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  1. This is all true here, too! I don't understand it!
  2. In New Zealand, there are three types of ‘contacts’: Close Contacts Casual Plus Contacts Casual Contacts https://www.health.govt.nz/our-work/diseases-and-conditions/covid-19-novel-coronavirus/covid-19-health-advice-public/contact-tracing-covid-19 Not sure which ones are which for the very close vs just close.
  3. Yep. I'm against the federal government requiring private employers to do all those things. I'm also anti-draft, especially for women. And I'm against the federal government using our tax dollars to pressure states into 55 mph speed limits (obviously a very old reference) or passing motorcycle helmet laws. I'm absolutely for people voluntarily choosing to get fully vaccinated. I'm for people choosing to wear masks. I'm totally ok with private businesses choosing to require their customers to mask or their employees to get vaccinated (hopefully with medical exemptions). But the federal government requiring these same things -- by executive order? Nope.
  4. I'm not in favor of government mandates, so I am very against this announcement. I wonder if the next step will be requiring proof of vaccination for Welfare? Social Security benefits? Wic? Unemployment? Private employers, fine. Government telling private employers what they have to make their employees do? Nope. (And yes, I believe this about a LOT of existing government departments like OSHA & the FDA. I'm consistently anti-government overreach.
  5. Yes to both of these and hugs all around! Exhausting!! And you wish you could be a fairy godmother & wave the magic wand & make it all better for them & help you out, too.
  6. The chapter at dd#2's school is doing a highway cleanup activity next week, but I have no idea what they normally do. We tossed the invite.
  7. I mean, good for her with sticking to her beliefs. I did disagree with saying all the vaccines are experimental. That's no longer the case. So I felt her ethical argument could have been stronger. I did agree when she pointed out that no one is saying she won't get or transmit Covid after the vaccine. (None are even 100% for protection against serious infection or death, so this was never the case.) Is her job low risk? Is she teaching all online? I didn't really get the "multiple choice" nature of the last question. To me, that's a yes/no question which is different than multiple choice. I hope her normal classes were less sloppy with wording & arguments.
  8. Our local high school had marchimg band last year. (Full sports, too) I'm thinking pep band in the basketball stands this winter will be a bigger spread contributor.
  9. I can't find it right now, but I think CNN actually called around about the stiry recently and wrote something on it. The doctor did say he was misquoted in that article I read recently. One hospital system refuted the story. Another system said that they have had some ivermectin overdoses but that most of their cases are covid (in general). Here it is: https://www.cnn.com/2021/09/07/politics/fact-check-oklahoma-ivermectin-story/index.html "KFOR's article failed to quote anybody else who could have provided more context about what was actually happening in Oklahoma facilities. By contrast, an article published the same day by Oklahoma's Tulsa World newspaper quoted multiple people who focused on Covid-19 itself as a cause of the hospital congestion." "On Monday, another hospital where McElyea works, INTEGRIS Grove Hospital, said in a statement that "what we can confirm is that we have seen a handful of ivermectin patients in our emergency rooms." The hospital added: "And while our hospitals are not filled with people who have taken ivermectin, such patients are adding to the congestion already caused by COVID-19 and other emergencies." In a follow-up message Monday night, hospital spokesperson Kristi Wallace said they had no beds available that night." So bad journalism, no follow-up (for awhile at least), and a lot of jumping on.
  10. Actually, much more common than perhaps you've heard. Herd immunity is probably not a thing although the concept is still discussed (including by Fauci). It was used as a hopeful goal post to motivate people to get vaccinated so life could go back to normal.
  11. It sounds like a great start! What fun activities! I'm glad you are going to let the situation with the woman go. Just in case, I'd be ready for her next time with a big smile & a confident, "Thanks for your advice, we have it all in hand" while your assistant (your DH) escorts her out. Even better if you can have a mom stationed where this person might come in & have them head her off. Hopefully she understands you have it all under control and don't need her "advice." I would be tempted to tell the kids that the woman was just trying to "do her best" to help you. ;)
  12. @DmmetlerIs it right to assume that means they are seeing more positives than they thought they would? My dd#2's school had a temporary indoor mask mandate that ended Friday. This morning at 9:30, emails went out that it has been extended two more weeks and then adds that it will probably be in place longer but that they'd be looking at the case loads every two weeks to determine its length. (The first announcement really made it sound like it would be two weeks & then dropped. This one was much clearer on the possibility of extensions.)
  13. So, my college junior is in a Discord group with two of her three partners for a group project. The other two are complaining that the first part of their group project is due very soon and their professor hasn't given them any instructions. One says the prof is so disorganized. The other agrees & says the prof will just have to push back the due date. Dd is busy doing something else but takes the time to post a page of information about the project. The other two express amazement. Dd posts an additional page with instructions about the first assignment. This blows their mind. Where did she find these? Dd's terse reply (because she's busy), "Syllabus." FWIW, this is an all-online class. ------ Dd#2 read her syllabi. She noted an assignment due the following class period. She completed it & turned it in. Next class period, the professor told the class that the assignment was due before they came to class but she'd give them until the end of the day to turn it in (probably because so few had done it). Their almost universal response? What assignment? Well, except one kid who had absolutely no idea how to check his email or get on the course management system even though they had spent almost half of one class period practicing both of those tasks. [This is the Learn How To Be A College Kid class all freshmen have to take. Some of the kids need it more than others.] The following week, the professor is explaining the details of a mandatory event the following night. One kid asks if they have to go. Professor explains the meaning of the word, "mandatory." Another two kids loudly insist the professor should have told them about this event the week before. Professor patiently explains that she did -- when they went over the entire syllabus the first day of class. (My dd missed the first day of class due to being sick.) I don't think some of these kids are going to make it...
