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    This was my first thought, too - I'd be so worried about what happens to him. I've seen way too many horses, including very valuable ones, end up in horrible situations.🙁
  2. Selkie


    Wow, she's got some nerve saying she's going to sell him! If she has a scrap of decency, she'll give him back to you.
  3. The kids picked up Thai food for dinner while they were out, so no cooking for me tonight. Haven't gotten a ton done today, but I vacuumed, did laundry, and placed a grocery order.
  4. What a beauty, congratulations! So glad you’re both okay.
  5. Good morning! We got our first snow last night. ❄️ I'm annoyed because my pastures are finally dry and in good condition, but I have to keep the horses up by the barn because it's turkey hunting season. Unfortunately, you cannot trust that some hunters will be smart enough to tell the difference between a turkey and a horse before they shoot. pressure wash water tank kitchen things - cut up produce, make salad dressing & hummus plan my week, including menu work on budget get taxes ready to go send a couple emails read & relax dinner: vegan salisbury steak with mashed potatoes and broccoli
  6. I know of several people who got bronchitis over the summer from a nasty cold that was going around. Hope you feel better soon!
  7. I've been mostly lazy today, except for horse chores and cleaning the kitchen and a little laundry. Ds21 is here for the rest of the weekend, and he and dh are putting his new roof rack on his truck. It is so chilly today, and the winds are 45-50 mph. I'm just getting our sushi order together and then the kids and I will pick it up. Town is packed with tourists this weekend, so I hope we can find a parking spot.
  8. I don't know a lot about it, but I've taken the test twice over the years just for fun. Both times I got Type 6 with a 5 wing. Seems pretty accurate, and is the type that frequently matches my Myers Briggs type of INTJ.
  9. Good morning! put heater in horses' water tank - had to bust ice this morning water plants text ds19 before he leaves on out of town trip with friends remember to have ds21 sign tax forms fold and put away laundry order new sheets maybe get flu shots this afternoon with dd & ds21 buy an eggplant so I can make baba ganoush read & relax dinner: belated birthday dinner for ds21 - Japanese food & carrot cake
  10. From what I have read, OP's dd should have absolutely no contact with the stalker whatsoever. No talking to him, no texts, no emails. She should stay away from places that he frequents, and if he shows up when she is out in public, she should leave immediately. She shouldn't acknowledge him at all, because any attention he gets from her (even negative attention) fuels the fire of his obsession. As far as restraining orders and legal action, the stalker might actually get a thrill from that because he has gotten his victim's attention. She has been forced to acknowledge him. OP needs to get advice from an expert. Whether that is local law enforcement, I don't know. She might need to do some searching online for someone who really has expertise in how to effectively deal with this.
  11. My farrier and I decided to reschedule for Monday. The wind is howling up here on our ridge and the horses are spooky and cranky. Dd and I are headed in to the grocery store to get supplies for the weekend. Not even making a list, just going to throw whatever looks good in the cart.🙂
  12. This reminds me of our softball coaching days, when there would be March and April games with temps in the teens and twenties and snow on the field. We had to be careful with the composite bats because they would crack from the cold.
  13. Good morning! TGIF! tidy up main floor post office maybe run to the grocery store - ds19 will be home this afternoon & I should get some food for him, or have dh pick something up *must remember to have ds19 sign tax forms while he's here* use up produce in fridge menu plan for the next week farrier appt. at 1:00 water plants check grain supply dinner: ?? leftover lentil soup, maybe sauna, read, & relax tonight
  14. I didn't say or imply anything about the police being evil, so not sure how you got that impression.🤷‍♀️ We will have to agree to disagree on Jann's dd, because I think she did a great thing.
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