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  1. @Carol in Cal. Carol, I tried to send you a message but your box is full. Turns out that you are the moderator of the Lutheran WTMers club. Do you want to find a new moderator, or is the group pretty much defunct? If the latter, I can delete the social group if you wish. Let me know your preference.
  2. All of you are welcome. I learn something new every time we do an update. Some of the things are technical, like WHO KNEW that an update could be done in the background, and that it could take not only hours, but days? Who knew how great the tech support people are who help me out? (They are really great!) Some of what I learn is about people, including myself: the many different responses to change; the need for (or no need for) information; the variety of reactions to interaction with technology; the variety of interactions among people USING technology. We'll let the dust settle this weekend and then when the update is done, I can finish the tweaks. 🙂
  3. Yes, this. Thank you for explaining. I posted an update in the Site News pinned post.
  4. Most of the accounts didn't have to be re-created...this was a special circumstance. The problem in December was that Comcast and OTHER cable internet providers block "autosend" responses...so the password reset sent from the system to many of those with cable internet was eaten by the cable provider...so we had to manually reset. Very few people had to redo a whole account...but alas, you were one of them. 😞
  5. Update on Site News pinned post.
  6. I will look into this after the dust settles on the update. K?
  7. Take a look at the Site News forum for updates. I will post them there as I have them. Updates take many hours to complete and there is always something to deal with.
  8. I wish everyone would look at the Site News Forum and please sit on your hands for a day or two while the system updates happen. Updates take HOURS, and probably *I AM GUESSING BASED ON YEARS IN THE SOFTWARE INDUSTRY* that the last module to run in the update is "take care of the customer-specific preferences. And if that doesn't happen, we will take care of it. We do that. And thank you for patience, forbearance and a sense of proportion--it will all be OK. 🙂
  9. Thank you. You always have something kind to say here and I appreciate it.
  10. I'm sorry you are displeased. Please note that the update is still running. It takes HOURS. Then we will see what we have, and we can take it from there. We have our own rankings (Bee-related) and I presume those are part of the things that are restored when they get to the "restore individual customer preferences" section of the update. If not, we can take it from now. For now, please just sit on your hands for a day or so and let this work itself through. K?
  11. I didn't either! Always something new to learn.
  12. Please check the site news forum. There's an upgrade going on. It will take several hours for the changes to work their way through, and if there are things that need to be addressed, they will be. Updates will be in the Site News forum. Would that I were a newbie! 😉
  13. The upgrade is taking place right this minute, Pawz, and it takes several hours for everything to settle. Give it a little time.
  14. I hope so. I don't know for sure but I know it was something the developer took seriously, and said that they were working on getting it into the update. Having worked in the software industry in my past, I know that sometimes even with the best intentions and the highest priority...changes get dropped, so I won't promise that this change is in there. If I get word that it is, I will put that info in the top post in this thread. My civilian response: I hope so!
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