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  1. Today was so busy, and I still have a couple hours of work left to do. Boo! I'm ready for bed now!
  2. If the Zyrtec doesn't seem to be helping him feel better, talk to your vet again. There are other meds available. One of our dogs has seasonal allergies and starts scratching every July, and Apoquel has worked wonders for him.
  3. We love our Buffy Cloud comforter - it is soft, lightweight, breathable, and keeps you at a very comfortable temp all year round. Plus, it's cruelty-free.
  4. Who pairs a boring old brown belt with those pants? Something snazzier is called for!
  5. Swept the whole house from top to bottom (I couldn't deal with the vacuum today. It is making a weird noise and annoying me) Got done with people laundry and started on the dog beds Went through the mail and opened a few packages of grocery stuff
  6. Hi Reader! Glad you’re back. Life is weird for everyone these days, I think!
  7. Good morning! lots of office work - need to get May paperwork finished up post office text hay guys walk down to lower pasture to check for weeds sweep basement laundry - wash dog bed covers cut up cantaloupes (Just googled the spelling and learned that cantaloupes are named after the Italian town of Cantalupo, and the word means "howling wolves". Who knew?? Well, I knew what Lupo means, since I have a dog named that, but not the rest!) go through yesterday's mail & open packages dinner: lentil soup (from the freezer) and sandwiches
  8. Here’s a pic of him. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but now that I’m used to seeing him, he’s growing on me a little bit!
  9. Selkie


    Definitely think it is in the DNA. I've loved animals from the moment I was born, in a way that I can't even explain. I just need to have them around me. My mom said that as soon as I learned to talk, I would incessantly say how much I wanted a horse (we already had a dog, or I'm sure I would have been talking nonstop about that, too).🙂
  10. Do you know which variety you have? Annabelle hydrangeas are my favorite. They get around 3-5' tall.
  11. We had a mini thunderstorm - it was five minutes of hard rain and a single bolt of lightning and one very loud thunderclap, and then it was over. It lasted just long enough that I don't have to water my plants now, so yay. Dinner was baked potatoes. All my chores are done, so I'm going to take a shower and then relax. The show I've been waiting for, The Genetic Detective, is finally on tonight.
  12. Yes, you have to be very careful about walking outside during hunting season. Here, it is a common occurrence for cars, houses, and people to get shot accidentally by careless hunters.
  13. I've spent the whole day working outside. Ds21 and I decided to take advantage of the good weather and get our paddocks cleaned up before the rain hits again. We also shoveled out the grody layer of winter gunk buildup from all the hay boxes and sprayed them all out. Feeling very accomplished at the moment, and in need of a shower! Buddy the snake (yes, he has a name now) was curled up companionably while we worked.
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