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  1. Her "Coffee Break" books are often offered for free. I did not find most of her info helpful, but that is because the Hive is a much bigger wealth of wisdom. I disagreed with how she suggested to do some things (her suggested course descriptions were too lengthy, IMO & I don't think just because your kid passes a CLEP exam, you should call that subject an honors class). But free is free... Her advice was worth what I paid for it.
  2. I should point out I was musing about the "earned admission" side of ASU and that I don't know much about it. I think it is similar to the MOOC (?) sites where you can pay afterwards to get a certificate for credit (or something). Thanks for the fascinating history lesson, @Lori D.! :)
  3. Just received a holiday card from a large business we are clients of. No postmark, but I assume they sent them out at least a week prior to Christmas. Still no sign of the Christmas gift coming from Germany that was ordered in early December. Also no sign of a gift my DD believes was shipped in late October or early November from France (?).
  4. @Lori D. The "registered" part of your post is interesting. I wonder how that works for someplace like Arizona State (ASU) that has online courses where you apply for credit after you pass the class. Yet, I think ASU considers the students as registered? Or do they only count them when the students pay to have the course be credit-granting? I am sure many students don't finish the ASU online (free) courses.... So, would there even be a record? Definitely not a transcript (since you have to pay for the class to be put on the transcript).
  5. When I brought my own reusable bags, I asked to bag my own stuff. I do not like how cashiers load them. I put some heavy stuff on the bottom & lighter items on top to use the whole bag. There is still a sign up in our small town grocery store to not use them (Covid) although I've seen people bring them in lately. I have not seen any cleaning or sanitizing between customers at any store in six months or more.
  6. As I missed the first half or so, I had no idea who she was, but thought she looked just like my lockerpartner (LP) from high school -- including her hair, glasses, & style of dressing. It crossed my mind that it was my L.P. except LP is not that tall & just a "few" years older now. (She still looks like she's in her early 20s but she's in her early 40s.) All that to say that I thought her dress was quirky, but I admire those willing to go out on a fashion limb as part of their identity. And obviously, I was friends in high school with such a quirky individualist so I didn't think it w
  7. The local health department is reporting that there are about 7,000 people 65+ eligible for the vaccine shots in a four-county (rural) area (that aren't already included in the previous eligible group) but they only have 170 doses available right now. Chances are that only 30-50% of those people will want the vaccine in my area, but that's a big gap.
  8. I think three things are/were at work here: - Many students expect to be spoon-fed or can't learn on their own, and some professors weren't holding their hand enough (Covid made this more pronounced but it has always been a thing.) - Some kids struggled with actually having to study for a class. Many honors kids at UAH have never had to work to get As. Others didn't put enough time in. - Online class formats don't work for many kids. This was especially true for classes that did not have "class time." Some of these young adults do not know how to regulate their time effectively
  9. Or she can write her own speeches as she runs for office herself.
  10. Y'all, the cameras kept showing this blonde woman in the crowd and I had no idea who she was. After checking online for Lady Gaga's outfit (since I missed that part), now I know who the blonde woman was.... :)
  11. I was going to say something about @Spy Carand purple shampoo but I think Joe knows the secrets of purple shampoo, too. I hope the Bidens adopt from a DC rescue and that the rescue (and other animal rescues) get a bump in donations & adopters because of it.
  12. I told my kids that she has real talent. And getting through that after growing up with a speech impediment? Wow. (She says she's running for president in 2036.) Her skill with words was something you just don't hear anymore. (And her choice of colors!! She is big into fashion.) I came in on it late -- missed the swearing in completely on the live stream. I teared up several times. I feel bad that so few got to be there in person. Having experienced one in person (far back in the crowds), it is a historic moment to be a part of. Certainly more comfy & easier to hear in front of the co
  13. Some of my kids shower at night, change into tomorrow's clothes & go to bed in those. I don't judge... If it were just DH & I in the house,I would consider not sleeping in PJs, but I've had to get up in a flash & run to take care of a kid (or an overflowing drain) too many times to consider wasting precious seconds grabbing a robe.
  14. Just reporting from my little rural area in mid-America. Our local testing has been running 30-50% positive the last month or so. It is very much life-as-usual in our little community. My family's overall exposure is pretty high (DH & DD#2 working, DD#2 in-person college classes) right now, I accessed in person testing today. Testing is relatively easy to get as long as you can drive & you have access to email/tech. It is stay-in-your-car & quick. I was swabbed at 10:08 this morning & received an email that my results were at the lab a couple hours later. Less than 12 hour
  15. Well, I guess I can recycle those SAT Subject test study books instead of selling them...
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