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  1. I had something similar a couple of weeks ago. I knew it wasn’t allergies because the kids got it. We did a home test for covid (negative) but I still wonder because DH is vaccinated for work and he didn’t get it….
  2. Except the OP is mad that a site that supports a business that sells travel to Disney (a venue that is focused on kids) censured her post that was meant to make that OP decide against an action that could bring that site business after a very bad year for the tourist industry. That is it in a nutshell. They are very upfront about their covid posting policy and what is allowed and what isn’t.
  3. It’s not really. The boards purpose is to draw in people to use their travel agency to plan a Disney trip. To the extent that non users of the business post, they drive excitement and knowledge of what is available that the people who don’t want to plan their trip can request the travel agency set up. As a travel agency they were hurt really badly by covid and the restrictions. Allowing discussion of how it might not be safe to travel would be further taking potential money away from their business. And from my understanding they are pretty upfront about the zero tolerance for such threads.
  4. For those who are not aware…. The Disboards is run by a travel agency that primarily specializes in Disney. It is not surprising that they will not allow conversation that may dissuade people away from their business and Disney.
  5. I have to say….until they work out the myocarditis thing the vaccine is a hard no here for both me and my DD. I have two male cousins who have had heart transplants due to myocarditis. One is a second cousin who had a transplant when I was a teen, the other is my direct cousin who received his transplant around the same age as our second cousin was when he had his.
  6. As a Texas voter I find this a bit ridiculous about photo ID. You do not need a photo ID to vote, since you get a non-photo ID card that is color coded to the election cycle in the mail that is perfectly acceptable voting id. I’ve used it myself, several times. You just need to keep your address updated (which isn’t overburdensome since your address is what is used to determine eligibility to vote in certain elections) and most people do it when they change address at the post office.
  7. You guys have way over invested. I’ll admit, I never got used to a mask so it doesn’t feel weird to be without on.....but then I’ve never worn one for longer than an hour at any given time....and usually only that long on one day in week.
  8. It’s nasty looking pink stuff....ham is a culprit.
  9. Courts typically follow the idea that you can always do more on your own but you must do at least what is ordered. From someone who has more or less done this....get the bare minimum that can be awarded. It’ll make your life so much easier. Adding....if you must do supervised visits, see if there is a local service that offers to do it for free or at her cost. We did that for several years before the program was cut.
  10. I’m not going to pretend I have a crystal ball. I’m just going to deal with it when whatever happens comes and not make myself sick worrying about it in the meantime.
  11. Don’t know....we have single digit hospitalizations right now and our news hasn’t bothered to report numbers in a while.......
  12. The same calculation went into masking....not worth twisting ourselves into an emotional knots over that either. We don’t think they do anything and we don’t care if anyone else thinks they do, and it most certainly wasn’t anything ever worth having a fight over. If where we were wanted them we certainly didn’t care enough to argue about it....if they didn’t, we were fine to ditch the mask.
  13. Well, my husband still attends all the almost non-existent currently COVID stuff and we haven’t had symptoms again. It seems like our real life experience is matching exactly what is being suggested the vaccines do, don’t keep you from getting it but lessens the symptoms. I’ve always expected it to act like the flu and I’ve always expected it to become endemic.
  14. Well, apparently that is what “the science” is suggesting is it not? Isn’t that kind of how immunity from every other virus generally works? Why should I think this is any different?
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