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  1. Back when I used to do all our grocery shopping in person, it could easily take an hour each week. I buy loads of produce, which takes time to select and bag. Plus I cook most things from scratch, so my list usually included lots of ingredients.
  2. I like to go early in the morning when the store is calm and quiet and almost empty.
  3. My dh is the truth teller in his family. It infuriates his siblings that he refuses to go along with the sick family dynamic.
  4. Not a remedy for an existing infection, but for prevention in the future - there have been multiple studies linking e coli found in chicken to human UTI's. https://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=154874 https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/08/180828085911.htm https://www.webmd.com/women/news/20171009/did-your-uti-come-from-a-chicken-coop
  5. News Radio and Third Rock From the Sun are two of my all time favorite funny shows.
  6. Enjoying our newly empty nest! Dh and I have just started a massive Swedish Death Cleaning of the whole house. Then we’re going to tackle all the home repairs that have been put off for years.
  7. Maybe stress, but I would have her checked over by a vet, especially since she’s getting older and goldens are prone to so many health problems.
  8. Ours gets picked up multiple times a day and disposed of out in our woods. Horse poop is the bigger issue here. 200+ pounds a day!
  9. We live way out in the country and can’t see or hear anyone, thankfully - there isn’t another house within a mile of us. Our only loud neighbors are the coyotes.
  10. I know someone who was in the ICU for two months and survived. That was in the early days of the pandemic.
  11. I sprinkle it on the floor. Some of my cats go bonkers over it and some are only mildly interested.
  12. Ok, I thought of one more thing - my much beloved Toyota FJ Cruiser. They don't sell them new in the US anymore, and used ones are $$$, so it's not like it could be easily replaced. So photos, pillow, blanket, FJ Cruiser.
  13. Other than photos, the only things that come to mind are my pillow and blanket. Those are the only material items that I am attached to.
  14. Same thing has happened to me twice and my dh once in the past year. So annoying. And we are business owners who cannot file for unemployment even if we wanted to. It is rampant here in Illinois.
  15. I agree with a urine check. We’ve had two diabetic dogs and needing to go out more frequently at night was one of the first signs. Is his crate in your room, or is he in a room by himself?
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