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  1. I watched it. It was brutal in so many ways, but I felt like I needed to see it. I then spent more time reading online about the case, the boys, Ms. Fairstein, etc. I loved that it gave little up dates on the boys ( now men) at the end. Not to spoil anything, but seeing those helped me deal with the many emotions swarming around at the end of the program.
  2. I'd be interested in this info, also. My 18 yr old dd was just researching Rover as a possible part time job for the summer.
  3. So sorry. It is rough when they are older and I know how hard it is when time slips away from our busy college age kids. Vent away. I think that your dd sounds a lot like my oldest (a junior in college) and she just didn't realize how fast time is passing or feels that she needs to support her friend and is probably wishing to come home and see you, too. Hope you can get some studying done, and enjoy the time you do get with her tonight.
  4. The first season of Serial is fabulous. In-depth true crime. I recently listened to Cold (about the Susan Powell case) and thought that was really well done. Some of the ones I listen while cleaning or at the gym are Serial Killers, Female Criminals, Unsolved Murders, and True Crime Garage. I really like historical true crime things, so my current favorite is Most Notorious. The host mainly interviews authors of books about historical crimes, and I find it fascinating.
  5. My wild child is now 18 and has ADD, but not as severe as her older sister who was much calmer as a toddler. Go figure. My difficult one has been an angel as a teenager though. We dealt with not sleeping through the night until the age of three, sensitivity issues ( socks were a nightmare until we found seamless socks), speech issues, giving up naps at 18 months, etc. it makes me want to cry just thinking about it. I understand, I truly do, and I hope it will get better in a year or two for you as it did here. As she neared the age of 3 it was like a light switch flipped and although she was still super active, she began to behave better -less climbing the shelves in the library and fewer stunts like using her little chair to get on to the stove and then dragging the chair on the stove to get on top of the refrigerator - that was right around 18 months on a day I was having tummy trouble and spending more than the 30 seconds I usually allowed my self in the bathroom without her. I aged that day. 😉 My parents would keep both girls for a weekend, and they would be completely exhausted with a trashed house at the end of it and my mom would always say she'd put her up against any set of twin toddlers in the world. (My parents were great sports about it - their only 2 grandchildren were my dds, and 3-4 times a year they begged to have them so we could have a break. ) Your little one sounds extremely intelligent and like my daughter it sounds like she can figure out ways to get whatever she wants. No outlet protectors or cabinet locks could stop our little one for long. Our house is less than 1000 square feet, and I think we must have always lived in chaos those years. She would cry when we picked up toys and pull them out as fast a possible. My Tasmanian devil mouthed things way past the time we thought she should - but once the worst of that was over we had rice in tubs with toy scoops and cars and funnels. I'd take an old sheet or blanket and put it on the floor in an attempt to keep the mess contained. We spent her first few summers without ac so I'd plop her in a cool bath once or twice a day with a multitude of bath toys and sing along with Wee Sing cassettes or whatever she liked best while I attempted to clean the other areas of the small bathroom. If you have a dual sink and she's stable enough to stand in a chair fill on side with a little water and a lot of dish soap so you have lots of foamy bubbles let her wash her play dishes or tea set while you wash your dishes in the other side. Yes it's messy and we used too much water, but I tried to justify it with cloth diaper use and using the bath water to water plants when practical. Since you are stuck indoors, I encourage you to use the cartoons or shows she enjoys when necessary - for mine it was The Magic School Bus because that was her older sister's favorite. Coloring on a large dry erase board, bouncing on an small trampoline in the house, playing in forts built with the living room furniture with her sister and our cats, are all things that we did often when stuck in the house in cold or rainy weather. Remember you are a great mom, and this will pass, but pursue any appointments or specialists you feel you need to refer with because I think an attentive mother is usually right about theses things. I had to push for hearing and speech intervention for ours. Her hearing was fine only selective. 😉 But we were glad we pushed because early intervention was crucial for her speech progressing so quickly. So pursue what you feel is necessary, doctors only see them for a few minutes at a time and these are cases where momma usually knows best.
  6. My dd and I are catching up on the 3rd season of Wanted on Netflix. It's an Australian show about two female fugitives, and each season only has around 6 episodes or so. Really binge worthy, we've been waiting to watch this season for a couple of months because we knew we'd want to watch it all in a day or two.
  7. Would you mind sharing the ASL channel that you use? My daughter is taking an ASL class once a week, but is looking for a good source to help her review and learn more. I don't know enough to help her find something accurate. Thanks. You can PM me if this is too off topic for this thread. Don't want to derail the book talk. 😉
  8. My high school senior has been invited to a few scholarship competiton/interview events and one in March specifies a co-curricular transcript. I have already written her high school transcript, a theatre resume, and a volunteer/service transcripts. I was hoping to combine elements of these into one transcript using examples online. I will contact the school for samples, but didn't want to sound clueless if this is something I should be able to figure out. All the samples I am finding online appear to be for college students, and all are very brief/streamlined. Most articles I found don't even have working links to the example which is frustrating me further. She has two interview/master class type things this weekend and the transcript has to be turned in in 10 days. I thought it would be a simple thing, but now I am completely unsure what to do for it. Anyone btdt? Help. 😉
  9. My 21 yr old dd is still in love with the Warriors series of books about cats. For as long as I can remember, she has received on of these titles around her birthday in the fall and again in the spring. She is a huge re-reader of books and has taken most of these to college with her for comfort reading. I did the same thing with middle grade and ya books as a college student. Anyway she is guest writing a few things for her best friend's blog and since we've gotten so many book titles and ideas for her here over the years, she wanted me to share her post that has other books and series she's found that are similar to her beloved Warriors. I told her I would share it with the moms here. so other kids who love the same genre can find more books to read. PS The blog is geared towards tweens and teens - I'm not the target audience of course, but most things are definitely appropriate for 11 and up. I've never seen anything objectionable at all, but ymmv.
  10. As a college sophomore, my daughter used a coach via Skype in the summer and fall of 2017. This coach worked with teens and adults. My dd really liked her and felt that it really helped with executive function, although my dd's ADHD is severe and medication is necessary for her as well. She worked with Linda Swanson, and we found her through another coach that was located in our state but was booked solid and recommended Ms. Swanson. PS Hope this is clear. I am in a Nyquil induced haze while coughing my head off. 🙂
  11. I am not a journal person even though I enjoy writing at times. My dd ( a junior in college ) sent me a link to a blog post she guest wrote for a friend's blog, and asked that I share it. She has struggled with anxiety and depression ( as have I and other family members ), and thought that others with teens and young adults might like this idea that has helped her lately. My daughters understand the power of the Hive and I've shared many ideas and stories with them from "Mommy's" boards. Anyway this seems to be a easy to implement DIY way to possibly help with anxiety or mood issues. Sometimes a new approach is encouraging. Hope someone gets positive ideas from the article. Hope this is understandable - recovering from the flu or something and coming off of three straight days of Nyquil/Dayquil as my lifeline. 🙂 P.S. Her friend's blog is definitely age appropriate/friendly for most teens and even tweens.
  12. Also The Labyrinth movie and The Princess Bride are 80's movies that a lot of my 17 yo dd's friends have seen.
  13. I quite enjoy some of the songs at the bottom and top of her list and I loved her snarky way of ranking the songs. A few of the comments were quite funny. I have been accused of being a Grinch myself, though. 😉
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