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  1. Okay, thanks! Sounds like we're both anastrozole newbies. My oncologist told me there is something she can give me if I start to lose bone density. I can't remember what it's called, but she said that studies show that it reduces the chance of bone metastasis. For now I'm just taking a calcium pill that I bought at the grocery store.
  2. Do you mind if I ask how long have you been on anastrozole? Was your bone density okay before you started the meds? I started taking it three months ago. I had a good bone density scan right before I started, but I'm concerned about bone loss.
  3. Ooooo! I'm going to start using their macro course with dd this week. Thanks for the recommendation!
  4. Oh man! Thank you for all the suggestions. Just today I promised 8th grade dd that we would do more economics to cover her social studies credits. These books sound awesome! Dd may be interested in majoring in economics. I would love to hear more about the courses you are creating.
  5. Dd16 made this pumpkin head doll.
  6. Exactly! I'm glad that they are doing elective procedures and so glad you were able to get your biopsy. Because of a prior melanoma, my dad is supposed to see a dermatologist twice a year. His spring appointment was canceled. They finally saw him and found another melanoma. Fortunately, it was in situ and he'll be fine. My oncologist said the for a brief time they were not doing surgery for breast cancer patients. They were sending hormone receptor positive patients straight to oncology to begin endocrine therapy. I can't imagine learning you have a breast tumor and they're making y
  7. And you have been a major player in helping me guide my math loving 8th grade dd to where she needs to be.
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