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  1. So if you look at SWB’s writing progression chart, she gives one option that would involve doing WWS and then following up with W&R levels 7-12. Does anyone have any thoughts into whether or not this would work? Thanks for any insights you can provide. 🙂
  2. The practice of sitting shiva/formally mourning a child who leaves the faith or intermarried isn't really done and hasn't for probably about 100 years. In some communities it may still be done but it's very rare and you're unlikely to run into those folks on the internet.
  3. Did her kids roll over and crawl and walk and talk at exactly the same ages as each other? Most reasonable parents can see that developmental milestones are individual but also mostly irrelevant in the long run - healthy kids all walk and talk eventually and no one cares if it was at 10, 12, or 18 months. I assume her kids also have different interests and personalities. You can point that out as well. Maybe also remind her of how adults are all learning and experiencing different things at different times and paces. I also wouldn't actually gather materials for her. I think it's part of the process of learning how to homeschool your own kids. There's obviously not one math or science curriculum that is best .... it's about finding what works for your individual people.
  4. I don't think reading is about its being hard and stretching to understand words. Quite the opposite. Reading (especially during down time/free reading) should be enjoyable! Most of what I read is comfortable and pleasurable. I do try to challenge myself, but not all the time. That would take all the joy out of reading, and most people probably wouldn't bother with it. I do some assigned reading once my kids are at a point when they can enjoy it without being frustrated. I do a lot of read-alpuds and expose them to more difficult works that they can understand better as a read-aloud than on their own. That also maintains the enjoyment without frustration.
  5. Of course I'm not saying you shouldn't preview, by the way. It's YouTube - it always needs to be previewed. Just be prepared for some adjustment time if your kid is really into it. 🙂
  6. Many people build a tolerance to individual videos so having just a handful of videos wouldn't be useful. If it's a trend it's been a long-time one! These videos have been produced for years now. There's a lot of garbage but also a lot of serious material. Some of the good ones have produced hundreds of videos, so if you find one of those, you'll have lots to work with. But building a tolerance even just for an artist is still a possibility. Also, previewing can be difficult because everyone has different triggers. There are some very well-loved ASMR artists whose work I don't enjoy. It's a very individual experience. You can also try unintentional ASMR videos (Bob Ross, medical exams, massages, etc.). Those are less likely to be inappropriate. In response to the question of its being concerning or benign: some people think of this as a sexual sort of sensation, which it is NOT. There are some explicit videos, but in and of itself, ASMR is totally benign and should be treated that way. Before the Internet, people gave each other chills or brushed each other's hair for the same effect. 🙂
  7. One thing is that sixth grade is on the younger end for when I think I would start WWS. I think seventh or eighth grade is a better starting point. The skills of WWE that the student needs for WWS is narration/summarizing and the ability to put words on paper. If a student can do those things well, it doesn't matter that s/he hasn't done WWE. You say your daughter enjoys writing, but WWS is a composition course, which is different than the creative/personal writing a lot of middle schoolers enjoy. Unless she has had practice with narration and is good at it, I'd start with WWE3. All the placement tests are available on the website, and you may find she doesn't need to do WWE at all. (I wouldn't worry about dictation at this age if she's writing well on her own.) If you start WWS now, you can (and should!) go slowly. Actually, you should go slowly whenever you start. It's not easy and there's a definite learning curve. Good luck!
  8. I think it would be way over the typical second grader's head. I wouldn't bother.
  9. Vegan Gourmet Shreds does a pretty good job. It melts well (takes longer than regular cheese, but not too long), and it does imitate cheddar fairly well.
  10. If you take Metra from Waukegan and wind up at the Ogilvie Transportation Center, it looks like it's a half mile walk, about ten minutes or so, to Daley Plaza.
  11. If everything is still in the packaging (with the name of the bakery/store), and the utensils and dishes are all disposable, it would be fine. I would be uncomfortable eating from a kosher product like a salad or casserole that others may have inadvertently mixed with their nonkosher food. Things like cookies or pastries or prepared sandwiches would be fine (It probably all would be fine from a "legal" perspective of kosher laws, but not everyone's manner of serving themselves would allow me to feel comfortable that there wasn't "cross-contamination.") Water and almost all sodas are fine. Coffee and tea can be more complicated. Your plan is doable, and so kind! But I would consider including an option to waive fee for food if some won't be comfortable.
  12. I think SWB is actively writing it now, so who knows.
  13. The next volume she's working on covers 1444-1607. Not quite up to the modern period yet. ?
  14. My daughter does Alcumus (to the green at least - generally she wants to do it until the blue) as a chapter review after finishing the whole chapter, before doing the review in the book as a test.
  15. 3rd grade is not beyond WWE. Some of my kids started WWE in third grade.
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