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  1. I think it is more complicated but I am not knowledgeable enough to say much other than, there has been little to no fire suppression in my state (Alaska) over the past century due to the fact it isn't all that populated. We only became a state about 60 years ago and the population was tiny. Basically, they try to protect towns etc but really the super fires come from climate and natural conditions. Fire is a good thing and plays a big part in the ecology here. That being said, our rainy season has shifted dramatically the last 15 years and warmer winters have allowed tree killing
  2. Oh wow, I missed this thread earlier. I received both doses of my Pfizer shot in March. Every now and again my ears will ring so I really didn't connect the two but it was certainly an issue for about a month. I was still able to get to sleep but it could be annoying with the constant ringing. My husband received his vaccines simultaneously and said he too had ringing in his ears when I complained. Life went on. I have no idea if there was hearing loss as I haven't tested my ears but it wasn't noticeable for daily life and the ringing went away. I didn't count the days so I can't be more speci
  3. Oh, I am so jealous. DS gets no FA but has a full tuition scholarship but his school requires him to fill one out yearly. So does DD even though she won't be using Federal Aid either. 2 this year and both were kicked back to us asking for forms that we don't have all because our health insurance addendum (which had zero affect in our taxes) didn't show up on the IRS site or something. The IRS filed it under 2018 not 2019, though can clearly see on the Turbo Tax it was supposed to be applied to the right year Arghhhhh
  4. Well, my son is not vaccinated yet because he is in the under 15 crowd and though it is now approved for his age, there is another bump in appointment making due to another group becoming eligible. He wants me to hurry up and get him an appointment though because as soon as everyone in his training program is vaccinated they will allow them to train in a gym together unmasked. No money incentive needed. I do think money incentives are useful for different groups though. I'm just throwing another carrot by a group.
  5. Because it is easier to speak about. If you don't know how to do something, just spread grandiose ideals hither and yon.
  6. It does seem strange that politics has anything to do vaccination. I don't think it actually is politics but I do believe a huge part of it is that the more radical left and right tend to favor specific news outlets, blogs, and information sources. Other sources of information are also passed from person to person and people like info that confirms their bias so too many accept it without much questioning. So whatever those particular sources say will automatically be accepted and a wide variety of topics will all be agreed upon regardless of the fact that they have nothing to do with each oth
  7. Everyone is assuming if someone quotes you they are in absolute contradiction. I'm attempting to have a discussion, not an argument. I should probably just never quote people. I just wanted to quickly comment that most laws are (and I think should be) for protecting others from you. I didn't say we HAVE a totalitarian gov't. I was saying we need to be careful what we are willing to FORCE people to do. It is much better to persuade people and for people to have some sort of social consensus. I then wanted to put in the difficulty of getting to social consensus and even tried to put a disc
  8. The only law you mentioned that protects people from themselves is the seatbelt law, which I'm not sure should exist. The others all protect others from you, even if it may also end up protecting you. That being said, vaccines also protect others from you but I don't want to live in a totalitarian country. Not related to quote: I think a huge issue comes down to free speech to be honest with you. It is also not just vaccines that are an issue. Teaching people how to sort fact from fiction would be a huge start. Not shutting down opponents view points, but rather recogniz
  9. I completely understand your first paragraph but am baffled by the second one. Why would you need a whole new vaccine for kids if this one is working so well? I know they haven't finished trials. What evidence says a different one needs developed?
  10. I see 511 has already been recommended. As a non- purse carrier, they are my go to.
  11. Mercy, you have always tried to do what is right and kind. Whatever you decide, please remember that God is gracious and that you need to accept that and give yourself grace also. You needn't feel guilty about it either way.
  12. Most families I know who have caught it had all their kids tested. Many times adults living in the same house with children never passed it to their children and they were all tested. Tests aren't perfect but what is the likelihood that all 6 children would test negative. The oldest who is 17 (more like an adult) did get it. I think the Dept. of Health saw this pattern over myriads of families to the point that as long as the kid tests negative and has no symptoms it is no longer recommended that they quarantine even though they are living in a home with a symptomatic adult. You can't ba
  13. I think for young healthy people they are actually providing a service to society versus protecting their own health. Well, some of both are involved but it certainly isn't entirely for the person being vaccinated. Because the person benefitting is not the person consuming most economists (I would think) would agree that their are externalities involved and providing subsidies to make up for those externalities makes sense.
  14. As someone with 6 parents who all adore Trump I really can't see them as a group. One has a doctorate and understands safety data fine. She does not believe that the vaccine is unsafe. Her husband chose to get it only to make travel easier. She is stubborn and ticked off for how overreaching the gov't was and the businesses it destroyed etc. She knows her chances of dying from it are very very small and I don't think much will change her mind. One set of parents are simply misinformed. They have no real education in analyzing the constant lies they are fed. The step mom is more open
  15. Maybe for a moderate group, which is all you can aim for anyway I suppose. We have had vaccines at doctor's offices since early April.
  16. Yes, the costs and benefits need to be applied to the individual otherwise you have free rider problems and the people who are suffering may not be the same people who need an incentive to vaccinate.
  17. It does seem to target lottery players. I can't imagine anyone I know changing their mind for a chance to win in essence a lottery.
  18. Can you imagine if heart disease and cancer were contagious? That would be crazy.
  19. Yes, I'm glad all except my oldest can get to work via bike. My oldest can get to his companies mechanical yard via bike but soon he will be on a road crew out of town. We are not close enough to be affected by this particular circumstance but I can tell you my DH was the fastest person home from work when we had our 7.1 earthquake. Cars are fragile, needy, and expensive though they are certainly helpful at times. They just have their drawbacks.
  20. I'm pretty sure you just breath in a large chunk of it before you get home. What is left over you squeeze out of your trunk's carpet into the tank.
  21. I'm memorizing them also but as I was studying Exodus I realized the 10 commandments actually inscribed in stone for the ark are found in Chapter 34. It isn't really mentioned around Exodus 20 about the stones until after a lot of other stuff is said. Chapter 34 makes more sense as a summary of the covenant. It makes sense to study the first 10 mentioned though as we are under the new covenant and the others are more general moral law. I just don't know why they are always shown on the tablets in our popular culture and I found it interesting. Probably everyone else here already fi
  22. Yes, both the flickering and buzzing bother me.
  23. You all have made me do some research. In my state providers are required to report immunizations within 14 days of administering. This isn't new for Covid. What I can't figure out is if individuals can get access to their own records. It appears the system is set up for providers only and it might be more of a data dump not individual record keeping. 🤷
  24. It is interesting to me trying to read inflation adjusted prices for silver. I just know gold prices like an American knows English or a Frenchman knows French since I grew up on a gold mine but I have to go find inflation adjusted silver prices. Overall, they didn't appear low. Maybe as a ratio to gold but individually over the long term, they looked high.
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