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  1. My 11 year old daughter has had some minor anxiety for a few years, but it seems like it is getting worse. With the pandemic and widespread civil unrest just a few miles away, as well as the usual summer storms and most recently, a spurt of property crime in our neighborhood that directly impacted us, it is really starting to affect her. She wakes up frequently with bad dreams and is unable to get back to sleep for hours, thinking that someone is breaking into our house (our vehicle was vandalized in our driveway last week.) She panics at the possibility of a thunderstorm and frequently checks
  2. I generally don’t, and when I have, I usually end up regretting it.
  3. I'm in the suburbs of a major Midwestern city and we always had a nurse's office growing up -- but over the years, at least in this area, the "nurse" is often a medical assistant overseen by an RN who covers several schools. (My mom is a retired RN, and over the same time period, RNs have been phased out in clinic settings for cost-cutting purposes wherever possible, in favor of medical assistants.) I have a young medically-fragile child who has been in public school until this year and we've been lucky to always have at least an LPN in his schools, although the RN is also involved in his care
  4. Concordia is a name used by many Lutheran churches and schools. If they are connected, it is very loosely. We have a Concordia University and a Concordia Academy (high school) nearby. Both are extremely reputable. I can’t speak for other schools by the same name, and each should be evaluated on their own merits rather than dismissing them out of hand because another institution by the same name has closed or isn’t well-regarded.
  5. Sonlight sells a few lap books from Homeschool in the Woods, customized to their cores. They’re not cheap, but the kits include everything printed out, in order, and all of the supplies you need. They also include an instruction manual. I’m trying them this year ... we will see how it goes!
  6. Between the lack of civility and the new homeschoolers who think they can buy an all-in-one workbook at Costco and use it as their complete curriculum, I am about ready to drop Facebook, too.
  7. The lack of civility is unbelievable. I had someone blast me in a FB group because when they inquired about homeschool co-ops not requiring masks, I suggested that since our governor’s statewide order requires masks in all public indoor settings, it’s likely that co-ops would also require masks.
  8. I am in MN. Last year, I had 1.5 kids in private school, 1.5 homeschooled and one in public school. (One did half-time homeschool and half-time private.) This year, 3 will be homeschooled and 1 in private. We have a statewide mask mandate that explicitly includes all public and private schools. My oldest child’s private high school had planned to require masks even before the mandate. It is a small school and I feel like they have a good plan. My youngest child, who is severely disabled, was in public. He would be exempt from the mandate due to his disability but he also is medically frag
  9. Not really. I enjoy visiting new places but it’s a lot of work. We have four kids and the youngest is severely developmentally-delayed and medically complex. Having to anticipate any possible medical issue and pack everything I might possibly need for him is a big job. I don’t get a break from his medical and behavioral needs while on vacation. In fact, his behavior becomes more challenging when he’s not in his normal routine. This is why the last few weekends, I’ve been home with him while DH takes the other kids to the lake.
  10. We are still awaiting news from our co-op. There is so much up in the air that I don’t think anyone knows yet. Our governor isn’t announcing plans for schools until the end of July and I think that decision will drive other decisions for our co-op. I’m teaching and was planning to bring three of my kids (two of whom normally go to school but will likely be homeschooled this year due to COVID.)
  11. I have also heard good things about Blessed Heritage. There aren't samples on the site, so I've inquired of the writer and have yet to hear back. I believe Blessed Heritage's middle school program uses Hakim as the spine.
  12. I bought it for my rising 5th and 8th graders. I plan to use parts of it as a supplement rather than using the whole thing as-written. The spine, by Howard Zinn, is pretty controversial so I'm planning to use Hakim or another resource that is more middle-of-the-road. There is also some concern about how indigenous people are covered in the program so I'm planning to add to that as well.
  13. Last year, DS 15 was in private school. DS 13 was homeschooled. DD 10 went half-time to private school and half-time homeschool. DS 8 was in public school. We are looking at the three youngest staying home entirely this year, except for a small co-op. We expect intermittent closures and distance learning for DD 10's school and she has no interest in that. She'd rather be entirely homeschooled. DS 8 has profound special needs and is medically complex with an immune deficiency. Aside from the risk of serious illness for him (which is a major consideration), it would be impossible to social
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