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  1. Thanks for this info! I ordered a pulse oximeter, and my husband sent the article to his circle.
  2. I don't remember seeing an "accept" button - only the option of withdrawing money from my account. Did you click on a link to get there, or type the address in yourself? Could it be a false PayPal site? Can you go to the "Activity" tab at the top? It should list who sent it.
  3. This tracfone is only $5 a month: https://www.hsn.com/products/lg-premier-pro-53-hd-16gb-tracfone-with-1500-mintextdat/8930985 Here is another $5 tracfone offer: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tracfone-ZTE-ZFIVE-C-Cell-Phone-1-Year-of-Service-w-1500-MIN-1500-Text-1500MB/283552671927?epid=27033789784&hash=item42050e68b7:g:MnwAAOSw0tNdTdbp Edited to add that wifi calling can be done on this phone (in addition to the minutes provided by the carrier) when it is available (via google voice or another app).
  4. My doc recommended it for avoiding sinus infections. He said he likes this rather than the neti pot. I only use it when I think I could be heading toward a sinus issue.
  5. Thanks, everyone! I have reserved a few of these at the library. :001_smile:
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