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  1. Most college that are a distance from an airport have a shuttle service to the nearest major airport for holidays. With quick Internet search I found that Hendix has one also.
  2. We have talked to Sweet Briar a couple of times over the last 4 years. The Alumnae have strongly involved in the school. It wasn’t the right school for my DDs but if your DD has a interest in it, it can work financially, and she has the drive to apply I would let her do it. I would even go so far as suggesting that she contact them regarding the possibility of a late application. As May 1 approached, more information becomes apparent and my DDs began to make meaningful decisions. I am sure that your DD will also.
  3. My DS's score was lower than his practice tests but it was his first go at it. For the most part, his score falls in the range of those schools where he is most interested in so that is good. We now have to decide whether to take the March SAT to see if the SAT is a better fit.
  4. DS just completed the ACT. He had a 5th multiple choice test. I had told him that might happen. His was English but the answer grid had 5 options instead of the 4 that the English test typically has. He teased that considered filling out J for every question. I am curious whether everyone taking the ACT today had a 5th test and were they English.
  5. She sounds like she is doing fine. The work load will naturally get heavier as she gets closer to college. Test prep in the Spring, followed by college essays and apps in the fall of Senior year and scholarship essays and apps in the spring has had my daughters ready for their college work load.
  6. We attend a small, close congregation. My oldest DD used her experiences with this congregation as the basis of her Common App essay. Like the link recommended, the experiences she highlighted illustrated values (in her case, diversity, inclusion, and service). There was one reference to a well-known hymn was used as a means of setting context. As most of our activities are centered around this congregation, both of my daughters included examples from their church experiences, particularly service, to address the topics in many of their supplementary essays. They did not hesitate to make references which identified our denomination as those references added richness to their responses. These essays and supplements were used for primarily secular schools with no perceived side effects. Consequently, I would not hesitate to use religious references in college essays but be conscious of the purpose of essay/supplement and keep the recommendations from the link in mind.
  7. How exciting for your daughter! I spent my third year of architecture school at the Technical University of Dortmund. I learned so much that year that had nothing to do with architecture and everything to do with culture, communication, and human kind. I wish your daughter the same.
  8. My DD is a first year at Smith College. Initially she was disappointed that she was assigned to a single but after a bit of nosing around the housing website she determined that her house has a large number of singles and was good to go. Orientation was tiring as she is a definitely an introvert and needs her sleep. Enrollment threw another blow at her as she only got 2 out of 5 classes. However, after a professor opened up a class for her, she switched sessions for another class, and discovered a third class that looked interesting, she has a full schedule and is enjoying her classes. DD is gluten-free and food is always a question when going into a new setting. To date, she is enjoying Smith’s exclusively gluten-free dining hall and the freedom of being able to get a to-go box if she want to eat with friends in another dining hall. Extracurricularly DD is doing well. She auditioned for and was cast in an on-campus production not to mention trying out a couple of clubs. She is making friends and having fun exploring with a variety of people. We were also very surprised when she scored a rare work study job. The interviewer was quite impressed that she had written a cover letter.
  9. My college junior wants to teach herself HTML. She would really like a program which involves more than just learning commands but also includes projects to cements the commands learned. Any recommendations you may have are welcome.
  10. I apologize for being slow getting back. May and June have been a whirlwind. Thank you so much all you shared. DS is wrapping up his school year this week; next week we are going to dig into NCAA. He did create a free profile and I found track and cross country times for various schools on He has a start of a list. It will be interesting to see how he starts shape it based on this new lens.
  11. Both of my DDs homeschooled through 10th and then dual enrolled wit PS for 11th and 12th. I their case the PS accepted all of their credits and put them in the PS transcript. For that reason, they only had the PS and the CC transcript.
  12. He is a distance runner who is just becoming competitive as he has finally began to grow. I realize that there isn’t a lot of money but he has a teammate who just committed to a local school with a scholarship to run. I imagine that it was small. My niece also ran in college. These are both D2 schools though he has been looking at D1. This will be an interesting lens to look at schools through. What type of camps? I have heard of one day soccer camps at the local university which seem exclusively for recruiting but I have not heard of track/cross country camps other than week long affairs. I don’t believe either his cousin or friend did one of the longer ones. A lot will depend on how much he wants to put into it. I am just doing the behind the scenes legwork.
  13. We will get on line and start the process this weekend. I am certain that the NCAA will have information about the required paperwork but where is the best place to find out about the actual recruitment process? We have much to learn.
  14. I was trying to find this also with no luck. An IRL friend had said there was a restriction on the number of hours but I question how up she is on the requirements.
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