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  1. CindyH in NC

    Want to help me make a game? 1980s theme....

    Also The Labyrinth movie and The Princess Bride are 80's movies that a lot of my 17 yo dd's friends have seen.
  2. CindyH in NC

    Alexandra Petri's Top 100 Christmas Songs

    I quite enjoy some of the songs at the bottom and top of her list and I loved her snarky way of ranking the songs. A few of the comments were quite funny. I have been accused of being a Grinch myself, though. 😉
  3. CindyH in NC

    Non-traditional holidays meals?

    We've done lasagna for 8-10 years, so it's our Christmas tradition. I love it because it can be made the day before and then baked on Christmas day while we lay around in pajamas. 😉
  4. CindyH in NC

    Who is getting hit by the storm this weekend?

    We have about 10 inches or more at the moment.
  5. CindyH in NC

    The Saga of the Professional Organizers Part 3

    Oh, I'd love to see photos of the quilt set up if you have time. I can't quite figure out the strips inside. My grandmother passed this year and she was a quilter. We received a beautiful quilt that I would love to display this way. We have five cats so having the quilt hanging on a wall collecting dust and fur or using it on the bed where it would be irresistible to the furry royalty is not an option. This plan sounds like a genius way to have it displayed. We have a lot of humidity here so the idea for holes is helpful, too.
  6. CindyH in NC

    Saw the craziest thing - to laugh or cry?

    Twice in the past 6 months, my teenaged and learning-to-drive daughter and I have followed a vehicle home at night that had TV shows/movies playing on some device on the dashboard. It was horrifying. Of course, I couldn't see if the drivers were also eating. That would have been even worse.
  7. CindyH in NC

    Daily Goal and Inspiration

    I was at a little over 7300 words tonight. Not quite at my goal, but feeling pleased that I've worked some everyday. Never made it this far when planning to participate in NANOWRIMO before. Hope everyone had a productive writing day!
  8. CindyH in NC

    Daily Goal and Inspiration

    Pen, You inspired me to get started. We've been crazy busy with college applications, but I dusted off an old story idea and got started on a middle grade novel. Thanks. Hope you've met your goal.
  9. CindyH in NC

    Flu shot when sick?

    You may need to call the office. Our pharmacist wouldn't give my college age daughter a shot when she was sick.
  10. CindyH in NC


    I finally signed up as Cynch on Nanowrimo. Been working on an idea for a while and hope to get time to participate this year. It's my youngest's senior year and I am busier than I thought I'd be. ?
  11. CindyH in NC

    Pens as stocking stuffers?

    My 20 and 17 year old dds would like fun, colorful pens.
  12. CindyH in NC


    They are fascinating creatures. Snails in general - don't know anything about this one other than my girls would have wanted to know more also. It's shell is so pretty.
  13. CindyH in NC


    So sorry about the car. It seems like it always happens that way doesn't it? As soon as my dh leaves, something breaks. At least you have the most important supplies and can hopefully stay home and relax (if possible).
  14. CindyH in NC

    Do you keep children's books for your grandkids..

    Yes, I do save our favorites for my girls to have as well as possible future grandchildren. I only have 2 children, but several favorites were favorites of both so I even have 2 ( or sometimes 3 - I can never remember what I need) copies of probably 20 to 30 picture books. I have tried to be more ruthless about passing on those that weren't special though. My youngest is 17 so we are far past the picture book stage and I can usually part with a few more whenever I go through those shelves. But it's painful. ? Like pps I enjoy passing them on to other families or the library book sales when possible.
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