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  1. Mine is an author & artist, so a bit different. I'm still not sure I get everything. But she has an EIN from the Federal government & a sales tax license (certificate?) from our state. When she sells online, the vendor takes care of the sales tax. When she sells the books/prints/paintings/etc locally, she needs to manage the sales tax thing. She hasn't made enough yet to mess with income taxes. We'll figure that out when we get there. Good luck to her! ETA: Forgot the transcript question. I guess it'll go as an extra curricular. It might make one of the essays but her non-profit is more likely to make it into an essay than her art/books.
  2. At least 3 of the 4 girls in my dd's suite brought dishwashing liquid. I never met the 4th girl so I don't know if she brought some or not. Mine is moved in. 😁
  3. Congrats! My dd#1 has a friend who is a one & done this year. Rolling admission. In already. And, just notified she got the instate full tuition scholarship! (She thought she would need to retake the ACT to try for one point higher but just got the notification that she received it with her current score.) Makes for a much less stressful year!
  4. How creepy would it be for @vonfirmath to contact her old youth pastor that moved there to check on her? Or @Rachel to have her brother track down her dh at his new job. Nevermind. Too stalkerish. Moving announcement thread Where's Kinsa in December. Anyone heard from Kinsa? in January & bumped in May
  5. Amarillo sounds right because we were all referencing songs when she let us know. Last time I saw one of these threads, no one had heard from her. I hope things are ok.
  6. Frustrating, indeed! I was emailed back & told not to take an evening slot as those are for the public schooled kids. But, the teacher wants to keep him as a student (Duh!) so I was instructed to "sit tight" for another week (?!) and the teacher will see what time can be found for him. If he didn't enjoy piano and this teacher wasn't understanding of his idiosyncrasies, I'd just say we won't bother. I will likely insist that only Wednesday or (the original) Thursday afternoon will work so I don't have to completely revamp our schedule. This teacher alienated just about all the homeschoolers (because of the rigid rules & copious paperwork - like not enough kids signed up for a group class so the teacher cancelled it & insisted it was SOP to keep their $25 registration fee). It's down to us & one other family. I think the other family just deals with it because the two daughters have been in the same extra curricular activity for about 8 years.
  7. Welp, just got a huge email of instructions on how to go through the re-registration process. (This is a stay at home parent with about 10 students from 7 or so families.) And only one slot open during one day for my kid. (Guess I'm just supposed to drop everything for that slot.) But, that slot is already reserved for karate - which has been set since the spring. So, either we take an evening slot that is reserved for the public school kids, he doesn't do piano, or we ask for a different time not allowed in the "automated re-registration process." I'm going to email... Sigh.
  8. Just bumping for the 2020 parents to see the 2019 list in case they want to ask questions about a specific school's application/scholarship process. In some ways, it is a short year & in other ways, it drags on (while waiting for decisions). Good luck to all the 2020 kids!
  9. @Selkie had a 2017 acceptance @Heather in WI had a 2018 acceptance @FuzzyCatz's DS got in this past application cycle. I'm not sure where they chose to go as I didn't check the acceptance threads from 2017 & 2018.
  10. I have a kid who started MP's TL book but bogged down about halfway through. It was dry & a slog for her. She might have liked Nance's book better but we did not try it. It would have been a half credit had she finished it. I know of other kids who got through MP's stuff ok -- it was not for us. She had done Fallacy Detective and Art of Argument prior to TL.
  11. Lanny, I am so impressed with your daughter. Great job to you & your dw raising her. Next time someone says something about how far away my DD is going to college (800 miles), I will be able to say it is nothing compared to your daughter's trek > 2200 miles! (Although lewelma's son takes the prize by going from NZ to MIT each year > 9,000 miles.) I hope she appreciated your advice to pack one roll of toilet paper with her. :)
  12. Yep. This. I'd suspect Grandma was just a tiny bit hurt that she wasn't his favorite person. Hugs. I hope things settle down for you @sweet2ndchance
  13. Eldest heads 12+ hours to college in two days and I know in my heart she won't ever be back for long. She's too annoying like me to not get on my nerves sometimes, but she has great taste in music, we've shared so many experiences, we get each other's jokes, she helps me remember people's names, and she's fun to be around a lot of the time. I'm so stinking proud of her and so glad she's able to soar onto this new adventure. But I'll miss her.
  14. This teacher has older kids in school and does group music lessons (for homeschoolers) and has individual piano and voice students all at the teacher's home. In our small town, it is tough to find good piano teachers. This one does well with my son and my son likes taking piano. The off-handed way the teacher tossed out that our normal lesson day isn't an option (with no info on what is an option) upset me so much today. My carefully crafted schedule is now going to change: either no piano or I have to move around my two sons' & my schedules at minimum & maybe my daughters' too. Thanks for affirming that I'm not unreasonable for expecting some more advance notice or at least the courtesy of prior communication.
  15. See, I'd understand that if this teacher wasn't completely enamoured by doing things the "professional" way & having copious paperwork & rules & G00gle calendar signups. I still don't know when lessons will be offered (other than homeschoolers will be during the school day). School year lessons start after Labor Day. We start school in two weeks. I only found out that there won't be any lessons on our normal day until this afternoon when the teacher emailed me back since registration supposedly closes on Friday. (But apparently it might not since the lesson days/times are not set yet.)
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