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  1. OP, if you and your sister want to keep your mother at her home, what about looking into an adult day care or hiring someone to come in to look after her when your sister is at work? You could pay her with your mother's savings.
  2. Yes, this is a common scenario, though it's Medicaid that pays long-term care for people who can't afford it. (Medicare will pay NH costs for a while, following a hospital stay of... a certain number of days.) I think each state sets its own policies about spend-down and how much, in the way of assets, a person can own and receive Medicaid.
  3. If your mother has some money (because she was a saver) couldn't you find a NH that will let her self-pay for a while and then stay as a Medicaid resident when her money runs out? I've heard of applying to be paid as a family care-giver, but not that money (any substantial assets or cash, that is) could be transferred to that caregiver, impoverishing the parent, who is then eligible for Medicaid. The first scenario might afford her a nicer place to stay, as some (not all) Mediaid-from-the-beginning nursing homes are pretty grim places.
  4. Is it also less dangerous? I think I've seen some discussion about that.
  5. The NYT College tracker says there are 8,543 positives at the Texas colleges they're tracking. This has to mean positives since early August - which would match TAMU's tracking with its NYT record. A&M's dashboard says it.currently has about 300 active cases, with 64k students and 10k faculty and staff.
  6. I can see that, and I don't think it's selfish at all to consider your options. I kind of thought you were bouncing ideas around. It's cool that you have a spot to park your rv free of charge near her school!
  7. OP, has someone suggested that you take your RV and just stay near the university?
  8. It was federally ordered (by the CDC, so there's a question about whether it's even legal), but it isn't an across-the-board, unconditional moratorium. Tenants have to meet certain criteria to qualify for protection.
  9. Yay! This is the type of container I want for storing sewing stuff. I've wanted something portable that will force me to be choosey about the fabric and supplies I buy (and have to keep). Thank you!
  10. I "liked" your reply, but really, I sympathize with it. I know that pain, and I'm sorry you've had to endure it.
  11. My dh had to show his high school diploma one time as part of a background check for a work project he was doing in Calgary. We were a little freaked out because we had no idea where it was, but he found it.
  12. This. There may be some bending of the rules going on just now. Can he get a doctor's note saying that he shouldn't be lifting that much weight. It's worth a try to at least talk to them.
  13. One of my children will be married this year, and I feel your pain @Patty Joanna. It's a frustrating time.
  14. Texas A&M (at least the main campus at College Station) is doing random saliva tests in addition to testing any student or faculty/staff member who requests it. They began classes on Monday and already have some positive tests, which they expected. Two sorority chapters are in quarantine. https://www.tamu.edu/coronavirus/messages/important-student-covid-19-testing-program.html
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