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  1. We’ve either been turned down or not received a response from all schools. I contacted the College Board and they said that they will have a list of schools where homeschoolers can test listed on their site on Nov 15th. Has anyone else been told this?
  2. The suggestion to make sure the shoes are in a mesh bag and out drying on a hook is super helpful. It's amazing how quickly they break down during the summer months. It could be that the shoes were softer (some brands and styles are softer than others and some pairs are softer than others) but it doesn't sound like an abnormal amount of time. You know your daughter best, but I've seen girls do some crazy things with pointe shoes and their moms had no idea. The problem is that they really have a very small sweet spot of when they work best, and young dancers who are anxious to dance their best
  3. I was really pleased with her course. Both my girls took it 4 years apart. There aren't any live lectures and just few short videos that she taped to explain an experiment. Essentially, it is a self taught class where the students read the text, watch a few videos from other sources and do assignments. She was very organized and the course was clearly laid out. We've outsourced a large number of classes and hit a few duds. This class was reliable and I felt both girls were well prepped for the exam. Both girls have taken AP Psych with Bonnie Gonzales, and this class was taken at the same tim
  4. We’re going ahead with 3 APs for next year, and I also think there’s a reasonable chance that they’re online again. Dd doesn’t know anyone who cheated. I think it’s really unlikely that teachers are going to turn in kids for cheating. I hope they add the mcq back in next year.
  5. Does anyone have any info on how they're scoring? Dd is taking practice frq's and it would be nice to have an idea of how it will break down.
  6. My older dd had done a few lectures from Thinkwell AP bio before taking AP bio as a sophomore but hadn't had any prior bio before that. She took AP Chem without prior Chem. Got a 5 in both or a 5 and a 4, can't remember :)
  7. My daughter took this with Maya Inspecktor and loved it and got a 5. She also took her AP Lang class.
  8. Both my girls have taken AP Psych with Bonnie and had a great experience.
  9. Hi all, I have a good friend who I believe is being catfished. She has already sent the person money and they are pressing for more. I am trying to help her but don’t know who she should contact. I looked at the fbi internet crime page but there it recommends contacting authorities if you believe it’s time sensitive. She’s hoping the person could be caught if she doesn’t alert him to her suspicions. She lives in a small town, so doesn’t want to start there. I’m googling but would love help in knowing how she should proceed. Thanks!
  10. My older dd took it with PAH without stats with no problem, and my younger is taking it this year without stats.
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