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  1. Only 1 of 8 schools ds applied to wanted “brief” course descriptions. I kept it very simple - basically just a list of courses and textbook/course provider used. The entire document was 1 page. Frankly, if your dd is not applying to super selective or elite schools, I wouldn’t bother with it unless the school requested it. Call the schools she’s planning to apply to before you spend a lot of time on this. My dd just finished freshman year, and I thought I’d do her course descriptions early and make them more detailed. After I finished doing detailed descriptions with grading scale
  2. My dd started CC this year, when she was 14. She took 1 class per semester, comp 1 and 2. Next year, she’s planning on Spanish 1 and 2. She’ll probably go up to 2 or 3 classes per semester junior year. No problem making A’s so far.
  3. My school profile/counselor letter was 1 page, transcript was 1 page, and course descriptions were also 1 page - 1 line per course stating materials or provider used for the course. I didn’t describe the course providers anywhere. Only 1 school out of 8 wanted course descriptions, and it specified that the descriptions should be brief. Check to see what is required for the schools your student is interested in.
  4. How are you defining match school? Does it mean the coach has expressed interest in getting her in? The only reason I ask is that I recognize some of the names on your match list as schools where acceptance rates have dropped significantly, and students had trouble getting in even with stats that matched the schools’ profiles.
  5. I’m sorry there were no yesses today, @Calming Tea, but really glad that he has a great school to go to that he’s really excited about. @kirag714, is Liberal Studies kind of like a liberal arts major? What is her major?
  6. @GoodGrief1 I’ll be in round 2022 with you with child #2 of 7! Best wishes everyone who is awaiting news tonight! Sending prayers up and sending good vibes your way!!!
  7. We are in state, thankfully, so the price is right! I’m so excited!!! It’s great that she has one she’s fallen in love with already. That means you can’t go wrong no matter what happens with the last admittance. It’s a great position to be in. Congrats!
  8. Hmmm... Maybe he did, but I didn’t pay attention.
  9. Yay! That’s wonderful. Are you still waiting to hear from another school or are all results in? Is she close to a decision? I love hearing from UT grads because they all seem to love the school so much. I never dreamed ds would end up there, and I’m so happy for him and so thankful! I think he’s going to have a great experience.
  10. That is wonderful!!! So great for your ds to see at a young age that hard work and character pay off! His maturity and work ethic will take him far. You have every reason to be proud. So glad his financial burden is lifted for his last year. Wonderful!
  11. No, it doesn’t, but you do pay by the month so the longer it takes, the more you pay.
  12. @Arch at Home Great results! Sounds like you all had a good list of schools and have some great options. Ds applied to and was accepted to 8 schools, and after accounting for merit, we also noticed that 6 of the 8 schools are hovering around a similar net price, all within about $4,000 of each other. (In fact, 4 of those are within $2,000 of each other.) The only 2 that weren’t close are a private school and an OOS public. I found it interesting that the price range was so tight.
  13. Mine even turns the pages of his books slowly. It is just exhausting. Love this kid, but I am so glad he is graduating in a couple of months. OP, try to find a couple of good outsourced courses so he’ll have fixed deadlines to meet and outside accountability.
  14. You described my ds exactly, right down to the drinks of water, “breaks” between subjects, slowness, and resulting nagging on my part. My son was also a competitive athlete. These bad habits only got more ingrained as he got older, and they are not habits that will serve him well in college or in the workforce. I wish I would have nipped it in the bud sooner by telling my ds that x amount of work must be done by y time or he was not going to games/practice. And then, if he hadn’t completed the work, not arguing or discussing it with him but simply following through. I was he
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