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  1. We do have local control, which I agree is a good thing. There aren't really drugs that are known to be great. Vaccines are going to take a long time to get to everyone. Our numbers are bumping up school will be starting anyway because it will take a long time to get through this and school is important too. I doubt it will be pretty.
  2. And here I am regretting putting my son in a class way below grade level as I help him sentence by sentence. 😒 The pain is real with outsourcing when a kid has a learning disability.
  3. I think tradition states yes but not 15-20% like you would at a sit-down but it used to be 10% . I have been tipping the full amount though because the extra work in attempting contactless and servers are losing hours.
  4. To be honest, I think they were talking about their ability to just deal with the heat. It was more miserable for them to walk across the parking lot than for us to bike loaded for many miles. Well, if you judged by complaining and comments of the people we chatted with along the way. They couldn't believe we were from Alaska.
  5. I always bring a coat to the south to put on when I go inside. Honestly, how heat and ac is used in this country feels a bit ridiculous. I mean I can understand restaurants since cooks are standing over a stove but everywhere, just no. I biked 180 miles through Alabama and Georgia the May before last in upper 90's weather and found that I appeared to be doing better than the locals. One admitted that AC makes them weak as we chatted in front of a grocery store. I feel that though it is a safety issue, especially for the elderly, it is vastly overused.
  6. We definitly have more PPE. I'm remembering last spring, nurses being told to keep their one mask and drives to try to get people to donate masks they may have purchased at the store. My state currently has beds where I live but not enough nurses. We usually hire traveling nurses for the winter and the competition is stiff and we simply don't have enough. It's not like you just convert over a factory and viola with in months out come highly trained nurses capable of ICU care. Training nurses takes years.
  7. I have assumed that things would get much worse this fall and so far I don't see any reason to change my mind.
  8. I am memorizing 1 Peter 2:9-16 so I can more easily give a reason as to why I wear a mask, straight from the scripture.
  9. I'm so sorry. I have been praying dilegently for our pastor and elders. I will add you to my prayers this morning.
  10. I don't understand it either Mercy. I'm sorry.
  11. Ok, I have no idea what KUWJ stands for.
  12. I think we are in agreement over a lot of things but part of the problem is defining success and what success is to a kid who is struggling and getting that nuance down. The other part of the problem is comparison. I can be successful and productive without beating someone else in some kind of competition. Part of the OP's problem is that we (adults) put kids in competition with each other and we don't do that to ourselves. To be good at something means to be better than the other kids. As an adult I not only choose what I want to study, I alsodo so at my own pace and I am not cons
  13. You are simply saying society uses people. This explains so much that is gross about our society. That being said, people do want to contribute and be provide value to others. Without it, I think people get depressed and miserable no matter how much money or comfort they have in this life.
  14. Yep, life isn't fair. I think we can still congratulate people who do well and recognize their hard work. I think we can still recognize triumphs of those who overcame difficulties and celebrate those too. But we value people because they are people. They are humans. I think this is where Americans lack of community and relationships hurts them. We can sorry with those who have had dreams crushed. A concert pianest whose hands have been mangled but if they are only a pianest to us, maybe we are a just fans, will lose touch and they will no longer matter to us. There are n
  15. There was a lot of back and forth in the above conversation but I think this right here is the key. Maybe society should value more than just intellectual activities. Maybe they should value people. See we can value people and who they are and not completely throw out agency. I do believe a lot in life is luck but I also believe you need to work hard. They aren't mutually exclusive.
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