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  1. @HyacinthI assume it is so the close contacts of the student who tests positive can also be contacted. If the test is negative, they just don't expand the tracing further.
  2. How old? We've read from the Golden Children's Bible when young & done A Philadelphia Catholic in King James's Court when they are older. I personally like the Level 2 saint story books in these sets. Just long enough without being too long. We do them as read aloud just as we did with St Patrick's Summer & The Young Christians. Reading & discussing some of the Gospels is another idea. Going through the Daily Mass Readings has been beneficial for a season. Note that we do go through the St Joseph Catechism -- approximately 1/3rd a year. They learn the basics of the f
  3. For those of you who went to a dermatologist, what did they do that worked?
  4. Sigh. Yes. So many problems. I had media mail books go missing & contacted people right away bit got brushed off with a be patient notice. I contacted various post offices through official channels, phone, and in person with zero calls back. Finally, two months later, after another couple of online requests, I received an envelope in the mail that contained my address label in full & a letter stating there had been a problem with the package. No sign of the books. No insurance on media mail. I'm outta luck (as I was sending them & thus had to reimburse the patient buyer).
  5. Sorry for the handwriting. These are what I started with for both almost 20 years ago. You can use chicken or otherwise modify to suit your tastes. Original recipes were likely from the soup can labels!
  6. We use it for "cheesy tacos." Cooked ground beef, salsa, and the soup are heated together, then served as you would tacos. We also use it for nachos. Never actually had it as a soup.
  7. So, one can of pumpkin pie filling, no regular canned pumpkin, but six or so cans of organic pumpkin left on the shelves. The were four or so canisters of bleach wipes on the shelf. No can limits. Still no Fiesta Nacho Cheese soup.
  8. The package came back the very next day. The package came back ... she knew it was not hers... To the tune of The cat came back.
  9. Our local school is on a 4 day a week, A/B model until Monday. Half the kids go 4 days this week & are home all the following week. But kids of teachers & paraprofessionals can be there full time. And all sports are on, including travel & tournaments. Shows you what is important. On Monday, they go back to full, in person classes. Wheeeeeee!
  10. I have teared up several times reading this thread. Like a Pp, I don't want them all at dinner together but one at a time. Mine are almost all relatives I miss or didn't get a chance to know well. My dad. Pre-Alzheimers. I still miss him so much. My mother-in-law who died of cancer before DH & I were officially engaged. I know she had things to say to DH that she didn't get a chance to say on her deathbed because of her selfish sisters. I know DH would love to be with her again. And I would love to hear her stories about DH growing up. My brother. He went so suddenly. He was
  11. To be fair, people were discussing Scalia's seat as soon as news of his death came out. It isn't right, but it is the situation. Just as people were discussing the future of the Black Panther movies when they heard of Chadwick Boseman's death. I'm sick of the mightier-than-thou and hypocrisy from both parties. I always hope they will do the right thing & am disappointed. I am fearful for our republic.
  12. I used to live in a gated community, but have no idea how emergency services got in. For awhile, it was easy to make a card that would work to open the gate. They changed the cards and you could no longer easily duplicate the cards. It was a pain for things like food delivery or when you were ill and someone wanted to bring you medicine or food. I can't imagine the ambulance not being able to get in. When we moved, we knew not to look for a gated community. That was our first house & we didn't know better.
  13. Paper towels, especially the cheap ones, are missing from the shelves. TP is stocked high here. Cleaning wipes are still scarce. If you get there early on a day the truck has some, you can snag a can or two. That's happened exactly once since March for me. I haven't seen canned goods limited here (mid-America) but we can't find a certain canned soup anywhere online or in person (Campbell's Fiesta Nacho Cheese). Going to check on canned pumpkin when I hit the store later this week. We certainly have enough tomatoes on the vines... If we have more after DH is done making salsa, I'
  14. Well, not in homeschool but in real life, a couple of my kids are learning to use Google Docs/Sheets. One kid uses the virtual compiler thing provided by Google. I don't even know what it is but it is tied to the same thing as Google Docs but she can write her Python programs on it instead of installing Python on the computer itself. She's teaching herself Python. I know nothing about it. ;) We use Quizlet. And lots of audio books (that's tech-right?). Xtramath.org is super duper helpful for mastering math facts. I think my kids would say that using a screen capture device/ap
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