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  1. Yes, the costs and benefits need to be applied to the individual otherwise you have free rider problems and the people who are suffering may not be the same people who need an incentive to vaccinate.
  2. It does seem to target lottery players. I can't imagine anyone I know changing their mind for a chance to win in essence a lottery.
  3. Can you imagine if heart disease and cancer were contagious? That would be crazy.
  4. Yes, I'm glad all except my oldest can get to work via bike. My oldest can get to his companies mechanical yard via bike but soon he will be on a road crew out of town. We are not close enough to be affected by this particular circumstance but I can tell you my DH was the fastest person home from work when we had our 7.1 earthquake. Cars are fragile, needy, and expensive though they are certainly helpful at times. They just have their drawbacks.
  5. I'm pretty sure you just breath in a large chunk of it before you get home. What is left over you squeeze out of your trunk's carpet into the tank.
  6. I'm memorizing them also but as I was studying Exodus I realized the 10 commandments actually inscribed in stone for the ark are found in Chapter 34. It isn't really mentioned around Exodus 20 about the stones until after a lot of other stuff is said. Chapter 34 makes more sense as a summary of the covenant. It makes sense to study the first 10 mentioned though as we are under the new covenant and the others are more general moral law. I just don't know why they are always shown on the tablets in our popular culture and I found it interesting. Probably everyone else here already fi
  7. Yes, both the flickering and buzzing bother me.
  8. You all have made me do some research. In my state providers are required to report immunizations within 14 days of administering. This isn't new for Covid. What I can't figure out is if individuals can get access to their own records. It appears the system is set up for providers only and it might be more of a data dump not individual record keeping. 🤷
  9. It is interesting to me trying to read inflation adjusted prices for silver. I just know gold prices like an American knows English or a Frenchman knows French since I grew up on a gold mine but I have to go find inflation adjusted silver prices. Overall, they didn't appear low. Maybe as a ratio to gold but individually over the long term, they looked high.
  10. Yep, arguments that say things have to 100% or it's worthless are silly to me, whether that is for masks, savings and investments, seatbelts, bike helmets or whatever. Living life involves risks and mitigation helps us navigate life but never reduces risk to 0%. That's just life.
  11. Yes, I'm double dosing my allergy meds so I can do things. I usually don't and I do wonder if my body will adjust and they won't work anymore. DS had the gall to play outside yesterday. He is staying home as a result because now he is sniffly. In order to attend church he will probably have to stay inside with air filters for at least 24 hours previous plus allergy meds.
  12. I have found it very strange when conservatives, which have been traditionally for strong property rights, have wanted to balk at wearing masks in businesses that required them. I know liberals have balked at masks too but you would think the whole trespassing on people's property and ignoring their rules would bother a conservative more. This is why it is inconsistent with previous positions to suggest that colleges can't make their own rules about who does and doesn't attend based on actions not race etc.
  13. I don't really understand why there was a redefinition of courtship. Previous generations courted but it looked an awful lot like dating honestly. If I tell my children not to go steady, what is that? I figure, until you are married or engaged at least and made a commitment to someone you should be free to keep your eyes open for the right person and you shouldn't have to "break up" with them. I get the impression this courtship was very different and probably had little to do with courting in the old fashioned sense but they found an old folksy word to attach to their new way of con
  14. Yes, lots of judgement about keeping people from attending church lately but what about those perfume ladies who set off my asthma like a cat.
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