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  1. Kitchen is clean Hung a load of laundry Watered plants Had my online CBT appt. My therapist is really good and her suggestions are so helpful (as dh said, "That poor woman has her work cut out with you!"😂) Headed outside to shovel crud out of the bottom of the hay boxes and sweep out the small hay shed
  2. My best advice on lab puppies is to get two of them.😁 We have two English labs, a brother and a sister, and watching them grow up together has been so much fun. They are two years old now and have always been the best of friends. Whenever they are separated for a short time (like if one of them has a vet appt.), they are just absolutely overjoyed to be reunited - it is really sweet. I find lab puppies to be pretty low maintenance compared to some other breeds, so having two at once wasn't that much more work than having just one.
  3. Good morning! Happy Family Day, Pink and Green!! office work - chip away at my never-ending pile of bills online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy session at 9:00 vacuum upstairs clear off kitchen counters - so much clutter... take dog to vet at 2:30 for Adequan injection - also need to ask about getting a different form of antibiotic for Buttercup's tooth infection - she's a trooper about taking pills, but these things are huge and she is tiny and it is just not working water plants dinner: crispy orange tofu with rice and broccoli nighttime teen driving practice - ugh...
  4. Grocery shopping is done. Remind me to never, ever go grocery shopping on a Sunday afternoon again. Too much humanity! The boys picked up a couple things they need for college - ds20 got a new coffeemaker, and we replenished their first aid kits for their dorm rooms and vehicles. They leave for school in two weeks. Got home to late to cook anything, so it is a make-your-own night.
  5. I thought he looked more buckskin, but on my phone, it looked like he might have a dorsal stripe, so I had to ask! Either way, he is a beauty!
  6. Good morning! Beautiful horse, Margaret! Can't tell from the pic - is he a dun? Because duns are my absolute special boy, Lightfoot, is a zebra dun.🐴❤️ Woke up to strong thunderstorms this morning. Now it has cleared up, but very windy. I'm still blowing my nose like crazy, but not coughing like yesterday. Progress! I found a bunch of interesting new recipes online last night, so need to go through those and make a menu plan & shopping list plan my week & update calendar teen driving practice grocery shopping - have to go to two stores get gas unpack Chewy boxes groom horses - manes and tails need attention open up automatic waterer and spray it out dinner: mashed potato taquitos watch a movie with the kids tonight
  7. Yes, if you go to the Help section, you can enter your phone number and they call you within two minutes. You can also use instant chat to talk to a customer service rep.
  8. Spent the day sneezing and coughing my head off. Got a few loads of laundry done and all my animal chores, but that was it. Dh and ds20 brought home pizza and salads for dinner. The good news is that it is 7:52 and I am d.o.n.e. for the day.🙂 Going to see if I can stay awake through a scary movie with dh and ds19.
  9. Good morning! I am off to a slow start because of this wretched cold, but am starting to feel a bit better. Already done: morning animal chores made dh breakfast started laundry cleaned kitchen, dishwasher is running wrote an email to dh's siblings re. FIL brushed dogs (front yard is now awash in Pyrenees fur tumbleweeds) Still to do: lots more laundry - I got behind yesterday lots of barn chores - got behind on those, too empty water tank and pressurewash it (is that one word or two??) do some internet research on a couple things dinner: ?? send someone to get takeout, probably watch a movie tonight
  10. I was hoping that this cold wasn't going to hit me as hard as it has everyone else in the family, but boy do I feel like crud. Dreaming of lying in bed all weekend and doing absolutely nothing, but that doesn't seem to be an option.🤧
  11. You can find lots of vintage silverware for sale on Etsy.
  12. Done with office work for the week, yeah! Need to have a kid do a post office run this afternoon Cleaned kitchen Watered plants One load of laundry done Headed out to get ready for the farrier now
  13. I would be annoyed but not surprised. I deal with a lot of salespeople for work and some of them are just flat-out awful at their jobs. Like some of them will take a week or more to get me a price on a vehicle or piece of equipment, while their competitors have it to me within the hour. It makes you wonder how some of them make any money.🤷‍♀️
  14. My ds was accepted there, but ended up choosing a different UW school - one that has an excellent engineering program and costs a fraction of what Madison does. Madison has gotten so expensive! It is a great college town, though. I went there 30 years ago, and we still visit often.
  15. Good morning! office work - a few important things that need to get done and sent out today menu plan for the next week general tidying up vacuum main floor deep clean another litterbox post office research a horse health issue farrier appointment at 1:00 OCD webinar at 2:30 dinner: veg burgers watch a movie tonight
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