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  1. Wow. I couldn't get through it all. I felt like I was being woman-splained to. That is not my personal expeeience at all and I got the impression there was an agenda behind the whole cartoon. (It was probably near the end but I couldn't make myself make it that far.) My dad was the long-term planner, manager, see-it/do-it. He cooked, cleaned, and until he had to work out of town, he was the one that made the house run smoothly. Once he wasn't around, meals weren't made & cleaning didn't happen regularly. We "fended" from about 7th grade on. My husband not only takes care of more than 50% of the work around the house (laundry, mopping the kitchen floor, cleaning toilets, vacuuming the stairs, cooking, car care, maintenance) but also executes systems to make the house move more smoothly. He has notepads in our pantry & on the fridge. When you get another ketchup or brown sugar or cereal box out of the pantry or use the last of a gallon of milk, you write it on the pad (Or make a tally mark). When it is time to go to the store, you just tear off the top sheet & you know what to pick up at the store. He also taught the kids to use the system so yes, it works. We have a meal plan when he puts it on paper. I am a long term planner but suck at execution. He makes sure there isn't a gap where I leave things if they are important. My memory is bad, too. So, I might remember we need to have the HVAC inspected but I'll forget to call. Doc appointments are on me to schedule because I have the calendar in front of me but he will do it if I've forgotten for too long. The date just might conflict with some event I've forgotten to put in the calendar. So, yeah, just not my reality. ... And DH & I've talked about what homeschooling would look like if we switched roles. He's likely do a better job teaching the kids but mostly, it would look very different.
  2. We were disappointed in some of the crates we've received from that company. I know I wrote a review of them on here before. However, I found that I had to match the line of crates to both the interest & age of the kids. I thought my crafty kid would love their Doodle Crate. They were a huge bomb. We tried several crates (Doodle & Tinker) with several kids (DD#2, DS#1, DS#2). Currently, my ds#2 likes most of the Eureka Crates. The listed age range is 14-104+, but he has been doing them completely on his own since just after his 9th birthday. The little "magazine" is sometimes full of really great information and sometimes it is not very interesting. @Janeway You can change to a different type of crate for the remaining three months or gift the next three months of crates to another family. I hope they either give you a partial refund on the last crate or allow you to receive a refund on your final three crates of the subscription. When I've contacted them, they usually seem very interested in providing good customer service even when the customer service people are rather clueless (which I have run into).
  3. What @Roadrunner said. (But my kid took the class for less $ before she started her own classes.) My kids have done Lit, Writing, or Lit/Comp classes at Center for Lit (Lit only), CLRC, Lukeion, Wilson Hill Academy, and Coram Deo Tutorials. One started & quickly dropped a writing class at WTM Academy for bad fit (teacher & class structure with very little feedback). Same kid took an essay writing class from Bravewriter specifically for college application essays. It was not well run & a bad fit for that student. There was a writing-only class that did wonders for my writing-phonic DD#1 at WHA but it is now taught by someone different & isn't something I would recommend for a strong writer. (The class only wrote 3 or 4 essays the whole year but they were writing a little bit every class day & also worked on grammar topics. As long as your kid could write a good paragraph, it helped them build up to full essays. And if they couldn't write a good paragraph, it helped them get there, too. It was remedial, IMO, but exactly what my kid needed at the time.) So, we've been around the block. There is only one Lit/Comp teacher I consistently recommend & that is Cindy Lange. She meets every kid where they are at & makes them better writers. Her feedback is specific & not overwhelming. It is also timely.
  4. No advice on the auto feeders, but speaking as someone who has a cat who is an early morning creature, I can give some advice. My advice is not a quick fix or as easy as you want. We gradually switched our early rising cat to sleep later five minutes at a time. Basically, you get up at 4 & feed on day 1. Then delay until 4:05 for a couple days, then 4:10. One day, they should sleep until 4:30 or later. You keep moving the time later. (This worked well until the time change. That either helps you or huts you.) I will note that our cat doesn't necessarily want food & won't eat unless a human is there. She wants human attention. She gets used to DH's attention when he gets up on work days but he swing shifts, so she looks for attention at the same time every day. If you want them to be able to hear the auto feeder, you'll have to move them closer, maybe outside your door & then move them down the hall when they get used to it.
  5. They don't always catch it when the kids are babies but I'd say they would usually catch it before the age of 4. (I know of a couple of 3 year olds that had 'button' surgery -- called orchiopexy.) I think I'm agreeing with you but clarifying age. I think our pediatrician checks the size of each testicle when they are still under 10. I don't really know what best practices are.
