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  1. I was also wondering if maybe it was related to the military or politics/voting? But I might be totally off base. I’m really confused by the thread, and I’ve read the whole thing. (I know it’s hard to get complicated situations across on a message board, especially if you’re trying to be vague.)
  2. Scarlett, I’m just going to be blunt and ask, and feel free to ignore if you want. Did you not go to your son’s wedding for some reason? Or is it a completely different issue?
  3. My sister in law has 9 kids, so they are very used to it. 😊 I think there are plenty of people who look at us with our 4 kids and think we are a little nuts though. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  4. Thanks y’all! I’m so glad I can ask about pretty much anything on here and someone will know about it. 😊
  5. No, it’s definitely not helpful! (At least almost never helpful.) It’s sort of like telling someone with anxiety to just “stop worrying.”
  6. I went in for routine labs a couple weeks ago, and my dr let me know that she’s referring me to a rheumatologist. My appointment is not until November, and of course I goggled a bunch of stuff and now I’m a little worried, plus I’m just plain curious. So, here’s what’s up. My ANA was positive. My dsDNA antibodies was 36, which is well out of the normal range of 0-4. And my Sed rate was a little elevated (31). When I google the dsDNA, lupus is pretty much all that comes up. I don’t know much about lupus, but I don’t think I really fit the criteria? I have some fatigue, but I have 3 big kids that I homeschool and shuttle everywhere and an 18 month old who still co-sleeps and nurses at night. I do have some joint pain and tenderness, but it’s not all the time and it’s not debilitating. I could stand to lose 20 lbs, and I don’t take the best care of myself, but I don’t do a horrible job, either. So I have some reasons for the only two symptoms I have. I’m just adding all this information in, because I’m hoping someone will have some btdt advice or something.
  7. Yeah, I’m curious to know what some of the questions were - that is, if you feel like sharing them.
  8. We fed each other a tiny bite of cake if I remember correctly. Definitely no smashing. I’d be ticked off if he humiliated me like that, and I think he’d be ticked at me if I did it to him. DH is in events planning, and I think he can sometimes tell that a couple will likely get divorced. He doesn’t typically see the wedding receptions though, so I can’t ask him about that part specifically.
  9. Oh, not much....just $21k worth of foundation repair, plus a new HVAC unit. ☠️☠️☠️ Also I need to declutter the entire house and really deep clean my chicken and duck coops. Fun times all the way around.
  10. Oh no! I have always really liked their clothes. 😞
  11. It’s pretty hard. I don’t feel the need to talk politics very often, although I do a lot of reading about it. But others tend to bring it up. I just sort of ignore them. And heaven forbid I forget and wade into the cesspool of humanity that is the Facebook comments section. What really stinks is I haven’t felt comfortable at church for a while now, and unfortunately, I don’t see that changing anytime soon.
  12. No. It is such a process. It brings out all my unreasonable anxieties. I like that I can get places I couldn’t or wouldn’t want to go to by car, though.
  13. I had my last one at 35, and I was so tired by the end. I was just done. I did bounce back fairly quickly after she was born, though. Is your blood pressure ok?
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