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  1. Just FWIW, while I've never had a kid in the Schole class, I'm teaching AofA to a local group of kids for the third time. We usually only have 3-5 kids participate (one of them always being one of my kids) and it is fun to do as a group. We do NOT use the videos. There is not much writing in my version, but we bring in real examples and talk about them. We only meet once per week for 1 1/2 hours, have quizzes, & tests, but not nearly that much homework. A of A is a fun book to work through with a group.
  2. RootAnn

    Asking for exceptions

    I'm of the type that will ask if the situation seems to warrant it (substitution in a restaurant meal or to have them leave something off) but DH is the type to just suck everything up. My kids, as a whole, are the types to try very hard not to inconvenience anyone. (My friends marvel, sometimes openly questioning my parenting, that my kids will turn down sweets/ice cream when they are offered it from friend's parents.) They are trying to be polite and sometimes go overboard. We parents continue to model and talk about each episode and what is the proper way to act. Sometimes DH and I differ. All the situations given in the OP would be fine for me except I probably wouldn't apply for a job requiring 3 yrs experience if I only had 2. So, YMMV.
  3. RootAnn

    A Hiver helped me today IRL

    I always love to hear these stories. There was one last month where a Hiver flew into another state to help a friend with her hospitalized child & a local Hiver picked her up from the airport. I hope that you also found several stashes of almost-completely-used Post-It Notes and a few handfuls of dried out glue sticks.
  4. RootAnn

    Online Universities- can we make a list?

    In dd's college search, she's run across several universities who are now offering online degree programs. Here are two: UCF Online Degrees Peru State College Online Degrees
  5. Most dishes go straight into the "old" dishwasher. When we moved onto the house, it was probably 8-10 years old & we've been here 15 years. Sometimes they will sit in the sink "soaking" because no one wants to actually load them in or the washer is full/running/ waiting to be unloaded. So, if they are semi-rinsed, it isn't on purpose. We have 7 in our house & run the dishwasher approx once per day. It is usually 24 hrs between runs but ranges from 16-32 depending on who cooks & if we fixed dessert or had friends over. Our dishwasher does hold 11 bowls. You'd be amazed at how much or little it holds depending on who loads it and how much needs to fit.
  6. RootAnn

    Since I've had my Roomba . . .

    I think it is pretty loud (like our white noise makers), but a friend who heard it didn't think it was loud. I would say it is softer than our 20+ year old Hoover. Not saying much! We run it whenever we like. I don't have it hooked up to the app, so everything is manual here. Most of my floors are regular plush (not shag!) carpet. It goes between that & the laminate in the kitchen & entryway with no issue. It also goes over our spot rugs & the oilcloth we have down under the dining room table (because our dining room is carpeted, don'tchaknow?).
  7. @fourisenough Know Thy Child. There is zero chance I would put DD#2 in a Blue Tent class. BT as a provider is known for being rigorous and also having time consuming classes. Dd#2 has an interest in animals but no love for science at this point. She's not heading for a STEM field. Edited to add that the Clover classes aren't her type either. She needs a get 'er done at home class, and I would prefer one that didn't require a bunch of my time if I am outsourcing. Guest Hollow Kitchen Chem has been a good fit for this kid where it wouldn't be for DD#3, for example. Here's one thread with a review.
  8. Dd#1 actually skipped science one year, then took a lab science at the local state college. (One semester because none of her colleges require four years of science.) She also took a semester of Psych at the college so she had enough "Social Studies" credits to skip history this, her senior year. (That allowed her the time to start Russian.) @SusanC Thanks for the mention. I looked up FundaFunda earlier and found all the threads about how time consuming and confusing Bio is/was. I don't think that is the class for this kid. I also checked out Blue Tent. That's another No.
  9. I think I have the first post up to date. Please make sure to look the list over every once and awhile to check for any errors on my part. Congrats to all the recent acceptances. For those who are still waiting to hear on Regular Decisions (or ED2, or whatever), I hope your wait goes quickly! Good luck to anyone who is interviewing, also. But, mostly, enjoy these last several months at home with your seniors. "Days like these are far too rare . . ." -Chaucer in A Knight's Tale
  10. She'll do online, just not live. Thanks for the offer. I'll keep it in mind! What did she use for Bio? I'm looking at Thinkwell, but everything I've read so far says it is College Level. I might end up posting another thread eventually.
  11. RootAnn

    Little brothers never outgrow some things

    I hope this link works. Disturbing but catchy.
  12. No inspiration here, I'm afraid. I was rather successfully ignoring this issue until your thread. I'll have to figure something out for dd#2 who is not mathy. We've done conceptual physics and are doing Guest Hollow' s kitchen Chem this year. Biology is up next, but heck if I want to mess with that! (I successfully skipped Bio with dd#1 but won't be that lucky with the rest, unfortunately.) I'd love to have her do ornithology or meteorology but I haven't even started looking around for materials. She's my no-(live-)online-class kid. I'll keep watching y'all for inspiration.
  13. CLE is pretty good until you get to the stuff that hasn't been revised, so through Alg 1 is fine. I've found actual results to differ, so you could have your son take a couple Saxon placement tests to see where he is now compared to their sequence. (When my oldest finished Abeka Arithmetic 3, I had her take the Saxon placement results said she'd place into something crazy like 7/6. My second one did not do that well at the same place.) Personally, I'd stick with what is working, but I'm not a fan of CC so so wouldn't let them decide what I'm using for math! Your mileage may vary.
  14. We didn't need to submit anything, just answer some questions. I have a friend who was asked for standardized test results.
  15. RootAnn

    Post Holiday Family drama, updated

    Thanks for the update. I'm glad your DS has great parents who are willing to follow up to model good behavior.
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