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  1. I don't let my 21 yo share a room with her bf on family vacations. She says I'm terribly behind the times. Oh well. Teens would be a hard no, lol.
  2. My two nieces and a bf of one got it, all mild. Several people I work with, all a few years older than me, described it like a cold. They were well enough to work from home while quarantining. A few friends and a neighbor my age and my uncle in his early 80s were the same. I believe most of them lost their sense of taste and smell, but I don't consider that very sick. They are all fine now, thankfully. I don't disagree that there have been horrible outcomes (death, hospitalization, long-term Covid), I just don't know anyone who had that experience.
  3. I guess it goes both ways. Many of my democratic friends have become libertarian or republican in the last year. They don't recognize their party anymore. I'm libertarian so have no skin in the game. Also, anyone who believes CNN to be a reputable non biased news source (I see some shade on Fox here) is delusional. Neither is better than the other IMO. Really, there's not a news source on television I would say is reputable. Their only goal seems to be to polarize the country, not deliver factual news.
  4. Like this? https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/01/health/eua-coronavirus-vaccine-history/index.html
  5. I do not know anyone who was sick with anything worse than cold-like symptoms either. And we are in a state that was hit pretty hard. As stated before I'm not vaxxed, not sure if I'll get it (won't say never), but am being extremely careful because I do realize there were a lot of bad outcomes. I go to work and do shopping/errands with a mask, and visit with others outside, and feel comfortable with that. I do wish we had more information - scratch that, I wish TPTB would share more information about who is really high risk, how/where most people are getting it, percentage with comorbidities, etc. I do a ton of research and feel pretty comfortable with my risk level, but it shouldn't be so hard to find the information. They were sharing more in the beginning of all this. My personal thought is they're afraid if they share, less people will get vaccinated. I am thankful that the UK and other countries are doing so much research and sharing so much information.
  6. I remember when getting to <10% was grounds for celebration. We are in one of the highest vaxxed states and around 2% positivity. I feel very comfortable with that percentage. Case numbers are not important to me, only hospitalizations and deaths.
  7. Interesting. I live in a town with <4000, but we don't even have doctors; you'd have to go to a surrounding town (all larger) for that. I rarely see anyone that lives in my town when I'm out and about, at supermarkets, doctors, malls, etc. I also didn't realize there were still areas doing big vaccine clinics.
  8. Aren't they all private and discrete? How would ones friends and family possible know if they got vaccinated unless they were told?
  9. I agree and would not want to see mandates, but I do wish those who are unvaccinated would continue to mask.
  10. Seems very similar to Lyme disease.
  11. I'm trying to figure out why so much information I'm reading from the UK is different from what is being reported in the US.
  12. If they are not recommending AZ for people under 50, why are people still getting it?
  13. Some colleges are starting to come out with mask mandates for all. I know Tufts is one of them. Monmouth in NJ is another.
  14. Agree - you're mashing two into one so singular.
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