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  1. Wait, weren't YOU in nursing school a few semesters ago? Or trying to figure out how to go and handle your son's schooling and therapies?
  2. White blows out easily and makes it harder for the photographer to meter and edit. This is why wedding photos can be hard to shoot and edit--white dress usually paired with a very dark tux/suit 😄 You have extremes. I like the red better too, but I would definitely add other pops of red into the pictures. Like suggested above, I take prospective outfits and lay them out on the floor and snap pics with my cellphone.
  3. They get pretty warm, but not super hot.
  4. It’s pricey, but I’ve had this one for over 8 years and love it. It’s got wide slots so you can fit oddly shaped things or put two regular bread slices in side by side. I will say, occasionally the lift mechanism jams up, but we just unplug it and it usually resets itself.
  5. Awesome! I just opened my last ream from the last deal I caught. Thanks!
  6. Congrats! With my first pregnancy I developed a severe aversion to eggs. I couldn’t even choke down baked goods if I knew they contained eggs. I drove my husband crazy reading labels, lol. By my third trimester I could do baked goods again, but I couldn’t eat straight eggs cooked any method until after my pregnancy, and even 17 yrs later I still haven’t quite ever felt the same about them again. I don’t remember other aversions. I know I had them, but none as severe as that. OTOH I desperately craved fruit with all 4.
  7. My oldest two got smartphones as 8th grade grad gifts. Oldest was headed to dual enrollment classes on the local CC campus so we felt it was a need at that point. Second-oldest does a combo of home and on-campus through our charter (or she did before the pandemic) so it was also nice to have a way to text her. My youngest two are both not to that age yet, so we’ll see.
  8. We love our Switch. We downloaded the new Animal Crossing and it has been worth every penny. All six of us play. My teenage techy tells me Nintendo is ramping up production, so hopefully there are some coming down the pipeline soon. I’d make a regular circuit of watching Target, Walmart, Best Buy, GameStop. Nintendo controls prices like Apple so you’ll pay the same anywhere you get it. ETA: my son just checked Nintendo’s website to see availability in our area. My local Target says in stock, so keep your eyes peeled!
  9. It doesn’t stop the cat climbing, but my local glass shop has “pet-proof” screening material. We had both of our sliding glass door screens done and they’ve held up remarkably well to regular abuse by our outdoor cat.
  10. Late coming in, but glad he’s ok. Were you able to be in there with him?
  11. Google compresses. I’m not sure if Dropbox does.
  12. THIS. I have a relative who is hyper focused on the peak and thinks things will magically blow over after that. Nope.
  13. Yes good price and yes, they are great, especially if you need arch support. I’ve bought three pairs of their Tide flips. ETA:: I think I bought the Tide II
  14. N CA (north of Sacramento) Got to Costco 9:20-9:30. No waiting to get in (but it was raining—part of the reason I went; I figured fewer people would be willing to be out and wait in line). Store very well stocked, including lots of TP and paper towels (and people were not swarming around it). The only thing I couldn’t find was cases of chopped tomatoes. They even had AP flour. Then went to Target. Not as well stocked, but I did get some liquid hand soap and female sanitary supplies (in the brands I wanted). I saw a fair amount of toilet paper too. Next stop: Winco. Pretty crowded. Fairly well stocked except it looks like they aren’t refilling the bulk bins as they empty and they had several prepackaged bulk items for sale in plastic containers (similar to the containers for the natural peanut butter dispenser). I forgot to check to see if they had toilet paper, but the paper and baby products aisles looked pretty stripped. Cashiers ringing/checking one customer at a time rather than doing the dual thing they usually do. Last stop: Walmart. They’re now limiting customers in the store and have shopping cart barrier set up to control a line, but there was no waiting when I went. They were the least well stocked of the 4 places I went, but they did have name-brand TP in stock. I only needed a few things and found them all. Forgot Diet Coke 😐. All in all I was pleased. It looks like maybe the panic buying is settling down here. Lots of people in masks and/or gloves, including a quite a few that were using the masks incorrectly.
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