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  1. My grandmother was from Louisiana, and her dressing recipe calls for rice and oysters. Texas was a Confederate state, but I know what you mean. East Texas feels southern to me, pine trees and all. I've heard it said that President Johnson was from the west and his wife Ladybird was from the south, though they were both native Texans. He was from a town west of Austin and she was from East Texas, not too far from Louisiana.
  2. The National Archive may be able to help you find records. I've walked a road much like the one you are on. I'm sorry.
  3. I know you have looked through all of the paperwork you can find, but did you find their income tax records from the past few years (or even just last year)? Some people keep the end-of-year statements with their copy of the return. They should have received one from his pension, the mortgage company, investments from which they are taking income, etc.
  4. Deviled eggs are yummy! Pigs/Cows in a blanket: Lil' Smokies pork or beef mini-sausages and crescent roll dough. Store brand works on the dough. Cut it in stips with a pizza cutter, roll dough around each little sausage and follow the baking directions on the crescent roll package. Little sandwiches? Pimento cheese/chicken salad/deli meat and cheese sandwiches cut into super-fancy-and-impressive triangles (remove the crusts if you are feeling ambitious). In one of the Mitford books, Father Tim made a tray of peanut butter and jelly fancy sandwiches (cut in triangles and without crusts) in honor of a favorite elderly parishioner and everyone devoured them. I think that's actually an original idea. What about pumpkin-something (muffins with chocolate chips, etc.)? Or some spicy tomato soup to serve in little cups and top with croutons? Party food is so fun!
  5. Agree that a traditional Thanksgiving feast in Dallas won't be that different from anywhere else, though dressing/stuffing recipes seem to be regional. My family's dressing is my Louisiana grandmother's recipe with cornbread (made without sugar), rice, oysters, celery and onion, chicken stock to moisten, and lots of black pepper. What about a different pie? And if you're feeling adventurous, you could fry your turkey. (There are quite a few places around here that sell Cajun Fried Turkeys for the holidays -- again that Louisiana/Texas connection.) The Dallas Cowboys (American football team) have played a game every Thanksgiving afternoon since the mid-60s. If your dh's family were fans, that would be a nice touch of nostalgia (though even if you can watch it, kickoff will be around 3:15 pm Dallas time - prob pretty late where you are).
  6. 1. I love consumable things: Chipotle or Corner Bakery-type restaurant gift card, a set of nice greeting cards and the same number of Forever stamps, coffee house or movie house gift card, a couple of packages of gourmet soup starter (the add chicken stock kind) and crackers or croutons to accompany. A few current magazines A book or two that you love (with a note about why you love them) An Amazon gift card to purchase a month or two of Hallmark movies for the Christmas season ($4.99 a month after 7 day free trial), with a jar/package of homemade hot chocolate mix and some marshmallows to accompany it 2. I think Guatemalans eat tamales at Christmas. Last year I made oven fries with sweet potatoes for my dairy-free dd. Most veggies can easily be dairy free, though until dd cut dairy I hadn't realized how much cheese we use here! 3. I will have to think about stuff for the sailor...
  7. Texas colleges require Meningitis A -- even the community colleges -- with exemptions for conscientious objectors, students over the age of 22, whose doctors think the vaccine is risky for them, etc. Both of my kids had it and neither had any noticeable side effects. I say do it. The disease is not terribly common, but moves quickly and can be deadly. My younger child's doc talked us into the Meningitis B shot, which is given in two doses, six months apart.
  8. That is awesome! Way to go!
  9. What colors make you look your best? Can you wear warm tones, or are cool tones better? If you can wear navy or a deep blue, that won't clash with red, yellow, or gray. Nordstrom has nice mother of the bride dresses that don't seem too matronly. So does Amazon. Something from Modcloth might work for the right person. You could also find a long skirt and pair it with a dressy top if you crave versatility. When people say congratulations, they are telling you that they are happy for your daughter and for your family. A simple "Thank you." in reply is all that's needed. 😊
  10. I get it! Agree that your older children need to step up. Even if you have to help them at first (which is more work), they will soon be able to do things on their own. It will benefit them in the long run, anyway. And everyone should help with dishes and setting the table. If you assign your three younger children one evening a week, you could sit down with them to plan a simple meal and have them list the ingredients needed, check the pantry and freezer/fridge, etc., doing as much of that as they can on their own. My library has tons of "children's" cookbooks. For planning, I'm a big fan of Monday is pasta night, Taco (or Tex-Mex) Tuesday, Wednesday is soup and sandwiches, Thursday is make-your-own-pizza night, etc. Add a leftover night (if you have leftovers). My go-to meal is Chipotle restaurant-style. I make a double batch of brown basmati rice, open a large can or two of black beans, and add grilled chicken or flank steak (cooked in bulk, sliced while hot, and freezer-bagged in meal sized portions. I serve this with shredded cheese, avocado slices, salsa or pico (if I have time to chop and chop). This meal also works well with grilled fish. Cooking double rice, pasta, and grilled chicken or meats can be a huge time and labor saver. Also, cutting up veggies in advance (all at once, maybe using a mandolin) is helpful. Southern Living and Taste of Home offer hearty family-sized recipes as well as quick dinner recipes. The "quick" or "five ingredient" recipes are usually easy enough for a child to cook (with supervision, of course). Could you grocery shop online, with delivery or curbside pickup? Again, you'd have an upfront investment of time (to make a basic list and learn how to shop this way) that would pay off later. I have had success with this website's Aldi Meal plans, if you have an Aldi nearby. My family has surprised me by eating anything I make from her plans.
  11. True, though I like to pour milk on it and cook it in the microwave to soften it a bit. Dh thinks eating it cold is like having a bowl of gravel for breakfast.
  12. Grape Nuts. The original Grape Nuts, not the flakes.
  13. It probably was .6 seconds. It was so quick. It was chilling. I wouldn't have been able to respond in the time he allowed before firing. Local news is reporting that, according to her little nephew, she had retrieved the gun from her purse and it was in her hand when she was shot. This was of course perfectly legal. Some of you may be interested in the news conference held by the Interim FW Police Chief yesterday.
  14. I would try to handle it by setting up emotional and practical boundaries that would make the holiday a happy one for me and my guests. It sounds to me like your brother really doesn't understand the work involved in hosting a holiday gathering -- why would he? Also, you did invite him. He may not realize(?!) that it wasn't particularly helpful of him to mention that they don't really care about the holiday in the first place or the part about reducing his Christmas obligations. That was rude, but there really isn't much you can do about it. I'm still reading the responses, so please forgive me if I'm repeating something that has already been said. I would tell your brother that he and his guests should bring something to your potluck meal. They can bring wine, mineral water, a fresh fruit or cheese tray (Are store prepared food items safe for your family?), prepared unsweetened tea, paper goods, bags of ice, etc.? Think of some things you would like to have that will make the preparation easier for you and that they can easily purchase and bring with them. Potluck or not, I would think any guest would expect to bring something (a hostess gift), so why not something helpful? You can't change his attitude, or your feelings, which may be years in the making, but you can encourage him to contribute. I would make it abundantly clear to your brother that you won't allow harmful foodstuffs to be served because it makes your children unhappy when they can't eat them.
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