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  1. I definitely remember you and your family. I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m thankful you find comfort in God’s love for us.
  2. Hi! I’m very glad to see you back here. 🙂
  3. I missed the OP as well, but I am so sorry for your loss. I wish I lived closer so I could cook you a meal or something.
  4. There is a lot of that kind of stuff in Severville/ Pigeon Forge. It is almost beyond parody. 😂 Before anyone thinks I’m dissing the area, we love to go there. We just avoid the cheesier attractions.
  5. That sounds like something that would be in Pigeon Forge/Sevierville, TN. I don’t know that for certain, though.
  6. I got mine last week at Walmart pharmacy. Very easy and fast.
  7. Me! We do have a cover, but as Athena said, it’s not required.
  8. Thanks everyone. It is big enough to be noticeable, but not as big as MEmama’s DS. So idk if it’s a weird food allergy that is beginning to show up or what. I will start listing what I eat. We do already have an epipen in the house because of my son’s wasp allergy, so that’s good. I’ll let my doctor know. And if it swells again, I will probably just go ahead and call her.
  9. One side of my top lip has become swollen a few times in the last couple months. No other symptoms. I don’t know of anything I ate that would cause it. I took an allergy pill the last time it happened, just in case. What would y’all do? Mention it to the dr at my next checkup?
  10. I imagine we will have a party for our immediate family at our house. It makes me very sad to think about how weird the fall and winter holidays are probably going to be this year.
  11. This is not the reason for the house you’re talking about, but my grandmother’s old house has sat empty for years. When she had to go on Medicaid to continue paying for the nursing home she lived in due to Alzheimer’s, my parents sold her house and her land. A lady bought it for her daughter, but her daughter “can’t afford” to live there. It breaks my heart, tbh. My parents live next door, and every time I go there, her house looks so sad. Sorry for being a Debbie Downer. 😂
  12. It was *August* when we first started talking about the monolith!?! Time truly has no meaning anymore, does it? 😳
  13. Looks like y’all made it already, but I’m going back to listen to your song. 😊 ETA: Beautiful! I love that song.
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