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  1. Our country is using federal funds to create hoops already. The incentives seem to align with gaming the system, teaching to the test, and to dumb things down. I'm trying to figure out how other countries manage to pull this stuff off politically. For one thing, it appears acceptable to take non college routes. I think we are such a diverse nation and we want everyone to succeed. There are accomodations for even those with mental disabilities to go to college. I love my little brother who has Down Syndrome but does he have to go to college to be happy? This is not to discoun
  2. Ahhhh, you were talking AP. I have never done a language one. Just science and they weren't all that exciting that I remember. I mean I do remember an essay but it has been a very long time. Maybe I took it after it had been dumbed down already. I got a 5 and the class wasn't particularly hard but it was a rural school with few options.
  3. Is that what the complaints we're about? I must have missed something. The feeling was there wasn't enough competition in testing and that there was a preference for more options. Preferably with testing sites not 1000 miles away. Often the AP tests were impossible to sign up for. The main mention of testing via essays, oral examination, or other harder to grade means was that it was unlikely to happen in America not that it wasn't wanted, but maybe I missed something.
  4. I like options honestly. There are different kinds of schools. Each school can have a different focus. If a school requires something you don't want to provide perhaps that isn't your type of school. I am just now graduating my second child and I'm glad there are different options for her than get a nigh-perfect score on a fairly easy test in which you just have to work super fast and not make mistakes in the rush. She doesn't make a good robot but she is super creative. Sure it was the easiest way for my son to get his school paid for but everyone is different. That is what makes Americ
  5. My son took a ton of CLEPs just to get out of classes he didn't want to focus on. He wasn't aiming at Ivy league though. He didn't have anything to make him stand out and ended up tuition free at UAH. They are super easy basic knowledge tests. I can't imagine them impressing anyone.
  6. I despise the college board after doing so much with them when the oldest was getting ready to graduate. They rereleased tests and then made one way too easy. He did well on Subject tests but all in all I'd be happy to never have to give them another dime. My two middles care less about academics and will take ACT and that's it. Test out of a few classes via clep maybe but my youngest. I have no idea what the college/ testing/ financial world will look like in 5 years. I will have to learn from scratch I think!
  7. I think the argument is that we won't clamor for more and more funding since our kids are taken care of. Of course, most parents (I hope) recognize that kids in public school will make up the society our children have to live, work, and socialize in. We know our kids are better off if the public school kids are better off. I find that funding for schools is more an ideological position among voters and has very little attachment to whether they have a child in school or not. I have heard anger at wanting to raise school funds by people who have multiple children in sc
  8. I voted third party in 2016 but I was sorely tempted to vote Biden this round but ended up third party. The truth is the point in voting is to have alternatives. Most Americans don't feel they have any decent alternatives.
  9. I will add that my kids needed vastly different curriculum to be successful. We have a variety of learning disabilities and gifted and that was in one family with the same background.
  10. My local school district has a population with 101 languages represented. It has nothing to do with intelligence but let's face it when kids come to school with over a hundred native languages which also represents 100 different backgrounds, it complicates things. Younger kids, of course, get up to speed on English faster and often head to AP classes but older kids will take longer getting fluent. My state recently had a budget battle involving whether we should have a minimum of 20 students instead of 10 to open a school in a village. Do you think a school with 2 or 3 high schoo
  11. I think some of these ideas would be interesting threads but I have to teach a class soon. I'll try to bookmark your article but I will leave you with an Adam Smith quote, " Every faculty in one man is the measure by which he judges the like faculty in another. I judge of your sight by my sight, of your ear by my ear, of your reason by my reason, of your resentment by my resentment, of your reason by my reason, of your love by my love. I neither have, nor can have, any other way of judging about them" The Theory of Moral Sentiments~Adam Smith
  12. I will add that each state is responsible for their vote. A sitting President trying to change electoral votes is a huge breach of norms. Each state should look at their own election process to make sure it's fair. If the Feds take over the process that simply gives them more control.
  13. Told by Congress. They are the representatives of the people. There is no way one man can represent American opinions. They are supposed to represent the views of their constituents not their party. We have many historical warnings of parties taking over and representing their interests. I'd say the power of the president definitely grew through the years but it escalated drastically after WW 2 and especially in the last 30 years. I really don't have time to go into all the details. It could be a whole thread.
  14. The constitution's largest and first article covered congress because Congress was supposed to be the ones who "legislated". Putting things into practice was supposed to be the President's job because working with a huge group is messy. The most obvious and simple example is Congress is supposed to declare war. It is hard to move fast and be organized in moving troops with a Congress though. They declare war. The president is supposed to be the Commander in Chief of the military. The Congress is supposed to represent the people, which includes many ideas and different
  15. I agree the President has done terrible damage to our nation in the form of influence. That being said, I wish people could see the danger of policy coming from the president and of allowing them to take more and more power. They shouldn't be making policy. They should be voted on based on character to up hold the law and do what they are told. The American ideal was dispersion of power for a reason. One flake with a lot of power can do damage. Nobody wants to restrict power when their side holds the office but by doing so they are damaging our system. Congress should be debating a
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