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  1. I'm teaching my third driver and all that I can say is, "If you find a way to relax, that's not illegal or unhealthy, please let me know."
  2. I wish people had the common sense (I'm not referring to your post but people in general) to distinguish keeping your mind semi-focused on a highway that just runs straight in the middle of nowhere and bores you out of your mind versus eating their burger while merging 20 below the speed limit onto a 4 lane freeway full of traffic going 75-80. I see that all the time though. That advice does not apply to populated areas where there are pedistrians, traffic turning this way and that, and directions to follow. It is highly unlikely that this thread is talking about carpooling across long unpopulated areas. Depending on where I'm at I'll pull over or peek at a stop light if no one else is with me to give directions. Google maps pretty much always works for me but sometimes I like to actual see the map too and so I pull over. My major issue is with actually paying attention to what is going on around you not hands on the steering wheel but I guess hands free laws do(if obeyed) keep people from texting and clicking through stuff which is also taking their attention off the road and their eyes off the road too. From what I can tell many American drivers are oblivious to everything around them. They can cut off a tractor trailer and be completely unaware and never speed up or modify their position or speed what so ever.
  3. Cars have been made safer and safer and passenger deaths have gone down. Making people in vehicles safer regardless of driver decisions has come at a cost to pedestrians though and pedestrian deaths and injuries has risen dramatically. Cars have way more blind spots due to thicker pillars that will support the weight of the car in a rollover, side airbags, head rests in the back seats that protect from whiplash but block more of the already decreased back windshield. Supposedly sensors are supposed to help but honestly any new technology has bugs that need worked out. At the same as we have decreased visability and made cars super comfortable so drivers feel completely safe and detached from outside world we have added distractions in the form of more buttons (rather than a few simple knobs for the heat or headlights which are quickly memorized and don't even need looked at) and stupid cell phones whether they are being used for navigation or something else. Consequently, pedistrian and cyclist deaths have increased dramatically since 2008. I realize that there are more cyclists now but even walking to your work from your parking area is more dangerous. This is one reason (among others) many parents drive their children ridiculously short distances to school and activities. I am much more concerned with my children simply being near a road, even on a sidewalk. The last 2 boys that got hit in our town just recently were actually on the sidewalk. Even roads posted at 20mph because drivers feel safe to double the limit while looking at their phones. Even at marked crosswalks because local drivers refuse to stop at crosswalks even with flashing lights. You have to wait for a space in traffic and dash across. Even when looking both ways, someone new could be turning onto the road.
  4. frogger

    Dryer Ball

    Hmm. I wonder if the moisture sensor being coated is part of our problem. The internet seems to imply that clothes will still be damp if it isn't sensing properly. Ours seems to overdry even though I put it on the lowest setting. I'm sure that doesn't help static problem. If I remember I will stop it when it is not finished but often I busy and it would be nice (and less wasteful) if it would shut off earlier. It can't hurt to try cleaning it. I always clean lint trap, and exhaust, etc but not specifically moisture sensor.
  5. frogger


    I did not know I had PCOS until I had a sonogram for a pregnancy and had a bunch of cysts. I had always known I was irregular but didn't realize what was causing it. My symptoms were not extreme in any way. Although, it took a long time I would eventually get pregnant, usually right after I gave up. 🙂 I have 4 biological children and never ended up doing any type of medical intervention. Not that some people don't need to, I just never had to. I hope that's encouraging. There is no guarantees in life but I'd really hate for her to stress over it, especially since it may be a non-issue.
  6. frogger

    Dryer Ball

    I have not heard of using chalk before. That is something to try.
  7. frogger

    Dryer Ball

    Regarding how dryer sheets stain clothing: I do think it must have something to do with our water reacting with the dryer sheets or the heat settings on our washer because it never happened until I moved to this house. I could use any old off brand of dryer sheets and no problem. Now it's a constant battle even with buying fancy dryer sheets. I'm pretty sure I've targeted it to that and it quit happening when I was able to hang dry when we had our wood stove going but I can't always do that due to moisture in the house. It really depends on the time of year.
  8. Or maybe we should design a bed with a slot that the extra arm can go down into. I voted curled in front of me which kind of gets in the way but if I put it under my partner it is asleep or in pain fairly quickly.
  9. frogger

    Dryer Ball

    So if you fill your dryer with them they work. Lol I do understand sensitivity to smells.
  10. frogger

    Dryer Ball

    Ok, that is helpful. I do find I can reuse a sheet 3 or 4 times before it quits working. Maybe I should keep a box to shove used ones in and make sure I only use preused ones for dress clothes. I used to buy the cheapest ones then I moved to name brand (currently snuggle but tried Bounce too) and they all seem to stain shirts. It may be something else but I check his shirts for pre treating stains and see nothing and then when he goes to put them on he will often find a clearish grease like stain that I can't get out again.
  11. So I'm pretty sure our dryer sheets are staining my husband's work shirts. I also am thinking dryer sheets aren't the most enviromentally conscience choice so I'm looking at dryer balls. The thing is we live in a climate that gets static horribly in the winter and that doesn't look professional either, when your shirt is clinging to you and lumping, wrinkling funny because of it. Has anyone used the wool dryer balls? Do they work? Has anyone found something else that prevents static?
  12. That is asking a lot. She would have to be an amazing teacher with no other real options for me to deal with that lack of flexability. I mean I don't expect teachers to teach on their day off or push other students for my convience but one opening with no notice is frustrating.
  13. Life is a little complicated right now. I really wanted to take him. I don't have a livable home and have to interrupt the person I'm staying the night with at 1AM, if I take him due to it being a redeye and then I find out my youngest child is sick. Earthquakes really complicate things. 😁 That being said I will take time to say goodbye.
  14. Congrats Lanny! Glad everything went smoothly. DS leaves tomorrow Alaska to Alabama. He is flying down. DH will give him a ride to the school as he is there for work so he will have a somewhat disengaged (focused on work) parent around. Which is good. You can figure things out on your own but can still call if you need an emergency ride or something. Now it looks like I won't even give him a ride to the airport. I suppose that is fine because I'm afraid I'll ball like a baby.
  15. We usually set up lessons in August because the teachers try to work around my daughter's other scheduled classes so we figure out the less versatile classes first. Even if they needed a specific day off we would usually have multiple other times we could work with.
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