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  1. That happened to us when we had a Cabrio, too. I hated that thing!
  2. The list dh got from the doctor was gross (lots of sugar and artificial flavors and colors), so he stuck with herbal tea and vegetable broth.
  3. 70.3% of residents 12+ are fully vaccinated in our county.
  4. I was going to mention this, too. The people I know who’ve bought the brands mentioned by OP say it is a nightmare when they break down because it can take months to get repairs. I do know someone who bought an ultra fancy range and was very happy with it. Can’t remember the brand, but someone from the company flew over from Europe to install it and teach her to use it.
  5. Yes, Hill's supplies the shelters here with food.
  6. Also very good in oatmeal. We eat so many berries that 20 lbs. probably wouldn’t last a week here. Our dogs love them, too!
  7. I put blueberries in the blender with frozen bananas to make a healthy version of ice cream. Also have them in smoothies all the time.
  8. That is just speculation at this point. There are 50+ companies working on it and no one knows yet what the environmental impact will actually be.
  9. Lab-grown meat is going to be hitting the stores in the near future. My guess is that those companies will be much more innovative with their packaging than the existing meat industry.
  10. Has she been tested for Lyme and other tick borne diseases?
  11. We don't have any community pages where I live (not enough neighbors), so I don't see anyone freaking out about the types of things you mention. But our sheriff just released a statement warning people that crime has gone up recently in our county, and break ins and thefts from rural properties are on the rise. He said that much of the crime is due to addicts who are looking to steal anything they can get their hands on to fuel their addiction.
  12. Another vote for throw it away. I don't think any animal shelter is going to want bug-infested food. I would not try to freeze it and use it, either, because the ant bodies would still be mixed in with the food. Yuck!
  13. We live in a very rural, secluded spot. We have no neighbors within a mile and our house is set 1/2 mile back from the road. Here’s what we do: Gate Outdoor security cameras Security system in house A big pack of dogs The means and knowledge of how to protect ourselves if someone got in the house (our county is so rural and spread out that it might take police an hour to get here) Just common sense precautions - like keeping doors locked and not leaving the garage doors open
  14. I was going to mention ARFID, too. My dd has it.
  15. Here are a couple pics of our newest addition, Ducky. Four month old stray who was transported up here from Texas. Since we got him on Friday, he’s been busy catching up on rest and calories. 🙂 Although he looks serious in every photo I’ve taken, he is actually a big silly goofball.
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