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  1. The shield avatars are for moderators. 🙂 With the new system that info is public; another change--you can now "like" moderator posts.
  2. Hi, Lady Florida-- Is this still happening? I have seen a number of photos posted on various threads, so I wonder if this is machine-specific. If you still can't post a photo, please let me know (you can PM me I think, or send an email to support@welltrainedmind.com) and tell me what device and search engine you are using (iBook/Safari, Windows/Firefox...something like that). Thanks. Helpdesk
  3. Hi, Mrs. T-- Page 7 has a lot of text on it! It will be most helpful in getting your answer to you if you will email it to the customer service team at support@welltrainedmind.com, and let us know a little more detail about the sticking point. (Something like, "Toward the bottom of the page, the Instructor says 'What kind of muffin...' I don't understand _____? Does this need correction or can you give me other words to explain it?"). This will get your question to the right person who can give a response. It might even be me! But if I need help to answer the question, it will be in
  4. Poking my head in here to say that we are always happy to note corrections to our materials, even as we are sorry that they are needed. We are a little behind at the moment, but we do upload the corrections as quickly as we can--it's just a busy ordering season at the moment. If you go to this page: https://welltrainedmind.com/corrections/?v=7516fd43adaa you will find a link to send corrections (or requests for clarifications) to our editor. It is super helpful if you will do this, as we don't generally patrol the forums so we will likely miss any requests/questions that are listed her
  5. To single space, hit shift/return (instead of just return). That will single space between paragraphs. --Helpdesk
  6. I'll check into this on Tuesday. Monday is already swamped. For the record, I have been having the same problem and was going to check into it as I personally am annoyed. 🙂 --Helpdesk
  7. Hello-- We learned from the forum provider that Classifieds is a 3rd party extension. That said, the forum provider updated it and want to know if that fixed the issue or provided better search options. If not, they'll reach out to the developer. Please let me know whether the improvement has made a difference. Thank you! Helpdesk
  8. You are welcome. Yes ma'am. You are welcome. You are welcome. You are welcome. And so is anyone I missed, welcome.
  9. Hey all, I'm going to put this one to bed. If you find that this particular stinker isn't solved, please send an email (not a PM) to helpdesk@welltrainedmind.com. Thank you! Helpdesk
  10. Hey all, We tried another tack over the weekend. Let's see what happens next! --Helpdesk
  11. Thank you for letting me know. It sounds like more bits of the code need updating. The more specific you are in what you are missing, the more helpful (eg. not getting email notices when someone PMs me...). --Helpdesk
  12. Hello, all--this is an update with an update: We believe that this issue has been resolved. You should be receiving email notifications as you did in days of yore. If not, quote this post and let me know in this thread, and I'll get the word back to our website tech specialist. I have quoted the people in this thread as a means of making sure you got some sort of notice about this update. Thank you for your patience. This turned out to be a bit of a bear. --Helpdesk
  13. An update without an update: Checking in to let you know that we are still working on this--it's not forgotten. And it's not fixed...yet. --Helpdesk
  14. Hello, All-- I just checked in with our tech people and learned that this might take a couple of days. We are working on improvement to the website, but as is true with almost everything else in life, when you fix one thing, something you don't expect changes and then you have to go fix THAT...so bear with us. We are working on it, and having the information about your device/search engine on this thread might be of help to the people working on solving the problem. Thank you-- Helpdesk
  15. OK--thanks, all. I've let them know...again. Thank you also for the info on your systems... ...and for your kind words.
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