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  1. whitestavern

    So how was fall semester for the college kids?

    Overall, dd had a wonderful first semester at school. She has had some roommate issues (forced triple, loves one of her roomies, the other not so much) After numerous rounds with the RA the problem roomie agreed to a room swap, but then reneged at the last minute. So they'll all do their best to get through the rest of the year. Other than that, she has made a great group of friends and is involved in the outing club and a club level sport. She applied and was accepted to be a leader in the First Year Pre-Orientation Outing Trek for next fall. She enjoyed her classes, though they were challenging, and ended up with a 3.3 (had an 89.4 in one class, which she was hoping the prof would round up, in which case she would've made Dean's List, but no such luck) so ended with an A, two Bs and a pass in a pass/fail class. She feels like she will do much better next semester, even though she has more and harder classes, just due to lessons learned in her first semester. It's been great having her home 🙂
  2. whitestavern

    Need a vegetarian dairy free entree for Christmas!

    Thanks, YaelAldrich. I never knew that was vegan! Still not sure what I'll make, but thank you everyone for your ideas. They really do all sound delicious.
  3. whitestavern

    Need a vegetarian dairy free entree for Christmas!

    Wow, that looks amazing! I've never seen vegan puff pastry. Would Whole Foods have something like that, do you think??
  4. We are celebrating one family Christmas next Saturday. Two of the attendees eat mostly vegetarian and dairy free. Does anyone have a great soup/stew or casserole recipe to share that could be an entree for them? There will be quite a few side dishes they can eat, but I also wanted to offer something more substantial. TIA!
  5. When I saw avocado sock, I thought you meant this which my dd got for her roommate. I think they're so cute! Also, I've seen the flexible drum and piano at our local toy store and they are really neat and see to be high quality.
  6. whitestavern

    Anyone try Universal Yums subscription boxes?

    Not quite the same, but if you have a World Market around, you could create your own Universal Yums box(es), likely at a lower price point.
  7. We adopted a dog a few years ago and he's just a big fluffy ball of love. However, our neighbors across the street recently got a horse and now all my dog does it sit on our lawn and bark at the horse. He has always been a barker if a jogger or biker goes by, but that is not super often he he always stopped once they were out of view. But with the horse he barks even if the horse is not in view (we are not close to the neighbors - this is in the distance). I am about to lose my mind! And I'm sure the rest of the houses in our area have had it with his barking as well. He literally barks the minute he goes out until I can wrangle him in (he will not come when called while he's barking, which is new). Now that it's winter I do not feel like constantly going out and getting him (we have a large yard) Please provide any tips!! I was thinking about a barking collar, but we have an invisible fence and I'm not sure those two things work together.
  8. whitestavern

    Anyone try Universal Yums subscription boxes?

    We gave it to our 15 yo ds for Christmas last year and he loved it! The selection of items was really neat. We'd have a little tasting party each month when it came in. i may do it again this year, but I will spring for the bigger box. It's kind of expensive, but I do think it is worth it.
  9. whitestavern

    Need Gift Ideas Again - SIL

    You all did a great job of helping me with gift ideas for dh. Now I'm looking for ideas for my SIL. In our family, adults pick names and fill a stocking for someone (I usually get one of my SILs) so I'm looking for small/inexpensive gifts to fill a stocking. Limit is $40 total. Here are some of the things I've bought in the past: gloves, scarf, sweater, fleece vest, jewelry, small gift cards (like $5 Dunkin' Donuts), lotion/beauty items, books, food items (like a jar of jam or small box of chocolates) Looking for any new ideas. She's in her mid-50s and doesn't really have any hobbies. TIA!
  10. whitestavern

    Help with Gift for DH

  11. whitestavern

    Help with Gift for DH

    Any recommendations for specific brand on the bear claws? Or doesn't it matter? Those are pretty cool. He has most everything else on the list!
  12. whitestavern

    Help with Gift for DH

    To-date we have mostly done car camping and day hiking. Last year we did our first long weekend on the AT and we'd like to do more of that. We will likely get back to Acadia next summer for camping/hiking. Love the NPs - have visited about 12 of them. Hiked a few countries in Europe two years ago but sadly no plans to go back in the near future. Bucket list is Camino de Santiago.
  13. whitestavern

    Help with Gift for DH

    We own it - love it!
  14. whitestavern

    Help with Gift for DH

    Getting this one too 🙂
  15. whitestavern

    Help with Gift for DH

    Regentrude, what brand is your French press? I'm going to purchase Trial by Trail - looks great!
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