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  1. Oh, huh, maybe just an ugly rumor then! I hope so, as we are hoping to build a house soon 😀
  2. I’ve heard that newer model stoves have a “safety feature” that prevents manual lighting. Even so, team gas. To the point that an electric range might be a dealbreaker for me.
  3. Also your avatar pic could possibly be recognized by someone who knows you. ((Hugs)) I hope you get the help you need.
  4. 18 yo DS had his first shot early April, had maybe a sore arm. Second shot mid-April left him feeling crummy for 12-24 hours, but he bounced back quickly.
  5. And in her circumstances it may be easier for her to tell herself he’s being “persecuted” and taking that as evidence of his “godliness” 🙄. Honestly, she’s probably going to need some serious deprogramming. Those poor kids. I’d like to kick her in the teeth for getting pregnant again, but realistically she may not have been given a choice in the matter (ie, denied access to BC, brainwashed to never tell him no, etc).
  6. I’m 12 yrs into educating my kids. We’ve done mostly independent homeschooling and home-based charter, with a bit of regular public and distance learning thrown in. Guess what? It’s ALL work. Yes, there are some nice things about sending your kid to school for any length of time, but you’re still parenting them and making sure homework gets done and lunches are packed and needs are met. Since this is not a JAWM thread, I’ll give you some unsolicited advice: avoid getting mired in the us-vs-them mentality. We are all just trying to do right by our kids. Different choices work for dif
  7. Another plug for Vionic Tides. I’m on my third pair. They usually last me at least a couple of years.
  8. My DH is one of 7 kids. 6 are married and there are 19 grandkids. Several times we have rented a huge vacation home (ILs usually pay a big chunk and all the kids pitch in some). Once we rented a whole campground that had a combo of cabins, tent sites and RV hookups. A time or two we’ve rented out a block of rooms in a hotel, but meals get tricky. It’s much better if you have a kitchen. My big advice is don’t over-itinerize it. The first few years we had reunions, my (then childless) SIL wanted to pack every second with activities. It was a nightmare for those of us with little kids, and
  9. I hate counter-height dining sets, because my legs dangle, which means the edge of the chair cuts into the backs of my legs and my feet go numb.
  10. Here's a video where she goes into some of it (I think this is 5th grade math): I think it was the discussion about how many times one fraction could "fit" inside another that sort of clicked it for me. That and the visuals with the chocolate bar and the pie.
  11. I’d have to go back and look, but I remember lots of graphics and she sort of walked them through a proof of it over a few lessons and then pulled it all together.
  12. Fraction division. I don’t think I ever truly understood it until I had to work through it with my kids. Something about the way it was taught in the Math Mammoth series finally clicked it into place with me. I think too often kids are just taught to multiply the dividend with the reciprocal of the divisor and there’s no explanation of why that works.
  13. I bet you eschew glazed crockpots and make people take their shoes off at the door too!
  14. After three days, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a phone call saying, “Hey, I texted you about making an appointment a few days ago, did you get that?”
  15. Same. I wish those of us who felt this way could find our ways to each other more often. I’d love to have a friendship where the give and take is more balanced.
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