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  1. Selkie

    Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

    Good morning! school w/dd office work (odds & ends) pay hay guy medicate horse have ds20 go to post office & bank when he's in town this morning text farrier order benefuuki tea, white miso, and vegetable broth go through subscribe & save list put away laundry look at faucets, figure out what will work with new sink make salad dressing & a big batch of mix for flourless english muffins dinner: ?? I'm thinking soup
  2. Selkie

    8 Seater mid-size SUV?

    We have 2014 and 2015 Pilots and I cannot possibly imagine eight people fitting in them comfortably, and six would be really pushing it. It is a tight squeeze when all five of us ride together. We're all tall, though, ranging from 5'10" to 6'5", and have long legs.
  3. We live in a resort area where many people own vacation homes that they rent out, and theft is extremely common. Most owners keep the homes pretty bare bones because of it. Some friends of ours had some special artwork stolen off their walls - nothing valuable, but it had sentimental value because they bought it on an anniversary trip.
  4. Selkie

    Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

    Good morning! electrician is installing our new main floor lights today and the last bit of our kitchen counter is being installed, too dogs are fed & now I need to put them outside or in the kennel so they don't eat the workers who will be here shortly feed horses (they usually eat first, but I'm off my normal routine) unpack lights and find the light bulbs I ordered school w/dd office work - bills, banking, filing clean & medicate horse's wound order miso go through subscribe & save list dd has Art Club & a violin lesson dinner: ?? depends on how late workers are here
  5. Selkie


    Happy Birthday!🌸
  6. Selkie

    Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

    Busy day here. Had our vet appt. - all went well. Got coffee with two of the kids. Phone got fixed. The boys painted, did some drywall repairs, and are finishing up the trim on the main floor. I medicated dd's horse, who was very well behaved. Did a huge cleanup and reorganization of the pantry, which took a couple hours since it is a pretty big pantry. Going to do evening horse chores now and then mop the mudroom. Dinner is frozen pizza or whatever anyone can find since I've been so busy.
  7. Selkie

    Is requiring this "to be fine" reasonable?

    We have loads of bobcats around here and I have never heard of one being aggressive towards humans. They eat small pets, but not people.🙂 They are usually pretty small - like 20ish pounds.
  8. Selkie

    Is requiring this "to be fine" reasonable?

    Sounds like this issue is caused by a difference in personalities. Your dh most likely has a high level of conscientiousness, which causes him to be vigilant and feel a strong sense of responsibility to keep his family safe. On the other hand, you sound like you are lower on the conscientiousness scale and much more laid back. It's not like either one of you is wrong or right, it is just that your inborn personality traits are in conflict. I would figure out a compromise that would allow you to go camping and your dh to feel reassured - like carrying bear spray/pepper spray, staying in well-traveled areas, and being very punctual about checking in with him.
  9. Selkie

    Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

    Good morning! Safe travels, Pink and Green! school w/dd (this kid is so sick of high school and wishes she could start college right now) remind dh to stop at bank phone repair guy is supposed to come over to figure out what is wrong with our landline treat wound on inside of horse's back leg/hope I don't get kicked take two dogs to vet at 10:30, one for a booster shot and one for an Adequan injection remember to bring Cookie's bag of uneaten $$$ prescription food so we can donate it to someone who needs it find out how much I owe hay guy text electrician and make sure we are on for tomorrow get new light fixtures unpacked still need to tidy up pantry have kids carry down the unwanted books that are piled up in the upstairs hallway ask dh if we are putting the new lights in the mudroom now or waiting until spring (mudroom ceiling is damaged from our leaky roof - roof is getting replaced right away in spring, so it would probably make sense to wait until then to fix up ceiling & install new lights) dinner: spaghetti pie
  10. Selkie

    Rice paper/spring rolls?

    I make many variations, depending on what I have on hand, and always make my own dipping sauces. Here are three of my favorite recipes:
  11. Selkie

    Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

    Jean, you have had a rough few days. Hugs!
  12. It might be just exhaustion, but I would get it checked out. My experience with optical migraines is having very bright zigzag shapes in my vision.
  13. Selkie

    Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

    Did two loads of laundry - lots more to go. Cleaned the kitchen about three times. Did a lot of vacuuming. We are replacing all the light fixtures on our main floor, including the 30+ recessed can lights. The boys removed the old cans today and 21 years of dust and dead bugs came down with them. Shoveled manure, groomed my horses, ordered a new salt block holder for one stall.
  14. Selkie

    What could this be a ssymptom of?

    It would be worrisome to me if the first place they looked for a lost belt was in the spice cabinet, but if they're only looking there after checking many other places, it doesn't seem so odd.
  15. Selkie

    Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

    Good morning! Congrats, Pink and Green! I hope you find a house you love! I was in bed and asleep by 9:30 last night, so am actually feeling pretty rested. I guess I should do that more often instead of my usual plan of reading until the wee hours and then spending my life being dead tired. figure out why my keyboard is being glitchy school w/dd laundry - lots of it empty garbage cans vacuum - the whole house needs it, but upstairs is the worst so I guess I'll start there clean upstairs bathrooms cut up vegetables and make salad call vet to get appt. for Adequan injection place Stateline Tack order fill big water tank straighten up my perpetually messy pantry - the electrician will be doing some work in there on Wednesday, so I need to get it to a less embarrassing state water plants dinner: Kung Pao noodles and broccoli
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