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  1. Realized I gave too many details for a public forum. Peeling paint no problem. Silverware used straight from a drawer covered in rodent feces= problem. Clutter or dust = no problem. Poopy diapers left laying around bothers me. Not an accident because of a midnight change and mom was half asleep but everywhere and just not bothering. Old furniture= who cares? Veggies for salad laid next to hog being butchered= no thanks. I don't need people to be fastidious or paranoid but I do have some standards.
  2. The rate listed for Alaska is 27 in 100,000 or .00027% and that is second only to Montana. I'd be much more likely to know one of the 1% of wealthiest people in the US That is pretty rare. Over a life time it compounds and I'm not sure how to get life time totals but still it certainly isn't common. Down syndrome occurs at a rate of 1 in every 700 births in the US or .00142%. There is a huge difference between those two numbers. I know many people with Down Syndrome but because my brother has Down Syndrome and I run in social circles with many who have it I wouldn't really be shocked or surprised that many of you personally know few or even no people with Down Syndrome despite being much more common. Things never fall evenly across a whole population. It would make sense to see where it clusters so that changes could be made. I realize there is no one solution but many factors play into it but everything helps and if it helped just a few then those few would be better off.
  3. I'm very sorry for your pain and loss Melissa. I wish I could give an answer to why some have to suffer so much from suicide of loved ones, just so it could be fixed. 😞
  4. I am a culprrit at times. Music programs and my daughter's youth symphony where she is the principal harp is not things we can simply skip especially where there are major harp parts. No one can take her place. We wash hands, avoid potlucks, etc and go on with life.
  5. I don't think total numbers are useful unless simply using as straight comparisons with something else. I also think the risk of my children being killed by the driver of a vehicle is higher and I still let them bike and walk places because it also has benefits not just risks. I live in a state that rivals Montana but am not concerned my children will commit suicide anymore than I am of someone breaking into my house. Both are unlikely. That does not make them unlikely for everyone. Everyone I know has a gun that I know of. I have never known someone who killed themselves or anyone else. I do know people whose lives were probably saved by a gun. Who knows, maybe the hospital would have pieced them back together again. Like mentioned above, there are a lot of contributing factors. Here is a list of states. Alaska is high for multiple reasons. Like Montana there is a much larger Native population who are still dealing with a huge cultural shift, adaptation to a different lifestyle, racism, recovery of Gov't forced separation of familes, just a lot of stuff to sort out and overcome in a couple generations. There are still Alaskan Natives alive who lived through being sent to camps during WW2. Combine that with low economic opportunity, darkness, sexual assault and alcohol issues and it is a recipe for disaster. Populations in upper elevations of Alaska are pretty miniscule though. Most villages of enough consequence to remark on are coastal or at least in basins or near water at lower elevations.
  6. DS made it home for Christmas! I'm so thankful he has an unlimited minutes on the cell considering how much he talked to everyone. If one person was busy he would just call another parents, siblings, grandparents, etc. So glad long distance bills aren't what they used to be. He was a little bored this semester. Tried getting a job but didn't survive the interview but he is ramping up next semester and looking into other opportunities and he said he thinks UAH was a good choice for him.
  7. Stocking stuffers are from Santa. Gifts from mom and dad. As mentioned above, special edibles (cheeses, jerky, candies, so stuff I don't buy much of regularly). My son likes Thai tea so one year I bought him cans of coconut milk, spices and tea bags. My kids are always short something or have outgrown something. I guess that makes it easier since we don't just rebuy them stuff right away. This year 2 boys got down sleeping bags. They only had their child sized one. One boy outgrew his skiies but we already got him the sleeping bag so he will have to save up. Bike locks, flash lights, electric toothbrush in other words, things they will need anyway that is if you use those things.
  8. I was going to get excited about Biola because they have a good harpist on staff and because of the large scholarships but then I realized the scholarships are larger because the tuition is twice as much as recent places I've been looking at. Sigh... I know it's par for the course, it's just that I have been looking at state schools and some cheaper Christian schools recently and mentally lost the big picture and became used to 18k-25k tuition.
  9. My kids wouldn't care. We celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas and Easter and that is it. No Halloween, Valentines, New Years is hit or miss. We did miss Easter the year my dad was in the ICU. Honestly, if my kids don't have a specific tradition that they are used to, they just don't care.
  10. I'll ask if he has done that. Thanks! I think he was thinking he would need to finish more actual engineering classes first. I'll ask if he knew that he could start looking for opportunities as a freshman. He has looked at the tutoring and TA opportunities. I think he wants to work in the programming classes but I make sure he knows that he won't be shut out as a Freshman for research.
  11. In other thoughts, I'm wondering, RootAnn, if the honors college is worth applying to.
  12. Nevermind. I misunderstood something. Sometimes I wonder if he should have went to MS&T but he didn't want a bunch of debt which is smart. I do wonder if it would have been more challenging though.
  13. Honestly, I feel like I live on a different planet than even people on this board. Our culture is simply different up here in Alaska. I am often interested in what the rest of the world looks like but that is the problem with big Federal programs, they affect different regions in different ways, some positive and some negative. To give grants so that locals can structure things in a way that makes sense for their area is one thing but depending on how specific the proposal is and what hoops are needed to get the grant can make a huge difference on how it affects communities. Bottom up solutions (sometimes with Federal funds and sometimes not) are usually better. I guess I need to go actually read the proposal now.
  14. It does seem like UAH is easier then we expected. The price was right though. I was super surprised that they didn't have to do real lab reports. DS got well over 100% because he answered the honors college questions on the lab report form before he paid attention to the fact he didn't need to do them. He later did an extra lab with a report that wasn't required because the Physics teacher was going to use that to narrow down the pool of applicants for a tutor for future classes. He has an interview tomorrow. I reminded him that he needs to not get lazy doing Calc homework on the computer because it lets him redo the problem if he makes a mistake. Something he couldn't do when he took Calc 2 here last year. Everything was a paper quiz. It was so hard to train him to be careful and not make silly mistakes back in Algebra. He understood concepts fast but made silly mistakes so I provided incentives to make him pay attention. I hope he doesn't get lazy. I reminded him to try not to lose the skills he does have. Hopefully, things will ramp up soon. Your daughter is in honors so that is probably harder but I think my son's classes at his really low ranked school here in Alaska were actually harder so I'm not going to jump to conclusions. It depends on the teacher more than anything. Well, and if you are prepared for the specific class.
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