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  1. 10000% this. You CANNOT homeschool high school like it’s elementary school! I’ve largely stopped participating in my local HS FB group because of this mindset. Everyone wants an easy solution, and they aren’t even willing to do so much as a basic Google search before they show up on our group saying “How do I homeschool in <state>?” And they all want free curriculum, “but nothing common core!”
  2. My story too. I had mine out last month after 13+ years of issues. Multiple normal ultrasounds over the years. Finally had a HIDA scan that showed a reduced ejection fraction which satisfied the surgeon and the insurance company. I had an appendectomy at the same time because the years of inflammation caused problems with my appendix too. And I had no stones, no sand, no sludge per my pathology report. But the gallbladder itself showed signs of chronic inflammation and my surgeon had to work his way through a bunch of inflammatory tissue around my hepatic artery to get the gallbladder out.
  3. We loved Bryce last summer. Just know that it’s pretty remote and you’ll want to make hotel reservations ahead of time. I think that’s true of Arches and Cap Reef too but I haven’t been to those. Park City can be fun too if you’re further north
  4. We have a KA Diamond, which varies in price depending on the color you want.
  5. I use the bowls that came with the sets, but added in some the 18-oz jumbo bowls. I love them. They are nice and deep so food stays hot while you eat.
  6. My older DS basically won Christmas by getting his younger brother a water rocket. Younger DS promptly assembled it and dragged it around the house until we could get him somewhere big and open to launch it (didn't feel like retrieving it from a neighbor's yard . . . or a roof). And these headphone hangers were a big hit. I bought one as a last minute gift for our oldest son. Then when I went to wrap gifts I realized I had accidentally ordered it twice and I had two of them, so oldest DD got one too. They were both surprisingly excited about them and installed them right away.
  7. I use it for “vacation reads” and I’ve been reading a lot in that category this year 😄. But yeah, there’s a lot of iffy stuff on there, especially the self-published stuff. You’ll find some older works by better authors and a lot of times they’ll feature series-starters, especially when a new release for the series is coming out.
  8. A quick Google search says that it’s caused by gram-negative bacteria introduced after pasteurization. It’s a form of spoilage. I’d toss it for sure.
  9. And perhaps a salt circle 🧂 I’m freaked out reading this! Is she ok???
  10. Ham or chicken. Salmon. . . just no. And I hate the way beef tastes reheated.
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