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  1. Can’t believe ds will be off to college in a few short months. Now that we’re mostly done with the application process, I’m thinking about the next phase - succeeding at college. Ds is a good kid who hasn’t given us much trouble over the years, but last semester was suprisingly ROUGH. I felt like I was mostly dragging him along when it came to schoolwork. He did fine in his first 2 DE courses (an A and a B), but he is really behind in his at home courses thru Derek Owens. It will take him a lot of work to catch up. That, combined with life skills stuff like organization, time management, etc. has me a bit concerned. Do any of you have stories about how your children stepped up to the plate (or matured) when it came to college and also advice on things you did during senior year to help that growth process? Just looking for some encouragement.
  2. I wonder if the real problem is that he doesn’t know his math facts. I don’t see how a student can successfully do 6th grade math without knowing math facts because otherwise it would take forever to do basic arithmetic, much less fractions, etc. Maybe you could spend some time helping him get those mastered via flashcards or whatever? Maybe the Calculadder workbooks? I don’t think you should try to make it fun. I think making it fun with games, conversations, tons of manipulatives, lots of books, etc. can be very overwhelming for the mom and then if kiddo doesn’t like it, you start feeling very guilty. I would start with whatever he needs (sounds like math facts to me, but you know him best). Work with him for a certain amount of time five days a week. (Maybe start with 30 min...) Choose a program and stick with it for 30 min a day. Sit next to him while he works so you can catch mistakes right away. Don’t beat yourself up over what happened in the past. We all make mistakes. Just move forward with whatever it is he needs!
  3. I am honestly shocked that he got into UT. It was a true reach for him. Looks like our kids’ lists were very similar!!! Your dd must have stellar stats. I know scholarships from TAMU are hard to get. Are you still waiting to hear from any schools? We’re done, thankfully. Just waiting to see if there will be anymore scholarships offered so we can make a final decision.
  4. And thank you all for being so generous with the information and advice. This is a complicated process, and you’ve all been so helpful!
  5. Just heard from the reach school - DS is 8 for 8 with acceptances! I am just in shock, and I am so so thankful! So now we wait for final financial packages... I know a couple of the schools offer very little merit, but there are a few where I think some additional scholarships will come thru. Dh got a nice promotion in December that allows us to expand our budget a bit, and I am just blown away at how everything is coming together. I am just beyond thankful. Just praising God. He is so good!
  6. Just heard from University of Texas at Austin - it’s a yes!!!
  7. I think PWN the SAT is for those already scoring in the 600s who want to go higher. For a print book, maybe College Panda Math SAT prep. College Panda also has a book of math practice problems.
  8. Just put the Humongous Book of Calculus on hold at the library. Hope it helps!
  9. Ds is taking Derek Owens Honors Comp Sci and AB Calculus. He has always been a really strong math student, but says he is having trouble grasping the material. I have never taken comp sci, and I took calculus over 25 years ago. It all looks foreign to me. Are there any resources I could get to help him master these subjects? I really feel this is important as I want him to be prepared to help himself if he’s having trouble with a subject while away at college. I have already had him e-mail his professors to see what they recommend, but I’d also like to get some other resources if you know of any. Should I watch the videos and see if I can help him or is it better for him to work thru it on his own? I don’t have the time, but do I need to MAKE time for it? I’m planning to take him to the library on Saturdays to work on this and any other trouble spots once his DE start. Just want him to have a good foundation for college. (He’s planning to major in business.) Thanks!
  10. @MerryAtHope Slow and steady wins the race. That’s something I have to keep reminding myself of as I am a hare by nature... Sounds like your kids are doing great! Congrats @Lori D.! I hope your ds has a great semester.
  11. @Pen, I think it is an excellent idea. I tried to convince him to go to the professor before the final, but he didn’t want to. I will see if I can talk him into it. Reaching out to professors is also a skill he needs to master before leaving home.
  12. I think it is the deeper understanding from the text that is missing. Probably also the class notes. I’ll work with him on those things. Thanks!
  13. JazzyMom

    PSAT scores

    University of Arkansas at Fayettville has some full ride competitive scholarships called “fellowships” that he could qualify for with a 1450 SAT.
  14. @RootAnn That thread sounds like it will be helpful. I will take a look. @HeighHo He wasn’t able to bring his tests home, unfortunately. I tried to help him pinpoint the issue, but wasn’t able to. I wish I would have given him more tests at home. Hopefully, he will pick up the skill before heading off to school.
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