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  1. Thank you so much for putting my mind at ease! The professor teaching Calc 3 gets low score on ratemyprofessor.com so my kiddo wants to wait for a different professor; the professor for Linear Alg gets a much better rating. 😃
  2. How hard would it be to succeed at Matrices and Linear Alg prior to taking Calc 3? DS has done well in Calc 1 and 2 but wants to postpone Calc 3 and take Linear Alg instead; this concerns me because it is not the usual progression but I thought I'd ask the hive. Thank you for your help. 😀
  3. Thank you all so much!! I appreciate the input.
  4. What type of doctor would diagnose sensory issues? As a homeschooled only child it was easy to keep things as quiet as he likes but now, while he is away at college things are different., Fortunately, he is currently in a single room and manages to do most of his studying there in relatively quiet environment but for next year, we'd like to have an actual diagnosis so that it can be submitted for accommodations. Thank you for your help! I have always appreciated the wisdom of the hive!!
  5. Not sure if you saw it on the Acceptance thread but...DS has gotten accepted at both Mines and WPI with merit at each. He has a couple more apps pending before he has to decide. Thank you all for providing your insights.
  6. DS accepted at Trinity University [San Antonio] with merit scholarship.😃
  7. My DS just got accepted to Colorado School of Mines - 4 year merit scholarship.
  8. Yes, we will be stopping by Olin on the way to WPI....but with such a low acceptance rate...those are slim odds. But yes, their program sounds amazing too!!
  9. We've decided to sign up for Fall open house at WPI for Nov 12. Additionally, my son will be having a Skype or phone interview just prior to our trip. Any advice or helpful tips would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  10. We are out of state for Mines too!! That will definitely affect our choice. Well, that and actually getting in...lol.
  11. Thank you for sharing!! When we have spoken to the school representatives at college fairs they have emphasized the freedom and flexibility in their curriculum; it sounds ideally suited for homeschoolers. My DS is used to having an input on what he learns. I just don't know how my South Texas boy will fair in the NE. It would def be a bit of a culture shock.
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