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  1. Wow, that it quite an accomplishment! You should be very proud of yourself!!!
  2. It really is so sad how many senior dogs are in the shelters. I think I could handle it emotionally if I had the money for vet care. We spent thousands when our dog got cancer, only to lose him to something completely unrelated, but I'm thankful for the extra months we had with him by treating him. We're not the type to put a dog down for expensive but treatable conditions, so we would go broke adopting senior dogs!
  3. Thanks for the suggestion, I will definitely look into doing this. I don't see any local puggle rescues near me, but there are a few pug rescues. They do have the occasional puggle come through.
  4. We lost our beloved dog in March. He was the best dog we've ever had, and we are really feeling his loss - it's been harder than I ever imagined it could be. (I'm crying just writing this!) Before we got him I researched dogs for months before I settled on a puggle for our family, and I want another puggle when the time is right. In fact, I only ever want puggles from now on, although we will most likely add a larger dog to our family as well. It's too soon right now, but I do check petfinder for puggles regularly. The ones I'm seeing now are all seniors, and while I wish I could adopt every s
  5. I read the same thing. I don't remember the percentage who said they would change their mind but they used a $100 incentive as the example. I would think if they rolled out the mobile units to underserved areas in my state (NJ) and offered $100 cash it would be successful.
  6. Can't stand them! Occasionally they trigger migraines or regular headaches after a long exposure, but usually I get vertigo from them, and a high pitched hum in my ears.
  7. I can't even tell you the hours and hours I have in with my mother-in-law's mortgage company. We've been at this for over a year. First the forebearance, and then they were to send the paperwork for a loan modification, which they sent with deceased fil's name on it, waiting months for them to re-send, then being told to get it notarized as is but bring the death certificate (which the notary would NOT notarize!!) and now waiting weeks for them to re-send paperwork without fil's name, again. Daily phone calls from their collection department even though they can see we are in the process of mo
  8. I pronounce it the way that it will get me the cheese I want in the store, which is goo duh. If I am visiting a location where it is pronounced differently by most people I will change accordingly.😊
  9. I'm just venturing into tofu, and this looks delicious, thanks!
  10. We just purchased these, but I haven't tried them yet: https://www.honeywellstore.com/store/products/n95-mask-flatfold-disposable-respirators-df300n95bx.htm They are NIOSH approved according to their website.
  11. I find showering one of the most exhausting things to do. I wish life was like the Jetsons cartoon. I haven't styled my hair in about 2 years! Sorry you're going through this - I completely understand.
  12. All of our appointments were made at a time when it was very difficult to get appointments, so we ended up using a 'friend of a friend' and managed to get in within a week of contacting her. (All legitimate, although others in our not-immediate family used this person to jump the line.) I've noticed in the past 2 weeks that it is a lot easier to get an appointment for both the Pfizer and the Moderna shot in our area. I've been notified through Zocdoc multiple times of spots opening up, often for the next day. I've checked pharmacies, Walmart, etc, and have found appointments. I've never been n
  13. I was vaccinated at one of the mega sites in our state. I noticed a big increase in the amount of people there when I went for the second shot, but it also went a lot faster. They had opened more check-in tables, vaccination booths and recovery areas. They do 1st and 2nd shots on the same day. I haven't heard of any places separating them, but I could see if it was a special vaccination event it would be handled that way. I can't say I wasn't tempted to get my second shot at a different location ( I hate crowds and lines) but where I went runs faster than the smaller venues in my area.
  14. Nice! I love the snakes! I think I lost my class ring in the first year after graduation, lol.
  15. Giving this a bump in case anyone could use this info. Dh is on the phone now with them, after trying for a few days. My mother-in-law had to get on the phone first and give permission for dh to speak for her - she could never figure this out on her own. I think we then upload or fax receipts. It's possible she may get up to $9000 back. If life insurance covered funeral costs, not burial insurance, you are still eligible for assistance.
