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  1. I'm not sure if this is rhetorical or not. I don't know. I think I managed to get one other person to vaccinate but you don't do it by arguing but rather influencing. Arguing just makes people dig in. Michigan was a little slow to just open it up to everyone 16+ but I see they have no so that should help them vaccinate to overall herd faster leaving the skeptics time to wait and see or be influenced. Even if they never change their mind overall spread should be reduced if more people get vaccinated. Controlling people is impossible whether it's illegal drugs or vaccines or whatever
  2. It sounds like the problem is no longer supply but demand, unless I misread something. Diverting more supply to people who won't take it doesn't help. Edited to say, that is just what I have read here and in the links and articles.
  3. Well, I have had a lot of judgement from my parents and in laws for vaccinating. My step mom spent a lot of time trying to convince me the vaccine was dangerous. Yes, I said the vaccine. I asked her which one and she didn't know. I also allowed my kids to visit when numbers were really low last summer because I really am going out of my way to keep up relationships but both my step mom and in laws at different times grilled my children about masks. Told them how dangerous they were with lowering O2 levels and bacteria etc. We just stepped back and didn't talk or visit again until the wint
  4. I'm sorry. You wrote this while I was typing my response about lying. I got it now.
  5. You are right that she doesn't owe anyone an explanation. I do think lying is wrong. It would probably be better to say, "I like you and if you ever feel comfortable being around someone not immunized, give me a call but for now I'll do my own thing." And leave it at that. It is wrong to lie and if people don't want to hang with the non vaccinated that should be their choice just as it should be the choice of the individual whether they get the vaccine or not. But try to leave on good terms because people may realize in the future that it isn't worth missing out on this friendship over
  6. I would definitely try to open the conversation. I'm struggling with that with my older BIL since my MIL dislikes me but my husband doesn't know how to have real conversations about all that. It isn't as simple as he would just move here. His home is on an adjacent property with theirs with attached water and electric. 🙄 Dealing with selling that will be a nightmare. I think in laws assumed we would move into their home to take care of BIL. Oy He has a job and life there too and couldn't live on his own but I can't butt in due to my non-existent relationship with in laws. My little broth
  7. I was fine with the gov't entities but forbidding businesses? What a controlling tyrannical governor.
  8. We only taught one to ride a bike. The rest just learned or watched their siblings. It is way easier to learn on a balance bike but if you just take the pedals off, don't forget to add a handbrake. We found an old junker that was unusable (can't remember why) and added brakes after we discovered the bike DS was pushing around (since pedals were rusted tight and immovable) had that issue and therefore had no brakes. He was stopping by pointing it up hill.
  9. I know it is hard and it is understandable and ok to feel horribly hurt but if you are the most cautious they may have not wanted to feel like they were pushing you or confronting you so please don't let it be a reason for future division if that is the case. I have ran into that same circumstances when my parents invited my brother and sister in law for my little brother's birthday (just at home) but they assumed I wouldn't come since the last time they asked me the hospitals had been full and I was not visiting anyone for anything. It hurt and it has separated us a bit because th
  10. I put it in my coffee every morning. Hopefully I don't die of a heart attack. Alfredo sauce Whipped cream for deserts Masala But if you don't like dairy you can also just give it away.
  11. Depends on where she is flying to. Nobody cares when you leave their location but rather if you bring it to their location. So you need to check where she is flying into.
  12. I haven't read many pages now because I don't care to argue about masks. It's a waste of time as people are pretty religious and absolutely sure their way is right. But I will say this was true where I live too. I guess a certain segment of the population no longer believes in property rights. Before the our mask mandate was put into place I had to nail something at a Fed Ex place that had printing. An older lady with a small business was in there trying to come up with a sign that would get people to listen. She was like "do you think adding older owner would help" "small busines
  13. Yes, feet and height don't line up. I wear 8.5 and am 5'9" but fully grown daughter is 5'6" and wears a 9.5. The boys so far do line up by heights but I don't know if DS 2 and DS 3 are done growing. DS 3 is only 13. DS 1 wears size 14 and is 6'4" DS 2 is size 12 and 6' 2" DS 3 who is only 13 wears 11 but is 6' and I seriously doubt he is very close to done with his major growth spurt so it's hard to say.
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