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  1. If MUS is working for you I would stick with it. I currently have one taking Alg. 2. I am putting off ACT until her Senior year because there is a lot that isn't covered yet that will be on the standardized tests. It is very short on proofs in Geometry if that is important to you. The honors pages, throughout all the levels, have some application but there isn't a lot honestly. If the student understands the concepts they should be able to apply it though.
  2. That is one thing to keep in mind that I wasn't thinking about, the short time period would make OOS tuition more feasible. I live in Alaska and so it is easy to check if anybody in the entire state has it. When I say it can't be local, I mean they fly all the way to another state.
  3. Though she wants to avoid the medical fields I had to look it up locally (since it isn't strictly medical) and our allied health school doesn't have an occupational therapy program just a medical assistant and a few others, dental, radiography, pharmaceutical ( which I thought might be ok as she doesn't want to deal with physical bodies.) I had looked up medical assistant type jobs earlier knowing there would be demand but she is so adverse to that field. I appreciate the mention of it though.
  4. And honestly, because she is a hard worker and tries to be responsible I really don't have that much fear. It may not always be easy and it's hard now knowing what's next but I'm sure she will work hard and do fine at whatever she chooses. It may not pay that much though. A lot of things she enjoys will require a degree. She is good with young children and could be a teacher or music teacher or work in a human services type field or work in field that requires good communication skills but many of these require that degree that she doesn't necessarily want to get. She is willing to but it's hard when she isn't sure where she is going with it. When I say she doesn't like school, it's more that she doesn't like being told what to do or studying things that she doesn't see a specific need for at that moment. She does learn on her own a lot though and wouldn't be that happy with most skilled trade jobs and also things that are repetitive and not creative which is why I wonder if a degree might be useful after all but it's up to her not me. I'm just trying to give her things to think about along the way. I suppose if you have a degree in one thing though, at least if she changes her mind she shouldn't be starting from scratch.
  5. I know this. I do. Sometimes I have to reconvince myself. I also don't want her to get stuck because she is worried. I remember reading somewhere that the majority of college grads don't have a career in the field they majored in. I suppose I could try to find a source for that. I try to tell her if she doesn't go in major debt or do one of those deals where you are required to work x amount of years in exchange for schooling she will keep her freedom to change. She is a hard worker when she has a reason to be. For now she just needs to discover her next step. She doesn't "like" school though and it's expensive so I'd hate to advise her in a manner that will require her to do more than neccessary. So hoping for more discussion points to just help her along.
  6. She is a junior in high school. She has done some interest inventories. She is still exploring. She is also thinking about waiting to go to school for a couple years. I just threw out this question for one more discussion point. Depending on if you actually do stuff those years could be wasted or you can actually be learning about yourself.
  7. It's difficult for me to grasp the soft skill's degree ramifications. DS is EE/Math major. Opportunities seem pretty straightforward. Next child just isn't going that route and everything feels so vague to me. Most of my family with high paying careers didn't go to college so experience isn't much help. Some didn't make it through high school and make 6 figures now but those kinds of careers don't fit her personality and will probably be in decline in the future. I haven't had much of a career since homeschooling for the last 20 years. So just trying to wrap my mind around this and feeling very unable to advise more than the general look for opportunities, work hard, do something (no thumb twiddling), don't go into debt, etc.
  8. Simple and not so simple question, does your college major determine your career? Obviously, there are specific careers that require specific degrees and certifications. Of course, presumably it wouldn't take you as long to get a degree for a specific field if you had all your general ed. requirements done. I realize there are tons of outliers and everyone's path is different but in general would you say that choosing a major is a major bottleneck in your life that restricts you from other paths.
  9. Ha, Sorry Wintermom. 9 pages is just too much. Sorry. I see I was just remembering a giant W and I don't know wathe just you. 🙂 Not that I want to pretend to be Canadian but I have liked most of the Canadians I've met. 🙂 I generally call myself an Alaskan anyway when traveling. I don't say, "I'm an American. " I tend to say "I'm an Alaskan." Not many other states do that. Maybe Texas 🤣 and Hawaiians?
  10. Oh, I know there are differences and I don't blame you for wanting your own culture and identity. I just found it interesting. The cultural difference between my Alaskan ways and a Southerner's ways (language, dress, mannerisms, food) are simply more extreme than my differences with Western Canada's. That is all. ETA It was really baffling to my children when traveling to the lower 48 when there appeared to be no difference other than km signs and money when we traveled in a different country but things were continually more different when we were back in our country.
  11. I remember listening to Canadian radio (while in Canada) talking about getting Canadians to list Canadian stars, military generals, etc and they kept listing American ones. This was Canadian broadcasters talking to Canadians asking the Canadian population at large. No Americans were involved. Well, I suppose Hollywood was unintentionally involved. I can understand some frustration about constantly being overshadowed. I will say that Walmart and Costco in Georgia have different products than the ones in Alaska. My in laws also love Canadian Tire. Lol
  12. I had a group of Russians laughing at my clothes before but that was in America and I took it in stride and ended up joking with them. Yes, they were laughing at me not with me but really it didn't bother me. I do come from the worst dressed city in America according to some magazine (I forget which). The Canadian comments are also interesting. Wintermom (I think you were the one who said an American could never fit in with Canadians), may I ask what part of Canada you are from. I'm going to assume back east. In talking to western Canadians, I would think that they have more in common with Alaskans than with people in Quebec. I was asked by a Canadian in Alberta if I felt more Candian than American. My high school pal married a Canadian, Canadians lived with us in camp and built our cabin (in the bush), we don't have football teams at our colleges just hockey ( well and other less popular to watch sports). I do find that attending museums and other things in Canada is easier for me because the crowds are more polite so we fit in better than in the cities of the contenental US. Really we get along great with each other out west. These aren't sterotypes. Just personal observations.
  13. It doesn't make me feel self conscious because I get frustrated with Americans for the same reason. It feels like, especially in crowded places, they have zero care for anyone around. Many Asian countries are the same way so that comment about it not bothering them makes sense. P.S. You would never find me on a cruise. I hate fairs and concerts and other crowded places.
  14. I would do a search for a rescue. We have multiple reptile rescues that are just jammed packed. Many rescue places do educational programs. You could learn care and rescue a critter. A good rescue should be able to tell you if there are signs of MBD or other issues and warn you. At least, I hope they would.
  15. Our vet calls them the dogs of lizard world. They do have a ton of personality. Although the veggies are easy, the insects are more expensive and can be a pain. I'd actually prefer to feed a snake I think. You can do crickets, some hornworms etc but we do roaches and they smell. 😕
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