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  1. Oh how scary. I hope she’s ok.
  2. I like the Schick Intuition razors and cartridges. They’re a little pricey but great for tweens and teens that are learning to shave.
  3. I traveled with my husband to a conference in Southern CA this weekend. I had a whole day to spend yesterday, so I went to Disneyland by myself. It was awesome! It’s fun to take kids too, don’t get me wrong; but it was also really nice to be on my own and ride/see everything I wanted, walk as fast as I wanted, not have to count heads all day, etc. Between fast passes and single rider lines, I spent very little time waiting in lines and the weather was beautiful.
  4. I like Envirosax (sold on Amazon). They roll up very small and it’s easy to throw a couple into even my smallest purse
  5. I’m so very sorry. I haven’t posted but I’ve been reading and praying. My heart is breaking for you. 💙💙💙
  6. This was basically ours too until said kids grew into teens and developed a social life of their own. Now we are up late shuttling kids around.
  7. Last I checked you had to go into the store and order. They wouldn’t even do it over the phone.
  8. I’m so sorry for your loss.
  9. yes! I was going to suggest this one too. Super fun and good for a large crowd with a wide age range.
  10. On Hallowed Ground: The Story of Arlington National Cemetery by Robert M Poole. If you like science “edutainment” type stuff my husband has enjoyed several things by Mary Roach and Sam Kean.
  11. Unfortunately we already have a Switch and she’s not really into it anyway. My kids all want a VR system and I could do a big combined Santa gift, but I’m just not crazy about the idea of another game system in the house.
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