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  1. Yes, cancel the card tonight. And put a freeze on your credit.
  2. I definitely wouldn’t agree to dogsit for fear that they’d abandon the dog with you. Time to block their numbers and stop taking calls. They were using you and you don’t have to put up with that.
  3. You do not live in a restaurant; come help with the dishes. You do not live in a hotel; pick up after yourself.
  4. My daughter has an Amazon Kindle Fire 8 that we bought it December. It has suddenly stopped charging and won't charge despite a hard reset, etc. We've tried all the things. It's basically dead. My account at Amazon indicates that it may be replaced through Jan 3 2020 but they're refusing to honor that and insisting it only has a 90-day warranty. As a "favor" to me they'll give me a 25% discount on a new one, but because the original one was on sale when we bought it, I'd still be paying $10 more for the new one. Needless to say I'm steamed and not inclined to buy another Amazon device. So I'm looking at another tablet. An iPad is more than I want to spend. She mostly uses it to listen to audiobooks and play a few games. Nothing taxing. I'd like to keep it around $100-150. Recommendations?
  5. I have a set of envirosax. They live on the dryer next to my purse and I just throw in as many as I think I’ll need at the store. They roll up really small and don’t take up much room. I keep a couple of big thermal bags in the back of my van for Costco runs.
  6. I had mine (professionally) refinished 5ish years ago. My only comment is that the water-based polyurethane finish has not held up nearly as well as its oil-based predecessor.
  7. I’ve read Life after Life and Behind the Scenes at the Museum. I remember Life after Life had a fairly descriptive r*pe scene, some other disturbing content, and language. I don’t remember as much about Behind the Scenes at the Museum
  8. @Sneezyone she asked that we don’t quote. I’m sure you just overlooked it 😊
  9. You might check out Coolibar online. They’re a little spendy but they have a lot of options.
  10. What a rough spot for the poor kid. Glad he has you and his dad for stability.
  11. Can I ask what else you use it for? I have some leftover from a birthday party bath salt craft and I have no idea what else to do with it! (Other than letting my 6 yo mix it into stuff and watch it fizz 😄)
  12. If he’s going to be on the computer anyway, why not a coding or a website building project? Khan Academy has some good intro stuff for free and there are lots of online services geared toward teaching kids to code. Maybe a good opportunity to learn to type, too, if he doesn’t know how already.
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