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  1. Congrats to Jean's dd!🚗 Done with office work & dd & I are headed to the post office.
  2. leahtalbot96 has asked me how to delete a second account. Anyone know how to do that?
  3. leahtalbot96, I hope all is well. On a side note, are you also posting under the name questionlover96? The two of you joined the board within a day of each other and have had similar posts, so it made me curious.🙂 I hope the baby is okay.
  4. Good morning! office work (a few bills, filing, shredding, odds and ends) post office vacuum clean nose prints off windows and french doors restock fridge w/beverages & replenish veggie trays make banana blueberry cookies coffee date with dh dinner: tex mex bowls read tonight
  5. Margaret, what a great picture! Love the backdrop, and the dresses!
  6. Reader, how wonderful that your ds is making such good progress! Glad your driving load is lightened, too!
  7. Just got done with office work and ran out to feed my horses before it got dark. Had to make two gigantic insurance payments, ugh - one for health insurance and one for liability/auto/etc. I hate when there are two big payments due at once and it takes a hefty chunk out of our bank account! I ran out of time to cook, especially since dd has her violin lesson, so I am just calling it a day. Got a new book I'm looking forward to starting - Unnatural Causes: The Life and Many Deaths of Britain's Top Forensic Pathologist.
  8. Cleaned kitchen Wiped down cabinets Dusted Ds19 stopped by to pick up a couple packages - had a good visit with him Placed a couple orders (Chewy, Boxed) Re-potted a few plants
  9. Good morning! The big storm that was supposed to hit today is going to miss us entirely. Our forecast has changed from 12"+ of snow to 0", which sounds good to me! do office work for most of the day (finish up Feb., credit card bills, banking) pay for two loads of hay dust keep an eye on Snorri (he is off the anti inflammatory now and I'm hoping he won't need it again - the side effects can be problematic) dd has a violin lesson dinner: tex mex bowls with lime cilantro rice, tex mex creamed corn, black beans, pico de gallo, and guacamole
  10. Exactly what I was thinking, too.
  11. Good morning! office work (end of Feb. things) reschedule an appt. because of the weather forecast for tomorrow finish up grocery list errands - post office, get gas, get groceries fill grain bins wipe down kitchen cabinets restock paper towels, tp, etc. look on Zappos for black flats dinner: spicy red curry cauliflower wings and oven fries
  12. That sounds great! We just recently had a lot of our flooring replaced and stayed here while it was happening. Holy smokes, was that an ordeal. I think you're very smart to be at a hotel!
  13. Scout, how long do you have to stay at the hotel? Is it because of the water damage?
  14. He's adorable! Pigs are so intelligent and sensitive and make excellent pets. There is a wonderful book called The Good, Good Pig: The Extraordinary Life of Christopher Hogwood by Sy Montgomery. She tells the story of rescuing a runt pig who eventually grows to be 750 lbs. and a much-loved member of their family. It's awesome!
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