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  1. Same. I wish those of us who felt this way could find our ways to each other more often. I’d love to have a friendship where the give and take is more balanced.
  2. 😂 ok this makes much more sense! I was picturing slathering the entire cat in butter; she’s got med-length fur and a lot of it. That would be a terrific mess! @Paige yeah someone here said something about catios a few weeks ago, and I think we may buy one. It sort of depends on what the living situation is when we move. If we stay with family a bit while we have a house built, there’s an obnoxious little dog that will be added to the mix, and they’ll need to be kept separate.
  3. LOLLOL is this a typo? I’m picturing myself slathering this cat with butter, and I’m pretty sure I would not come through that intact 😂😂😂
  4. We are likely making a significant move this summer, relocating two states away, about a 12-hr drive. We have a cat who is strictly an outdoor cat (this is a JAWM point; she adopted us roughly 9 years ago and wouldn’t leave, and I am allergic to her). If the weather is bad we let her into the garage. My kids are very attached to her and they’d be pretty upset if we tried to re-home her. I guess I’m wondering about the logistics of moving a cat who has been outside at one location for 99.99% of her life. How do you take a cat like that on a 12-hour drive? I’m mostly worried about bat
  5. Gently, the thing that stands out to me here is that your DH has gone no-contact with his family but you have not. Consider seriously that you may be letting them “keep a foot in the door” by doing this. And now they are going behind your back to your parents, who may be helping them. Perhaps it’s time to go dark on his family as a united front. As for your parents, based on what you wrote here, if you want to have a talk with them, you can but you yourself don’t seem to think they’ll be receptive. It may be better to set blunt boundaries: “You may not talk to DH about his family/jo
  6. Learn to code or web design or graphic design stuff? Affinity has pretty affordable graphics software and a whole library of tutorial videos.
  7. No. We live in a rural area with almost no public transit, I have to run kids to multiple places, and my DHs work takes him to multiple locations most days.
  8. Lightning cables. I’ve purchased eleventy-billion in addition to the ones that came with the devices, but there’s never one at hand when needed.
  9. I’m so sorry. That would hurt my feelings too.
  10. OMGosh YES! It’s so annoying. And the pop up ads and the videos that start automatically. . .
  11. https://apnews.com/article/beverly-cleary-dead-c3923a8fbbcd461a10ea615c7d1300a9 104 yrs old! Ramona was a favorite of mine. I don’t know how many times over I read those books.
  12. I’ve seen things like that everywhere lately. I think it’s really in.
  13. We homeschool this way. All of the home-based charters in my area were capped out with waiting lists. At least two of them hadn’t capped out before the pandemic. But also CA passed a law that says that for new students going into the charters, the money that would usually go with them has to stay in their home district. So now the charters also can’t afford to take as many as they used to. And yeah, many of the PSA homeschoolers in my area would for sure not fill out a survey. At least in my area, a lot of them are PSA because they’re hard-core anti-vax and anti-government.
  14. Poldark? The new one with Aiden Turner and Elinor Tomlinson. Last I checked, all five seasons were on Prime. Friday Night Lights (and for the record, I hate football. Hate it. But I adore this series). Parenthood Zoe’s Extraordinary Playlist. Campy and implausible, but charming in its own odd way. If you watch it, give it 2-3 episodes before you decide for sure. It gets better. And the storyline with the dad . . . Oh my heart.
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