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  1. Lemon Buttermilk Sheet Cake:
  2. Suck it up Buttercup. Go. Be grateful she's including you and hope she still wants to when the grandbabies start arriving!
  3. Do they only sell online? I love lemon scented things, but prefer to smell before I buy 🍋
  4. Also LDS. Definitely not our practice to approach strangers and ask if we can pray for them, nor do our missionaries do this. There is a large church in my area that offers some kind of spiritual healing school and they seriously creep me out. Not only do they approach and ask if they can pray, they want to try to guess what’s going wrong in your life. “I’m sensing you have neck or shoulder pain; can I pray over you?” I’ve been approached on a number of occasions and I turn them down. It makes me extremely uncomfortable.
  5. Same. Specifically told NOT to use alcohol or peroxide. We bought some saline spray at Walmart.
  6. No. I was quite happy to let the hospital cart it off to pathology and then the incinerator.
  7. I use them with rinse aid and they work great.
  8. I’ll package up some leftovers into single-serving containers so he can grab them easily, but that’s about it.
  9. Hooray! Did your family pay up?
  10. Love my Vionic Tide flips.
  11. Yep, there was a huge display in the front main aisle at my local Target.
  12. I have seen long-lasting improvement with heart-to-heart talks. And my DH would likely correct me if I called it babysitting. What he does is parenting.
  13. The other credit card thread reminded me that I have a question I’ve been meaning to ask here. My oldest will get his drivers license soon and DH and I have been considering adding him as an authorized user to one of our CCs so he can buy gas and have it for emergencies. This kid is very level-headed and responsible. No concerns whatsoever about him using it inappropriately and running up a huge bill or anything. So have you done this (or not)? Anything I should know beforehand?
  14. I have one and I HAAAAAAAATE it. The garbage disposal is in the small side and it’s very difficult (even with a tall faucet) to rinse out big pans or bowls without spraying the entire kitchen. Actually it’s hard to rinse small things without getting water everywhere too. I would like to get rid of mine.
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