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  1. I am in autoimmune hell right now. I was diagnosed with three autoimmune issues 10-15 years ago. Hashimoto’s and Epstein Barr were easy dx, while celiac was more difficult and took more than a year. I have now been sick for the past six months and every dr says it is autoimmune, but I keep getting shuttled between specialists. From what I have read, it can take 2-3years to get the correct/complete diagnosis. One autoimmune organization had a goal a few years ago to cut the normal 5 YEAR diagnosis time by half! That is ridiculous, in my opinion. But I find that many doctors are clueless and not as sympathetic as they should be. I was actually at my eye doctor today to have my dry eyes examined and found him to be more knowledgeable than my gp.
  2. I am so very sorry for you and your family. May Grant’s memory shine on. HELLP/eclampsia sucks. I had my HELLP baby 18 years ago and can’t believe advances have not been made. Too little is still understood.
  3. My DS will be going to UT Dallas. It is a great school. We have visited a lot of campuses and this was always the one he wanted to attend. Maybe we can meet up sometime. DS will live on campus, though we only live 30 minutes away.
  4. DS applied to two schools and was accepted to both. He accepted at UT Dallas with a partial scholarship.
  5. Hashimoto’s thyroid, celiac and Epstein-Barre
  6. My preliminary research says it can cause nausea but I haven’t seen anything about food aversions. The food aversions started when my dr put me on estrogen supplements and all of my symptoms went into overdrive, instead of getting better. I don’t know if that might play into it or if it is bc I have been so sick to my stomach for over two months now.
  7. Systemic. Oh, I have had that book on my reading list for a long time now. Thanks for the reminder.
  8. I asked last week about horrible nausea and food adversions. I saw a new specialist today and she thinks I have lupus. I do already have three autoimmune disorders, so I wasn’t totally surprised. Yet I am also not very familiar with lupus. She took a ton of blood and is sending me to another specialist. What does Dr Hive know about lupus?
  9. I had my gallbladder removed about 12 years ago. I also had the HIDA scan, which showed the gallbladder wasn’t working. The doctors thought maybe I was having problems with the pancreas bc of the missing gallbladder, but that medicine made my symptoms much worse so they decided it wasn’t pancreatic related.
  10. Barbecue Mom - Eek! Sorry to hear about your nausea being chronic. I am so hopeful mine will go away!!! I don’t know that I can live like this. I can’t even touch food to cook for my family right now.
  11. I used to but everything gags me now. I can’t make myself swallow anything unless I absolutely have to.
  12. I am 50+ yrs old, post menopausal. I have three autoimmune disorders - Hashimoto’s, celiac and Epstein-Barr Food aversion started this past spring when I was sick with bronchitis. I suddenly only wanted to eat just a few foods. Nothing else sounded good to eat. Two months ago my dr put me on estrogen for some post menopausal issues. I got horribly nauseated so he took me off the estrogen. At that time, my thyroid was also high, so they lowered my thyroid med Both of those labs are now fine. (No estrogen in my system, thyroid in range dr has tried to keep it at for past 8 years.) The nausea, however, hasn’t gone away. And the food aversion has only gotten worse it is like all day, every day extreme morning sickness I can’t walk into grocery store bc I can smell the seafood across the store I can smell green vegetables from feet away I used to be a foodie, now I am like a picky three year old on a white food only diet. I am now living on toast, rice and heavily diluted white colored Gatorade. I can eat a few bites of chicken, but the smell and texture bothers me. I have been to several doctors and had numerous tests. Colonoscopy was clear. Upper GI scope showed one small issue but nothing that would cause nausea. Thyroid ultrasound showed nodules, but - again - “nothing big enough to cause issues.” Barium swallow test was good. They have tested for Crohn’s, colitis, C diff. All clear. Pregnancy test was negative Lung X-rays were clear Dr sent me to an allergist I was tested for 42 common environmental and food allergies Nothing came up I do have celiac, but am not eating anything that would/should cause issues. (Was dx with celiac 12 years ago.) Drs have put me on two different anti nausea meds. First one didn’t help at all. Just started the second one yesterday, but haven’t gotten any relief yet. They have also put me on three different heartburn/reflux meds bc tests show I have very mild reflux - not enough to cause issues, but they wanted to see if it would help. I have been taking two of those meds for six weeks now with no relief. (Third med was a milder form of one of the meds I am currently taking.) Now what? Anything drs could be overlooking?
  13. Thank you so much for the congrats. And comgratulations to the others who have decisions already!
  14. Can it be? I don’t know. Somewhat waiting for a change of mind but... I asked about applying to Rice a month or so ago. It was seriously on the table at one time because it felt like such a good fit for DS. (DS has a neuromuscular condition that requires a smaller campus and somewhat close to home or family.) We decided to hold off on applying to Rice and see what happens at other colleges first. In early July, DS applied to two state universities in the DFW area, both with rolling admissions. One was his safety school, the other was the somewhat competitive engineering school he has wanted to attend since he was 10 years old He was accepted into both. No word on financial packages yet, but that won’t be an issue or deciding factor at either of these two schools. Was it really just that easy?!? We have searched and reviewed colleges for several years and DS has always maintained he wanted to attend this one school. It is a great college with great reviews and great location and it has the exact major he wants to study. Feels odd to be done so soon.
  15. Thank you so much everyone for the advice. We know the odds are very small that he would be accepted, but it is one of the few that meets our criteria. Thankfully his other options are nowhere near as selective. (DS has a mild physical disability and really needs a small campus.) Hoggirl, we are in state.
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