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  1. Oh yikes, that stinks! I hope the rest of the week goes smoothly!
  2. Aww, what a beauty!
  3. I absolutely agree that the last thing you want to do is introduce another element of guilt and shame. Those of us with OCD already have more than enough of that! Do you have the book What to Do When Your Brain Gets Stuck by Dawn Huebner? There are three of us with OCD in our house and that book has been hugely helpful, even for older kids and adults. I also second the recommendation for Brain Lock, which was instrumental for me in learning to wrangle my OCD and keep it under control. I have never taken medication for my OCD - just my personal preference.
  4. It is gloomy and soggy here today. At least the snow has been taken out of tomorrow's forecast, although we are supposed to get some later in the week - boo! Got the boys sent off to school and I've been working on getting my messy house back in order. Lots of vacuuming. Cut dh's hair. Figured out four dinners I can make this week without having to go to the grocery store - yay.
  5. Good morning! I am sooo envious that Amy and Pink and Green got to meet each other! Amy and Jen, prayers for your dds. One of my boys is going through a rough patch with his OCD, and I am worrying about sending him back up to school. And, as always, feeling guilty because he inherited it from me.😞 Also, dh and I had to have a chat with him and his brother yesterday about making an effort to get along, or at least not be at each other's throats, for the rest of the school year. Their personalities are so different and rooming together has not worked out well...*sigh* plan my week figure out what we are going to eat this week get groceries and clean laundry together for boys to take back up to school brush dogs and groom horses vacuum order stamps make almond milk dinner: probably veggie burgers
  6. No advice, but I'm so sorry you're having such a tough time. I hope you are feeling much better very soon!
  7. Selkie


    I agree with this...collies are highly intelligent and social and it is probably stressing her to be separated from her pack. In addition to consulting with a vet and a behaviorist, I would keep the time she is isolated to a minimum, stop tying her up, and make sure she is getting at least an hour of exercise every day.
  8. Sorry if I missed this, but did the breeder even say that you couldn't come to his/her location? I'm confused because you say they are willing to meet you halfway, which makes it sound like you made that request, not the breeder.
  9. Selkie


    I would wonder if being tied up is affecting her negatively. Tying a dog up can be very stressful and frustrating for the dog and lead to aggressive behaviors.
  10. Busy day here! Here's what got done: farrier appt. (he thinks feet are looking good👍) lots of horse chores (although some of them on my list are getting moved to tomorrow) ds20 and dd got a load of grain and also went to the grocery store for me cleaned out the fridge made a huge bowl of chopped salad made salad dressing made quinoa roasted two eggplants made banana oat cookies, which are already almost gone swept my office did one load of laundry - more to go still... unpacked Chewy order dh and ds18 put the Kuranda bed together👍 decided I am not cooking dinner tonight, everyone is on their own🙂
  11. In addition to all of the advice that's been given here, I would also want to hear from people who have purchased puppies from the breeder. Are there any reviews on the Facebook page? We got our two labs from a breeder and her Facebook page is filled with excellent reviews, plus her customers are always coming back to post updates and pictures of their puppies and dogs.
  12. Congrats on your new kitty! Our longhaired cat just passed away a couple months ago at the age of 18. This is the brush we used on him: However, he was not crazy about getting brushed and his fur would get clumpy, so our vet would give him a haircut every six months or so. (Funnily enough, our shorthaired cats all love to get brushed, even though they don't need it...go figure!) For litter, we just use regular Tidy Cats clay litter.
  13. Selkie


    I agree that a vet visit is needed. With the change in her behavior, I would be wondering whether there is some type of brain issue causing it. So sorry this is happening and I hope things improve!
  14. We have clean chip stone in our dog yards. We tried mulch and our dogs were still able to make a mess by digging in it, chewing on it, and tracking it into the house. The mulch got mixed in with the dirt below and when it rained, it became a muddy mess. The chip stone is much tidier - poop scooping is super easy - and it doesn't need to be replaced or refreshed like mulch. They can still dig in the yard, but it doesn't turn into a big mudhole now.
  15. Good morning! feed horses, dogs, and cats take a quick shower farrier is stopping by around 10:30 to take a look at dd's horse (we are still debating whether his lameness is from a laminitis flareup or if there is an abcess brewing in one hoof - fingers crossed for an abcess, because that is a much easier problem to deal with) send ds20 to pick up a load of grain need to run to Walmart for a couple things - or maybe have the kids go make a bowl of chopped salad make salad dressing make banana/oat/berry cookies for dh groom horses read (The Foundling by Paul Joseph Fronczak - I was up until the wee hours reading this fascinating story) dinner: we are going to have an Ikea feast with all the food we got yesterday - vegetable balls, rosti, cloudberry jam, etc.🙂 ETA: Now that I am more awake, I remembered several more things that need doing today: fill water tank scrub buckets turn off automatic waterer and give it a good cleaning unpack Chewy boxes put together new Kuranda bed for dogs
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