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  1. I think this is about intelligence gathering and that the university's location is a coincidence.
  2. I think it's a reasonable amount of money. If it's important to you that your current space is nicely outfitted and that you have wall hangings that bring your pleasure (and you can afford it), why not? You won't do this every year. It sounds nice!
  3. What if I can't afford anything on the registry? The cheaper things often go first.
  4. Continuing in prayer for you and your family.
  5. It was all over the news here in TX (and nationally) a few days ago that a student at Texas A&M and another at Baylor University were being quarantined and tested. Local radio reported yesterday that the CDC had returned negative test for both students. That (less dramatic) news is a little harder to find than the original stories, but TAMU and BU have confirmed the negative test results on their websites.
  6. I'm sorry. Loneliness hurts.
  7. Do you have a Mediterranean or Halal Guys place?
  8. I think we have a tendency to believe scientists are pure in their motives. I don't know why -- because they are too smart to be concerned with ordinary things? But scientists are just human beings. They want recognition, awards, and money, just like anyone else. They want to be allowed to continue the work they enjoy. Irritated people (or at least agitated) people might be inspired to click on the "Support" button at the top of the website you linked. They will buy books. Agitated people of financial means might feel led to donate to the organizations employing these scientists. All of that is fine, of course.
  9. I wonder how they decide what time it is. How do they quantify that we are closer now to midnight than we were during the Cuban Missile Crisis (for instance)? I don't worry about this because it seems like a publicity stunt to me.
  10. If I was shopping for health insurance, I would find an independent agent to help me. I agree about the dental thing. Most private dental insurance doesn't cover much of the cost of dental work. My dentist offers cash discounts. I have a friend from church who retired from a large company after 30+ years. He is only 59, so he has six more years until Medicare kicks in. He decided to work at Starbucks, twenty hours a week, to get his medical insurance. And he LOVES it! Very low stress, he says.
  11. Do you have Chipotle in your area? Everyone (dairy free, gluten free, vegan) can find something to eat there. Maybe enough to cover a meal for two?
  12. My sympathies. Our phones are hugely convenient, but I think they can also make us a little lazy. (I'm not dumping on your son. This sort of thing has happened to me with older people in my family. Is it too hard to be watching for me in the place indicated that you'd like me to meet you? Can you look up from your screen long enough to watch for me?) Chocolate and being alone sounds heavenly! I'm sorry you had a rough week.
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