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  1. OK--thank you for letting me know. I'll have to get these issues to Tech Support on Tuesday. --Helpdesk (at least I will be helpful on Tuesday)
  2. I'm pretty sure that the merge mistake was not on your end... I'm not sure what I can do about it, but I do want to apologize and I will look into this and see what I can do to recover older messages. I do have to say that having 29,000+ upvotes on 1,000 posts (the representation) is pretty awesome. But it's goofed up. I'll look into it.
  3. Tech support performed some infrastructure improvements yesterday (yay!) and the content didn't automatically replace itself. This has been done manually, although it will take some time for the update to roll through all the data--so be patient and check back later this evening or maybe tomorrow. All should be well. --Helpdesk
  4. Hello there-- I will send the info on to tech support so they can let me know what might have happened. I haven't made any changes that should have affected these issues. In my civilian account, I still have the star by the threads I have posted in, and all the content I have posted...so I don't know why it works for my civilian account but not for yours. (I keep a civilian account just so I can make sure that I am not seeing the "privileged" info of an administrator...) I will ask tech support what might have happened. I assume you have signed in and out, rebooted and done all t
  5. I will look into this in the next couple of days, and let you know what I find out. --Helpdesk Update: I looked (via my civilian account) at which ads of yours I can see and which I cannot, and I can't find any older than 30ish days... By "ancient" were you referring to these or to other ones that I can't see? I have a couple of settings I am going to play with ... one will automatically expunge from the system after 30 days of posting any ads marked "completed." It will likely be the easiest way for you to get the ads off the system, to mark them completed. If I am complet
  6. Hello, KLMama--I will check into this. Thanks for the suggestion. --Helpdesk
  7. Jessica/StillJessica, will you please send an email to this alias: support@welltrainedmind.com and tell me the emails you use for each account? (I don't want you to post them on the boards...). I want to make sure I am merging exactly the right accounts. Thank you.
  8. Hey there, StillJessica-- Do you want me to delete your old account or merge the old one into the new one, or the new one into the old one? Let me know, and I can take care of it. Deleting removes all the old posts; merging should keep them. Helpdesk
  9. I don't know about the moderation practices or guidelines. Please send an email to the mods and ask them. I will also bring it to the attention of the business manager at WTM.
  10. Hi, Meghan-- Well-Trained Mind Press has an adjunct book, The Diagramming Dictionary, to help with diagramming instruction. Perhaps this book would be of help to you (and maybe its sister, The Grammar Guidebook). We put the information in to separate books so people can order just what they want. Some people want more help with diagramming, where others have more experience with it. If we put alllll the information into the Core Instructor Guide, then everyone would have to pay the higher costs of production and shipping. If you are comfortable working with a tablet or laptop bot
  11. Hi, Daijobu--Tech Support went into the system and clicked that red box with an X in it...they were able to do this without getting into the circular referencing, so you should be good to go now. --Helpdesk
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