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  1. @Arch at Home Great results! Sounds like you all had a good list of schools and have some great options. Ds applied to and was accepted to 8 schools, and after accounting for merit, we also noticed that 6 of the 8 schools are hovering around a similar net price, all within about $4,000 of each other. (In fact, 4 of those are within $2,000 of each other.) The only 2 that weren’t close are a private school and an OOS public. I found it interesting that the price range was so tight.
  2. Mine even turns the pages of his books slowly. It is just exhausting. Love this kid, but I am so glad he is graduating in a couple of months. OP, try to find a couple of good outsourced courses so he’ll have fixed deadlines to meet and outside accountability.
  3. You described my ds exactly, right down to the drinks of water, “breaks” between subjects, slowness, and resulting nagging on my part. My son was also a competitive athlete. These bad habits only got more ingrained as he got older, and they are not habits that will serve him well in college or in the workforce. I wish I would have nipped it in the bud sooner by telling my ds that x amount of work must be done by y time or he was not going to games/practice. And then, if he hadn’t completed the work, not arguing or discussing it with him but simply following through. I was hesitant to play that card because we’d made a commitment, and his team depended on him so much. But I think consistent follow thru on this would have helped him tremendously. Plus, there would have been pressure from his coach/team. It is a huge regret of mine that I did not take a stand on this - not with words, but action. This is only my experience and my opinion, but my son did not need my handholding and nagging, he needed me to require him to change his work habits. Now it is senior year, and I’ve had to tell him that if xyz isn’t done by the end of the week, he can’t go to youth ministry. There’s a girl there he wants to see. He has figured out how to get it all done! (My ds is very laid back, which is great, but I see now that it can easily turn into laziness...)
  4. Arizona State University is one I’ve heard mentioned often.
  5. I can't contribute to the list, lol, because I’ve honestly never heard of most of these schools! Lol!! I guess they’re just not as popular in Texas??? I’m still excited for everyone who is getting news, though! (((hug)))
  6. Wow, she sounds exceptional. Thanks for sharing!
  7. @GoodGrief1 With a typical courseload, what do you think made your dd stand out from other applicants?
  8. Yaaaayyyy! Happy squeals for you both! Where is this school in order of preference compared to his other acceptances?
  9. I know that must really sting, and I’m sure it’s hard for you as a mom to watch. We haven’t thru this with college admissions, but my kids play competitive sports, so we’ve had a taste of it in that area. Just keep reminding him that he’s a great student, and he’s going to find the right fit. (And frankly, I’m the type of parent who would tell my kid, “It’s their loss.” I’m also not above sour grapes. LOL!) Anyway, when all is said and done, he’ll be stronger for all of it, and he’ll brush himself off and head off to a great school and great future. Prayers and good vibes for you today!
  10. @kokotg Don’t beat yourself up about it. Seems elite school admission is incredibly hard to predict. Your son has some good, solid choices no matter how the rest of the results come in - not every student can say that. That being said, I do hope you get some good news today! (((hug)))
  11. Oh, that stinks. The acceptance rate is crazy! Just how low can it get??? How is your ds handling all of this?
  12. This morning, ds put down an enrollment deposit and registered for orientation at the University of Texas at Austin!!!
  13. @kokotg It’s amazing that he has a full ride offer on the table! We keep getting additional perks from the schools ds was admitted to (honors programs, guaranteed admittance to major, etc.), and today when another perk came, ds said, “I really want the full ride!” Haha... so far this month, we haven’t been shown more money (other than the 1/2 tuition scholarship he got at the first of the month). Earlier in the year, ds was getting email after email enticing him to apply to certain schools because deadlines were approaching. He stuck to his original list and didn’t take the bait. It stinks that your ds was encouraged to apply, then waitlisted... I don’t like that game. Anyway, glad you have some good acceptances and really good financial offers. I hope more good news is on the way!
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