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  1. I do not wear an apron, but I sell a lot of vintage aprons in my online shop. Younger people are wearing vintage aprons, esp fancier hostess aprons.
  2. I was thinking possible MS, too. i have EBV, Hashimoto’s thyroid, celiac and fibro. I started having some odd symptoms several years ago. Like, I would wake up and be unable to roll over in the bed bc my muscles would be so stiff and I couldn’t get any of my muscles to move. I was a runner, weight lifter and indoor cyclist at the time, and this stiffness and muscle heaviness would be terrible. I would be unable to lift a bag of groceries or walk up a flight of stairs. I tried to ignore symptoms for a while bc I was afraid it was MS. I finally went to dr and was sent to neurologist.
  3. I went back to the gym last summer. I had been diagnosed with young onset Parkinson’s and was in physical therapy and hated it and then insurance wouldn’t pay for more sessions so I hired a personal trainer at the gym. I am now fully vaccinated, but I worked out 4-6 times a week at the gym for 8 or so months. I needed to go back to the gym for my mental and physical health. I couldn’t safely workout at home alone at first. My mental health has been low bc of my diagnosis and I needed to work against any decline mentally and physically. My gym takes everyone’s temps when they enter. Masks
  4. I just received my second dose this week. I am in tier 1b, underlying health issues. My young adult son has received one dose, also tier 1b with underlying health issues. I was registered in my county, but then found out that UT Southwestern was giving out vaccines to their patients. I was able to schedule appt for next day. First vaccine was in and out in less then 20 minutes. Second shot had an hour wait. I had no issues with either shot, aside from a mild sore arm. (Pfizer.) My son was scheduled through our county, which has a mass vaccine site at Texas Motor Speedway. He was un
  5. Unexpected falls was one of the early symptoms of Parkinson’s for me. I was diagnosed with young onset Parkinson’s a year ago. Prior to diagnosis, I would fall for no reason. It was like my brain blanked out. OP: Have you seen a neurologist? If not, I would want to see one. Mine ordered a battery of tests to rule out seizures, sleep apnea, etc. A PD diagnosis is more process of elimination it won’t show up on an MRI or CTscan in the early stages Best wishes.
  6. Thank you so much for your reply. I have followed your long journey to diagnosis, as I was on a similar journey at the same time. Hugs to you! I have many of those supplements on my list to take. I have read of reversals... I am a bit skeptical but also very interested in taking a similar treatment path. I feel like I don’t have much to lose. re: your second post. It is illegal in my state but medicinal is allowed just across the border, which is less than an hour away. I am very open to trying it and Am okay being a court case if arrested. I am a new empty nester so don’t have to wor
  7. I have read about boxing and am very interested in trying this. Thank you.
  8. Thank you. I just bought the kindle version to read.
  9. What would you do, In terms of treatments -standard and alternative? Nutrition, mental, physical. I am on medication for severe nerve pain, and was already on meds for depression and anxiety. I was getting PT but now insurance is an issue. I may hire a personal trainer to help me with a workout plan. I plan to ramp up my yin yoga practice. My neurologist suggested stationary biking. Balance is a huge issue right now. I was getting acupuncture for some of the symptoms until covid shut down that center. They recently reopened and I plan to start back. At this point, nothing is too alt
  10. We just graduated our only child Last week. He was homeschooled all the way through. He will be going to university this fall. I have been anticipating this for several years now and started a small business three years ago. As DS started dual enrollment and needed less and less homeschooling, I expanded my business. I am excited to be done homeschooling. It was great. But I am ready to move on with my life.
  11. My DS will be going to UT Dallas. It is a great school. We have visited a lot of campuses and this was always the one he wanted to attend. Maybe we can meet up sometime. DS will live on campus, though we only live 30 minutes away.
  12. DS applied to two schools and was accepted to both. He accepted at UT Dallas with a partial scholarship.
  13. Hashimoto’s thyroid, celiac and Epstein-Barre
  14. My preliminary research says it can cause nausea but I haven’t seen anything about food aversions. The food aversions started when my dr put me on estrogen supplements and all of my symptoms went into overdrive, instead of getting better. I don’t know if that might play into it or if it is bc I have been so sick to my stomach for over two months now.
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