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  1. My daughter took this with Maya Inspecktor and loved it and got a 5. She also took her AP Lang class.
  2. Both my girls have taken AP Psych with Bonnie and had a great experience.
  3. Hi all, I have a good friend who I believe is being catfished. She has already sent the person money and they are pressing for more. I am trying to help her but don’t know who she should contact. I looked at the fbi internet crime page but there it recommends contacting authorities if you believe it’s time sensitive. She’s hoping the person could be caught if she doesn’t alert him to her suspicions. She lives in a small town, so doesn’t want to start there. I’m googling but would love help in knowing how she should proceed. Thanks!
  4. My older dd took it with PAH without stats with no problem, and my younger is taking it this year without stats.
  5. I don’t think all kids need to go to college, but I think that they need to have a few different plans that will allow them to support themselves if one of their other paths isn’t successful. A college degree has some built in flexibility when applying for positions that a non degree/certification path doesn’t offer. I don’t know about careers in martial arts, but teaching dance would not be enough to support oneself. It is also a physically demanding job with hours that are not necessarily amenable to being home with children, especially if those children are schooled out of the home. While it may look like a great choice now, the physical demands and hours may not be as attractive in the future.
  6. RootAnn, I made the same comment to her as we were debating all sides on Wednesday. I told her that I thought that we'd be looking back and laughing at how worried we were. Thank you all again for the support!
  7. Thank you all for talking us through this. She decided on the flagship 😊. Many of your comments helped us. She said that when she imagined making the decision, she couldn’t wait to tell the professors at the flagship. We both think it’s the right decision, and yes, I think not being able to attend another school she was accepted to made it harder. I really appreciate you all sharing your thoughts. It was a time when we really needed to hear that it was going to be ok, so thank you!
  8. Decision is not completely made. I won’t be home for a few hours and she’s waiting to talk with me again. is financial aid available for a masters or is that a whole different animal?
  9. We’re reading all the responses, so thank you!
  10. We've asked about undergrad research opportunity, accelerating graduation because of many AP credits and dd would like to certify in both elementary and secondary ed, if possible (maybe using those AP credits to do so). We've run across a real mid tier school where this is standard and yet many, both more and less selective schools, act as if we are suggesting something absolutely impossible and get defensive, acting quite condescending. Had one selective school tell us that of course dd could eventually do research but when the professor described what that would look like, she said that dd might be able to join a journal club that read articles that have been published and "just see what types of things have been published". Sophomore year she could begin to look at what types of research practices are important to consider when researching....not exactly our timeline or depth of interest. When she asked another school what types of opportunities were available for undergrad research in the Ed Department they told us that the professors were "all scholars and researchers" and not to worry that they would help her figure something out. Yet another school told her to not get ahead of herself and just start taking classes and they could come up with an opportunity to "go to Finland and study their education system" with her???????? or whatever else she was interested in. The two schools open to research who were excited to speak with dd about research opportunities that their undergrads take part in look like they'll be out of reach financially. We're going to ask if they'll consider matching her other financial packages, but the things I read online about negotiating more aid with these two schools aren't encouraging. We just spoke with the faculty of one selective school on Thursday, and they were not receptive to a double major (not double certification), which I thought was pretty standard. The President said that she couldn't imagine why anyone would double major (????). The professor that we spoke with at that same school discouraged dd saying it was "a real mixed bag". We suspect it may be partly because students are getting closed out of classes that they need, but that's really just a guess on our part since students on the panel discussed that as a drawback of the school. Three more schools - tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday and then one next Monday. My feeling from speaking with parents on these tours and that we know is that most families don't speak with the faculty of the Department their students will be majoring in. It's been illuminating and disappointing. Not really what you asked, but almost every school also claims to do X, Y or Z that is unique to them and's not. Each school we've been to says that their students have the opportunity to be placed into a classroom early on unlike other schools. Literally every single one. And every one says that in most other schools Ed Majors can't study abroad, but that their Ed Majors can. We haven't found one that says they can't.
  11. Definitely still deciding and going to every accepted students day we can go to 🙂 We spent last weekend at 3 different schools in 3 states and will be spending Thursday, Saturday-Monday at another 4 with more to follow. The considerations are definitely heavily influenced by finances. BC still hasn't sent her the financial package but she went up this weekend and loved the school. Others have great financial packages but have some serious concerns associated with them. I'm utterly and completely exhausted from the visits but have been learning so much. I can't tell you how many Deans/Department Heads have not been receptive to basic questions that are outside the box. It's been really disheartening to see. I think we have 6 schools left to visit and some of those would require negotiating more aid if she were to want to attend. What we've learned in person is invaluable but I look forward to having a decision 🙂
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