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  1. Definitely! DD has seen all except one of the schools still on the table but 4 of them were either quick visits and 3 of the four were during spring break or in the summer. DD doesn't like missing classes at CC nor college visits in general so that will work to our advantange so I can see her culling her list down to only one visit. That said I just checked Occidental's website and they are limiting overnights around their Admitted Students days. Coming from the Midwest will require at least one overnight.
  2. There are many definitions of selective. A pretty common one are those with less than 50% acceptance rate; however, on this board we typically mean highly selective or even statistically impossible when we say selective. For me highly selective starts in the low 20s. On that list I would include Grinnell, Barnard, Wellesley, Williams, Ivy’s, and many of the UCs.
  3. After tomorrow she will get down to the business of deciding. She has refused to express a preference because she knew that many were fairly long shots. Slowly over that last month she has started to differentiate between accepted schools and even prioritize certain factors which is great progress but until all the decisions are in she doesn’t feel that she can start the next step. For this reason I am glad that she is not going down to April 1. There will most likely be at least one more college visit prior to her decision.
  4. DD’s last three decisions come tomorrow. Does anyone else’ DC waiting on decisions tor tomorrow?
  5. That must be the difference between a son and a daughter. I wouldn't dare pick out college supplies for my DD. She is going to want/need to pick out everything. Now my son will be a different story. He won't care if we send him with our old towels and I am sure that a shower caddy will be too much trouble for him. 😉
  6. For her, following a stellar test taker is rough. Her application is almost exactly like her sister’s except for her test scores which though in range are lower. Right now she is still waiting on 6 college notifications.
  7. Macalester and St. Olaf are different enough to provide your son with real choices. Urban - Small town. Hip - Laid back. Residential - Upper classmen off campus. And so on...
  8. We are having similar conversations here. DD feels that she isn’t doing as well as her older sister but her older sister was accepted by a number of schools which were really out of the running before she was even accepted. DD has a couple of solid choices. She wishes that they weren’t all in the Midwest but at least they are not in our home state.
  9. Oh, I know. Wholistic review and developing a cohesive, diverse cohort means that there are so many things out of the applicant’s control. Hopefully with time he will see options in what he has. In addition, 10 is a lot of decisions that could go his way.
  10. DD was accepted to Grinnell. It is one of her top 2. We are still waiting on financial aid information. Happy dancing tonight.
  11. I am so sorry. How does he feel about his acceptances? How many more decisions does he have yet to come?
  12. MN is having a big snow melt right now. Temperatures have risen and they were supposed to get a lot of rain. Flooding is predicted. The not talking has always pushed my DDs to prefer the highly selective schools. It definitely could have been this class but my older DD had a similar experience in an St. Olaf humanities class a couple years ago. That said this DD may not have a more selective option.
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