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  1. Freshman year my d went to a school 5 hours away. We visited a couple of times and she came home on most breaks. It was an easy 5 hour drive, and I never had an issue with it. She also had public transportation options and took a train once to meet us at relatives for Thanksgiving. Sophomore year she transferred to a school that as the crow flies is about 4.5 hours. Thing is, it never takes less than 6 really. I was surprised at how much longer the drive seems. And options for public transportation are limited. I hate making the drive and wish we had considered that more when she decided on this school. BUT, it is the school she chose. And after exhaustive research, I finally did find a train from a nearby station that gets her close enough for a friend to pick her up and bring her to school. We used that option after her winter break. It took, a long time on greyhound, amtrak, and airline websites to find something that works. All this to say that I understand where you're coming from. But, if my d or s really really wanted one school over another, I'd find a way to make it work. You might talk to reps at the school and/or see if there's a parent Facebook group or something. I would imagine there must be kids that attend that live near-ish to you. Or maybe there's a public transportation option you missed. Or, as someone else suggested, let him know if he chooses to attend there he won't be able to come home often.
  2. Halcyon, I've been thinking about you. How's it all going with your son and applications/acceptances/financial aid??
  3. Thanks everyone! Will be doing additional research on these ideas. S perked up when he heard CA. We've never been so that could be fun. We love love love Sedona but I'm now thinking we'll probably go in February so it might be too cold then.
  4. Looking to head somewhere warm in Feb, Mar, or early April even, some place that's not too expensive (maybe in the $2500 range for 4-5 days?). Bonus if there are nonstop flights from the northeast to the destination. Will be me, my husband, and 17 yo son. We enjoy seeing cultural sites, hiking/outdoorsy things to do, nice beaches/water, good food and drinks. Open to anywhere, really, as long as temps are 70s or above. Would prefer airbnb/apartment style lodging vs hotel, but open to either. Thanks in advance!
  5. Create-A-Scene Magnetic playsets. My kids LOVED these when they were littles!! Kept them busy on long car rides.
  6. Haven't read the thread, so this may be repeat, but for Christmas I bought my DD reusable/washable make up remover pads, a bamboo toothbrush, a set of bamboo utensils (fork, knife, spoon, chopsticks, etc.). She bought herself a diva cup.
  7. S received three more acceptances, Central CT State Uni, UMaine, and Manhattan College. Also two rejections, one of which was a top contender. 😞 All that's left are his two RD schools, and both are reaches, so I want him to look at his current acceptances and come up with his top two or three to revisit. Luckily they're affordable with the merit awards, though I'd certainly be happy if he received some FA as well!
  8. That FAFSA EFC really doesn't mean anything except to determine if you're eligible for Federal grants. Beyond that, what schools want to award is entirely up to them. Meet need schools are supposed to come close, but that wasn't our experience. They come up with their own EFC. And of course financial aid varies every year, so if your ex did well in 2019, you'll be eligible for less aid your son's sophomore year, if he attends a CSS school. Will ex be willing to pay more? Merit's at least a sure thing - as long as the student keeps up any necessary gpa. I hate to be a downer, but my d had to leave a school she loved after a year due to a change in financial aid, and it was horrible.
  9. Not really, just that a few were matches. Another poster has responded that he needs to add some safeties and also that even if he gets admitted to the reachier schools they may not be affordable. Good luck, the process is frustrating!
  10. My concern is the number of CSS schools on the list - I think most of them are going to be looking at both parents' income. In a previous post you indicated you wanted schools that would only look at your income. When you ran the NPCs, did you include your ex's income? Did you see that he posted over on CC? The input he'll receive on his list will likely support what you've been telling him, which is a good thing.
  11. My D had two schools a couple of years ago tell her they would hold her acceptance and merit aid for two years. She ended up having to transfer after freshman year, attended one of those, and they did stick to their offer.
  12. DS had two more acceptances come in, Quinnipiac and University of Hartford. Both with very good merit scholarships.
  13. I have 3 I just had to extend, sigh. I think they purposely create a return date they know will be difficult to meet. My d's in the middle of finals still.
  14. They're having major issues - changed the sign in process and many many people have been shut out, unable to sign in. Try using your email to login vs your user name. If that doesn't work, you may need to request to change your password. They have to have numbers, letters, and a symbol. If you're still having issues, you can click on the trouble signing in button. Hope this helps.
  15. My wish was granted, first two responses were acceptances (Wentworth Institute of Technology and UMass Dartmouth) both direct admits to the civil engineering program. So happy for DS 🙂 And a nice merit package from Wentworth, which was unexpected. Nine to go...
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