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  1. I just throw them with the dirty towels on the laundry room floor (I have a regular hamper, but I keep damp things out). I tend to do a towel load at least a few times a week here, so they don't sit and fester too long.
  2. Funny story. . . For years I chopped onions with no problems. No burning, no tears. I just figured I was immune to them. Then in 2018 I got LASIK and stopped wearing contacts. Turns out I’m not immune after all 😄 We add a splash of maple flavoring to chocolate chip cookies instead of vanilla. It’s a really nice flavor combo.
  3. I have a large drying rack that I bought at Costco. It folds flat when I’m not using it.
  4. Oh good! Maybe I’m just looking too early then. I am in CA and other than the shortage a few years ago, I usually don’t have trouble finding it any time of the year. But of course with pandemic and fires, supply chains are disrupted everywhere. Fingers crossed.
  5. We managed to grab two 15-oz cans of Great Value pumpkin (no Libby’s in stock) a few weeks ago and now I’m wishing I’d picked up a more of the few cans that were left, because I can’t find it anywhere local. I’ve checked several stores. Costco usually has a 3-pack of the 29-oz cans by now, but not this year. Amazon and Walmart are charging absurd prices to buy it online. And yeah, I know I could buy some actual pumpkins and break them down, but all I’ve seen so far are Jack-o-lantern pumpkins. Plus I’ve done it before and it’s a lot of work and mess.
  6. The stove. It came with the house when we bought it sixteen years ago. The people who owned the home before us put it in because the original was an electric and they wanted gas. I'm so glad they did. Until several weeks ago, I would have said the water heater, which was original to the house when it was built in 1996. But it suddenly rusted through the bottom and started leaking earlier this summer. Can't really complain because it was 24 yrs old.
  7. I find this is true with almost every friendship involving our family. We are the ones to plan things, invite, host, feed, etc. Honestly, I don't mind much, especially with my teens because then it's at my house and I know what's going on. My oldest is 17 and drives and makes plans with his friends pretty much on his own these days, but even then his friends usually end up here.
  8. I’ve encountered some of that too. When I homeschooled independently, I frequently had people ask me about curriculum and where I got it. Even now with one of the home based charters we use, I have a ton of freedom to pick curriculum—they just won’t buy anything religious, but even then I could still use it if I wanted to pay for it myself.
  9. This irritates more than almost anything else. Homeschooling high school is a whole different ball game that you have to prep and educate for. You can’t just randomly pull your kid out of high school and do what the elementary-age homeschoolers are doing. On my local FB page there’s a woman who keeps asking for “curriculum” for her 11th grader and can’t seem to fathom that it’s so much more involved than that. All of the local home-based charters are full with waiting lists, it’s too late to enroll in classes at the local CC, and she’s getting truancy letters from the district. Someone sugges
  10. Funny, because it was the assignments that I hated. My son tried to use it for high-school geography one year. The first week, he was supposed to choose from several assignments. One was "listen to this piece of classical music and record your impressions." Another was, "read Guns, Germs and Steel (a 440 page book) and write a report about it". Uh, those aren't comparable assignments. Not even remotely.
  11. For food, any food-safe 5G bucket with a Gamma seal lid. I've seen the gamma seal lids sold at Winco, if you have that chain in your area.
  12. BBW has one called Leaves which is nice.
  13. My Amazon homepage is going to be so weird after this thread 😄
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