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  1. I just remembered we're in the 4th quarter. Is anyone still reading Lord of the Rings Trilogy and moving on to Return of the King? All my plans kind of fell by the wayside this year so sorry for having dropped the ball on this one. I'm currently immersed in the Wheel of Time series with The Gathering Storm.
  2. The lynx series is addictive. Continuing with Gulf Lynx: "Almost a decade ago, Prescott, an ex-special forces operator, was boots on the ground in his new role with the FBI’s Critical Incidence Response Group, searching for his childhood friend Kaylie after she disappeared from her research camp in Nigeria without a trace. Now, the NSA thinks they’ve identified Kaylie’s image in Syria. Prescott turns to Iniquus Puzzler, Lynx, to help him prove that the picture and the missing scientist are one and the same. If the NSA is right, this woman has days to live. The clock is ticking.
  3. week 42 is live - please continue conversation in new thread
  4. Happy Sunday, my lovelies. Today is National Meatloaf Appreciation day so join me in making meatloaf for dinner. Do you like to bake traditional or jazz it up in different ways? Do you like ketchup or glaze on the top? Do you use milk or cheese instead, like me? Yes, I’m odd that way. Do you stuff or wrap it? Or perhaps prefer turkey or chicken or vegan style instead. Hmm! Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and marinated mushrooms. The trifecta. Now I’m starving. October By Paul Laurence Dunbar October is the treasurer of the year, And all the months pay bo
  5. I'm sticking with what I consider fluffy reads for the time being. I'm continuing to play in Fiona Quinn's World of Iniquus paranormal action adventure romance series and currently on book 3 in her Lynx series. One picks up where the other leaves off so glad I'm finding this series now when all the books are out. Waving hi! We're enjoying the heck out of it, but haven't had much opportunity to really go all out. She's sleek and fast and have to watch it because by the time I hit the highway to merge, most of the time already going 80. And since the police use Dodge Charger
  6. Adorable!!! So sweet. With a kitten, you need to baby proof and crawl around your house and close up any holes you see under counters, etc. Our kittens managed to get themselves into the tightest of spots, underneath tv stand, behind the couch, etc. Also to train them not to use your furniture for sharpening claws, get a spray bottle, fill it with water, and call it Doctor No. After a few squirts, they'll learn not to do something and just having the bottle in hand is a good deterrent too. You'll always want plenty of throw blankets to throw over furniture unless you want to be cleanin
  7. Currently reading Fiona Quinn's Survival Instinct, #1 in Cerberus Tactical K9 series. Found it during my web wanderings and don't ask me which list of 41 I found it on. It's all a blur. Fun blur, but a blur all the same. 😄 "On leave from the battlefields of Afghanistan, Major Dani Addams, finds herself in the fight of her life. She leaves few clues about the dangers she’s in. Now, everything depends on a stranger and his dog. Tripwire’s mission: Find her. A member of Iniquus Security’s elite tactical K9 search and rescue team, Trip and his K9 Valor are on cliff’s edge as
  8. Week 41 is live- please continue conversation in new thread
  9. Good morning, dear hearts! And now for something completely different! Welcome to all things forty one this week. People, places, things, dates that have something to do with 41. Best Books to Read For Ages 41 – 60 41 Books Recommended by Mark Zuckerberg Read a book about the 41st President: 41 A Portrait of My Father by George W. Bush Authors born in 1941 Read a book with 41 in the title or 41st book in the series Best selling and popular books in 1941 President only for 32 days in 1841 - William Henry Harrison President from 1841 -1845 - John T
  10. Web wanderings this morning. @JennW in SoCal Come out, come out, where ever you are.... We miss you. Are you and your hubby involved in the New York Comic Con? Who else hasn't checked in lately? New York Comic Con 2020: The 8 Panels We’re Most Excited to Watch Ready Player Two | A Conversation with Ernest Cline and Wil Wheaton Short list for the historical writers crown awards has been announced 15 Eerie and Unnerving Novels That Will Get Under Your Skin Forget Sleep. These 7 Gripping Horror Stories Will Keep You Up All Night Reading
  11. Another busy week with no time to post. Just finished J.R. Ward's The Jackal, the latest in the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Good, with background on Rhage and the beginnings of how the mansion came to fruition. @Kareni You were so right about Buchman's At the Slightest Sound, the first book in his Shadow Force series. It felt like being dropped in the middle of a party and you're supposed to know everyone there, but it's a roomful of strangers, in the middle of some fantastic story and they don't bother to explain the beginning.
  12. Currently reading: Jordan/Sanderson's WOT The Gathering Storm as well as Menna Van Praag's Patron Saint of Lost Souls. Ebook wise Nora Robert's Night Tales series and currently on #3 Night Shade. "Colt Nightshade has no patience for the bureaucratic red tape that entangles law enforcement and sets the guilty free. Lieutenant Althea Grayson believes in the rules and procedures that help keep order over the chaos that threatens society. Together, they are a teenage girl’s only hope of survival against a ruthless criminal. Their methods couldn’t be more dissimilar, but Colt senses
  13. Week 40 is live - please continue conversation in new thread
  14. Happy Sunday, my lovelies. Welcome to our October Spooktacular reading month. It's time to dip your toes into the water and scare yourself silly. Read thrilling stories stocked with the mysterious and shocking, paranormal stories brimming with ghosts and goblins, or urban mysteries packed with vampires and werewolves. If you are anything like me, I can't stand horror books filled with blood and guts. Give me a psychological thriller any day, roiling with nail biting, spine chilling suspense, creepy settings, and characters you certainly wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley. Choose
  15. Hello, I made it after resetting my password. Had to clear my cache in order to get to the reset password screen. Whew! I've given up on Golden Compass as my banned book read. Issues with the writing style more than anything else and can't get into it. Maybe I'll reread Harry Potter. Currently rereading Nora Roberts Night Shadow in her Night tales series for the moment. About all my brain can handle right now.
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