  16. Prayers for a peaceful passing. It sounds like they are meant to stay together. Prayers for your family.
  17. After the first shot, the arm pain was radiating into my jaw and my ear. I was definitely feeling pain in my top teeth on that side. It faded when the arm pain faded, which took about 5-6 days if I'm remembering correctly. Thankfully I don't have anything like that this time!
  18. I'm trying to figure out what to do with all of our curriculum, science equipment, etc.. I had planned on donating some to Goodwill, but unfortunately they didn't survive the pandemic. I will list valuable stuff on ebay, but I'm not looking forward to it. I had considered rejoining Facebook to sell, but I don't want to do that either. I miss when this site had a thriving classified section!
  19. I got my second shot of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday. Thankfully no headache! Last time the headache came within a few hours. I started with the sore arm in the evening (8am shot) but it didn't get worse and today it's actually a bit better. Overall I feel so much better after the second shot than the first. We'll see if my glands blow up - that took two days on the first shot, and my thyroid also blew up significantly. MS symptoms also became worse, but so far so good, just some extra feet numbness upon waking which went away within 20 minutes. The only weird thing that happened yesterday, wh
  20. They do make accessible shower pans, so there would be no lip in the entry area, which should save money on tile. https://www.freedomshowers.com/Accessible-Barrier-Free-Shower-Pans?gclid=Cj0KCQjwgtWDBhDZARIsADEKwgM0csHWxIqtO3z4rEAsTRv41kXJyaIKiTKtkz-kMO2_7629mx-Dk0MaAhZTEALw_wcB Not sure of the sizes you are thinking about, but if you have a ramp going in over the lip, would there be one going down into the shower? Otherwise there will be a small drop into the pan, and trying to get out of the shower may be difficult. (Can't tell you how hard it is to get the wheelchair over the lip
  21. I don't know if this has been mentioned on here, but if your family has had the great misfortune of losing someone to Covid-19 and it is listed on the death certificate, you may be eligible for assistance. Based on the FAQ I believe my mother-in-law qualifies, so we will be calling today - hopefully we'll get through. This is going to be such a help for her financially. https://www.fema.gov/disasters/coronavirus/economic/funeral-assistance/faq
  22. We have 3 drivers, one car. We've been doing this for a few years now. We both work from home, dh has the occasional meeting in the city (not since Covid, but I'm sure they will start up soon with a few of his customers) and mil has doctor's visits and will want to be out and about once we are all fully vaxxed. Pre-Covid she would take the car and disappear for hours and hours and it was occasionally a problem. We always give notice for any appointments or meetings and write it on the calendar (mil not so much) and there is local family that can take her anywhere if there isn't a car. We have
  23. Our weighted blankets have 100% cotton covers and are made with river stone. (We have 3 from this company.)They don't heat up like the blankets that are all over stores nowadays. This is where we bought them, and after 12 years they are in perfect condition: https://www.saltoftheearthweightedgear.com/index.html Once when I was feverish and overheating I put it on our front porch for an hour during the winter and it got super cold. It felt great! Follow the washing instructions and they will last years and years.
  24. We are allowing vaccinated family members in on May 1st, as well as 2 unvaccinated nieces and a nephew. I suspect at least one of them, perhaps all three had asymptomatic coronavirus, as their mother tested positive for antibodies. They see friends unmasked, have travelled to hotspots, etc. so they are aware of the risk. I'd feel better if they were vaccinated, but it's a mental health issue for my mother-in-law at this point. May 1st all of the adults in the family will be fully vaccinated and at the full immune response. This date is actually 17 days past the 2nd dose for the last person to
  25. During Sandy we ended up switching my phone to Verizon and keeping my husband on the same carrier, which I think was Sprint at the time. He was unable to use his phone at all for a few days, but we were able to use my Verizon phone to get online and working, as well as communicating, We've purposely kept two different carriers now so we always have options. We still have a hotspot device through Sprint that is quite a few years old now, but it works well so we are keeping it. We've discovered in our business that we need multiple back up plans for internet access and power. It has come in hand
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