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  1. I LOVE silence and having time to myself. Can I drop your daughter off for you? Signed, An 18 year old bride who also started having babies at 20.
  2. I'd be happy if they just made themselves irrelevant. I agree with the statements above that really differenting between the top test takers and adding more thinking and application skills rather than just speedily doing basic questions would show more about a student. We played the game because we had to for the money but what a waste of time and money that could have been spent doing productive things.
  3. Definitly we call the baking area an oven. We also have a woodstove but seldom cook on it. The whole unit (we have always had a combined unit) I have heard called both stove and oven and range. I think I use stove the most though.
  4. I did an excercise with her from level one (narrative summary) and wow, it turned out long despite having worked on summaries before so we chatted and went over her notes and she redid it at 1/2 the length. So instead of skipping assignments, we did one of them twice. I think this is the right direction.
  5. So my DD has very muddled thinking. She forgets and gets frustrated (part of this is do to emotional and mental issues beyond school) and I'm seeing we very much need backtrack to regroup. A) She needs to be successful (I'd rather err on too easy than too hard due to her emotional state and being overly hard on herself). B) I think she needs systamatic practice in the more basic skills of which WWS will be only a part. My major issue is I'm wondering if there would be hang ups with just starting in book 2 at least. I also have book 1 already as I am working through it with my younger children but I think it would be way too easy but it is the TYPE of thing that she could use right now. She is Junior in high school and has good vocabulary and creative writing skills but she needs that systimatic analysis type work. Summarizing, outlining, annotating, and just synthesizing and processing the information before she can move back to the rhetorical stage. It feels like I missed something with her and/or all this stuff fell out of her head. I could also go through level 1 with her but just skim through. So she could do a couple narrations from week 1 in one day then move to outlining etc. Whenever things don't look like they are easy for her we could spend more time and skip the grammar parts because somehow she knows that stuff like the back of her hand, probably from tons of creative writing. I'll also take reccomendations of books that have the same goals as WWS but targeting older kids.
  6. I'm sorry. It is so hard to watch when our children struggle. She sounds like an overcomer though with all that she has been through for her age.
  7. What I would probably do in your case is look through the tests/homework to see where the problem areas are and focus on them. Or if they seem to be everywhere, go ahead and start at chapter 2 (since you mentioned it) give the chapter review. Go over and practice only the things they got wrong and then give the test, if you still have tests. The chapter should go really fast if they know most of the material. It will only take longer on things they really forgot. I don't know much about your specific program but that is what I'd do for my kids and their programs. You have to work on what they specifically don't know so I don't know how others could pick topics. Hope that makes sense.
  8. I'd say that applies to me. I had never heard the term blackface and had never seen it done so was clueless that it was even a thing when a child. I knew it wasn't appropriate once I knew it existed though, as an adult.
  9. And yes, I was planning on the print text.
  10. It shows something labeled "classroom resources" which appear to be workbook like activities that you can print off for a whole class. They don't look that compelling to me though. It does have lesson review questions at the end of the chapter including fill in the blank, multiple choice, some short answers and only one essay type question which is more reasonable for him than a typical book with lots of writing. Also, some skill building excercises like reading timelines, charts, maps etc. His brother is also doing the same period with Real History Odyssey so I will probably add in some of the literature selections or non-fiction in the form of audiobooks or versions that are easier to read depending on what is available that would be age appropriate.
  11. I was wondering if anyone else has used this world history from Steck-Vaughn The samples look grainy on the website but all of their samples look like that so I'm not sure if they are doing it on purpose to avoid people saving copies of the images to use rather than buying the book. As with many struggling readers my son cannot deal with blurry text. He needs crisp clean print.
  12. He started a month ago so it feels kind of late. He wanted to talk to a couple Departments about testing out of a couple more required classes and is looking into tutoring also. I'm sure he'll find something. At least he is looking.
  13. This makes me so sad. There are so many people with so many talents but everyone is told (because it's partially true) that STEM fields are the only way to make money. Certainly, there are other ways but there are also a lot of people relegated to making pretty low wages their whole life and I can't help but wonder if that is why(fear or parents or wanting the good life) they are there rather than it's really what they want to do with their life.
  14. Yes, and for my son a literature class with a ton of writing would be his weeder class. Both are important but whether something is easy or not is very much a matter of perspective. He dreads Fine Art. He took an actual drawing class (that I'm curious how he is doing in but he thinks he has an A) because he thought music appreciation would be impossible for him. Ha I was worried he wouldn't survive drawing though. He only has 2 classes after that for general education credits and he can focus on his major.
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