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  1. Have fun! Dh and I lived in Nashville when we were young pups, about 30 years ago. I remember Green Hills as being one of the high end areas with beautiful homes - very nice! I worked for an accounting firm and many famous country stars were clients of ours. That was a fun time. Hope your dd has a wonderful birthday!
  2. Good morning! Back from the city. Dd enjoyed the trip, and I am thankful (as always) to live somewhere free of crowds, traffic, and long waits for everything. I'm not going anywhere today if I can help it! put away laundry straighten up garage need to go through some financial things w/dh get an Amazon return ready to go order a refill for horse meds from compound pharmacy order horse supplements order gifts for a few people (lots of upcoming birthdays) have one of the boys pick up a few things at the grocery store work with horses - if it isn't raining dinner: veggie burgers & fries watch The Haunting of Hill House tonight
  3. So sorry, Scout. This is exactly how dh and I feel about both our families. There is not anyone who can be relied upon or that is pleasant to be around. I feel like my kids have really missed out by having such lousy extended family.😞
  4. We order most of our tea from Adagio. Republic of Tea is another favorite.
  5. Happy anniversary, Scout!! Congrats, Jen! Nice pic!
  6. Good morning! get morning chores done drive into city - fingers crossed that traffic isn't horrible go to anime thingy in huge convention venue packed with hordes of people (can you tell I'm excited?😉) go out to eat afterwards drive home evening chores start watching The Haunting of Hill House w/ds18 (if I can stay awake)
  7. I discovered a mushroom hunter trespassing in our woods earlier this afternoon. My horses alerted me to it - they're better at detecting unusual activity than my dogs are. I don't mind if mushroom hunters ask permission, but I hate the ones who feel entitled to trespass and help themselves. Got a credit card bill in the mail today that was mailed in late March. Our mail delivery is so awful! The problem isn't with our local post office, but with the suburban Chicago one that our mail gets routed through. I had paid the bill online back in early April, so no damage was done, but it's just frustrating. Got some office work done (finally), did some laundry, cleaned the kitchen. Watered the plants. Tried to be efficient and order tickets ahead of time for the thing we're going to tomorrow, but found out you can't buy single day passes online. This is a pain, because we always stand in line for at least 45 minutes to get tickets at the venue. I cleaned one bathroom and am going to clean one more before I leave to get the boys.
  8. Good morning! TGIF! So glad the weekend is here! This week felt like a long slog. school w/dd office work - I have gotten next to nothing done all week laundry clean bathrooms water plants text my dad order tickets for this weekend drive up to the university around 3:00, load the cars up, and move the boys home for the summer 🎉🎉🎉 dinner: probably a fend-for-yourself night watch hockey tonight if I can stay awake
  9. Well, I am a little bit jealous. While Detective Pikachu is not my idea of a good time, it is preferable to what I will be doing this weekend - driving six hours roundtrip to go to Anime Central, which is a huge Comic Con-like event for all things anime, manga, and kpop. 16 y.o. dd is very excited, me not so much. (Well, I am excited about one thing - eating at Cheesecake Factory - but that's it.😉) So yeah, Detective Pikachu doesn't sound bad right about now...
  10. To me, 4 pm is still afternoon and evening starts at 5 pm.
  11. You could anchor it to the floor or wall so it can’t tip over.
  12. I don’t like it. I can’t stand being crammed in with other people - and their germs!
  13. I'm in the midwest and the only centipede/millipede type insects I've seen have short legs. The long, skinny legs on this thing creep me out! Daddy long legs have always made me shudder, too.
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