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  1. DD#2 has four weeks left of her DE classes. She has orientation scheduled in late May (and will hopefully be 2+ weeks post 2nd vaccination shot then). Her graduation party won't be until mid to late July to correspond with when she will have a regional art display up for people to visit. Time's ticking.
  2. Lots? My at home kids are 11 yrs - 17 yrs old. They have various time throughout the day, before school depending on what time they get up, and lots after school depending on what time they go to bed. More than 5 hours after school alone. When they were younger, they had more free time because they had less school.
  3. No surprise here: Nebraska (who never had a statewide mask mandate) colleges & universities say they have no plan to require the covid vaccine: https://theindependent.com/news/local/education/nebraska-colleges-not-planning-to-make-covid-19-vaccine-mandatory/article_a984a65b-f4c5-5924-92b9-7629bffd5e09.html
  4. I think this might be broadly true depending on state/area. It was much easier to get a shot in Big Metro Area than in my small rural county and still is. However, from a pharmacy/retail partner perspective, when I search for appointments, the pharmacies in tiny towns on the border with my state tend to have openings way more than the bigger city pharmacies. My county had done zero vaccination clinics not associated with long-term care clinics or local employers until the end of March. When the state opened to everyone 16+, the seniors who had been waiting were right there with people lik
  5. My two oldest kids ended up getting (Pfizer) shots at the same time (almost down to the minute) 800 miles apart. Dd#2 had the bulls-eye bandaid & needed it. They hit a blood vessel; there was blood but not a ton. Plus, she said it definitely hurt. (I told her mine hadn't.) Dd#1 scheduled her second shot & later realized it is during one of her finals. Oops. I'll report back on Monday about side-effects.
  6. I had mine through the county - no insurance needed. My dd#2 is signed up through the retail program (pharmacy) & the cost to administer the shot (so, someone's wages) will be billed to our insurance.
  7. We were in the path last time but only had a few seconds of experience because of cloud cover. Looks like we will road trip to a family friend in Illinois to see if the weather will be kinder next time. DH is a big solar eclipse guy. He had dd#2 design a logo & had shirts made last time...
  8. I am not pushing the vaccine on the other people in my family that are eligible, but I am setting an example & also keeping up my running commentary on all things covid / vaccine. The two young adults who are eligible determined on their own (after I answered their questions) to get the shot. I scored my under-18 kid a Pfizer spot this afternoon one state over. It looks like that state doesn't mind other state's residents coming in & poaching therir spots. (They had openings all day today, but only one slot tomorrow.) This puts shot #2 at finals week so I didn't reserve an appoin
  9. They are predominately anti-mask, but I am not sure on their position on vaccines yet. I know a few are very concerned the vaccines will be mandated for their kids & they will seek a religious exemption if so.
  10. @TCBActually, I think it is relevant in this thread. Hugs. I wish you would have a more supportive local community.
  11. I agree that in several years, the new name will be stigmatized just like Special Education is. The important thing is to remove the stigma of individualized (special) educational programs. How to do that? No idea.
  12. That's to keep all the Gates tracker molecules trapped so they work better to target the 5G waves at your body. <wink>
  13. Lol. I was secretly hoping for that "slept really hard for 12 hours" type side effect from my first shot because I haven't slept well since pregnant with my first kid & the wide-awake-at-1 am (used to be 3, but it is worse now) stuff is not great. This crowd-sourcing symptoms is helpful.
  14. So, I got my first Moderna shot on Friday. The reminder card they gave me says to go to a certain website to schedule my 2nd shot. The verbal instructions they gave me with the card were to go to that website on Tuesday. Today is Tuesday. The system in my state seems to be setup only for people to sign up for first shots because it gave me an error message that I've already signed up. I tried calling the number on the card but got generic voicemail. Good thing I have until the end of the month to figure it out.
  15. I have my kids' shot records but not my own. I can't even remember when I got my tetanus booster, but I think I just got one 5-6 years ago.
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