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  1. With J and J it's the stroke risk. I've tried, I really have...
  2. My sister wouldn't get the Pfizer of Moderna vax, because the technology is too new for her comfort. She was on her way to get vaccinated with her daughter when she got a call from someone who told her the vaccines would cause infertility. She has told me that she thinks she is going to die if she gets those vaccines, and that she is going to die from Covid because she's unvaccinated. She is waiting for Novamax because that vaccine technology is already in use. I don't know what I can say to change her mind, so I can only tell her to be safe and mask up. But she goes out to eat with other unvaccinated friends, goes to parties, etc. I'm full of worry for her, so I will be very happy if Novamax becomes available, because I don't see her changing her mind on the other vaccines.
  3. In case this helps anyone, after uploading lots of documentation, making many phone calls, writing letters etc. my mother-in-law received her FEMA Covid funeral assistance this morning in her account in the amount of $9000. This is such a big deal for her, s as they didn’t have much like insurance and most of it went to funeral costs. She’s going to be very relieved! She also got her mortgage restructuring finalized, so between the two she is much better financially than she was.
  4. I always do because the few times I haven't I've broken out in a rash or ended up with die on my skin.
  5. We had Home Depot do our home office and my son’s bedroom. The carpets were the same as the samples and they have held up well going on 8 years now. My mother-in-law decided to use them for the living room a few years ago, and the install was done very well and the carpet is a good quality. We’ll definitely use them for our bedroom when the time comes, hopefully soon!
  6. I say it the same way. I’m in northern NJ.
  7. Thanks! I skipped the epsom salts tonight, but I was thinking about adding some tea tree oil tomorrow. A friend recommended it, but I've never used it before.
  8. I definitely won't be filing them again! They were pretty inflamed after that and very tender and painful.
  9. Looking at pictures, it's a possibility. I don't know where the virus could have come from though, but I think I will check out some home remedies.
  10. My husband said the same thing, so I will pick some up tomorrow. I figure it can't make my feet any worse...
  11. Over the last few weeks I've developed calluses? on a few spots on both feet. I'm not really sure where they're coming from. I don't wear shoes often, as I'm not out of the house much. I have a pair of sandals that I wear a few times a day, usually just to go on our deck a few times a day for some sun and fresh air. I wear those shopping, or sneakers. My sneakers aren't tight, I wear socks with them when I do wear them. I don't get tight shoes because they bother my feet due to residual numbness/tingling from MS, so I don't see how my shoes are doing this. I have one area between my big toe and the next tow where there is overlap with that toe and the next, and I've had a slight rough patch there for a few years, but now that has become really cracked and painful at the same time the other spots started. It's on the tip of my toes, the outer bottom sides of both feet, the inner side of one foot, and between the big toe and the next toe on one foot. They are cracked and painful. I tried filing down a few of the spots and the next day it was red around the edges of the dry thick skin, and it looked inflamed. I've been soaking my feet in an epsom salt soak every night, which gives me temporary relief, and using a lotion with aloe. If I don't keep up with that the cracking and pain increases. I've had athletes foot as a teen in a house full of athletic boys, lol, but this doesn't seem like it and nobody else has these issues in the house. Any ideas what could be causing it or what may help? I'm starting to consider a podiatrist at this point...
  12. My county is about 51% fully vaxxed, my family is completely vaccinated. We are still masking in stores and other indoor places. Dh is masking at church but not at his rosary group, where everyone is vaccinated. Right after the mask mandate was dropped for vaccinated people and recommended for unvaccinated we saw a lot of unmasked people in stores. Lately it seems like more people are masking than a few weeks ago, probably because of the delta variant. On a side note, I've heard from a few unvaccinated people that are planning to get the shot after reading about the office in Florida with 2 deaths. I'm curious if this tragedy has had that effect on others.
  13. I heard the neighbors talking disdainfully about it - the same neighbors that were complaining about the Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+ Lives Matter signs on the lawn a few houses away. Unfortunately we live in an area where this is a pretty common sentiment.😒 They've probably heard enough of our conversations outside that they have decided that we are not their kind of people. A very few businesses were closed yesterday, but we got mail. I read that most federal employees would be observing on Friday, but I don't remember if we got mail on that day or not... SIL was upset that the cemetery was closed today for Juneteenth, as it's Father's Day and she wanted to put flowers on FILs grave.
  14. In our state (NJ) masks aren't required for vaccinated people in many situations. We are all vaccinated, but we're still wearing masks in our immediate family for the most part. Dh didn't wear a mask at church this Sunday, but if it was a later Mass with more people he would have. I will wait a few weeks before I decide if I can go without in the store. I will probably get a haircut without a mask if possible, but I'm working up to that. As far as the general feeling of COVID being behind us, that really makes me scratch my head. I'd like to see how the coming winter will be, then maybe I'll change how I feel. I can't say I'm unhappy about business picking up - the industry we service was hit particularly hard, which eventually hit us. But things are starting to get better, and dh has even had a few masked meetings with very good precautions in place. We lost my father-in-law early on, shortly after everyone started taking things seriously. He went from the hospital to rehab and the rehab/nursing home closed to visitors before any state mandates, but they were still taking outpatient rehab clients while confining inpatient rehab to their rooms, so we're angry about that, but I think these places were unprepared in general. I don't know what could have been done differently, thinking about how these places are run. I'm sure the virus was circulating before the state mandates took place, and with the immediate shortages of PPE, I'm not surprised what happened. The facility where he was doesn't list any COVID deaths, and that makes me more angry than anything else. They cater to a wealthy clientele for the nursing home end of things, and I'm sure they don't want to tarnish their image. He didn't die there, but he caught it there.
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