  14. I personally usually choose to be polite to the other person but don't seek them out on purpose. But, I might choose to ignore them in public if they are pointedly ignoring me OR I'll be obnoxiously sweet to them which makes their ingoring me look bad. Kinda depends on my mood. I have an acquaintance who sends out lengthy personal emails to explain things & although she has found that it generally doesn't help the situation, she may still do it. (I haven't seen her much since Covid hit.)
  15. So, I saw an update to the Oklahoma ivermectin-overdose story that said "a" hospital refutes the doctor's story and that he hasn't worked there for two months. (Edited to reflect that only one hospital has issued a statement.) https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/gunshot-victims-horse-dewormer-ivermectin-oklahoma-hospitals-covid-1220608/ Was he passing along what he heard from collegues & there is a coverup going on? Or was it "fake news" all along? Such a weird story with the "gunshot victims" mention (as many here pointed out at the time).
  16. Could you explain what you mean by "rates"? I don't understand the purpose of places requiring proof of vaccination when so far, it appears the science is showing that vaccinated people can contract the Delta variant and transmit it. I understand employers requiring vaccination from an employee health and health insurance cost perspective. I just don't get the "you can't eat here / attend this concert unless you are vaccinated" position with the current science knowledge. Is it because the science is showing there may be less transmitting of the virus by vaccinated individuals (depending on where in the infection process the person is)? I can understand that except for I personally wonder how much that is traded off by asymptomatic-but-infected vaccinated individuals continuing to do their normal activities because they don't know they are infected. This obviously occurs with asymptomatic-but-infected non-vaccinated individuals, too, especially during that early infection period. And, yes, symptomatic infected individuals who continue activities regardless of CDC guidelines. I'd honestly rather see the use of rapid (saliva or other cheap/easy) tests at the door for sport events, concerts, or even eat-in restaurants. The (hopefully minimal) cost could be built-in to the activity like a cover charge for eat-in restaurants or $5 added to concert tickets (many are astronomical $$$ anyway) and crowded (indoor?) pro & college sports venues. Speaking of indoor/outdoor, have we determined definitively that Delta can transmit outside, for example when people are in close, congested areas?
  17. I would try to find out why they hate it before going either way. Music? Preaching (topics/length)? People (not your type/no one your age)? Uncomfortable seating? Worship postures (standing/ kneeling)? Clothing? ?? For me as a Catholic, Sunday Mass has always been non-negotiable. Covid was weird for all of us. I'd try to see if there is a way to make it more palatable until they are out of my house. One likes good worship music. We don't have that here. She attends where the music is better. Another couple don't want to dress up. They can now wear clothing items that are acceptable but not as nice as my dh would prefer. IMO, it depends on why they hate it. If it is a belief issue, that's deeper than what I listed.
  18. We have no Amazon delivery people. We get mostly USPS, some UPS, and the occasional FedEx. In fact, the last FedEx Amazon delivery was misdelivered to the neighbors across the street. Less boxes for Amazon day delivery. I don't choose it often.
  19. Hugs, @Quill. I'm seeing in news reports that the victims all have non-life threatening injuries. Still scary.
  20. Thank you both. Dd#2 syringe/bottle fed her starting when she was three days old & dropped off by some rescuers for us to foster because we had two other bottle babies at the time. She was spayed on Wednesday & her new adoptive mom picked her up earlier this afternoon. Now we have four new feral foster kittens to socialize & find homes for so I hope to not miss her too much. I won't miss her chewing on our electrical cords!
  21. Second full week of classes here. Small campus (less than 1,000 students). The college was told about nine (9) students who tested positive this week (not including today). Mask mandate (ending today unless extended), no vax requirement, and no on-going testing on campus.
  22. Walmart will say an item will take 2 days or more but then switch it to same day delivery. I actually wish they would not do this without checking with the person ordering because it always goes badly to delivery items in person to my daughter's dorm. Shipping is much better!!! Walmart just drops bags at the outside door of the dorm - no phone call, just an email after the fact. And sometimes they drop them at the wrong place. The items wandering off or taking awhile to get to her due to misdelivery is a thing. But a separate problem than the Amazon thing.
  23. I am rural but did not used to have an issue with items being marked Prime but consistently showing 7-10 day delivery dates. Everything showing that but showing faster (2-3 day) delivery to a city nearby. I believe Amazon is penalizing my area for not having dedicated Amazon delivery people. This is not a covid issue. It isn't a shipping issue. This is an intential decision on Amazon's part to list items as taking 4-8 days longer to arrive to my area than to other areas within an hour and a half of me.
  24. Dd#1 did the allergy shots for several years and they helped trememdously. Stopped when she went to college & gets symptoms again in a certain season & whenever she comes home (animals). So, the shots worked temporarily for her.
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