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  1. Have any of your students requested a re-take? Have they heard anything from CB? Ds is still waiting on word that they'll let him retake Physics C.
  2. Taking very long walks with my dog nearly every day is something I normally wouldn't have time to do. There's a small university campus near my house, and we head that way a lot. Almost all of the students are gone, but the maintenance workers and campus police are around. It's quiet and there's lots of shade. It makes me happy to be there and to be outdoors.
  3. You must be an awesome MIL! I would love some pointers because I may become one later this year. I predict that you will win your grandson over as well. 😉
  4. FWIW, I'm not insisting on that. (You may be talking about someone else.) I'm just surprised that you are quietly going about your business in a mask and that your fellow small-town citizens are calling you names and yelling at you. I believe you, it's just mind-boggling. Again, I'm sorry that has happened to you.
  5. I'm very sorry you have had these experiences. I should have known better than to include info about being a native and expecting people to be (generally) kind here. I've traveled a fair bit, and most people (at least everywhere I've been) are generally kind, though in times of great stress, anger (which is often just fear acting out) does surface. I brought up legal enforcement only because you mentioned that your town is planning a public Independence Day celebration at which you said masks and distancing are recommended but won't be enforced. I gathered, perhaps incorrectly, that you thought this unwise, so I pointed out that your town cannot legally enforce either. It really isn't my style to try to bait anyone into an argument. I'm not a hostile person. I just thought I was sharing my point of view and I apologize for making you angry.
  6. Yeah, my next door neighbor works at a CVS pharmacy. She was sent home a month or so ago because one of the employees had tested positive. She hosted a party that weekend! Argh! People in and out of her house and in the backyard. We were under county stay-at-home orders at the time, so she shouldn't have been having a party anyway. It all seemed to be okay in the end, but she took quite a chance.
  7. Most people wear them in grocery stores in my little corner of the world, though a lot of the (young) employees pull them down below their noses. (I get it. They're hot.) Most people seem to wear them in office buildings and banks. At Home Depot yesterday, about two-thirds(?) of the customers were wearing them, and that was in the garden center, outdoors. Some people don't, but I have yet to hear anyone yell at anyone about wearing a mask or not wearing one.
  8. I think there are people out there who are very afraid when they see scenes like this that there will be a spike in cases, and others out there who sort-of hope there will. (See? See what happens?) I wouldn't have enjoyed being in that crowd pre-Covid.
  9. Everyone in my family wears a mask in public, just in case it helps slow the spread. I sure it hope it does, because I'm not looking forward to masking in August!
  10. Well, isn't the science still out on whether masks add any benefit to enhanced hygiene and distancing? The masking message has been mixed from the beginning, and people living in places that aren't terribly hard-hit don't feel the same urgency to mask as those where you live. In Texas, as things stand now, there's no reason for county or city officials to have the power to lock everyone down or force them to mask. Me? I think people should mask, just in case they help slow the spread. I think we should keep our distance from those who don't live with us and that we should avoid crowds, but I don't agree that these things should be required under penalty of fines or jail time. We've been open for a while and our cases are not out of control.
  11. People in your town are yelling at you about wearing a mask? Where do you live? I'm a native Texan, and though every person in our state is imperfect, it's been my experience that we're a pretty friendly bunch. That is very sad and I'm sorry you're experiencing such hostility! You probably know this, but masks and distancing cannot legally be enforced by any city or county in Texas, per Gov. Abbott's order. I think that's a good thing, though you probably disagree. I wouldn't yell at you about our differences of opinion, nor would I suggest you leave. 🙂
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