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  1. DD1 just completed her third week of classes. There has not been a case of COVID on campus with the exception for the one identified on intake. DD1 is really enjoying herself. Her favorite org, On Tap (a tap dancing group), has figured out how to conduct socially distanced rehersals. She was hesitant to be on campus for fear that social life would be greatly limited. However, for this student the group size limitation is to her advantage as she tends to get lost in large ones. She is studying, making trips into town for ice cream, and hanging out watching TV in socially distanced masked groups
  2. Also not faculty but in following the parent's FB groups for my DDs' schools, many parents are reporting that those students who are off campus are struggling with the isolation of remote classes. For DD2, it was very important that she get an apartment with friend so that she was among other people who were studying.
  3. Your DD only needs to submit the school's application. If she is applying to multiple schools, it might be easier to fill out the Common App because almost all of the info she will only need to fill out once.
  4. I am grateful that this is my third go around at the college application process and that DS toured a number of colleges when his sisters where going through this process. We also planned college visits in March and April which did not happen. This summer we visited a couple of schools within driving distance. Those were hard visits because campuses were empty, cafeterias weren't serving, classes weren't happening, and we were not allowed access to buildings which we would have normally seen the insides of. DS is forging ahead. He has signed up for a 4th time for the SAT; we shall see if
  5. Viewing this requirement from an accessibility stand point is very interesting and something I have thought about. I agree that even considering test scores is discrimatory in this Pandemic. There is not equal access to testing across the US due to the way with which COVID-19 has hit locations and not others. I can only imagine the frustration for the disabled with even fewer opportunities. There is some concern in the back of my mind as to whether preferential treatment will be given to those with test scores but at this point going in with no scores is better than going in with scores for my
  6. I had a similar problem. Your student needs to designate you as their counselor. Once that happens you will receive and email and be able to create an account.
  7. My daughter would definitely be out there protesting if campus allowed it. Our experience with protests is that with regards to COVID they are one of the safer out of the house activities. Everyone masks unlike the general population.
  8. You mentioned that your son had prefer status for the August 29th SAT. That reminded me that my son did also. I never thought to follow up on that. I guess that ultimately it would not have made a difference as both sites he registered for out right cancelled.
  9. We are in the same position. Other than an almost year old ACT, DS has not been able to test. That ACT score does not match his dual enrollment record. Consequently, unless he actually gets to test and does well, he will be applying test optional at least to his reach/lottery schools. DS only has one school that recommends test scores. Earlier this week, we began to draft an email to this school pleading his case and seeing if testing was necessary. During that session, DS finally came out that he wants to continue to try to take the SAT which ended the email drafting session. Ult
  10. Thanks for the tip. DS should be covered with regards to outside scores/grades. He is dual enrolled and will have an Associates of Arts degree by the time he graduates from high school.
  11. I agree with Bocky. We are in Kansas City and there have been federal agents here for about a month. My kids participate in the protests regularly. Though KC are not the hot bed that Portland and Kenosha are and we have not had armed vigilantes at protests, we have found the protests to be non-violent and safe. If a protest is slated to go later than 9:00 pm, we highly recommend DC to leave as the atmosphere tends to escalate at that point. Currently most people in KC don't even know that protests continue unless they happen upon them in their normal course of business. My heart goes out
  12. I totally get being salty about the homeschool test requirement. Though better than it was in the past, there is definitely a bias against homeschoolers. We live in a large metropolitan area and there are a number of places which offer the SAT. It turns out that the only sites locally to cancel testing today were the two the DS applied to. Needless to say he did not apply to take the October test at one of those sites.
  13. Is anyone's DC applying test optional this year? Last night DS applied for the October SAT. This is the 4th place he has had during the pandemic. The first 3 - March and 2 for August - were cancelled as were May and June prior to him even applying. He does have an okay ACT score from November but he feels like he would do better on the SAT plus he has that much more math and maturity since then. All of his colleges have now gone test optional with the exception of one which would like to see test scores for homeschoolers but doesn't require them and one automatic merit scholarship which i
  14. This is horrible. We will have to keep an eye on this with regards the DS's future college. The cultute at both of the girls' colleges is that many students are still trying to finalize their course lists during the first week of classes so there is no reason to buy books if you don't yet know what your are taking.
  15. To possibly add to your list of book buying tips, I learned when my kids were dual enrolled with a public school, never to buy books in advance. As you mention, there is always the possibility of a course change but even more frequent we find that after attending the first class, they have better information regarding exactly what the instructor wants. DS came home with acceptable editions and specific versions of texts books that the instructor want. In addition, we do opt for rentals as they are definitely less expensive and have no need to have to figure out what to do with the book at the
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