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  1. Thanks for the heads up Lanny. If you accidently bought from a seller pawning off a 7th edition for 10th edition by tagging the 10th editions ISBN number, even if you asked for a refund and got the correct edition it might end up being resolved after classes started which would be a pain. I will let my son know that some sellers are doing that so he will remember to check all info carefully. A good reminder when you are trying to squeeze all these extra things in while working full time.
  2. Everything at once for 4 children. I love teaching but hate being spread so thin!
  3. We have 2 and an acre of land of which the majority is lawn er and clover. 🙂 There are some weeds it doesn't cut as well but they also work all the time unlike the gas ones. A lot less maintenance than a gas powered one. Of course, mine is teen powered. We won't upsize our mower though when they leave, we will downsize our home.
  4. It has nothing to do with whether it's educational or not but whether it is the best bang for your buck. Would you be outraged if you found out that the school district paid for a $200 per book curriculum that a $20 per book curriculum taught just as well, or probably better. Does that happen all the time in districts? Yes. Why? Because taxpayers who are struggling to pay the bill aren't the ones making the decision. When you overspend in one area that automatically takes away opportunities in other areas, whether it be not having something more useful in another area of the district or whether you are wrecking havoc on the taxpayers budget and stressing parents more which isn't good for the kid's either. It sounds like the school districts in CA are awash in money so maybe it's only fair that homeschoolers go to Disney via taxpayers. I'm curious if the taxpayers are happy though. Our districts are fighting taxpayers/voters for every dime. We will be lucky to have buildings to use at this point. There are fees for lots of stuff and teacher lay offs are the yearly news only to have most hired back. So we are in a different situation entirily.
  5. When people ask, "Why do people care?" they should picture them them looking at a 10k property tax bill or filing for state income tax while trying to cut their personal budget again. Yes, if money is spent people will care and honestly they should. It may be educational to go to an amusement park to learn physics but it's not the most cost effective way to do so. When you say kids ought to go to Disneyland on the taxpayers dime, you are taking that money out of people's pockets. You are saying your neighbor ought to pay for your kid's Disneyland trip.
  6. Oh and I will add as some who privately homeschooled for 11 years but is currently in a Charter school that yes, we need different names for the 2 categories because the non-homeschooling general public will conflate the 2 and assume we are getting the benefits of both and the costs of neither and get angry. That isn't good for any of us politically!
  7. Funny. Ten minutes after I typed this DH told me a woman rolled down her window and screamed at him that he could just go around her. She was sitting across the crosswalk texting. He hadn't done anything. Didn't tap on the window, was just waiting for her to look up so she didn't just look only to the side for cars and pull out while he was in front of her. He explained that he just wanted her to see him and she yelled again to just go around next time. She was dealing with an emergency text from her son and he didn't need to be such an a$$. Why are some people allowed to drive at all?
  8. See I don't know how these charters work. It sounds like they don't work like Alaska Charters at all. Alaska "Charters" that act like homeschooling are actually attached to school districts and the public school district skims off the top for their own benefits. It adds to the money for b&m public schools. Some are also called coorespondence schools and the administrative structure is different basically they are just an arm of the school district whereas the charters have their own elected board etc. but still all funds come from the public school district and still have certain rules they have to follow imposed by the district and the district I'm in has gotten super tight with what they will choose to pay for. No field trips, not even a zoo or museum. The most lenient district that pays for everything also seems to code some funky stuff on the transcripts like Spanish for Italian since they don't actually have an Italian teacher and they have to code it as a class they have a teacher for. You also have to turn in samples and get transcripts and do all the testing their district does so it's not entirily admin free. That and most provide some services too. It sounds like the CA ones aren't part of the school district though but maybe I'm misunderstanding. I'm not sure what states function like CA versus AK.
  9. That makes sense. Up here there is zero need for it and it means I can't see the driver. As a cyclist I need to make eye contact with the driver before I know they've seen me. When people have their front or driver's side window's tinted I can't tell if they've seen me and are waving me across or if they are stopping to look at their phone and will step on the gas as soon as I'm in front of them.
  10. Why don't people use their turn signals? And if they aren't legally required, why do cops give tickets when a turn signal is out? Backing into a space is safer for all the reasons mentioned above but on top of that if you are in a very tight parking lot and have a long vehicle it becomes difficult if not impossible to get out as you can not turn the nose of the vehicle until you get far enough out you won't hit the cars on either side of you. I have taken my Excursion in parking lots where my vehicle is longer than the area I have to pull out into. Also, too many people have tinted windows so you can't see who is coming down the aisle. Why do people get their windows tinted? It is actually illegal here to go to dark but cops don't bother with it.
  11. I make it his problem. In other words we discuss fair space and I put his stuff in his space period. I'm lucky that he has a garage and I just put stuff out there for him to deal with or stack it on his side of the bed or on top of his dresser. He doesn't complain because he has way more space than I do and he knows that otherwise he is taking space and time and comfort from the kids and I. 6 people in 2 bedrooms is super tight so my guess is he has already pared things down. That would require ruthlessness. Is he willing to help find space for things?Maybe it would help him see the situation better or maybe renting a small storage area is in order. Usually I would say that is a waste but 6 people in 2 bedrooms is not the average poster here and can't do things like everyone else.
  12. Yes, our street has 3/4 of a million dollar homes and double wide trailers intermixed. It makes sense, perhaps, to go by what school you attend but that only helps to know the quality of different programs and teachers were similar not race or class since we have 1 high school for most of the town. Some on the edge of town travel to the neighboring school but once again rich and poor are mixed together.
