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  1. Perhaps, but I think they just need reality to set in.
  2. I'm thinking volunteer work. Transfer them to a nearby hotspot where they take the job of transferring dead bodies from hospitals to morgues.
  3. I don't know but I'd say this is worse.
  4. I was thinking the labs of all things would be in person.
  5. Well, he would prefer to be down there with friends and participating in activities etc but considering all the rules and things that were going to be closed up he wondered what the point would be and if things get shut down life is less cramped here in Alaska. I think under these circumstances he is happier doing online. He is blessed that this is only his second year so a lot of engineering labs can be put off until his Junior year. I do feel worse for those who will be Seniors next year who don't have as much wiggle room to postpone the hands on stuff. I'm thinking he can earn his keep and teach Physics to his little brother next year. 😁 Sadly, he will be gone before his brothers get beyond my math abilities but I can'tkeep him forever.
  6. DS is also at UAH. He is switching to all online. It just makes more sense with us being so far away. He is trying to rearrange his schedule so important labs won't be taken until the year after next. I'm sad he will be stuck at home for school but I do know this makes more sense all things considered. I'm contemplating a donation to the school even if a donation from our family will be tiny but he is tuition free and now has no room and board. Well, he ups OUR grocery bill but in the grand scheme of things just books and fees is small peanuts and I know we are blessed with steady work and a family home for everyone even if it means he leaves home a little later. I'm going to have to rearrange my house though.
  7. This would not surprise me at all. I think in places with lots of testing you see a huge decrease in percent hospitalized. This thing just spreads like crazy because it has so many undercover agents unwittingly spreading it.
  8. Alaska currently has a hospitalization rate of 3%. With only one person on a vent that is .3%. This is just for confirmed current active cases. We have a number of conspiracy theorists or people who don't want to be quarantined also so the percentage is probably even smaller than that. Because states that have hospitals filling up have such high percentages of tests coming back positive, I think we can safely assume they simply have way way higher infection than case rates especially since Arizona is saying such a large number of those hospitalized are younger so just age difference doesn't make up for it. I would need to see the breakdown of ages to overlie it with Ausmumof3's chart but we are talking 5% mortality rate out of the 3% of people who are hospitalized so around .15% . Of course, that 3% is off a little since it's for all age groups and I'm not sure where to get %hospitalized by age group. Our biggest age groups are 20-60 for actual infection rates though.
  9. I saw that too. @Ktgrok I know that those with pre-existing conditions had it worse but I was curious what the numbers looked like. It's not that important but just something to note.
  10. I have not kept up with this thread, how do y'all keep your sanity?, so forgive me if it is posted in one of the 312 pages but has anyone seen a report on likelihood of complications in younger people? Is strokes, kidney damage etc etc a high percentage of young adults? Everything is so focused on death rates that the chance of life long lung/heart damage and other lifelong issues are almost always overlooked. I tried googling but it keeps going back to death rates.
  11. I agree. That still doesn't change the fact that religion is part of that 1st amendment too. Our churchs were closed here but no one was arrested (most cooperated), yet De Blasio was willing to break up religious funerals so I'm just seeing a double standard.
  12. I can't guarantee anything but it is just as much of a guarantee as a mask working. I have been wearing a mask when grocery shopping etc but I am connected in so many ways with church family it would be silly at some point and I'm just saying it's getting to that point. I will let my kids play together and run without being masked because it is costly to their mental health otherwise. We currently have 18 people in the hospital that are covid positive or under investigation so maybe less than that and that is for our entire state. Zero on a ventilator. We have way more people testing positive through contact tracing than just random community spread and even that is typically less than 20 a day. People are in different positions and we all have to do the cost/benefit analysis. I have often argued for masks and would probably feel differently in a different state.
  13. Our church service closed when asked and was slower to open then required. My point was religion and protests are both in the first amendment. If churches can meet online then protests can happen online too. I'm not arguing they should or shouldn't. I'm arguing they are in the same category. Do you disagree?
  14. Yes and no. It might help in many places but Alaskans don't just blindly follow laws in general. Americans in general do not just do what they are told. The police say "go home, there is a curfew". Even peaceful protesters will often just say "no, we won't." The only option after willful defiance is force and force invariably means violence. I will say our state locked down tight without enforcement. Governor said police would focus on educating. Even the protests to open businesses were rolling protests in cars to keep people from mingling and only happened after numbers had decreased and were in single digits. There were a few online who were angry and ready to rebel at being told to stay home but most tried to convince others to cooperate and our numbers decreased quickly. Our Governor understood that you need the goodwill of the people and even skipped a phase in reopening because we had the testing capacity and he recognized he was losing that goodwill. A good leader works with people rather than just tries to control them. He also stated that localities could have stricter mandates and special circumstances and did not undermine the Democratic mayor who moved just a little slower in opening. Rather they said they were working together even though they were in opposite parties. Finding the least cost/highest benefit mitagations seems to be working now. I feel for the tourist and seafood industries now as they are bearing the brunt but they are also coming from outside where there is more cases and they easiest to control with testing and quarantine mandates. Not requiring masks and skipping a phase may give him enough of the goodwill of the people that they may cooperate more if things get bad this Fall. I wouldn't move to a more authoritarian place for anything.
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