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  1. Arch at Home

    Make sure your kids keep copies of their syllabi!

    I have my DC print off syllabi as we haven’t digitized the others yet.
  2. Arch at Home

    How to word this (cancelling college visit)?

    We ended up with similar issues. We went east to visit schools during spring break last year and 2 out of the 4 were on spring break and got stopped by a major snow storm. Then Dd17 ran out of steam so we did three August visits as one of the three schools had a visit day. Though the out of session visits were not as good as in session visits, they were enough to give her a feel for the schools. She will go back to visit this spring if she is accepted and the school is still in contention.
  3. Arch at Home

    How to word this (cancelling college visit)?

    Spring will be here soon. Many juniors make visits in March and April.
  4. Arch at Home

    Anyone Want to Chat About College Apps/Decisions?

    We have some overlaps also: Grinnell, Carleton, St. Olaf, and Macalester. March is going to be interesting.
  5. This has been our experience. My oldest had no questions and my younger daughter who is now going through the application process right now has none either. In fact, schools have no idea that they were ever homeschooled if they don’t mention it which my oldest didn’t. My younger DD did mention it in the Other Information section.
  6. Arch at Home

    So how was fall semester for the college kids?

    This semester was mixed for DD. She started out gung ho taking Arabic only to discover that the workload for that one class was intense. On the recommendation on her Dean of Class, she dropped it. This left her a half a credit short which she quickly corrected by applying for and getting accepted to a Winter Session class in Barcelona. Having one less class made her hopeful that it would be an easy semester but it wasn’t. The reading and writing load for her two English classes was intense. Despite that, she declared as an English major and had a major advisor. Looking to next semester she is wary of the workload with her first semester taking only humanities. She discovered that the office hours of her career advisor matched well with her own and stopped in frequently to get direction and clarification. Friendships started promising at the start of the semester but fizzled as the stress of classes mounted. She came home much more settled than previous breaks with a clearer idea of where she is heading but uneasy about the semester to come.
  7. Has your DD talked to her CC about transferring DE credits to the schools in question? They may be able to give some insight and/or direction.
  8. I believe that I would follow the simple route with regards to wording. I hope that your local lead comes through for her. France sounds iffy as a plan B but what about a Canadian company?
  9. Arch at Home

    Anyone Want to Chat About College Apps/Decisions?

    DD checked the portal for each of her schools.
  10. Arch at Home

    College Essay Resources

    We used Brave Writer to teach writing. The skills my Dds learned through that program plus the advice they received to show as opposed to tell served them well.
  11. Arch at Home

    Anyone Want to Chat About College Apps/Decisions?

    I am glad you brought up this topic. DD requested to have her dual enrollment CC transcripts sent to all of the schools requiring mid year reports but one asked not only for a mid year report but also a mid year transcript what is the difference. As she is dual enrolled with a public high, she also going to request that her counselor send her high school transcript with last semester’s grades but TBH I am not sure what is really being asked for.
  12. DD received notification in the last week that she was accepted to the University of Missouri - Kansas City, Truman State University, and Drake University (Presidential Scholarship). She got into her safety and matches. Now we wait until late February for news from her reaches to start rolling in. It has been exciting to watch the acceptance come in. Best of luck on those yet to come.
  13. Arch at Home

    Anyone Want to Chat About College Apps/Decisions?

    Last night DD had her ACT test results to the remainder of her schools. She had two tests that she did not have to pay for having the test results sent (December 2017 and June 2018). Did anyone else have that happen to you also. I am definitely not complaining, just was pleasantly surprised.
  14. Arch at Home

    Anyone Want to Chat About College Apps/Decisions?

    I am so glad that DD was able to do all of her applications with the Common App. For some of the schools, it was a bit akward as it appeared to be their first year but every one took it.
  15. Arch at Home

    Anyone Want to Chat About College Apps/Decisions?

    DD submitted 4 last evening and will do the final 4 tonight. She wrote almost all of the essays prior to starting to apply as the rolling admissions schools were not highly competitive. The last couple essays were collages of previous essays massaged to fit the topic de jour. At our house, Lin Manual Miranda would be a good enough reason to apply to a college. Shoot, DD is applying to Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s alma maters. (Actually, they fit her requirements prior to knowing that they touted these famous alums.)
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