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  1. It was *August* when we first started talking about the monolith!?! Time truly has no meaning anymore, does it? 😳
  2. Looks like y’all made it already, but I’m going back to listen to your song. 😊 ETA: Beautiful! I love that song.
  3. I’m not sure. My kids go to the same dentist as me, but it’s quite a while before they are due.
  4. We have had a lot of celebrity deaths lately, but I really hate to see this one. 😖 He was one of my favorites on Seinfeld and The King of Queens.
  5. Unfriend and block. I want my fb feed to be a happy place, as much as it is possible.
  6. I went last week. They came outside and took my temperature and they walked me in and out so I didn’t have to touch anything. The hygienist had on a paper gown and a face shield in addition to what they already wear. We don’t have a ton of cases here, so it really didn’t bother me to go ahead and go. It was nice to do something sort of normal. (That’s probably the only time I’ll be excited to go to the dentist. ) 😂
  7. My grandmother used to enjoy the adult coloring books, jigsaw puzzles, word and number puzzles of all kinds, and she had a ton of Bible study workbooks.
  8. We don’t have a ton of outside activities. So we will probably go back to all of them. I don’t miss having to drive so much, but I know my kids miss their friends and their activities.
  9. I ordered the stuff online from target. Lots of candy to split between everyone and a book for each kid.
  10. We do direct deposit with our taxes, so we will get it that way. I don’t expect it for a couple of weeks.
  11. We just bought a tube of this last week. We thought one of our chickens might have worms. 😂
  12. We lost my grandmother a little over two weeks ago. We had a private graveside service. Her children and spouses, my sister and me plus our spouses, and my two oldest kids. Then the preacher and one guy from the funeral home. (So 12 people.). We stayed spaced out, and the service was very short. The preacher did a really good job, though, and it was comforting, although a little weird.
  13. Save some. Give to a couple non-profits. Use some toward local businesses we want to support. Maybe eventually get some stuff done around the house that needs to be done. Purchase curriculum for next year.
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