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  1. Not trying to be political....just really bummed that I had to do something I thought I’d never have to do......cast a blank ballot today. Yes the choices were just that bad. Please don’t quote.
  2. Sending off to CA will make the result time take forever. I’d find the capacity. It’s has helped the hospital a lot to be able to get the tests done locally. And the local report.....as long as you stay away from anywhere serving food Brazos is pretty masked up. Even voting today (which is exempt from masking), everyone was masked when we were there.
  3. I wonder why they will be sending test out to CA since the vet school handles most of the community testing currently.
  4. Can we get a check in for our TX members and others in the line of the storms? A tornado hit Franklin and there are pictures of one that was about 5 miles from my house. The building on the CNN feed was the Franklin Food Bank. My mother and DD were there when it was hit. Another family member in East Tx lost part of her roof. CNN Franklin tornado Stefanie
  5. I don't think it's much of a leap to think that for someone who one minute swears ignorance of the presence of THC, and then in the next is asking their attorney how to get around the situation to USE THC (and potentially pop a positive drug test), that maybe they aren't being honest about being ignorant of the presence of THC. There really is no other good reason to ask about using in another state WHILE FACING FELONY CHARGES unless you had intent to use in the first place. Even if you do intend to only use legally in other states, to even ask how to do that WHILE FACING FELONY CHARGES, k
  6. Not knowing the product contained an offending substance is her defense for leniency in possessing the offending substance. If she were to go to another state and partake of the substance enough to pop a positive drug test, it could be reasonably concluded that she did purchase the product knowing it contained THC for the purposes of partaking of the offending substance. And, yes, it would be flippant for her to go out of state and consume THC. The courts are looking at charging her for a felony.....that is not a small deal. She should really be keeping her head down and staying away from
  7. Yes, she would be in violation....because as you say, she couldn't definitively prove the use was on x date in y legal location and only occurred at that time. Also, consider the situation.....doesn't it seem pretty flippant of the courts for your friend to be using the offending substance considering the seriousness of the situation she has found herself in? It reminds me of the article my DH was telling me about today. It spent the whole article going on about the woe-is me, poor 26 year old who has life so hard because she is on a felony probation for her marijuana possession.....a
  8. Yep. We shelled out for a 4 figure bill this week too. Still deciding on if we are going to pay another 4 figure bill for EPM or go the cheaper but longer route..... Stefanie
  9. She is on Prascend. So far no problems.....but I cheat the diet. She gets it hand fed on top of a handful of 12/8 pellets. I have been having problems with her eating the hay pellets/beet pulp with her supplements though. Edema is going down. I could stick my finger into her to my second knuckle.....everywhere. Once that is taken care of, we’ll do EPM treatment. I’m hopeful for a good recovery since even though she’s having neuro symptoms she’s still feeling okay to buck around. Stefanie
  10. Is he on alfalfa? Sometimes that makes horses footsore and would indicate metabolic issues. You might consider trying a low starch grass hay and a mineral balancer and no grains for a while and see if it helps. He might have some trim issues that need to be tightened up, but he’s also had a lot of management changes too. And I hear you on the horse bills. Both of mine were in the hospital for two days with massive mystery edema. My perfectly healthy horse got moved home and promptly diagnosed with PPID/Cushings, massive edema (she felt like a waterbed), and now this week EPM.
  11. Has the farrier seen the radiographs of the feet? I might try having the vet mark up the changes they want done on a picture of the X-ray and then present them to the farrier. If he refuses then you are off the hook. If you need help with marking up the rads, there is a group that has some volunteers that might do it. Stefanie Also, any chance this is something more than the trim.....has he been checked for metabolic issues? Those sometimes have really early symptoms in the feet.
  12. Sdel

    New horse

    We got my DD a new pony last week. My horse was starting to go crazy by herself. They are already best buddies and get along amazingly well. She needs a good worming and to gain about 200 lbs due to some mild neglect. She’s such a steady Eddie personality, but she already rules the roost I think. New pony is on the right with the 4 white legs. We’ll be a matched set once we can start riding. Stefanie
  13. You want Bryan/College Station. Day trip to all the big cities/beach. If it ever comes in....on the high speed rail. Better than average salary/cost of living. Also, TAMU is bringing in a new campus across the county so, the whole area is about to explode with brand new growth over the next 10 years to support an electrical job. Stefanie
  14. I wouldn’t worry about it. Heart worm checks use blood, not feces. But, if you want to feel better about it, Heartguard is Ivermectin, and it has a very high tolerance range so it shouldn’t hurt to give it now and then again on schedule. I’ve routinely given my dog on the weight cusp the higher dose to use up meds and I double dose my horse with it every two weeks in the summer. Stefanie
  15. Yes, quality grade is the only thing reliable. Even “angus” marked beef is a bit of a marketing scam because the only requirement is that the cow be mostly black not that the cow is bred Angus. Stefanie
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