  13. Ditto this. I don't exactly care much about Mother's Day (nothing happened at all last year as I think they forgot) BUT from the sound of your post my husband shows more appreciation for me and contributes more every single day so it is easy for me to say that. I know I'm appreciated. I think I'd be run down in your shoes so don't discount your feelings. I really know little of your situation or either you or your spouses personality type and what would actually help. Always remembering the goal is to better (not destroy) your marriage I'd say your spouse needs a wake up call. A letter and discussion? Counseling? You spending a week away with mother, sister, or friend where he is forced to handle everything himself? I really don't know but I do think that it sounds like he is selfish and taking advantage of you. I'm not convinced that just getting over "the silly holiday" is the healthiest. He needs to know. He needs it explained calmly and explicitly (hopefully he won't ignore everything with a "she's just grouchy" attitude which may happen. I do hope something changes for you. 😞
  14. I'm sorry. That makes Mother's Day so hard. I'm religious so celebrating holidays that aren't Holy Days is strange. I'm not a fan of them. Wish there was no such thing as birthdays or mother's day etc. I did grow up with them but never pushed them. Some years my kids did stuff but last year they didn't bother nor did I expect it. I do call or send cards to step-mom, MIL, and my own mom just cause they celebrated with their mom. Maybe it will die with my generation (in my family) but I suppose the boys will marry and so it will carry on.
  15. TarynB- That actually sounds very interesting and he would probably do a much better job than I would. It's too bad the class is scheduled so that there would be one morning and one afternoon class for her as she wouldn't be able to attend the IT class she is taking next year. She can choose the AM or PM schedule but he has class at both times but it is very much the type of thing I'm looking for, thank you.
  16. In short, social sciences (especially economics) or those based off literature. Rambling thoughts for anyone interested below. Honestly, I'm brainstorming. She actually is a good creative writer. She has learned a lot of sentence structure and grammar with her creative writing but completely shuts down with essays and hates any curriculum with formulaic writing, which is most of them. So I'm not sure. I think I'd be able to help her with social sciences or economics the easiest as a teacher but her love is literature but not literary analysis. She thinks about literature but not with curriculum. She knows literary terms and has good vocabulary so it's possible that if she read well written and interesting essays she would appreciate them and might be tempted to agree or disagree in writing which we could then expand into an essay while addressing the logic of her argument. Trying to teach essay writing backwards, in other words, from standard primary/secondary school curriculum. I thought studying well written essays and seeing how they make you think or if they supported their point would be a better direction for us. Also, starting with something to say (from some of her reading) then expanding it to be logical and well written rather than working from the structure and trying to attach information to it might be work better for her.
  17. Not writing them but reading other people's essays and studying them. I don't know that I need a curriculum. I probably just need a bunch of essays and pick ones to annotate and teach some skills through and just discuss but thought I would see if others had found anything interesting.
  18. I have a couple children who do not work well on their own at all but it is difficult for me to manage meeting all the kids for all their subjects separately. I'm curious if the homework for the middle school and high school History Odyssey track together at all. Is the same number of weeks assigned to periods similar? Would you be at all managable to at least discuss some stuff together even if I have to check assignments separately at the beginning or end of our meeting together. Putting things together just allows me to remember and juggle less stuff.
  19. So she is a control freak? 😁 I didn't read the article since I didn't want it to get traffic but that stuck out to me.
  20. We have a '01 outback that sold us to the brand. It is never ever stuck and we can plow snow uphill with the bumper. We weren't Subaru people but it just keeps going so we ended up with an Outback WRX Wagon with a manual last year since we have 4 drivers. It has a 2006 body although a 2016 engine and tranny with only 20k miles due to DH's mad skills. The biggest difference is space. My 6'4" son can fit in the 2006 but is jammed like a sardine into the 2001. My husband opens the sun roof and tips his head sideways for a little room but he is so much happier with the comfortable room of the 2006. I actually have to move the seat forward to push the clutch all the way in and we typically never move seats in our family as we usually all drive with seats as far back as they will go. I'm not sure this is the difference in the year or a wagon versus sedan thing.
  21. Even with taking cloth bags to the store I find that there are so many plastic bags that come into our home that we can use for animal waste: tortilla bags, bagel or bread bags. I realize that homemade would have less waste but I'm out of time. Once you start looking around it's amazing how much plastic comes into the home.
  22. When we first married and both worked full time we divided household chores according to like. I didn't want to think about meals every night so he did all the cooking and I did all the cleaning and we were both content. Things got a little switched up when I decided to stay home with kids but DH is still amuch better cook and we often revert to our original roles when we have a guest on the weekend or something.
  23. When we were first married we both packed our own. Somewhere along the way, after I was staying home full time, I started packing his food because I'm a total Scrooge with the food budget. We typically don't buy frozen food etc. We usually have what's on sale and I know how to rotate through food so it doesn't get wasted. Certain things need eaten quicker than other things. If I'm sick or something he will of course pack his own. My son packs his own the vast majority of the time but a few times when I was making wraps for his father I had stuff to add him in. I left a note so he would know they were his and he has always added a thank you to the bottom of the note with no prompting.
  24. I sometimes worry that having the stricter budgets makes things too individualized. I also want all of them to learn to just take care of each other too. That we are a family and in this together. That things aren't always fair, etc. After all, we are a family unit. So there are draw backs to our way of doing things. This is where just paying because you're my child is a benefit. Of course, they can't always comprehend how much things cost if they aren't paying. I find they help each other with chores and other things if someone is busy so I think they are getting that somehow.
  25. You always stipulate a trial period with the express understanding that it can be revoked.
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