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  1. Seconding Nat King Cole, love his voice. Also the Andrew Sisters have a huge catalog of music and a lot of fun beats and rhymes. She might enjoy some of show tunes from the same time period. So many fun ones. My girls really enjoyed the original Once Upon a Mattress (with Carol Burnett in the lead) at around that age.
  2. Bird Box by Josh Malerman. It's a novel that features the mother and her young children trying to escape from something - been a while since I read it and I don't want to give spoilers or misrepresent it. I do remember thinking about how different it was to have a thriller that included young children and their mother.
  3. My daughter has tried all of the meds, and for each there are side effects that make taking them unbearable. Unfortunately, CBD oil did nothing for her ADHD. We were hopeful. I hope you have better luck and that he finds something to help.
  4. The Kate Beckinsale version was the one I liked best over the years, but it has been several years since I watched it. The new one was a lot of fun. Overall the acting and casting was great (although I think they could have had more scenes with Mr. Woodhouse )and my dd and I loved the costumes and set designs. It was a fun afternoon at the theater, but I agree that I'd rather buy it for 25 or 30 dollars because the $20 seems high for a rental.
  5. Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix. My daughters and I loved this and the 3rd season ended on a cliffhanger. My youngest (19) and I love Grantchester, so I'm hoping that isn't cancelled.
  6. My husbands' great grandfather was named Mordecia. That side of his family passed on names a lot, but this one seems to have been a one time thing. It really sounds terrible with our last name.
  7. Thanks. Not completed yet. We have the house painted and several pieces of furniture ready - mostly just painting already made pieces for that. I've been working harder on the graveyard for beside the house, and now that my daughter is home from college we hope to get that done soon. Lots of components are ready we just have to get it laid out and the trees, grass, etc. positioned.
  8. I have been painting frames for the recently repainted living room walls - only took us 20 years or so to update them. Working on an electric chair for our Addams family dollhouse. The cat made off with the other arm restraint, so I am working on more wires and the switch..
  9. My dd is flying into Seattle and then traveling onto Victoria and Vancouver over her spring break with a small honors class from her college. She asked me today if I could ask "the board" for any recommendations for restaurants with a good selection of gluten free food or bookstores in the areas that she'll be visiting. The group will have some time to do what they want one or two afternoon sin each location, and she'd love to find something she can eat other than salads . I am assuming that there will be a lot of gluten free options in the cities, but if there is anything really great she'
  10. Saw it today with 18 yr old dd and her good friend. Both girls and I enjoyed it. It was a beautiful film. I knew I would cry - I always do-, but I definitely agree that the chronology of this film made the rejection and Beth's fate more central. I cried for a lot of the movie. 😉 I liked a lot of things about this one. I saw the Ryder version in the theatre in the 90s and enjoyed the recent BBC version. It's been many years since I saw the Elizabeth Taylor/Margaret O'Brien version. I thought the actress playing Jo did a good job - different than the exuberant version of Jo in
  11. Love Most Notorious! and can't wait to try True Crime Historian. Love reading through old newspapers, so this sounds like great fun.
  12. In Our Time: History (BBC Radio) Stuff You Missed in History Class
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