day of cardio and one day of strength in for the week. Not great, but not bad either. I feel like I hit 3rd tri. and just...have no motivation or energy. And the hot and humid weather isn't helping. @Ali in OR Not sleeping well. I have struggled with insomnia ever since my last pregnancy. I, too, usually have no problem falling asleep when I go to bed. It's getting back to sleep if I wake up that's a problem (and for me, currently, waking up at night is a given). I hope you sleep better tonight!
  6. I thought I remembered something like that, but didn't want to put anything about that in my response in case you weren't comfortable with it. I'd still do the same things, with the exception that in 20 or so min. I'd offer the leftovers again while adding one new possibility to the mix (so throw a string cheese on the plate, or apple slices with PB, or whatever). With my own kids, I'd just let it go until the next food time, unless they get crabby. Then it's "sit at the table and eat or go take a nap." And I'd try my best to remember that with toddlers, you have to consider the diet over a whole week's time. They are notoriously...weird, let's say, about food/eating (which I know you know). Also, my kids still (even the almost 10 yo) fall for the "this is a grown-up food" tactic. Again, I'm sorry you were frustrated. Hopefully today is a better day!
  7. are a saint of a mom compared to me! I have never, in the lives of my current 4 kids, just sat with them for 20 min. trying to get them to eat. I mean, I often eat with them. But just hanging while they don't eat? Nope, nope, nope! I'd plate food, spend a couple minutes with them, and then move on to the "do other things while they sit there" strategy. And frankly, when I got tired of inventing things to do nearby, I'd say, "Well, it's time to clean up the kitchen now, but I'll leave your food XXX (in the fridge, on the table, where ever) in case you want to come back to it!" (said as cheerfully as possible, of course.) I am sorry you are feeling badly. I hope today holds many good things for you! (And yes, sometimes the older 3 in this family can get the 3 yo to do things I can't, but it also works vice versa!)
  8. I am so, so sorry for you loss, and the extra difficulty in navigating it during a pandemic.
  9. Well, that's your experience. My family and DH's family definitely have name repeats. I grew up with many uncles with the same name (each parent had a brother with that name, then my parents' siblings married someone with it, another sibling married someone with a name only one letter different...). And DH's family has lots of name duplicates. When I think of families we know, it's not unusual at all to have name duplicates in their extended families. So to call it "very unusual" just doesn't ring true as a generalization. That, of course, doesn't mean it's the norm for you!
  10. I might have missed a few people who tried answering my question. But we use titles as names for other situations. Why is this one different? Having grown up as I did, I just cannot wrap my mind around it.
  11. Clearly I am in the minority, having grown up in a family/culture that uses "Mom" and "Dad." I really think this is "to each their own." But...for all those who say they wouldn't be comfortable doing that because MIL/FIL is not your mom or dad, what are they then? It's right there in their title "Mother-in-law" and "Father-in-law." I just don't get that reasoning...
  12. Exercise-wise this week is off to a fine start. I did a 30 minute pregnancy walking video today. It continues to be really hot and humid here, so I haven't been managing walks with the kids. It's just too much at almost 30 weeks pregnant. I have been flying by the seat of my pants regarding food for me (and the whole family). I try to buy only healthy things to counter that. I hard-boiled some eggs today, and boy did it feel like a major accomplishment. Also, when did scrubbing a bathroom become such a good cardio activity? I'll go back an read everyone's updates, but as I skimmed, I didn't see one from @IvyInFlorida? Hope her pregnancy is progressing well! @Jenny in FloridaI might have to give some virtual walking a try throughout the rest of this pregnancy, thanks to you.
  13. I'll answer for my FOO, as our kids are still 10 and under. Both of my parents referred to their respective inlaws as "Mom" and "Dad" when speaking to them. So did my aunts and uncles, as far as I remember hearing them. When speaking to us children, they were "Grandma FirstName" and "Grandpa FirstName." I honestly had no idea there were families/circles where this was not the case until I was...not a young adult. Therefore, I expected to do the same. I mean, you will be "Mom (in-law)." So how could that be the wrong title to use? But, now I am married. And I do my best to avoid calling MIL anything to her face. Not because she isn't lovely. As far as MIL, mine might be quirky, but aren't we all? It's awkward because the rest of the sons and daughters-in-laws call her by her first name. And that just feels wrong to me. As I was (almost) the last to marry into the family, I don't feel it's my place to rock this boat/change this tradition. Which might be considered odd, in itself, as I have learned that she would love, love, love it if all her SILs and DILs did call her "Mom."
  14. Perhaps relevant to the conversation...I went grocery shopping today. I firmly believe in wearing masks. (And, yes, I'd really prefer if everyone who could was wearing them. If you don't care about protecting me...what about my unborn baby? Wear it for him/her? But I digress...) I was definitely in the minority. In my small mid-Western grocery store (a local-ish chain), I'd say 5% of the shoppers I saw were masked in some way. Only 1 worker had a mask, which was pulled down as I entered. When I checked out (it was the only lane), he kindly put it on. Also as I checked out, someone else entered the checkout lane. Said customer crowded me in such a way that it would have bothered me pre-pandemic. I put a big smile on my face (which, yes, no one could see, but hopefully she heard it in my voice) and said something like, "Oh, excuse me, would you mind giving me a little more space? Thanks!" The reply, quite rude in tone, was more or less, "Thank you for pointing that out to me" as she backed up a smidgen and pulled out her phone. So if you see a photo of someone being a "Karen" (I dislike that term) about social distancing in a store today, it might be me. Clearly the cashiers felt she might be...a difficult they immediately offered to help her elsewhere. Where she did indeed proceed to make a ruckus. (She wanted meat item A. Store was out. Therefore she wanted much more expensive meat item B at the price of A. When the cashiers said they couldn't do that, she was clearly unhappy.)
  15. We can vouch for the Catechism you mention. My kids got it for either St. Nick's last year or maybe Epiphany. And...all of them really like it. We've been reading the sections on Reconciliation and the Eucharist (to supplement DD's prep for those sacraments). Is this where I admit that I've learned more than I expected from it? I know I am late to the game for this post. But we are adding a baby in Sept., so that means school lite for a while. It will be mostly "read something, write something, do something mathy" for as long as needed once baby arrives. Somehow that means I am behind in my planning. Then, I think we will mostly be continuing things we are already doing. Maths: Envision Math 4 Reading: Wise Owl Polysyllables, Assigned Lit. chosen by me Spelling: AAS (he just transitioned to this, and for the first time, his spelling is improving!) Grammar: ELTL (finishing B, moving on to C) History: TAN Story of Civilization vol. 3 Science: Free Choice reading from science book basket (will rotate themes, perhaps including: human body, astronomy, weather, machines, energy)
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