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  1. They both have left but are still in touch. Arctic Mom is at 36 weeks and she and babe are doing good. She’s ready to pop and will be having a c section in another week or so.
  2. I loved the whole ceremony and got choked up several times including during Lady Gaga song. I can't remember exactly what it was but she gestured to the flag which was really poignant. And she was nervous as heck which was cute. Loved Amanda's poem and have already listened to it several times. Appreciated the honor guard for Pence as he and his wife left. The fife and drum core wearing 18th century uniforms for the pass and review in front of the capitol steps. So many things. It just set the right tone. And the presenting of the painting and other gifts in the capitol rotunda since the
  3. The whole thing is on Cspan for rewatching I've already listened and read it several times myself. Love it.
  4. Web wonderings today: Find out more about our new president and vice president - Books written by VP Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden I fell in like with the poet Amanda Garman today and enjoyed her inauguration poem 10 Books about Iconic Women Paula Hawkins on Patricia Highsmith's Strangers on a Train 70 Years later Here’s a list of everything Haruki Murakami has ever compared to writing. Nicholas Barber pays tribute to the blissfully escapist comic novels of PG Wodehouse. 15 propulsive literary mysteries that balance plot and prose 😘
  5. Am being industrious today. Did four loads of laundry. Cleaned out bookshelves in my bedroom, packed up two boxes of books from the shelves I know I probably won't read again, plus I finally got rid of two long plastic storage totes filled with books that have been taking up floor space all so I could replace with two boxes of Nora Roberts books. Oh, and alphabetized them as well. LOL! At least the shelves and my room looks neater. Defrosting hamburgers for dinner. I finished Dragons in Dorcastle and don't think I'll be reading the rest of the series. The dragon finally showed up in the l
  6. I’m currently sipping on multiple books and making some progress in my main A to Z read, The Dragons of Dorcastle by Jack Campbell, in which there are about 100 pages left in the book and they finally mentioned dragons but have yet to see them. Slowly rereading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and picking up on details never noticed before. I had forgotten about the extent Mr. Dursley went to keep Harry from receiving his Hogwarts letter and Hagrid’s anger. In When Christ and his Saints Slept, I really dislike Maude’s husband, Geoffrey but she’s feisty enough not to let hi
  7. Week three is live - please continue conversation in new thread
  8. Happy Sunday, dear hearts. This week we begin our journey exploring stories and books influenced by the Nine Muses of Greek mythology, the Goddesses of the arts and sciences, who loved to sing and dance. We'll delve into mythology, fictional retellings of the myths, the science of memory, climb up to the stars, dive into history, delight in comedy, indulge in music, dip your toes in poetry, the complexity of tragedies, and the beauty of ancient love poems. Analyze, question, and explore the symbols of each muse. There are a number of ways we can go with this challenge. Learn more about the n
  9. Awesome! Everything is well with my world and we are fortunate to own our business and have the community supporting us in a big way these past few months. James graduated from homeschool high school and is happily spending his days writing and drawing art. He's still trying to figure out what he would like to do job wise. I probably should deactivate FB, however its a way to keep up with my dad and other members of the family. I'll probably start unplugging more which what helps my attention span. 🙃 Glad you are enjoying it. Oh my gosh, To Sleep in a Sea of Stars. I'm on
  10. Waving hello! Great to see you Dawn! How is everything going with you? Everyone well and happy?
  11. Oh this is awesome! We could probably match it up with our weekly reading. Listening now. Thank you!
  12. Please don't feel guilty. They messed up and I'd just run with it and absorb the extra. At least you won't have to shop for a while. Did they charge you twice for the reorder?
  13. Yes, I thought it was odd that James Bond was on the list as I don't see him that way. Nor could I understand why Jane Eyre made the anti heroine list. But everyone has their own ideas and perceptions which is what makes discussing literary matters fun. But also like you said, there are some conversations in which just go right over my head. I scratch my head and think huh? How'd they get that out of that. 😁
  14. Yep, it was all the fuss about the book that made me decide to buy and read it, found it thoroughly entertaining and my lurve affair with Harry Potter began. Same as with Da Vinci Code. I loved the book and reread a second time when folks kicked up a fuss and looked up all the things that made people mad. Nothing to see here, it's only fiction, people. Geesh! Looks like my kind of book and adding to my wishlist. Thanks! Great reviews. I love mashed potatoes so make weekely. Have used Idaho, creamer, and the red, although the red are better baked with an all in one dish. A
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