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  1. I've tried a few pairs from Loft that have some stretch and they work well with my tummy. They have been having some amazing sales lately. I love the girlfriend chinos, too and have been choosing to wear them over denim lately. The return process is easy with free shipping.
  2. I have looked at the Coimbra protocol, but I haven't done any significant research on it yet. I know it's not recommended without a doctor who is familiar with the protocol and last I checked there were none in my area, but that was a while ago. I will check out the wiki on my lunch break, thanks! I have a Vitamin D test on the way - I haven't checked my levels in a while. It had been going up from the 4000 plus daily 10 minutes in the sun when it's nice out.
  3. Thanks for the link! I'm trying to figure out if I need to supplement zinc and calcium, plus a few others. I do 4000 IU vitamin d at the recommendation of my neurologist so I'm curious to see what is recommended in the video.
  4. I get this vitamin D - https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B0019LVGPC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It's cheap and they use extra virgin olive oil. I don't supplement C because I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables every day, so I haven't decided if it's necessary yet. Same with Zinc. I've been tracking my nutrients in Sparkpeople to see what I should supplement, if anything. I do 4000 iu of Vitamin D because I'm deficient and have two autoimmune diseases.
  5. Yes, very easily. We worked from home before all of this happened, and our son works with us. We have been getting grocery deliveries since the beginning of the pandemic. Except for dh going to church and the farmer's market on Sunday, as well as a rosary gathering on Tuesdays and picking up our mail from the UPS store after hours, we are home. My mil wants to visit people, and we occasionally let her have an outdoor visit with masks, but that's it. Two weeks of complete isolation would be nothing for us.
  6. We're using Dasuquin Advanced, 2 a day. We are also adding this: https://www.lickspillfree.com/shop/dog-joint-heart as soon as it comes. He did amazingly well with the skin and allergy packets, so I'm hoping this helps. We are also adding carpets to areas where we have hard floors. Slipping on the floors has really exacerbated the issue. Next visit to the vet we will discuss medication for pain. My family laughs at me, but I have these sock inserts that go in the microwave for sore feet, so I heat them a bit and put them on his hips and shoulders. He then gets a 20 minute massage. (The things
  7. I'm going to order these asap. They are exactly what I've been looking for!
  8. When things were bad in our area we were lucky to get 7 day shipping. Now we are back to two day shipping, and once I even received something next day. If you're in a current hot spot, orders are probably way up. That happened here - everyone was ordering constantly from Amazon, much more than usual. I remember there were warehouse issues - a few outbreaks, processing speeds much lower due to social distancing requirements, etc. Most online retailers were/are having shipping delays, so it didn't bother us. It was the lack of grocery delivery slots that was upsetting. Thankfully we are 4 - 5 da
  9. We've been blanching and freezing veggies. They won't be good for eating raw, but are fine cooked. Last year my uncle brought out a ton of corn on the cob, so we partially cooked it and cut each in half, sealed it in bags of 8 mini ears. It was a treat to have with dinner over the winter! The frozen mini ears in the supermarket are a fortune and don't taste as good. We vacuum seal all of the veggies and meats that we freeze - it makes a big difference in quality. Kale and spinach I just wash and freeze but it's only good for smoothies - the leaves crumble up into tiny pieces. I've also been fr
  10. Our local hospital (not sure if they have any current patients anymore) was/is doing convalescent plasma therapy, and I believe they also have Remdesivir. They had been using hydroxychloroquine, but are obviously not using it anymore. A friend of my sister's developed cardiac issues from receiving it. My father-in-law was receiving some kind of breathing treatments and oxygen, possibly steroids of some kind, not sure. He was also given Tylenol. He was sick early in the pandemic when the hospitals were getting flooded with patients and was not put on a ventilator.
  11. On the back deck of a house we rented on the water in Maine a few years ago, watching the lobster boats while drinking a cup of coffee with dh. 🥰
  12. I never had it as a kid, but dh grew up eating toast with butter and cinnamon sugar on it. It's not my thing, too sweet. My mil just asked if we have cinnamon sugar yesterday when I was making the shopping list. I told her we have cinnamon and sugar. I guess she forgot that they mixed it up themselves.😁 I know you can buy it pre-mixed, but who does that?
  13. We toss them in the garbage. If we ever had a leak, it's not teabags that were the cause. Since we started buying SimpleHuman garbage bags we never have breaks or leaks. What irritates me is when people (my MIL) leave teabags in their mug and put it in the sink. First of all, over-steeped tea is gross, second of all I hate having to fish it out of the sink.😠
  14. They were studying famotidine for use against Covid-19, which is in Pepcid. Can't hurt I guess.
  15. We were just discussing this today. We're not actively homeschooling anymore and not in touch with any local groups, but I figured there would be a sizeable increase in homeschooling if schools open in September. I know if I had a child in public or private school I would definitely be homeschooling until the pandemic is over, if that ever happens.😞
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