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  1. This was true for my transcript for dd#1. I only noted dual enrollment on the transcript. Her course descriptions included outside providers & I had about nine different ones - not including DE. Wilson Hill was accredited by that point but I didn't bother noting those classes with a provider code. The colleges DD applied to were not lottery schools & her test scores were good enough that there wasn't a need to make her transcript look messy, IMO. Second DD will have only DE and maybe one outside provider. I will, again, only include a marking for DE on the transcript. She plans to apply to only one local school that does not require course descriptions, so I do not plan to include them. YMMV of course. Just didn't make sense in our circumstances.
  2. DH has insisted we set aside this time to watch it. I'm interested & hopeful. I have no idea how to watch it live. Surely the Hive will know the best way.
  3. You are a good person. I still think you could give him his own title & keep the others as oldest, middle, younger (instead if youngest) since that's how you've been doing it. Just an idea.
  4. I'd give him his own title since he's a chosen, special addition to your family. [This isn't a bonus bioligical baby.]
  5. In-person study groups. Friends. Maybe even clubs & activities. Hopefully. I think most kids will only wear the masks if it is cool or required. (Some will wear them no matter what. I'm thinking about the majority.) I'm just thinking about all the moms who sent Clorox wipes with their college kids in the fall and found a treasure trove of them this spring during the emergency move-out. I imagine masks to be like that--sent but not really used. I mean, I know the toilet paper I sent was used, but the cleaning supplies? ....
  6. We ended up getting a twin over full futon bunk bed when dd#1 moved to her own room. We put dd#3 in with her for a few years & then moved her out. The summer before dd#1 left for college, we moved her out & moved ds#1 & ds#2 in. I don't regret the purchase because it is so versatile. We've moved kids around a lot.
  7. Wow. I sent mine two. She keeps her window open a lot, so I figured wear it, leave it one the window sill when you wear the other one. She doesn't like the cloth masks because they for up her glasses more than the surgical type they give her at work. If she asks for more, I'll send her more. For now, she'll likely make do with two for the fall. There will likely be a favorite style & I'll just wait to see what that is. (I cannot see her wearing a mask in her (single) dorm room or even her (four-room) suite. I assume they might be required when in the common areas though. Will we have enough PPE by then for the school to provide them?)
  8. I think the (fake) thin beard look is good on him, but I am not normally a fan of facial hair on guys (other than DH). In my area, "no shave November" is a thing & 98% of the guys who participate look horrible that month. Several guys grew a "quarantine moustache" around here (according to DH) and the one I saw was scary!! (I heard it described as a 70s p0rn 'stache.) So, normally not a fan, but whatever they used to fake it looks good.
  9. I briefly looked into it but since we are not interested in AP but we are interested in CLEP, I think we're going to go with Modern States' material instead. (Plus, if she passes MS, she could get a waiver to take the CLEP cheaper.) If she does it, please report back!
  10. Looking at Baylor's CS offerings, I can see why he would prefer the BA. The BS doesn't offer much wiggle room (maybe because it is in the Engineering college). The BA would allow a Philosophy minor, probably. This is your Latin kid, right? So, the foreign language requirement probably doesn't bother him because he could probably take a Latin class or two.
  11. RootAnn

    Agh. And eek.

    Sorry to hear the cat is fairly useless. I would have suggested a good mousse but it sounds like your cat isn't keeping them away and/or dwindling the population on its own. Its the electricity supply, not the actual fridge/freezer? Can you run a temporary extension cord?
  12. More testing, in general, is going to mean catching more cases. So looking at percent positive seems to be a better metric along with the others @EmseB points out, above. (I would say under 5% is a "good" % positive rate, but we could quibble about anything above 0%, I'm sure!) Georgia's numbers looked good for awhile, but some people have charged them with 'cooking the books' to make reopening look better. Several states have been including antibody results in total test #s--making their % positive rate lower. All the current metrics are lagging indicators due to how long it takes to show symptoms, get tested, get results, get results reported, or die.
  13. Way quicker. My DD#2 does TNR (trap-neuter-return) work & the males are usually eating the same day & released 24 hours after surgery. The pediatric (8-12 weeks) neuters are super quick recovery. Older females take longer to recover in general & the pregnant ones have a longer recovery after surgery. I've been told that a neuter takes less than five minutes once the cat is prepped. Fixing the males is great, but it only takes one intact male to knock up a female. Hugs, @BlsdMama. DD specifically doesn't want to know about any TNRs who have been (early) pregnant when they come in. (Colony caregivers usually know when they are pretty far along & DD's group holds off on trapping until the kittens are old enough to trap with mom & TNR all together.) It hurts her heart too much, but she also hates having to release kittens back out to the streets because there aren't enough people willing to adopt (or foster families to socialize them). God bless the low cost spay & neuter people. They are not gleeful when they find a pregnant female during surgery. They grieve along with us. Sorry. Bit of a soapbox ramble. DD's work has really opened my eyes to the state of how people-driven the plight of community cats is.
  14. LabCorp opened up their test for $10 plus whatever your insurance won't cover, but I can't find any info on how sensitive/specific their test is. So, likely, it sucks. (Maybe I'm just jaded?) I'd definitely make sure I was getting one of the good ones if I was getting tested.
  15. @Tanaqui Thanks for the correction. I missed that it was only the eldest who had lived with Grandma that long. Checking on other news reports, I found where the eldest now lives with his father, so it is probable that the mother was not living with the grandmother during those years. I also interpreted the first article to mostly be about deleting past pictures vs. posting new ones, but other articles clearly state the request to not post pictures was made repeatedly and the grandma continued her practice of doing so. I can imagine the grandma considers herself the victim. Reasonable behavior often goes out the window when sentiment is involved. Too bad they couldn't have come to an agreement without the courts.
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