  6. My DD's postcards to us & many others that she sent from overseas this summer never arrived. So, sorta glad it wasn't just her and sorta sad they got lost in the ocean.... @Quill Good of you to organise this.
  7. Not science labs but often include science concepts: King of Random My boys liked it best when Grant was running it, but still enjoy it. That's "science in action" for them.
  8. Mine have all been family or close family friends so I always feel comfortable with "I love you." I've shared stuff going on with our family, good, bad, or silly. I've been there to listen to chemo stories and medicine issues, and helped with small inconveniences they are experiencing during my visits (Kleenex box too far away, wanting to move a chair, finding another lip balm when their current one is out, watering plants). Just whatever friends do anyway. The gift of time seems to be what is important--for both of us.
  9. I would say Horizons introduces things slower but more of them. (Horizons K is an exception, IMO, because it seemed to go pretty fast, at least the one I used 10ish years ago.) More geometric figures, for example. It has been years since I compared them, so that's all I can remember for now. I used to use Horizons books a semester behind Abeka for extra practice and review. (And if you are familiar with Abeka, this will give you an idea how much practice one of my kids needed. A lot.) I never used the Horizons guides but except for K, I used them only for review. I can't answer your other questions because I don't teach Abeka exactly the way they intend. I mesh resources.
  10. @Pen Looks like you can look inside if you are on a desktop. I can't do it on an Android (from app or browser) but I can on a desktop.
  11. I don't think the weeks are balanced. Mine had a harder time first semester than second but maybe that was partially because I helped her get a constant review process set in after she bombed the midterm. It took her almost an entire calendar year to finish. I'd suggest he move onto new sections while waiting for homework to come back & tests to be returned. He might end up needing to retake an exam or two, so he'll need to keep working through the material.
  12. These are great! Just a note - the dogs don't need to be under a tree. She can "plug" them into the scene. :-) Y'all are amazing.
  13. Actually, that type of thing is one of the ideas, @Ali in OR. Great. Keep 'em coming!
  14. So, DD#2 is drawing Christmas card designs & is looking for a puppy model to put under a Christmas tree on one of them. I told her I'd ask on the Hive to see if anyone has cute puppy photos to share for her to pick from. They can be older photos (so feel free to post an updated photo with the puppy one). She will want your permission to use the image as a model for her colored pencil drawing/Christmas cards.
  15. Love to support young authors (as I have one as well). Will definitely check it out.
  16. I had to look up goiter. I don't think I have that. I plan to push for the tests I want. We'll see what I get away with. :) [Removed for privacy]
  17. I'm going to try a new primary care doc. I'd like her to do some tests to get a baseline of where my health is right now. I have some basic numbers from about 5 years ago (Cholesterol stuff, basic 'health panel') that my OB/GYN had done. I'd like thyroid info, A1C, and vitamin level info added to that. When I read threads on here, y'all always have recommendations on what should be run (like Free T-something). Hit me with the list so that I ask for the right stuff. We've hit our rather substantial deductible for the year, so I'd like to ask for the right stuff the first time. Assume I don't have a clue (so please don't use "etc." because I don't know what "etc" is.). [Removed for privacy] I'd like to go into the new year with a plan for self-care. What tests do I request?
  18. Only ever one prompt. Has been the same for years apparently. The kids talk about their favorite words as Freshmen (and maybe later?).
  19. Other than the tests, does she like the class? Consider letting the provider know she will be taking the Science Shep tests from now on & skipping their tests. You can even explain why. If she is finding the class overwhelming or doesn't care for it besides the tests, I don't see a problem dropping it for your alternative plan. But you are the customer here & can modify the class as necessary. If you do choose to do the other tests, I wouldn't mention the College Prep Science provider in your course descriptions. I think the important thing is to learn the material & learn how to study. The tests should capture understanding, IMO.
  20. If she has an email account that only she has access to, I'd consider setting up a college board account separate from the mom's version for her. Then, I'd have her pay for & take the SAT again through the new account. But only if this won't get her into more trouble. (I don't know the rules on "duplicate SAT accounts.")
  21. I think it would be a good idea to put the relationship on hold until a lot of the contingencies are put into place--specifically explaining why she can't see him for a couple of months. He should be supportive of this because he will understand why she needs to appear to have broken off with him. I'm usually not in favor of being untruthful & deceitful to parents but she needs to get a lot of this put in place ASAP.
  22. I have a brother that had a much worse attitude. He barely graduated high school & joined the Marine Corps. He's an amazing adult now--very motivated & hard working. He had several wakeup calls in the Marines.
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