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  1. Good morning! Happy October!๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‚๐ŸŽƒ Sorry about the sleeping troubles, Amy and Scout. I can relate. That awful jittery feeling is the worst! office work - why oh why have I gotten next to nothing accomplished this week? text hay guys heartworm preventative for dogs no Schwan's delivery today - one of the drivers has Covid, so they canceled all deliveries in our area - but I think they are sending some of it via UPS? I should check on that, I guess. deal with salad greens in fridge vacuum upstairs & clean bathrooms dinner: ?? to be determined
  2. You could order online from Vegan Essentials. https://veganessentials.com I order from them every few weeks and their shipping is fast and their customer service is great. I do think there will be shortages of vegan roasts this year because so many people have started eating plant based.
  3. I sprinted through my morning work so I would be ready for the farrier, and then he texted and asked if we could change the time to 3:00 instead. Oh well, at least I got a lot done early! We got our bagel order from a NYC deli and I have already eaten three of them since yesterday afternoon. I'm not usually a bread person, but dang, these are good! (I also gained 2lbs. overnight, so I'll be glad when they are all gone and out of my life.๐Ÿ˜›)
  4. Our female lab's official name is Bluebell, but we call her Ladybird because she looks like the dog on King of the Hill.๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Good morning! hurry up and get morning chores done farrier appt. at 9:00 (make sure I have cash) office work - everything I was supposed to do yesterday run to the post office wash and prep salad greens clean up around my computer! such a mess make sure my iPad is charged because one of the kids needs to borrow it dinner: ?? I'm not feeling any ambition to cook, so probably leftovers
  6. Just found out this morning that the parents of my sister-in-law are both ill with Covid. They are elderly and caught it from a caregiver. Sister-in-law said that it looks like they are both going to die from it.๐Ÿ˜ž On a happier note, my 51 yo high school classmate who was on a vent for 2.5 months is now off of it. He is still in the hospital (going on three months now), but no longer in critical condition.
  7. I would have the vet look at it to determine the type of infection and what kind of medication is needed. Is it a golden doodle? Poodles are prone to ear infections, and so are Golden retrievers, so it might be a recurring problem.
  8. Did a couple loads of laundry Cleaned the kitchen Did horse chores Soaked Snorri's foot Talked to farrier Watered plants Wrote an email
  9. I don't think it is wrong to do so, but I wouldn't ask my kids unless it was a financial necessity. My parents were the type to gripe about the grocery and utility bills going up whenever I was home from college, and I wanted something different for my own kids. It is important to me that they know they will always be welcome and have a roof over their head and food on the table.
  10. Good morning! (((Jean))) I hope the rest of the night was better for you! Tough morning here - FIL passed away a little while ago. We had been expecting it. He was quite ill for the past several years with dementia, diabetes, and heart problems, and then was diagnosed with cancer recently, too. So lots of mixed feelings and being sad he is gone while also glad that he is no longer suffering. office work - end of the month things declutter area around my computer sweep or vacuum main floor & steps soak Snorri's foot in epsom salts 2x (he has another abscess
  11. I will try to find it tonight. It's been a week or more since I read it, so it might take some digging.
  12. This doesn't involve borrowing, but this thread just reminded me of something that happened years ago. A relative asked if she could store a rug in our basement. It was a big rug - the size of her living room - and it was rolled up and took up a lot of space. I didn't want it in our basement, but she nagged and cajoled until I said okay. Well, at the time we had a cat who was semi-feral and quirky and territorial - and she must have smelled relative's cat on the rug because she peed all over it. Relative was mad, but hey - that's what happens when you nag someone into providing free storage fo
  13. I'm in the midwest and our area has been hit hard for the past couple months. A health department official from the neighboring county said that many of the cases here have been traced back to outdoor gatherings and events. She specifically mentioned outdoor weddings, car shows, and ATV rallies. She said that she thinks that people who are being careful indoors are letting their guard down when they're outdoors and have contracted Covid as a result. I found that pretty interesting.
  14. Ooh, I would be steamed. I mean, best case scenario is that she is just being rude, ungrateful, and careless by not returning the CDs - but I think you are probably right about her true intentions.
  15. Good morning! the vet is stopping out to check Snorri - he is lame on his back left again office work - finances, banking, filing order ds21's birthday cake (This is from a Lithuanian bakery in Chicago and their ordering system is not very high tech. I have to fax them what I want and then they call me back about shipping & payment.) wash a dog bed cover that got soaked yesterday (from a wet dog who had been playing in the rain) clean main floor dinner: veggie burgers & roasted baby potatoes
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