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New forum accounts now require administrator approval

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Starting April 17, 2023, new member accounts will have to be approved by a forum administrator before the new member can post.

What this means for you: If you are creating a member account, you will need to wait for an administrator to approve the account before you can start participating in discussions or create new topics. 

Why did we make this change? SpamBots create scores of accounts (overnight) and use the accounts to make dozens of ads and posts about random topics that are not in the WTM wheelhouse. Going to administrator approval reduces "forum clutter" for all the members.

How long will it take for an account to be approved? It might be minutes, or it might be a day or two. It's a matter of timing. Our administrators are responsive when they are at work but that is not 24/7/365 (unlike SpamBots).

If you want to know a little more about this, or about using Private Messaging or the Sale and Swap forum, please check out this article from our FAQs. If you have questions, please email support@welltrainedmind.com and write "Forum Member Approval" in the subject line.

ETA: Our admin will be experimenting with different admin settings for a few days to find more effective spambot deterrence. When we settle on a plan, we'll update this FAQ. If you use an Apple email address, please read this article from our FAQ. The registration process relies on auto-send emails but Apple screens these emails.


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