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  1. FWIW, we had a big earthquake here 2 1/2-ish years ago. I still have repairs waiting to be made and the only aid we were offered was $500 and a loan, which was pretty typical. We have to arrange our own repairs, and there are only so much availability. Covid slowed things down for us here as far as getting work done too. There are people here who lost their houses altogether because they could not get funds to repair homes that were made unsafe for occupation. Supposedly the State was supposed to distribute funds, but that never happened. Most of us are fine. In our case, at this point I just
  2. Just jumping in to say that your post count may be low, but I definitely remember you from the college boards. Our kids both went to Princeton in 2016 (if I recall correctly). You disappeared after that and I always wondered if our kids knew each other. Glad to see you back. We share similar views on the topic being discussed here 🙂
  3. That actually sounds a bit like the illness my daughter recently experienced this past weekend. We are in Alaska, and there’s much traffic between Seattle and our area. We tested and my daughter was Covid negative. She was two weeks past her first Pfizer vax but had not had second yet. Never had cough. Started with congestion, nasal drainage, low grade fever, fatigue. Then vomiting. Then in her case, loss of taste and smell. Those senses were back in a couple days, seemed congestion related. She is still tired.
  4. Brain rest is very important, and the advice given by the typical ER discharging a concussion patient is usually not adequate.
  5. I have ongoing issues with plantar fasciitis. The Hoka One One sandals are my everyday walking shoe. I wear them for miles on fairly rugged trails frequently. I would not run in them though. I used to wear Keens and Tevas, but no more. I also use the Hoka One One trail shoe, and that would be a decent running option.
  6. One current homeschooled high school junior, and two homeschooled olders that are now college grads (and in or soon starting grad school 🙂 )
  7. Late ‘90s, it got mentioned on an AOL message board (I think the Five in a Row homeschooling board, which was the preschool curric we were using at the time). Read the book shortly after, and followed the program as written for a short time. Then made lots of modifications :-)
  8. My former preK-12 homeschooler and 2020 electrical engineering college grad got some grad school (PhD program) acceptances and made a decision today. Got into Ga Tech, CU Boulder, and Duke. Decision is for Duke, one of the biomedical engineering labs. Ga Tech probably had the most intriguing lab, but the least appealing (for her interests) location. CU had the best location by far (mountains and snow), and was almost the pick. The lab at Duke was just a bit more aligned with her interests, and the funding was slightly more generous.
  9. When my second daughter graduated in 2016 after 15+ years of homeschooling (starting with her older sister), it was so strange. The homeschooling was such a significant part of my adult identity, especially after I left nursing. I did end up homeschooling again. My third daughter, who had left homeschooling for 5th grade public ed, decided to return to her roots in the midst of Covid for junior year. And now it looks like senior year too 🙂
  10. I want to add too that AP courses are not necessarily horrific time sucks. You do want to choose the instructor/course thoughtfully, of course, and plan on some test prep. Busywork will vary according to instructor. I generally prefer an AP to the hassles of dual enrollment, which many seem to view as a gentler option. Many factors to consider.
  11. So much of the growth and learning both my daughters experienced in college (Ivy and otherwise) occurred outside of the classroom, in interactions with other students in academic and non-academic activities. Online simply cannot replicate that, though it is an excellent option when in-person becomes impossible. My ‘20 grad has been employed in a remote job for the entirety of her post-grad working life. Recently she had the opportunity to go to the offices and work in-person. It has been such a joyful experience for her. Although she is naturally introverted and has not suffered as m
  12. It was originally from College Confidential, but college counselors have picked up on it. There are actually a number of people who decide to become college advisors after their parental experience on College Confidential :-)
  13. Ha, I remember Stanford's prompts seemed so random! :-)
  14. Sorry, I wasn't clear: students do move out for summer. But that is much more doable than having to vacate for winter and spring (and in some places Thanksgiving) breaks. That sort of thing was a real problem for me during college without a solid home base. Summer, longer term, housing is easier to arrange.
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