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  1. frogger

    Get rid of it all 2019

    Reading this thread made me realize places I could declutter. Typically I love decluttering so I don't have big areas to do but there are some small ones sneaking by. The medicine/vitamin box above my microwave. It's in a hard to get to spot because we are blessed to almost never need it. By the time we do almost everything is expired anyway. The science cabinet. I suppose because it's in the garage I forget about it especially since I'm not doing much science this year. Kids are doing dual enrollment, car science with Dad, or simple do it themselves things as I focus on other subjects. I bet I could get rid of 70-80% of that stuff and never miss it. Edited to add, I offered to clean it all out and consolidate stuff so DH could use the shelves. He doesn't even want them and stated he just needs to get rid of stuff. 😱
  2. frogger

    Marie Kondo Series on Netflix??

    Get a puppy. It will take care of the stuffed animals for you. 😉
  3. frogger

    Marie Kondo Series on Netflix??

    What I have said that helped was to ask, "How much is this worth to me?" Everything costs. Every time you clean it takes minutes from your life. Every time you feel the need to buy drawers or build a shed to takes a lot of time and money. This has helped the older 2 a lot but they still somehow have an overwhelming amount of stuff though they've improved.
  4. frogger

    Marie Kondo Series on Netflix??

    So I have never read or watched any of this cleaning or organizational people but I'm a natural declutterer. It fives me great joy to find things to get rid of. Lol I purge twice a year. Of course, it takes less time than most people because I do it more. My 2 youngest boys I have joked are Bert and Ernie because one is a complete slob and the other when self devised how his socks would be rolled by 8, gets rid of everything and his room is downright Spartan, and likes everything neat and clean. It was good for "Ernie" to learn he needs to think about "Bert's" needs even if he doesn't care and "Bert" needs to learn graciousness to "Ernie" but I will cut to the chase. Is there an episode or different program that would be well recieved by an 11 year old, a 19 year old boy, and/or a husband? They are probably not going to be interested in binge watching and I don't have time to prewatch (I'm not interested either) but honestly they are all frustrated with it all. I will probably go through stuff item by item again and continue to teach with the 11 year old but I'm definitly not doing that with older ones for sure.
  5. I'm sorry, it isn't helpful at all but I now have competing pictures in my head. One doing the potato sack race and one with the feet sticking out the bottom and swiveling the whole body around to see out one little eye hole in the zipper.
  6. frogger

    Second Wind

    Yes. You are right. We just keep going. I actually got a full nights sleep last night amazingly and that is so unusual. It really made a difference in my ability to function today. That might make a big difference in my outlook-just getting some sleep. Real life has just been kicking our butt. I also decided to give child 2 a month long break from her worst subject and we got so much more done in everything else but of course that has to be very temporary since math isn't optional. I just need to find a way to fit things in and sleep. We also don't do a ton of curriculum and subjects but with learning disabilities, the basic 3 r's sometimes kill me because everything is one on one tutoring/therapy.
  7. If she is scatterbrained it is best to just keep everything together on her dresser or chair or something when she takes off pants then move everything to whatever she wears the next day. Although, it looks like you are off and running with potential bags etc which may be better. It is hard to build habits but boy are they helpful.
  8. Count me in as someone who carries all my stuff in pockets too. I can make it work with jeans, sort of, but for the most part I always wear cargo pants. I do have a very small purse just big enough for phone, keys, wallet, and chapstick that I keep in the closet for times I really need to dress up. This is useful for business parties where it says cocktail dress or a similar circumstance. It is small enough I can wear it diagonally across my chest rather than straight over my shoulder where I might have to physically hold onto it or set it down because I WILL forget it. I was diagnosed dyslexic when younger. Not sure if there is any correlation with how my brain works and my need to not juggle a bunch of garbage or worry about forgetting things.
  9. frogger

    Second Wind

    Yup, this is where I want things to be. Managable As a fellow mom I will say I am glad you are getting a breather. Since my youngest is one that can practically school himself I'm not sure putting him in school would actually make a difference. My most difficult thing with him is chores and self care and that wouldn't go away but getting ready for school and meeting with teachers and scheduling around school would be added. Now if I could put the other two in school it would make a huge difference! Trying to make sure I just check things and do one small thing with him he wants so he has human attention. His main activity Tae Kwon Do/Judo he can get to on his own so he gets excercise, fun, and friends. I really should be thankful he is so easy but he probably could excel if mom had some more time and I wish he weren't overshadowed.
  10. So I have been homeschooling 16 years if I include tutoring a nephew when my son was 3. I'm feeling pretty worn down. Part of that might just be "life" right now: housing, money, cars, extended family and other things but honestly I feel like I could just sleep for a year. Though the oldest is in college the next 2 are perhaps my most challenging to school with dyslexia, ADD, and total uninterest in all things academic. Currently, they are sapping the life out of me. The 4th child is interested though he picks up ideas from 2nd and 3rd and influence of 1st won't be much with him away at college and I guess I'm worried I won't have anything left for him by the time 2 and 3 suck all enthusiasm from me. I am looking at outside classes and a technical high school for the middle kids too but the dyslexic may struggle. For those who have been in for the long haul, any advice? What energized you? Is there any hope of getting enthusiasm back or will my last child just get a poor pale pittance from his mother?
  11. Well, this isn't exacatly what you are looking for but just so you know it exists: Words of Delight: A Literary Introduction to the Bible by Lyland Ryken is good.
  12. I hate plumbing and usually request DH handle it and have called plumbers at times but I did replace a toilet myself and didn't find it particularly hard. DH has replaced multiple but he is pretty handy so I'm not sure he counts.
  13. Yes. This. It is ok to explain good safety habits because they will actually make a difference but then let it go because it won't help to worry about it. It did NO good telling children they might go today because of a nuke every single morning. How is that in any way helpful? What action could they take to prevent that? Oh yes, I forgot, get under their desk. Snort. On the other hand telling your children the need to have a helmet or lights and reflectors on their bike actually makes a difference. It doesn't make it sure but it mitigates the risk. It has a purpose. Then they go out and ride their bike. You don't lock them in the basement and tell them they can't ride their bike because they could possibly be hurt because that has real costs.
  14. That makes sense 42. It also explains the craziness of victim blaming and attacking anyone that something bad happens to on the internet. That is such a foreign concept to me that I didn't get that at all from the blogger. To be fair, he desperately needs to read Strunk and White and try not to take every rabbit trail he sees.
  15. We tried Stitch Fix for my daughter a couple times and didn't keep a single item despite putting in extra notes and rating lots of pictures. It might work better for a more um.. "normal" person as regards to liking modern styles and body shape.
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