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  1. I’ve stayed twice at the Hilton Chicago (720 S Michigan Ave). It’s in a clean, safe part of the city and close to a lot of the major attractions and public transit.
  2. Nope nope nope. I have no idea about health issues, but it looks like one bad winter storm could down live wires into the yard. Plus it’s just ugly. Deal breaker for me.
  3. No cake smashing. We agreed not to smash ahead of time. I haven’t really seen a lot of cake smashing in my circles
  4. That’s rough. I’m glad she got her things. Did she ever get ahold of her birth certificate?
  5. Our Walmart has an area with 8 self-checkouts, but only two of them have (somewhat) larger surfaces for big checkouts. And that’s assuming all are in working order (usually not) or all can take cash or card (usually not). I don’t mind self-checking, but I hate it when there’s not enough room to set aside my scanned items and then I have to keep track of what is and isn’t scanned in my cart. They usually only have 3 or 4 of the 12+ regular lanes open (and even then one or two will be express lanes) and the lines are insane. So self check it is. My local Winco has self check for 15 items or less and the machines are so finicky that it’s almost impossible to use them. “Unexpected item in bagging area. Remove item. . . Item removed from bagging area. . .” It’s maddening.
  6. I’d love a basement where I could have a dedicated a school area and a tv/video game area to send the kids.
  7. It’s why I’m babying every piece I got as a wedding gift or a hand-me-down from grandparents.
  8. Zombie thread. Spam reported.
  9. What about these:'-Chino-Short.product.100467281.html the reviewers say they can be rolled down to be longer.
  10. I’ve seen pants and skorts in the quick-dry fabric for women at Costco. Both Kirkland brand and Eddie Bauer brand.
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