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  1. One of the worst MS relapses I had was after taking the higher recommended dose of elderberry syrup when I was sick. I'm left with permanently numb/tingly feet 3 years after that one. My neurologist told me (more like ordered me, lol) to stay away from elderberry and other immune stimulants like echinacea. If it shows up as an ingredient in something I happen to be eating or drinking once or twice (a tea I had at a friend's house for example) I don't worry about it, but it's not something I would take daily as a preventative or in higher doses when sick. I've been reading about medicinal mushrooms and may start including them in my diet. From what I'm reading they have more of a modulating effect on the immune system, supporting it instead of overstimulating it. I need to read more before I take any chances though.
  2. It's weird that this thread is resurrected today - I was just going to come on here and post a question about comfortable jeggings, lol. I have a question - do they have give around the waistband? This is really important for me - I have MS and I get muscle tightness and spasms from my waist up to my chest, and tight waistbands make it so much worse. Add a heavy meal into the mix and I feel like I'm dying! I have one pair of Lee's that look the same on the waistband but they have no give. I can't drive at all if I'm wearing them when the spasms start. I need a waistband that has some good flex, but overall I don't want my jeans to look baggy and unkempt by the end of the day. Any other suggestions would be appreciated, too! I'm all set for work (dress pant yoga pants!!) but need more casual options that don't involve unbuttoning my pants and forgetting I did when I stand up, lol.
  3. That's what our dog sounded like when he got kennel cough. He also sounded like that when he had a reaction to the oral bordetella vaccine, so he now only gets the injection.
  4. It's pricey, but Nutpods original is the only non-dairy creamer I like for black tea. I use it in coffee and cappuccino, too, and it froths up nicely. But my main criteria for a good non-dairy creamer is how it tasted in black tea, and so far only Nutpods passed that test. I was a pure half and half only person before I switched. I prefer the shelf stable cartons over the refrigerated ones - those have a stronger coconut taste, but the shelf-stable are more neutral tasting. Supposedly Walmart will be carrying a 32 oz shelf stable carton, which should make it more reasonable. I'm paying 2.75 - 3.99 for the small carton, I think it's 11 oz. I go through 5 a week!! ( I like light tea and coffee)
  5. I haven't run into that yet. I've entered some red foods, but not chips and soda. Now I feel like I must eat chips just to see what happens, lol. I don't know that I'd mind a message like that, but an apple and water is not a snack that is going to satisfy any cravings for me!!
  6. Some of the messages seem canned, and one was definitely a 'fill in client's name' because she forgot to, lol. But she did finally start responding in a more timely manner and has definitely moved beyond canned responses, so I am happier with my goal specialist.
  7. I'm doing the free trial and I'm deciding if it's worth it to continue. I have until the 29th to decide. I like the app so far, but I do wish I could use it on my laptop. I am trying to reduce screen time on my phone, so this is one more app that is working against that. I love the short 'lessons' and quizzes and the lighthearted goofy tone. My goal specialist seems to be MIA at the moment, but I'm impatient maybe. I thought we were connecting once a week, so I imagined a back and forth chat on that day. I received a message in the morning, responded within 2 hours, and haven't heard anything back in over 24 hrs. We're supposed to be working on an initial goal, so I really expected more back and forth dialog on the scheduled day that we are supposed to 'meet'. I get that life gets in the way, but I just want to know if this is common or if this occurrence is unusual . I find it isn't easy to add food to previous meals or to look over past days to pick up on trends. I do love the green/yellow/red classification of foods though, and it seems this would be very helpful to spot trouble areas if I could look at past days more easily. So if you're using it how do you like it?
  8. I always cut 1/4 - 1/2 inch slices of meat before I shred. (I can't swallow long strings of meat, along with an ever growing list of other foods.😭 ) It's a little hard to do if the meat is very tender but I kind of place a meat fork against the meat to hold it in place and cut along the side of it across the grain and then shred. It's hard to explain, lol. I usually use mashed white or sweet potatoes as a base with meat, veg and gravy on top.
