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  1. Yes to pools, pedicures, buffets, and grungy little kids Beer - the smell of it is enough to make me retch When people talk with food in their mouths Meat When you're in the grocery store and someone walks by and coughs without covering, and you just know you're surrounded by a cloud of germs Flies - can't stand when they are in the kitchen or anywhere near food, or when they buzz around close to my face *shudder*
  2. Back when my kids were little and went to school, I was a classroom helper for three years. Every December, the younger grades would bake cookies in the cafeteria and then each kid took a plate of them home. Of course, little kids aren't very hygienic, and that's the time of year when runny noses are rampant. The kids would be licking the spoons, licking their fingers, wiping their noses...I swear, the cookies contained more snot than actual ingredients. 😂 So, so gross! Those cookies didn't even make it through the door of our house, they went right in the trash can in the garage!
  3. As long as we're diagnosing, what kind of disorder do people have who get upset and seem to take it personally when strangers on the internet say they don't like potlucks?
  4. Good morning! office work - will take up most of my day reschedule farrier appt. make vet appt. for new puppies figure out dosage of horse meds go through subscribe & save list post office tidy up house wipe down kitchen cabinets water plants make a grocery list dinner: butternut squash soup relax tonight & maybe watch a Christmas movie with dh
  5. His head reminds me of a pointer like the one in this picture: Scarlett, get some doggy DNA tests done so this mystery can be solved!😉
  6. She's so pretty! The eyes, the shape of her head, and the coloring of her front left leg make me think she might be German Shorthair mixed with lab.
  7. I've been skeeved out ever since a longtime mailman that we know said he never, ever eats the homemade treats that people give him at Christmas. The reason? In his years of delivering mail, he has been in many houses on his route and said you cannot believe the number of seemingly normal people who have absolutely filthy kitchens. I am super picky about restaurants. We used to occasionally go to a Mexican restaurant that seemed okay. The dining area and restrooms were very clean and the food was good. Then, my friend who works at a salon was talking to one of her customers who is a health inspector, and he told her the Mexican place had the worst cockroach infestation he had ever seen in all his years on the job. 🤢 Never set foot in there again!
  8. How much do the parents weigh?
  9. The puppies are cute! Just guessing here, but Mama looks she's got some lab, maybe German Shorthair? And Daddy looks like an English pointer mix.
  10. That's what I was thinking, too. Not sure how old MIL is, but I'm guessing in her 70s? A puppy is probably going to live for 12-15 years, and is it realistic to think that MIL is going to be able to care for a dog for that many years? If not, what happens to the dog? It is always so sad when dogs end up at the shelter because their owner has died or become ill or moved into a nursing home.
  11. Kitchen is clean. Another load of laundry is done. Puppies are snoozing in their playpen, so I am going to sneak out to do horse chores. Then I need to get my butt in the office and stay there until I get a big pile of work done.
  12. I know someone who raises corgis - we were just at her house yesterday, in fact. She has three adults and a litter of puppies. They are the funniest, bounciest, most friendly little dogs ever.🙂The babies are so adorable!
  13. Scout, so sorry about the leaky toilet! I hope the damage is minimal and can be easily fixed.🙁 Jen, yay for having ds home! My boys aren't done with finals until the 20th. My list for today: try to get work done while wrangling puppies have dh pick up meds from the horse vet another hay delivery? lots of office work lots of laundry (one load done already) lots of Christmas prep - still need to decorate the tree and order a few more things unpack produce box water plants dinner: tamale skillet with cornbread
  14. Puppypalooza! The black tricolor is a boy and his name is Lupo. The blue merle is a girl and her name is Tigerlily.
  15. No, it’s my Catahoula/Aussie mix who is the counter climber!
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