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  1. You know, as I think about this, I don't know why actual virus response would be so different from the response to a vaccine. Actual exposure to a virus or bacteria is more serious, certainly, but the mechanism of stimulating antibodies would probably(?) be similar. Healthy living doesn't guarantee a good outcome every time, of course, but I've been surprised at how little public health attention has been focused on the basics mentioned above. We've been doing this for a year.
  2. I've never looked into it I'd bet good hydration could be one of those things, like proper rest, daily exercise, and good nutrition, that might be a game changer. I used to have an internist who recommended drinking copious amounts of water for all sorts of maladies (colds, flu, strep throat, UTIs, etc.). Lots of people prefer flavored drinks and have trouble making themselves drink enough water. My Soda Stream has made it much easier for me to hydrate well. 🙂
  3. Does it help when a person is actually exposed to the virus? Is that what you mean?
  4. This article quotes a doctor from Heal, a telemedicine and house call company. Makes sense, and it does seem to work. https://www.bustle.com/wellness/drinking-water-hydrationcovid-vaccine-side-effects-doctors Why Hydration Can Help COVID Vaccine Side Effects “The COVID vaccine and all vaccines work by activating your immune system to generate antibodies to an infectious disease, without being exposed to the virus or bacteria,” Dr. Sachin Nagrani M.D., medical director of healthcare company Heal, tells Bustle. Having good circulation is important to your immune system and its va
  5. I wish I had questioned him on his source. He was pretty confident.
  6. Dh and I had our second Pfizers yesterday afternoon. Sore arms for both of us. Dh is tired, but nothing more. I'm much better with the second shot, which may (or may not) have something to do with my drinking so much water I could hardly stand it all weekend long. Pharmacy guy who gave us our shots told us not to take ibuprofen or acetaminophen for 12 hours, which sent me here to ask whether anyone had heard of the 12 hour thing. I still haven't taken anything, but I feel fine. A bit wobbly -- the way I do after a hard workout... sort of like muscle fatigue. I'm so gra
  7. Thank you. I prefer not taking anything, but after the first one I felt so poorly I couldn't sleep, which wasn't helpful. I took the shot six hours ago now, and I had hoped to head off to bed feeling okay, but the headache and body aches have already begun. I'm irritated with myself for not questioning him about where he got this info.
  8. Dh and I had our second Pfizer shots today and the guy at the pharmacy said we should wait twelve hours(!) before taking any Advil or Tylenol. I wish I had asked him where he heard that. Has anyone here heard that? Is this based on new info (that I can't find anywhere)?
  9. Agree with this. Though providing ammunition to people who are dead-set against the vaccines is the last thing I want, it seems wrong to withhold potentially negative information until problems have been thoroughly studied, especially when TPTB are encouraging all eligible folks to be vaccinated as soon as possible. They don't hesitate to publish positive reports. I do wish people would dig into reported data, just a little bit.
  10. Dd and her dh were both fresh out of college and starting mostly from scratch, so we finished out a bed linen set they had chosen. We also gave them some spending money for their short honeymoon trip, and a sweet, sentimental card. ETA: We paid for their wedding and reception, and for wedding clothes.
  11. I would get the newer style, because they look comfortable and he'll get more wear out of them. They look very nice, and will pass for what many people call "dress shoes" these days. Your boys' clothes for this occasion sound very nice. I'm so sorry for your loss.
  12. I will take a booster as well, though I hope it doesn't make me feel as poorly as I did after Pfizer 1. I'm going to drink a ton of water in the days leading up to my second shot in hopes it will be easier. This isn't to say that I'm ungrateful. I'll take the second shot and a booster when recommended with thanksgiving in my heart - and positive words on my lips. I didn't share how sick I felt with anyone other than my family, who knew anyway because they live with me. I'm still not looking forward to feeling like I have the flu.
  13. I'm so sorry to read this. So frustrating and scary. You are in my thoughts today.
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