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  1. Congrats! Dickinson was in my D's top three. We all really liked the school.
  2. We picked my S up at school last Saturday (two cars down so he could drive one back by himself), and he had a test Sun. We are still waiting on results (ridiculous) but since he came home he has been quarantining in his room/upstairs bath. If he comes downstairs, he wears a mask, as do we. Mostly he stays in his room, which stinks, but seems to be the safest thing to do. When D comes home, she will do the same.
  3. WPI has a major and minor in International & Global Studies.
  4. No, D does not think that it was intentional. The professor is old and very low tech (does not even have a cell phone). D is not hopeful (knowing this professor-she's had him for several classes) that he has the desire to really learn how he needs to operate in order to provide a high quality online experience. He's probably doing the best he can. Another prof does not allow the online students to participate (turns off audio and visual so they can just passively view) as it's "too difficult." D (and I) do not fault the professors. We realize it is very difficult for them. It is what it is, bu
  5. D stayed home this semester to do online. She felt with all the restrictions and Covid guidelines, the experience just wouldn't be worth the room and board. Three weeks in, she wants to go back. She doesn't feel she's getting a good educational experience. The professors seem to focus on just the in-person students. One of her professors today didn't even share the screen with the online students so she missed half the Powerpoint. She has two science classes, so she's missing labs for those. She's paired up with an in-person student, who will share the lab information and data, and then she's
  6. My son emailed instead of calling. He likes to think things through and make sure he has all his questions down. Since he was dealing with many colleges, he also liked to have the written answers so he could refer back and make sure he had the right info for the right school.
  7. For those with lonely freshman, consider buying some outside games. My S took his Spike Ball to school. He says he's made about 15 friends just through that, and he's not a super outgoing kid. Games seem to be huge at school this year, even though they have to wear masks outside as well. Think Can Jam, Corn Hole, basketball, even just a frisbee or football.
  8. DS will be living on campus, move in date TBD, but sometime between 8/21-23 timeframe. He will drop off his belongings/set up his room on the 18th, which is also orientation day. They are staggering drop off days/times for any student within driving distance that is not from a high COVID area. 4 out of 5 of his classes are face to face; one is online. First two weeks all classes everyone is online as there is a mandatory quarantine for students from high COVID areas. Will report back in a couple of weeks.
  9. Saw a video earlier today with a group of UNC-CH sorority girls doing in person rush. No masks, no social distancing. Head of UNC is livid, as are many of the students.
  10. Originally she told me no one can go into a dorm if they do not live there, but she received clarification that guests are allowed to meet in common areas as long as they wear masks. Not sure how much better that is in all honesty.
  11. Students are not allowed to enter a dorm in which they do not live, so she can't go to bf's (boyfriend) dorm and vice versa. Her campus is pretty small and there are not a lot of places where they can hang out. While the weather is nice they can spend time outside, but most of their free time is at night, and of course it will be dark earlier.
  12. I worry, but I try to remember the odds are in their favor. DD (junior) hasn't decided if she's going back. Most of her classes are online or hybrid, except for labs, and due to campus regulations she will not be able to spend much time with her bf. She's weighing a lot of things before making her final decision, and we will support whatever she decides. DS is an incoming freshman, heading to school in CT (where we also live). I feel good about where we are as a state, and most that attend his school are from the northeast. I don't feel he will do well online (kind of checked out second semest
  13. That's pretty depressing and doesn't bode well for the fall semester.
  14. I agree with HilltopMom, that it seems unlikely schools will be able to have in person instruction come August. Since our S signed a housing agreement indicating there would be no refund of housing if school had to pivot to online, we are now thinking maybe we just have him do online from home. I am wondering if/how that will affect merit. Could the school reduce his merit, or is that directly tied to the education portion of the invoice? Anyone know?
  15. D did not receive anything 😞 1950 out of 2200 students did. We did not fill out a FAFSA last year because she had a great merit package (and it was a forced transfer post FAFSA deadline due to a drop in her original school's FA). We did submit it this year because we have a son attending college this fall. It would've been very very helpful as it is probable D won't get a job this summer so will have nothing to contribute to her tuition.
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