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  1. My wish was granted, first two responses were acceptances (Wentworth Institute of Technology and UMass Dartmouth) both direct admits to the civil engineering program. So happy for DS 🙂 And a nice merit package from Wentworth, which was unexpected. Nine to go...
  2. I was dreading the CSS as well, but in all honesty it wasn't as bad as I remember it to be.
  3. Just circling back around to say that after just a few sessions with Stacey (ACT coach recommended in this thread) my son improved his first score (26) to a 32!!! He is ecstatic 🙂 And even though he focused on math mostly, with one session on reading and science, he upped every single section, even the ones he didn't do additional work on. Really can't recommend her highly enough.
  4. I didn't see a thread for our graduating seniors, so I'm starting one 🙂 S submitted apps to 11 schools over the past two weeks; some are rolling admission, so we're hoping to start hearing soon! It would be really nice if the first one to come in was an acceptance, even if it's not one of his top choices. Please share any acceptances your kids have received!!
  5. Couldn't agree more with this post. And if the doughnut hole students who can't afford the privates continue flocking to the in-states, it's going to create larger class sizes and housing issues, and also make it more competitive to get in.
  6. Just coming back to say thank you for the recommendation. My son had a session with Stacey today and she was awesome!! So many great tips and tricks. After just one session, we feel confident he will be able to do well on the math section, which was his goal. We are so pleased that we are going to schedule another one or two sessions to work on other sections. Bonus: my son really liked her as well!
  7. Thanks Mom2mthj, I reached out to Stacey. We're trying to increase my son's ACT math section score before the Oct ACT date.
  8. So he's going for engineering or CS, yes? I would probably just confirm with the 4 year uni that all classes will transfer and he will be on track to graduate on time. I'd want to make sure the $$ saved at cc wouldn't be spent on a 5th year at the university.
  9. Yes, absolutely, 100%. Our max would be the amount of subsidized/unsubsidized loans that we would qualify for. DD has not had to borrow anything yet, but we are open to the option.
  10. That was our experience as well. Hours going through those phone book scholarship books and they were almost all need-based. And there just aren't a lot of schools out there that will even let you stack outside scholarships. Our best merit came from the schools themselves, and my dd did very well with scholarships, even without top stats. It takes a bit of work to put together a list. She didn't apply to any automatic scholarship schools, but between running the NPCs and input from folks on College Confidential we were pretty confident which schools were going to end up being affordable. Honestly we were pleasantly surprised by how much merit aid she received. DS has lower stats, so we are assuming there will be little merit but hoping for some FA since there will be two in school next year. He has some lower priced schools on his list, but we are assuming we'll have to pay more for his college experience. If he has a successful first year, we will consider taking out loans for him. He's going into a major that should pay very well once he's out.
  11. Does anyone have any information/knowledge of the civil engineering program? We didn't realize there was a non-military option, so we hadn't looked at it. Our son, a senior, may be interested.
  12. Thanks, guys. The hive is a voice of reason! I will trust in her decision 🙂
  13. Oh geez, it's me again, lol. I had this strong feeling today that d should give serious consideration to Wheaton, which is another school that she applied to transfer to. We had a horrid visit a few years ago (literally our worst college tour ever), so she never applied as a freshman, but today I was overcome with this feeling to research it. I did, and honestly it looks really great! It's definitely smaller than she wanted, but otherwise it has a lot going for it. I think what could hold her back is that horrible tour we had. The tour guide was the biggest airhead ever and just kept talking in this sing song voice about how she looooved Wheaton because it was "just like her high school!" She was like an extra in the Valley Girl movie (dating myself?) It's kind of become an ongoing joke, it was that bad. So, do I talk to d about this? I would not try to convince her to go, only ask her to do a little research. Does anyone have here have any input on the school? It's the Wheaton that's in MA not IL. ETA, she was accepted with a large scholarship
  14. Well a decision has been made! At the end it was between UPitt and Susquehanna. She feels that Pitt is too big, too far, and too urban (lacking in green space.) They only accepted 23 of her 32 credits, while Susquehanna accepted all of them, and her major at Susquehanna is a better match. I hope and pray she likes it, that there's enough for her to do on/around campus, that she makes some good friends, and that the quality of the academics and professors are high. There's no way she's going to want to go through all of this again! This last month and a half has been so crummy, I think for her, summer vacation begins today.
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