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  1. I had to scroll to the top of this page to be sure I wasn't on the politics board.
  2. Praying right now. I'm so sorry.
  3. You could air the place out and go through it with cleaning wipes or disinfectant spray before your whole family moves inside. My plan is to rent a place in the TX Hill Country (2-3 hour drive) this May or June so that we have a break from being in our house. The long, hot Texas summer looms and I don't see a break in the virus situation on the horizon. Staying in a vacation rental seems pretty safe to me, but my situation is probably different from yours.
  4. ... and you can get up and have your coffee in your pjs!
  5. OP, are you concerned about traveling to get to a rental or staying at the rental itself? I think renting a house somewhere at least allows your family a change in scenery. It's helpful if the weather is mild and you have access to walking trails or similar, but many vacation rental owners build recreation into their properties with ping-pong tables, fire pits, swimming pools, and outdoor dining areas. You can check out area grocery stores and eateries for curbside services or take most/all of your food with you. Take board games and the Wii (or whatever) with you.
  6. I'm comfortable. I look for a place that has excellent reviews for cleaning, but I've always done that. If someone had vacated a property the morning of our check-in, I'd open windows and doors for a while, and I always take cleaning supplies (wipes or disinfectant spray and paper towels). In an AirBNB or VRBO, you can easily be quite distanced from other groups.
  7. Well, Biden is a lot older, frankly (my parents' age). I call my parents' friends Mr., Mrs., Dr., whatever. I can find all kinds of ulterior motives if I look for them. I usually don't, but that may be a result of my privilege. Re: the Vogue cover - Anna Wintour says they meant no disrespect, and I believe her. https://pagesix.com/2021/01/13/anna-wintour-defends-controversial-kamala-harris-vogue-cover/ From the article: "A different image was used for Vogue’s digital cover, featuring the VP-elect in a pale blue Michael Kors Collection pantsuit. Some on social med
  8. Or maybe VP Elect Harris really is just more casual and approachable.
  9. During the VP debate, the moderator accidentally called Sen. Harris "Kamala" and immediately apologized. Sen. Harris said something like, "That's alright, I'm just Kamala". I use her first name when I think of her -- I think it's because she seems so approachable. I never think of Secy. Clinton as "Hillary", though I don't dislike her.
  10. I don't know, but I would look into it first. Bear in mind that Medicaid rules vary by state. If your dad has enough money to fund the addition and to pay for in-patient care, too, or if he has a LTC policy, this won't be as important.
  11. This may not apply to your situation, but it's good to be aware: Does your dad have enough money to do this? If he pays to add a bathroom to your home or buy a tiny house that would later become yours, would he still have enough to pay for Memory or Skilled Nursing care in a couple of years if he needs it -- at least to pay for it for a while? Does he own a Long Term Care insurance policy? Consider looking into whether his paying for either of these could disqualify him (at least for a while) from receiving Medicaid assistance to pay for in-patient care. There's a "lookback"
  12. Do you get headaches from wearing masks for such a long time? I wore a mask basically all last weekend and had terrible headaches afterward. I think it's actually jaw pain - I've had TMJ issues in the past.
  13. That is the origin of a lot of my own anxiety about current events.
  14. Here's an old (2008!) blog post about this very issue. https://starryskyranch.typepad.com/starry_sky_ranch/2008/03/perseverance-or.html When I first read it (about two years after it was written), this statement resonated: "Having both babies and adult children has afforded me perspective about this that I could not have imagined when we began this journey. No longer is educational theory simply an abstract, intellectual pasttime. It is a reality. One that has consequences in young people's lives."
  15. The housing people might not have considered that scenario. It's good that you're pointing it out to them. There are just so many moving parts!
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