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  1. so ds is disappointed that he got waitlistrd or rejected at all his match schools except Bard. He got rejected from Bucknell yesterday. I told him that bard is a wonderful school and he. Got good aid, but he is still very sad. How do I help him? It's a difficult moment now, isolating, can't go seen his friends, can't go to the gym. I told him that he might have a chance at his five waitlisted schools, but they probably won't get back to him for a while given all the covid upheaval. He will likely send a deposit to bard and then lose that deposited if he gets off the wait
  2. So...my son was accepted to Bard with a very generous scholarship, waitlisted at Oberlin (he's actually pretty excited he got waitlisted as it was a reach, and he's writing them a letter), waitlisted at Connecticut College. So far his top choice is Bard, but i want him to consider Allegheny where he got a full merit scholarship and Knox. But since we now can't visit these schools, it will make the decision more challenging (he had already visited Bard and loved the campus; not sure with his probable major if it is exactly a fit. Will need to dig further--he wants to study Global Studies and/or
  3. Just heard that my son received an Ursinus College acceptance with $35,000 Gateway Merit scholarship. FAFSA funding will be out shortly!
  4. DS was accepted to Knox College with huge merit aid--basically covering the cost. Very unexpected!!! It's not his first choice but their new Global Business major is right up his alley. And the aid really makes it appealing. Very pleased. He told me today that 'something" changed on his Dickinson portal--i am no longer the 'adviser' but rather someone at the college is now assigned to him...so maybe that's good sign?
  5. congrats!! F and M is right now a top contender for my son for their business offerings and location... Waiting and hoping!!!
  6. For those of you who gave me advice about my sons college choices, thank you. We ended up submitting 20 applications (!!!) because I insisted on safeties. He just got accepted to Goucher with huge merit aid. It's not his first choice at all but he is very pleased, particularly with the merit aid. As you all said, it's not just about getting in, it's about getting in with sufficient aid. In many ways it is a fit-locarion, beautiful campus, collegial vibe-but it is probably too liberal for him and at this moment he would like to major in economics, which is not their strength. But st
  7. Yes, i have warned DS about this. Once everything falls out, I will clearly go over all the issues again. Thanks
  8. I know my financial picture will only change a little, but my ex's will change pretty dramatically, and always has for years. He's self employed and income fluctuates a lot for him. (I'm self employed too, but different, more predictable, income)
  9. that's what i figured. I've already been asked for more info by two colleges for the CSS, so I'm prepared. thanks!
  10. question--if a college uses CSS, do they NOT use the fafsa? I'm a little confused because for his Sophomore year (assuming he attends a css school) the FAFSA will be just MY information, and the CSS will continue to require BOTH parents info. ANyone know how CSS schools evaluate need when they're looking at both documents? Thanks!
  11. DS did the FAFSA on my ex's computer with my ex sitting next to him. DS then promptly forgot the password. WHich is why we needed to reach ex for the password (now we have it, so we're good) THe current FaFsa uses 2018 information. In 2018 we were still married, but living apart, and filed married filed separately as we were in the middle of divorce. So. AFAIK, we did it right, but it's confusing given our marital status. Our divorce wasn't finalized until September 2019. DS logged into fafsa yesterday and got the EFC and it's very low (not surprising since my ex's self employed income w
  12. you all are a wealth of information. thank you! My son says (thank god) that his father submitted the FAFSA to swarthmore. I mean, he doesn't have a good chance but id still hate to miss a deadline. I have asked his dad to send me all the information for logging in etc. I think that having one parent plus the child in charge will be easier and less stressful.
  13. yes i am including the 529. My ex did the fafsa-with my input--and i havent seen the results. Does it give you EFC right then and there? He never looped me in so I am not clear. Another question, since ex isnt' responding to me--do i need to "submit" the fafsa to each school like i do the CSS? I am trying to get the login infor for fafsa so i can do this myself. OKay jut googled and it seems i need to add colleges to the FAFSA. Ex is travelling and unreachable. Sigh. "It will all work out, it will all work out, it will all work out."
  14. At some point we considered Canadian schools but thought they would be too pricey. Can one use 529 funds for a Canadian school? Bishop's might be a possibilitiy.
  15. The only Florida school he is willing to apply to is Eckerd at this point. He has visited New College, and it's a state school and a match, but he declared this morning "Mom, I'm not applying because if it was the ONLY school I got into, I'd take a gap year and reapply." Okay, then.
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