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  1. Well, if about 3% are hospitalized then you should expect to know 97 healthy ones for every three hospitalized so this isn't exactly surprising. ETA I don't really have any idea of the true percentage but that was what my state reported last winter when more people cared enough to test. Now they say 8% of cases are hospitalized but I doubt that is true. It is just that fewer of the mild cases are bothering to test so it looks like a higher percentage are having more severe cases.
  2. I agree. It is too bad my RN friend who works in an Anchorage ER is already getting tons of overtime and has to take care of twice as many patients as they used to per level. So if the the level of care was at two patients per nurse in 2019, the same level of care is 4 patients per nurse currently. She said there is more biking accidents too so it isn't all Covid. More people riding bikes is also an issue and they can't find more nurses to hire since there is so much competition for them. Last time I had dinner with her she kept repeating, "Don't get injured, don't get sick, don't get in an accident, don't fall in the bathtub. There is no one to take care of you." I don't know what to say anymore. It seems hopeless and those stuck in the medical profession are going to pay a high price.
  3. Because they are brainwashed to think all those people actually died from something else or at least some people. They are told that really the people died of a stroke or heart attack but just tested positive for Covid so that was put on their death certificate. When DH's grandma died there was a lot of talk of "making sure" they didn't put Covid on the death certificate. It wasn't put on there because that isn't what she died from but they thought there would be an attempt to. 🙄 If everyone you know that has it says it feels like a cold it can be confusing and then you are fed all these other lies. I don't think people are evil and selfish; I think most are just confused and frightened by gov't actions.
  4. OTOH, it could turn out that we won't last long once one of us dies. Who knows? It tends to be a trend in my family. My Uncle was in the hospital when my Aunt suddenly died and when he found out he refused all treatment and died within 24 hours. My grandmother had absolutely nothing wrong with her that anyone could figure out. She was taking care of Grandpa at full capacity on their ranch. Then he died. Then she just pined away talking about him. She went from living on the ranch to assisted care to full nursing home within a year. In the nursing home she used to ask me why they wouldn't let her see him. She was gone within a year. After 68 years, if one of you dies, it's like losing a piece of yourself.
  5. Exactly, I hope I have grandchildren. There are many people to visit and help and I hope I have friends.
  6. It would be interesting to see actual hospitalizations. I know some vaccinated are hospitalized but not sure of the extent. Curious how common it is.
  7. I don't even want a dog to take care of: possibly, very hardy plants.
  8. Well, personally, I take care of a lot of people. I dearly love my husband, he is a great guy and does his best to take care of me but I just don't need attention. He needs attention. If something happened to him I would not pick up another guy who would need attention. I would rest.
  9. Does it? The life expectancy of a man is less than a woman and from what I can see men who do get through their 60's and 70's live well into their 90's dragging the average up. That is just my observation. I'm too lazy to look anything up but I would not be surprised that their are more older widows than widowers.
  10. It was in a very rural area. There was maybe 5,000 (my own estimate) that were close enough to feel it. It was huge so maybe people in the Bethel district could feel it which would up that number a lot and your chances of finding someone on here that felt it. A lot by rural Alaska standards which means nothing to most people. 😂 I know they now provide internet to Cold Bay but I would say many if not most people out there don't have internet. Anyway, all that to say it is super unlikely anyone here felt it. I'm thankful that it didn't create a large Tsunami though! I'm also thankful we now have a Tsunami Warning system now!
  11. But I see control on the other side too. No respect for private property about the mask issue for example. Business establishments had no control over what went was happening on their own private property. I would be all for you choosing to shop in a place that didn't require masks but our mayor finally made a mandate because businesses couldn't get people to obey the house rules. It was despicable. Republicans trying to control what businesses require of their employees etc is actually a very liberal thing to do. Usually, it is liberals trying to control every little aspect of employment when really it should be a mutual contract that you are free to take or leave. As far as I can tell, both sides are acting exactly the same way: wanting to control everyone else. I do not know if we will come out of this with any freedoms at all.
  12. I have a feeling there is group waiting for full FDA approval rather than accept an emergency authorization. I don't know how big that group is but I expect a little bump.
  13. Though there are generally higher food prices and eating out has really went up, things seem more back to normal where I live now. Well, seems to be a labor shortage. My son is working extra shifts and hair stylists, nurses, and construction crews all are begging for help but actual goods seem well stocked.
  14. Almost everyone I knew had what felt like colds too except my BIL(who was fully vaccinated) who was hospitalized and an older lady I know, also hospitalized for a couple days. I really think this clusters so much it really hits people very differently. One person can lose many while another doesn't know anyone seriously ill. It is the nature of the beast.
  15. Yeah, there is nothing Christian about them.
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