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  1. My college junior wants to teach herself HTML. She would really like a program which involves more than just learning commands but also includes projects to cements the commands learned. Any recommendations you may have are welcome.
  2. I apologize for being slow getting back. May and June have been a whirlwind. Thank you so much all you shared. DS is wrapping up his school year this week; next week we are going to dig into NCAA. He did create a free profile and I found track and cross country times for various schools on He has a start of a list. It will be interesting to see how he starts shape it based on this new lens.
  3. Both of my DDs homeschooled through 10th and then dual enrolled wit PS for 11th and 12th. I their case the PS accepted all of their credits and put them in the PS transcript. For that reason, they only had the PS and the CC transcript.
  4. He is a distance runner who is just becoming competitive as he has finally began to grow. I realize that there isn’t a lot of money but he has a teammate who just committed to a local school with a scholarship to run. I imagine that it was small. My niece also ran in college. These are both D2 schools though he has been looking at D1. This will be an interesting lens to look at schools through. What type of camps? I have heard of one day soccer camps at the local university which seem exclusively for recruiting but I have not heard of track/cross country camps other than week long affairs. I don’t believe either his cousin or friend did one of the longer ones. A lot will depend on how much he wants to put into it. I am just doing the behind the scenes legwork.
  5. We will get on line and start the process this weekend. I am certain that the NCAA will have information about the required paperwork but where is the best place to find out about the actual recruitment process? We have much to learn.
  6. I was trying to find this also with no luck. An IRL friend had said there was a restriction on the number of hours but I question how up she is on the requirements.
  7. Thank you for this information. I had read older threads that said to wait. We will get started on the paperwork.
  8. He is currently on track to earn an AA through dual enrollment prior to graduating from high school. Will the number of hours or the degree impact eligibility? My girls did similar and they were allowed to enroll as Freshman but we’re not athletes; I want him to do the same with 4 years of eligibility.
  9. Oh, I know. DS, a rising junior, told me Saturday that he was interested in competing in his sport in college. As we already dual-enrolled him at CC for the fall, I need to figure out if there are any restrictions with regards to dual-enrollment. And I thought that he was going to be easier because he is not shooting for highly selective schools.
  10. My DDs had offers which were significantly better financially than the schools they picked. There were schools that were closer that were better known. However, like your DD, they wanted a cohort of academically focused peers. They wanted to be in the middle of the class not the top. They wanted classes full of intellectually stimulating conversation not where the professor was trying to get students to talk. They also wanted residential colleges. Food was real important. Both are gluten-free and they wanted schools that provided a diverse, robust selection of gf foods. Eating off the salad because there were no other gf options would have been disastrous. My DDs looked at the student population, the school as a whole, and the surrounding community. Being city kids, they wanted the option to grab a cup of coffee or to go to a theater production off campus. As they were both undecided, they were more concerned about the overall feel of the school and not individual departments. Ultimately we encouraged them to go with their guts, to pick the school where they would be most comfortable both on and off campus as long as we could afford it. We believe that they will get the education they are meant to get regardless where they go.
  11. DD has decided to attend Smith College Why: LAC; Women's college; size; Sustainable Foods Concentration; 5-College Consortium; diversity; level of academic rigor; neighborhood; one of the least expensive LACs Major: Undecided.
  12. That is my kids. In their case, we found attending classes, perhaps chatting with the professor teaching; eating in the cafeteria; and overnights beneficial to get the overall feel of the campus. A departmental visit would have been worthless for DDs. I hope that something will feel right.
  13. That does sound like a good visit. I wish him luck.
  14. DD had a good trip to Smith. On her layover, she received a text from the college that many of the classes Thursday afternoon would be cancelled due to protests. When the shuttle dropped her off, she was thrilled to be dropped out right by the protesters marching against the current chief of police. She really liked the social justice vibe of the school. There were social justice messages marked in chalk on sidewalks all over the campus. Her host ditched her after dinner (what is it with hosts, she has been ditched or passed on every over night visit that she has had) but DD hung out with a couple of students and their prospies in the dorm which suited DD much better. She hooked up those prospies the following day. They attended a couple of classes and a couple of presentations. I was quite proud that DD knew what she needed to experience to make her decision and deviated from the set agenda to get her answers. She got a better feel for campus. Our last visit was a rushed morning tour which focused only on the quad. She was pleased to find that gf-dining hall full and felt that there was a community and not isolating. She also tried the non-dedicated dining halls with success. In addition, she learned that the concentration that she is interested, though delayed entry and competitive, is not popular and typically has openings left not filled and there is assistance to develop one's application. I am still hopeful that she will decide later this week though it may take a little encouraging on her parents' part.
  15. @Hoggirl, sorry for my delay in getting back to you...I meant that that the doubling when going from 2 to 1 student is more that we are currently experience when going from 1 to 2 for 100% though not for Yale. Does that clarify it?
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