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  1. I don't know if this technically counts as fasting, but dh and I eat most of our calories early in the day and restrict nighttime eating. We are done eating by 5-6 pm and eat breakfast around 10 am. We were motivated to start eating this way by studies which show that fasting for at least three hours before bed leads to increased weight loss, reduced inflammation, and improved blood glucose levels.
  2. I'm not sure how you missed that information, but it has been common knowledge for many months now. Not a secret at all.
  3. Sorry about your stress, but I don't understand why this would change your opinion about them being nice. They gave you plenty of advance notice and the right of first refusal.
  4. The physical description made me think of Judy Greer, but she doesn't have the husky voice.
  5. So has your sister actually accepted the house? Or she hasn’t accepted it and is thinking of refusing it? If she refuses it, she doesn’t have any say in who it goes to. I believe that depends on state laws and the other beneficiaries that are named in the will.
  6. This is the advice given by one of the local shelters, who sometimes adopts out "working cats" to people who want cats to provide natural pest control in barns or workplaces: To prevent her from running away or getting lost at your new location, you should keep her inside for at least two weeks, preferably longer. Keep her in a room where she is able to see out the windows, so she gets familiar with the lay of the land. Once she is settled in, start letting her out for short periods while you supervise her. Gradually increase the amount of outside time while decreasing the amount of super
  7. I think you are correct about who it is.🙂
  8. In my experience, it is the behavior that has gotten worse (much, much worse). When dh and I were kids here in the 80s, there was one couple who were notorious for being loud and obnoxious at their kids’ sporting events. They were pretty much the talk of the town/school/ballpark because their behavior was considered to be unacceptable and out of line. Fast forward a few decades, and now that couple would seem downright tame compared to the multitude of parents who mouth off loudly at every single sporting event. Parents in general are much more invested in their kids’ athletics now and th
  9. There has been a (paid) ref/ump shortage in our area for the past 10 years or so. Very few people want the job anymore because of the parents.
  10. Exactly this. That is a tough job that involves a lot of abuse from adults behaving badly. Dh and I have both coached in the past, and based on our experience, I would never want my 14 y.o. kid to be an ump.
  11. My kids are 18, 20, and 22. They and many of their friends are either partially or fully vaccinated at this point, and none of them have had any reaction other than a little fatigue and arm soreness.
  12. Our window is pretty tall (just over 5'), so I stand in the sink to clean it.
  13. Quoting myself to update. We got our first Moderna shots on Monday and are all feeling great. Other than flu-like symptoms that lasted about 12 hours (me) and slight tiredness for about 24 hours (my kids), we have all felt 100% fine. I am happy to report that the GI distress others have mentioned has not been an issue for us.
  14. We got ours at Walmart and needed a photo ID and health insurance card. There was a form to fill out that asked for name, address, phone number, primary care physician, and a series of health history questions. No questions about ssn, maiden names, or driver’s license numbers.
  15. Take away the demands of production and these animals will never be born. Again, there aren't going to be herds of farm animals trying to survive in the wild. Farm animals are brought into this world because of human demand to eat them or their bodily secretions. You act like it is doing these animals a favor to be born just so they can be killed.
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