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  1. I started using them when I decided I didn't want to pay for Thrive Market membership when many of the things I was ordering were the same price or cheaper at Vitacost. I haven't been ordering lately because the creamer I like hasn't been in stock. They have a large amount of gluten free items, so I will probably put together an order soon. It's been hard to get gf products from our local stores lately.
  2. I'm planning on trying this recipe this weekend: The recipe uses the Measure for Measure flour, so no need to add anything to the flour. This is another recipe from their site which uses regular gluten free flour and xanthan gum: They both get decent reviews on the site. Edited to add: There are some bakeries delivering. One that I love is Meredith's Bread. I usually purchase it at our local farmer's market and it's delicious. I haven't tried the white bread, but the Peasant and Rustic Farmhouse loaves are delicious.
  3. He has passed away. It was peaceful at the end. Continued prayers for our family please.
  4. Please pray for my father in law. He is dying, probably from coronavirus, but the test won't come back until after. They've increased his morphine and reduced his oxygen, so it is not expected to be long. Please pray that he is not suffering. My husband, his brother and sister as well as his mother are all there, please pray that they don't become infected. I'm so afraid for all of us.
  5. We're ok for now, if it becomes a problem I will definitely keep that in mind. I'm not sure if they would help us out if the seniors are living with us though. As long as we can get a delivery every 9 - 15 days we should be good. I do have a pretty good supply of basic pantry items, but I live with heavy milk drinking cereal and bread eaters. And cookies, don't let a senior go without cookies!! (Seriously. My mother in law asks me every night for something sweet!)
  6. We've been doing online ordering for the last 2 weeks and hunkering down. I was thrown into a panic yesterday when the store called me and told me they are cancelling deliveries because most employees are teens and the parents don't want them working anymore. When I asked the best time to come in for an immunocompromised individual they then offered to keep my delivery, as they are only doing elderly/disabled, etc. This is one of the bigger chains in the area. Instacart has no slots available, Prime Now I haven't seen any delivery slots available in two weeks, BJ's isn't doing the 2 day deliveries around here... It's hard to get a delivery slot - I have to keep checking at all times of the day. I have my next two deliveries in already. Thank goodness I don't have any young ones, but I have 3 seniors now that we took in our elderly neighbor for the duration.
  7. I just found out that there are 5 cases in our local hospital, the one where my fil just left to go to rehab. My anxiety level has been high but now it is even higher. He had been under the care of infectious disease specialists there, and I've seen the lax attitude of the staff in the past during the big MRSA problem they had some years ago. A friend is there now with a bypass scheduled for Monday. I've been reading interviews with various nurses and other hospital staff and how they feel unprepared to handle this and don't feel like they are receiving enough direction from higher ups. I'm ready to hide in my house for the next month or two! The hospital my brother is supposed to be receiving his cancer treatment at has at least one patient now. My son wants to live life as usual, but I feel the need to stay home. He's older but has Asperger's. He has an odd combination of anxiety about the virus and not caring about possibly being exposed somewhere. He can't NOT touch his face - usually his lips. It's a tic with him. I realize I can be on the extreme end of caution, but we are clashing a lot over this. I don't understand why people aren't taking this more seriously. I guess we'll see how this plays out over the next few weeks.
  8. I hope they do this by me. We've been having some financial difficulties lately and I can see our business being disrupted drastically in the next few weeks. I am trying to get a medical waiver for shut off in place too.
  9. I'm glad I placed my usual 80 roll box order from Amazon two weeks ago and decided to add a box last week. I'm the proud owner of 160 rolls of toilet paper. 🙂 We were seeing shortages last week in our town and the next. I can do without many things but tp is not one of them.
  10. I was just at the supermarket trying to pickup my prescription and it's a zoo! And of course it wasn't ready yet... I heard they closed all the public schools as of today indefinitely and moved to online learning. Catholic churches have cancelled Mass for the next 2 weeks I think. I'm in northern NJ. Still waiting for a bed for my fil to go to short term rehab, and the hospitals are checking visitors before allowing them in.
  11. We're about to have fil transferred from the hospital to short term rehab in the morning. They are not allowing visitors except for end-of-life patients. This is in NJ, Bergen County. It's a little scary sending him there after seeing what's going on in Washington, but hopefully these measures will keep the patients there safe. I have to say, my anxiety level is through the roof. I have a brother starting chemo/radiation treatment next week, plus my fil, and I worry about catching anything because every bug I've caught in the last few months has been affecting my MS a lot.
  12. I'm curious, does the husband normally hide his phone? I can't say how many times I've seen the cover photo on dh's phone. I hate the picture because it's of me and ds and I was heavier then, so I always notice it. I also see who is calling when he has it laying around. Some people are just stupid though, and don't cover their tracks when having an affair. I personally know someone who left their burner phone laying around, and it had the same code as their regular phone. The kids discovered the affair.
  13. One of the worst MS relapses I had was after taking the higher recommended dose of elderberry syrup when I was sick. I'm left with permanently numb/tingly feet 3 years after that one. My neurologist told me (more like ordered me, lol) to stay away from elderberry and other immune stimulants like echinacea. If it shows up as an ingredient in something I happen to be eating or drinking once or twice (a tea I had at a friend's house for example) I don't worry about it, but it's not something I would take daily as a preventative or in higher doses when sick. I've been reading about medicinal mushrooms and may start including them in my diet. From what I'm reading they have more of a modulating effect on the immune system, supporting it instead of overstimulating it. I need to read more before I take any chances though.
  14. It's weird that this thread is resurrected today - I was just going to come on here and post a question about comfortable jeggings, lol. I have a question - do they have give around the waistband? This is really important for me - I have MS and I get muscle tightness and spasms from my waist up to my chest, and tight waistbands make it so much worse. Add a heavy meal into the mix and I feel like I'm dying! I have one pair of Lee's that look the same on the waistband but they have no give. I can't drive at all if I'm wearing them when the spasms start. I need a waistband that has some good flex, but overall I don't want my jeans to look baggy and unkempt by the end of the day. Any other suggestions would be appreciated, too! I'm all set for work (dress pant yoga pants!!) but need more casual options that don't involve unbuttoning my pants and forgetting I did when I stand up, lol.
  15. That's what our dog sounded like when he got kennel cough. He also sounded like that when he had a reaction to the oral bordetella vaccine, so he now only gets the injection.
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