  9. I would consider a french press or pour-over, but they can be fragile. I think Amazon probably has some travel bags for some of them. A few people have mentioned the Aeropress to me, but I've never actually seen or used one in person. If you like espresso, I recently purchased a Staresso portable espresso maker and I'm really enjoying it. My next purchase is going to be a moka pot. We have a few percolators for when the power goes out and Dh has some kind of manual k-cup brewer which I have used with re-usable kcup filters. Most of the hotels we stay at have coffee makers, but usually not very good coffee to go in them, so we usually bring something to make our own.
  10. I purchased the Adult 7+ formula. He's 10, so not the same formula he was on as a pup. I do put bone broth on his food to moisten it, plus he gets chicken and carrots as treats during the day, probably close to 1/8 cup of chicken, so I'll have to calculate the protein. He's currently 40 pounds and the vet wants him down to 34 pounds, so I'm not sure what his protein requirements should be.
  11. I purchased some Science Diet shortly after posting. It's what he was on as a puppy so at least I'm familiar with the brand. Fortunately he already had a vet appointment scheduled for tomorrow and they didn't feel I needed to rush in today. On his last visit the vet thought his heart was slightly enlarged from an x-ray that was taken where he could see some narrowing of the trachea, but he was not showing any symptoms at all. It's just in the last 2 weeks that I've noticed he's been a little more tired. I'm a nervous wreck until tomorrow.
  12. I'm glad I came on here today. Why haven't I heard anything about this? My dog's food is on the list and pea protein is high on the ingredient list. I was just saying to dh that he seems extra tired lately, and now I'm worried. He's been on this food for about 6 months now. I'm going to call the vet and ask for a recommendation in light of this report. We have been grain free for years due to chronic ear infections that cleared up after switching, but our previous food didn't have the pea protein that I'm aware of.
  13. I'm in North Jersey, 25 min. from NYC. I can usually get in to my primary same day or the next day if I call too late. I may not always get my preferred doctor, but that doesn't always bother me. The endocrinologist takes months, but I can call every morning for a cancellation. Same with the neurologist for ds, but my neurologist I can usually get an appointment within 3 days. It's the same for the in-laws - some doctors it's within a day or two, specialists much longer. Luckily we have a few decent urgent care type places around here too, but I don't think I'd see them for a lump on the neck. At least around here they would not be able to get the ball rolling on an MRI or anything, although if they thought it was something very concerning they would recommend the ER.
  14. I've been taking Xanax for a few years now without any problems. I take it for occasional anxiety or insomnia and for muscle spasms from MS. I take a very low dose - 1/2 of a .25 mg pill 1 - 7 times a week when I need it with periods of a week to a few months without. If I take a higher dose my spasms will come back with a vengeance as it wears off, usually after about 3 1/2 to 4 hours. I'm not worried about addiction at all - it's not really my personality type and I'm not much of a medication taker. It takes me a few hours to convince myself to take an Advil or Tylenol, lol. There are more effective medications I could probably take for the spasms, but I found out by accident that the Xanax works well, so I don't want to change until I have to. Some of the other meds I think are worse than Xanax. I have tried natural alternatives without much success. I stay away from anything that can excite the immune system, so no ashwaganda. I've tried inositol and a few other things that I don't remember. I do use Natural Calm twice a day - it helps a bit I think. I notice my anxiety is a lot better if I'm eating clean and avoiding dairy, gluten and processed foods. Nothing helps the insomnia. Ds also takes Xanax for anxiety, but he rarely asks for it. There are times I have to push him to take it, but he has to be in a panic for that and he still resists. I'm not worried about addiction with him. Now my mother-in-law has been taking Valium for years and got into a bit of trouble with the mix of meds she was on, including pain killers and over-medication by doctors with blood pressure meds and other meds. She had a fall that nearly killed her that was a direct result of over-medication. She now takes 2 2mg pills a day and it is dispensed by my husband, along with a low dose of Tramadol twice a day, also dispensed by dh. She cannot make it a day without them, and will try to get more if she can. She has built up a tolerance to them, and I've suggested she take a break for a few weeks to break it, but she gets panicky if we mention it. She has been using CBD tea and gummies and it seems to be helping her.
  15. When my bff comes to visit we go to various antique and thrift stores, and a nice cafe for coffee and a bite to eat.
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