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  1. If you have used Killgallon's sentence-composing books they have a new one written for teachers with lots of ready-made activities for students from upper elementary to college age. It's also available as an ebook.


  2. ACK! We've started tossing and deleting with abandon. I guess we need to at least give letters and emails from target schools a quick glance to make sure it's not just yet another form letter or email. Good to know!
  3. It means the college recruiting departments are running out of ideas... ?
  4. We actually thought this one was funny. The day it came we had received a stack of college mail (like every other day) and this one seemed to sum up the blur that all the advertisements have become. It was actually a welcome change for us. Like it or hate it -- it definitely gets attention.
  5. It's also good to keep in mind that some of the best jobs for the future may not even exist yet.
  6. Researching and exploring can be worthwhile, but I do wonder if putting too much emphasis on it could be counterproductive. Like others have mentioned, there is so much change during the high school years, so much growth happening. Also, some seniors decide to completely switch career paths during the college application process. (I may or may not have just been witness to that... The whole application process involves so much introspection, it's not really surprising... ) Being active and engaged, both in learning and in life, may be enough to accomplish the goal of giving direction for the future.
  7. I'm a typo making overachiever... ? I found two more tiny typos in the zillion page course description document, corrected those, then hit submit. It is finished! Funny... already I'm thinking, that really wasn't that bad... ?
  8. I just found three -- count 'em THREE --- errors on the transcript! One was an area that looked unfinished without a line, another was a line that kept bolding only when made into a PDF with the program I was using (I switched programs, and it is now fine) and the third was a typo that was missed by multiple people, multiple times. *bangs head* (I miss that emoji.) I have already sent the transcript to one school, but thankfully hadn't submitted that portion of the common app yet. I found the errors when I was getting ready to submit it. I am *so done* reading over all this. Taking a break, then going over it once more. Honestly... bolded, not bolded, not even there....I'm sure lines on the transcript aren't going to make or break the application. Still, all these years of work... It feels like the transcript represents that. Such rubbish! What nonsense! Those years were so much more than what's on the transcript. Why is this process so filled with emotion?
  9. Google Docs is the approach that worked best with my daughter as well. (In addition to a couple classes and time to mature a bit.) OP, I hope you find an approach that works for your son! Just be sure the tutor or instructor is actually giving specific, tough feedback. (Even if it's painful at times.) In some classes I have had to go over my dd's writing with her after instructor feedback because precious little meaningful feedback had been given. Frustrating and disappointing.
  10. Response to Question #1: When I was considering sending the certificates from vendors, combining them into one pdf to use in 1 transcript slot was my plan. I couldn't come up with any better ideas. (Edited to add: I decided not to send them.) Response to Question #2: I don't think many (any?) schools will require official transcripts or certificates from online providers. Community College, yes. I would imagine those need to be requested ASAP.
  11. Yes! Isn't that crazy?! Besides finding awkward wording we had previously overlooked, I am almost certain some things I had corrected multiple times somehow uncorrected themselves yet again...stubborn brutes. The same apparent reverting happened with my daughter. Thankfully we caught it. That happening was enough for us to decide to do yet another round of proofreading. I'm not sure if we didn't hit save, but thought we had or if it's a glitch or we're just getting to the point that we're not seeing things clearly or what.... My dh was ?...just submit it! Then when I made him look through it first, there he was finding things to change. ?
  12. Me too! I'm a little less nutso now that I realize I actually have to type my name before the document crosses the Rubicon. It would take more than a random accidental click, which was my big fear. Still, I've unchecked them for now. I want to review everything again tomorrow morning before the final submit on the second part. (300 times through just isn't enough, apparently.) Could you imagine a horror movie about a computer virus that randomly submits the Common App while someone is working on it. *shudders* I'd not sleep for days...
  13. Me too! And each time, I unchecked the "certifications" or whatever they were in the profile, so that the review and submit option would disappear. I was so afraid it would submit somehow while I was making corrections....
  14. Well, I didn't exactly *keep calm* (at all...), but I did review and submit and then for realsies submit the counselor recommendation. (I may or may not have made a dozen changes in-between the two clicks.)
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